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  1. Sorry for posting this in here but i'm trying to get in touch with andymuirhead82 but for some reason when i try to pm him it wont send. If anyone can contact him i would be grateful if you could ask him to get in touch with me. Cheers. Mods. if you have any ideas why my pm's wont send please let me know.
  2. Can anyone let andymuirhead82 know to pm me please. Have tried to pm him but it wont send. Cheers.
  3. "Generous bonus scheme to players and management" Would it not be better instead of doing away with the free cup game and hitting the fans if we didn't pay the players that week who get pumped oot the cup in these early rounds ? It's all Tom Hately's fault anyway !
  4. big tache


    Fao. Well 4 europe - not trolling and not stupid. Diggle - i'm not going and as for the shut it comment... Please feel free to reply ,contest my comments and put your views across in a sensible manner. Pissing people off with my view which does not contain any personal insults is one thing. Coming on here and implying people are stupid or whatever else is not acceptable.
  5. big tache


    Dont agree with testimonials for players who are still playing and earning a good wage so not bothered if my comments have pissed some people off. Incase it's escaped some people's attention hammell left the club so as far as loyalty goes that one's out the window and he hasn't had to give the game up through injury so i don't see all the hype about giving him a testimonial. MFC legend... don't think so !
  6. big tache


    Heard on the radio faddy wants to join celtic. Hope its just bullshit but if true then get show him the door. Never mind him making an appearance on saturday and concentrate on motherwell and players who are on the books and will be playing for us next season. Really hope it's bullshit 'cause ah love him tae bits but if he's saying this then say cherio, we don't need the distraction.
  7. Get aff the bandwagon ya parto !
  8. big tache

    Used Tickets

    Got some used tickets (about 30) plus offical fixture lists 1989-90 to 1999-200. If anyone wants them let me know. Are all league games ranging from 2006/2011. Nothing special but having a clearout and going in the bin otherwise. Mods. Fell free to move if in wrong forum.
  9. Re David's comment. Well said mate. It would be great if we could do the OF but finishing above everyone else is the priority. Hope we hump celtic tomorrow but if we don't it's not the end of the world. Never been out the top 3 all season, qhat an achievement so far. Bring it on !
  10. Didn't give anyone abuse yesterday i just thought the game was shit so buggered off to the fp club with 20m. to go. Missed the goal but to be honest wasn't to upset about it got 3 points and happy for that. The point is in some peoples eyes am not a real supporter 'cause i decided to leave early. If i'm not happy with what i'm seeing then surely it's up to me to decide what i want to do. Some of these so called supporters think it's better to sit for 90m. and give out abuse because they've paid their money and earned the right. (pot kettle black scenario) So as far as yesterday's concerned you know who you are and ye can GIRFUY. Wee rant over.
  11. Bad day all round but still 3rd. First saturday this season i'm drowning ma sorrows instead of workin' it up the of. Life goes on. Motherwell 'till infinity and beyond !
  12. big tache

    John Sutton

    Hope you're right. Gotta get behind the whole team right now. We've got off to a flyer but it's only going to get harder as each week passes and we need to get the best out of what we have, whether you personally rate some players or not. Like i said earlier, Sutto over Higdon any time but he's not here now and Higdon is. Same for whoever is wearing the jersey on a Saturday. M.F.C. is what's important. TOP OF THE LEAGUE ! O.F. GIRFUY !!!
  13. Cooper may revert back to st holders only, if it's going to get heaving. Only my thought, nothing in the remark.

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