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  1. Let's be realistic, the courts are not going to have any truck with clubs moaning blah blah blah. It's a public health emergency and this will supersede the shite they come out with. The rule book is there to be used by the authorities and will be. We are starting to see this today with the money.
  2. I personally cannot see any football going ahead until the end of the year, probably next year at this rate. Let's look where we are today. The virus is accelerating now and due to peak around June. We then have to have it drop off again, it won't just vanish in June and stop. We will all be in full lock down by then, expect no movement between major cities etc. Cases will slow down because if this, however measures will then be to gradually let people get back into society in very limited ways. Football? No chance, even behind close doors as players have families and even 1 player going down means full isolation again for a squad. It's not pant wetting it's fact. The only thing that will get us out of this are anti virals to treat the virus when infected or a vaccine, who knows how long this will take. I would not be surprised to see Season 20/21 scrapped also, as the last thing they want is to have half a season of football and what we will see are competitive friendlies and maybe mini leagues to get things up and running. I know there will be people calling shite on this, however I would love to be proven wrong, but cannot see it at all. The authorities will be forced to call the league and award prize money when they see there is no chance of it resuming. As for FIFA/UEFA, greedy bastards would see us all struggle whilst their gravy train hits the buffers...
  3. Robbo is a burst flush, other managers see through him now and can tactically out think him. Allied with poor recruitment in the summer bar Polworth and Gallagher. As for Carroll, he's no loss for me, he constantly turned back the way whenever on the ball and it just shows we should have been scouring the lower leagues North and South to have a decent you left back to provide cover as Taity is not the answer and gets slated. He is a solid right back and being hung out to dry. Only a returning Turnbull can save the Euro dream....no pressure (but also sign a contract extension or we'll end up with the derisory £1m for the risk Smellic are taking on him)
  4. Agreed the boy has done good since he arrived. Visions of him having the same application as his cousin Luke. Hopefully he has finally found a home and we can capitalize on his obvious talent.
  5. Perhaps it was Casper the friendly ghost we signed instead...would actually make more sense....
  6. Any updates on Turnbull??? If we are looking to punt him in January then you'd like to think he will pull on a jersey in a couple of weeks to even make a few cameo appearances. Otherwise the Smellic will come in with a derisory low ball offer of 'your player is a crock, here's £300000 and be grateful'...
  7. Gutted for Moulty, he has indeed done his cruciate, it's all turned to shit since he left. A brilliant guy and he had a chance to push on this season for a run in the team under that mutant Neil. Maybe get to see him back in C& A one day...
  8. Also interesting to hear the manager basically throw his players to the wolves for the second game running. After Celtic he named them outright. Robbo needs to take responsibility here,. He trains and coaches them and picks the team. Calling out players isn't the answer.
  9. One of the worst displays in many a year. It's down to Robinson who is clueless. We lucked out last year when he ran out of ideas and gave Turnbull a run and the rest was history. Not replacing Gorrin will cost up big time. Polworth is too lazy and drifts out a game and Campbell is getting overrun. As for Donnelly....naaa you're alright. Up front nothingof note, Scott is nowhere near first team yet and needs a wise head to learn from. Long offers nothing and the wingers have bursts of pace but no technical skills to beat a man. 10th place for us..have ninth, but there is genuinely no creative force on that team currently.
  10. This lies at the door of the door of the Boardroom. If they'd had the courage to hold out who knows what we could have got. The window is hardly open. However we will move on and now look to see who will try and shaft us now they know we have the cash....
  11. Woke up in the night to see this and still think I'm dreaming! GIRU the puddle drinkers. Fingers crossed this goes through. Jackanackanory!!!
  12. Poor Davie, needs to update Twitter and stop following all the scummy 'tic shite
  13. Scott Brown pointing out the obvious and practically begging Davie to join the puddle drinking vermihn.....it's getting laughable now.... https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48666098

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