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  1. stuart mccall said at the start of jan that there would be no activity this month so i take it we are going to go to the summer with the squad we have but i really think we need a Goal scorer
  2. what is going on with some of our fans. giving the players abuse for 90 mins are we not meant to back the team rather than abuse them. This thread should be binned as it is a total waste of time, The problem also is that too many people are playing football manager and think i can do that job no problem.
  3. it was on stv sport earlier that murphy was going to rangers and john fleck was coming to fir park on loan. Totally pish in my opinion fleck is hopeless and i cent see rangers paying the money
  4. I like most well fans would love to see faddy back at fir park but i would doubt we could offer him something he would accept
  5. Ive heard a few rumours this morning regarding murphy and randolph but dont know how acurate they are 1 was randolph and murphy to southampton for £2m 2 randolph and murphy to west ham £2.5m but until something happens i will wait and see
  6. if we get in about them like we did at fir park and like inverness did tonight we will win the cup i have no doubts about that as celtic dont like it when you get into them. That big baldy swede is hopeless murphy will roast him at hampden
  7. I have heard a rumour from a few different people well and rangers fans that mr mccall is heading to ibrox in the summer to be part of mccoists coaching team
  8. Was just on the Kerrydale street forum and some of the smellic fans were saying the usual pish that Motherwell lay down to the h*ns today as Stuart McCall is going to ibrox to join McCoist in the summer, they were also saying that Motherwell are Anti Catholic/Anti Irish/and Anti Celtic, and they are saying that it is not just the club that are that, but it is the town as well, i think the hot weather has got to their inbread little minds poor diluded little souls,
  9. And the point in that being??? ok so we had a bad day at the office but what has that got to do with wearing or not wearing the new top to the Cup Final??
  10. If the league goes to the last game and we rest key players and get hammered, rangers will lodge a complaint with the spl and we would end up getting a massive fine for fielding a weakend team. Look at what happened in the premiership with wolves and blackpool, and they have to submit a pool of 25 and the f.a said that blackpool and wolves have fielded weak teams dispite the fact that the players that played were in the pool of 25 so we will need to be very careful what we do
  11. This is what they are and nothing else can discribe them :wank:
  12. im sorry i must have missed something who is the algerian that we are meant to have on a pre contract ?
  13. totally agreed mate its hard enough for us to get fans and these little clowns are driving fans that want to support the club away what will they do if there isnt a club to support because of there daft carry on. After reading the thread it takes the shine off what was a great day

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