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  1. Good signing in my opinion. I reckon he might bag 8-10 goals before the end of the season, just because he's Celtic's 4th or maybe even 5th choice striker doesn't mean to say he won't do a job for us.
  2. davie

    Mark McGhee

    While I agree that people are prepared to throw silly money at it, I still believe it's the best league in the world. I suppose it depends on what criteria you define "best" as. For me, it's the most entertaining league to watch and you can't argue with the standard of the league based on Champions League placings for the past several years. I'm sure Serie A and La Liga also have their own versions of Dean Windass!! I suppose this debate is probably one that merits a thread of it's own...
  3. davie

    Mark McGhee

    I heard that Talksport interview with the guy from the Times this morning. They were fairly talking up McGhee for the job. For what it's worth, I actually think that the Blackburn job might be the type of realistic position he would be prepared to leave for. He always said he wanted to prove himselff at the top level and Premiership is definitely the best league in the world. Also, if he kept them up he'd be hailed as a miracle worker but if they went down, a lot of the blame could be put on Ince and the disasterous start to the season. I normally laugh off a lot of rumours concering our manager/players but I think this is an interesting one, if indeed Blackburn are even contemplating him, in the first place....

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