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  1. We dominated Forfar but could find a killer touch until the penalty. This season our aim should be stay up and it looks like we'll achieve that.
  2. As folk say its early days, but hopefully the set up of the team and recent signings will convince some fans that its very unlikely that we're going to adopt a hoofball approach this season and its worth buying or renewing season tickets. If its entertainment and value for money you're looking for then the initial signs are looking promising.
  3. I see our Ladies team has undergone a drastic overhaul in preparation for life in the top league. Only a handful of players remained from last season and we have brought in a swathe of new players mainly from our old rivals in SWPL2. Maybe those that left weren't deemed good enough for the top league.
  4. Well done to the Ladies team. Fully deserved.
  5. A massive 3-2 win for our women's team at Kilmarnock this afternoon. They're now 16 points ahead of the next team with 6 games remaining. One more win will secure the title and herald promotion to the top division.
  6. Another win for the women's team last night by 6-0. Thats now 420 minutes without conceding a goal and their 5 points clear at the top. Burns, Hare 2, Mulvey and Russell 2 were our scorers.
  7. A 6-0 win for our womens team over St Johnstone today. Top of the league and going well.
  8. An admin error yes but the punishment seems a bit harsh. I wonder who or which team made the complaint? It seems Kilmarnock were also awarded a 3-0 win, which of course affects goal difference. No doubt it will fire up the team for the future campaign.
  9. You obviously think that Kilmarnock were very wary of us before a ball was kicked in anger, and you're probably right. Very early days of course but do you think the team is capable of winning of the league and earning promotion?
  10. The team are certainly signing quite a lot of seemingly good players.
  11. Two more signings announced, Kirsty McLaughlin and Suzanne Mulvey. It seems the team will be much stronger this year and better placed to push for promotion.
  12. I hadn't the stomach to sit through Wednesday's "highlights", but what did Eddie say?
  13. That sounds like good news. Maybe a complete overhaul of the team was required and a new era beckons. Good to see Eddie Wolecki Black back in football.
  14. We should play a straightforward, simple 4-4-2, with MacDonald and Moult playing together and close to each other. Ainsworth wide right and Cadden in the middle.
  15. Yes, but if the Daily Record reported a six figure offer from Rangers Id be very sceptical. In reality that would probably mean £100,000 in staged payments including a whole list of adons. Any rejection would upset a large part of our support, which is exactly what the story would be designed to do. Currently hes suffering from a lack of experience beside him.

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