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  1. Hylton fortunate not to be booked when falling over their goalkeeper.
  2. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/161940...ts-on-Reynolds-
  3. Are you asking "need we look further?" in which case the answer is no, Or are you asking should we keep CB as manager? If so I vote yes.
  4. Sweeney

    Glf And Osb

    Have always wondered, is the fanzine named after the Billy Bragg song?
  5. Sweeney

    Loan Deals

    Hopefully any teams that were interested had scouts at the game to see him palm the free kick into the net .
  6. It must be said that some chants were rather humourous, especially the one about Jim Leighton and about McGhee never getting to Celtic.
  7. Sweeney


    I thought Craigan played great, went for him. Special mentions to Giles Coke and Jim O'Brien though. Coke was excellent and provided some much needed composure in the second half.
  8. Just back from the game. Was a decent first half, but we were left hangining on for the last 20 minutes. Pleased with the 0-0. On another note, the Mark McGhee chants were pathetic. Theres no defending it. It's all very well slagging the guy off, but chanting that he's a child molester was uncalled for.
  9. Couldn't get to the match tonight. I'll cry if we go through and i've missed the game.
  10. Sweeney


    We had a bid accepted for Bamba and he chose to go to Hibs. We brought in Klimpl instead. He's a big, strong player... but apart from that he's quite poor. Would be suprised if he was signed by a championship club.
  11. Where would they train in that extra day? They wouldn't be able to because of the heat. The most sensible thing to do was to spend as little time as possible in the place, which is what Motherwell have done. If it was Man U i'm sure they would have done the same.
  12. Eh, or maybe they had planned for the players to sit and relax/train or spend as little time as possible in the heat?

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