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  1. I switched off the radio as the wee St Mirren loving prick was totally disrespectful to 'Well all day. He got both the first 2 goalscorers wrong and was slaughtering George Long the whole first half. I hope he is in sight on Tuesday.
  2. foghorn

    Hughie Ferguson

    Hugh is buried in Airbles Cemetery
  3. foghorn

    Partick Thistle

    Lasley for me with a real Captains performance. Big performance from the comeback man Hammell.
  4. Big John Sutton comes up with the goods again
  5. Need to build on the good result and give a performance to get the fans back to Fir Park. Encouraging to see the boss is quick to make changes and give players a chance.
  6. foghorn

    Dundee Utd

    O'Brien for me. Getting booked early probably worked to his advantage and stopped him diving in. Several important blocks and some great tackling.
  7. I think realistic would be Black,Leitch or Adams at a push.. We have no money and we have just lost a potential asset, and folk on here are massaging egos
  8. In my opinion McCall has earned the right to be here at least until the end of the season, to try and get us up the league. But there are a few duckers playing for us right now, and I never believed how much we would miss Stevie Hammell. We have no "out ball" at the moment and too many trying to get rid of the ball.
  9. Stuart McCall took a gamble on making 7 changes from Wednesday - a game we lost on penalties, and it backfired on him big style. Lack of fitness is down to him, Kenny Black and the players themselves. The Portugal pre season jolly appears to have been a waste of time & money. Paul Lawson has failed to impress and Ramsden is a lazy player. Carsewell has had chances which he has failed to take with Jack Leitch overtaking him as a first choice. The rot needs to stop and quick and changing the manager is not an option. He needs to commit himself fully to the job. A time for cool heads.
  10. watched the highlights and 2 great goals. We looked as if we created a few chances, but still allowing too many shots at Dan. Good win.
  11. foghorn


    Agree with comments re Kerr & McManus, but Lasley was playing in midfield on his own and still managed to cover both fullbacks when required
  12. Goodwin deliberately used an arm to the back of Big Johns head. Very sneaky and credit to Sutton for not highlighting it. No place for his kind in football
  13. I am the Secret Footballer. Great read - very honest and informative.
  14. Usually a big Keith fan but he won't want to watch these games again.
  15. WTF Have you watched the footage from behind the goal? Shocking goalkeeping
  16. Glad to see Hammy re signing as he has been very consistent for us all season, and was outstanding at Aberdeen when left at he back with one other. We are starting to build a squad again.
  17. foghorn

    Stevie Woods

    Quite right. Big lump of wood he was.
  18. His presence in the dressing room gave the whole team the confidence to go out and perform to a high level. Great signing by Tommy McLean
  19. Faddy signalled to come off and then changed his mind but he sensibly went off before further damage was done. nothing too serious but we are more comfortable with him on the pitch.
  20. Spot on. A booking out of nothing, because of Forans stupidity.
  21. foghorn


    McManus was very good and added the strength we needed
  22. Glad to come away with a point but I felt that the changes we made with 20 mins remaining unsettled us and gave hibs a lift. We already had a couple of youngsters on the park who had aquitted themselves well and to bring another 2 into the arena was not the managers best decision of the day. Credit to them for scraping a point from a game which we had in the bag at 2-0. Once again that referee was very one sided and consistently gave decisions against us.
  23. foghorn


    I am going for young Murray at fullback. Not his natural position but gave 100% on what I believe was his full debut. Easter Rd can be intimidating as we saw yesterday when Hibs up there game, but I thought he and the other youngsters were very good.
  24. foghorn


    James McFadden for me. All doubts about fitness and effort clearly dispelled on this display.

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