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  1. It's a Celtic scout, no doubt looking through the bins at Fir Park for his dinner and watching the game over the wall from the houses up the Fir Park Street..puddle drinking vermin. You know the £1.5m bid is incoming with Lawwell doing an impression of a dodgy East End mechanic sucking in his breath, rubbing his chin and mentioning a 'risk' about a knee and some pandemic...
  2. You are aware we have signed not one but two guys who can play at left back? Lamie at a push and McGinley who should be first choice at that position.
  3. Yeah, I would be surprised if he ended up anywhere but Smellic. At least the other interest will hopefully drive the price up, rather than the piss poor £1m they would no doubt have offered the wee diddy team expecting us to roll over.
  4. Calm down. Long wasn't that good. We need better and hopefully have it in Watt/White/AN.Other who is not Long.
  5. The thing I'm looking forward to most of all applauding you as you stand in the centre circle at Fir Park...God speed bud.
  6. Chillax, I can see us picking up a young Premiership reserve with decent talent on loan. Given 3rd place football and Europe it's great experience for a team to toughen him up a bit and stretch his legs...watch this space. (the one between my ears).
  7. In signing Nathan now THIS is the boy who will hopefully re-kindle the glory days of left backs - Boyd, McMillan, McKinnon, Hammell...
  8. I honestly think Lamie will turn out to be a brilliant signing. Just got a feeling Robbo will turn him into a 'Rab McKinnon' style left back. Bombing up and down belting in crosses for the forwards..
  9. I always thought it was 2, I know one at Fir Park and I think the other one in away leg. Might be wrong.
  10. I went round to the Centenery after the game. We were the last to leave and I spoke to Lasley at the end. I just grabbed him and said - look at the season - the torture at the start with Stjarnan and the absolute joy of denying that lot and we hugged - always a legend in my book. What a day.
  11. Total shock and have had some good chat with G&F....If he or his family need help financially let us know, gladly chip in, poor guy! Fingers cross and praying for Stephen.
  12. Bizarrely I have a signed shirt from the same time period as worn by Serbian legend and all round heedbanger Sasa Curcic. Goram had a super annoying habit of signing his name in the middle, the flying pig bigot.
  13. On Youtube and found myself clicking here when I saw the C&A...very talented dancers and what a band!! University of Southern California (UCLA Sucks!!)
  14. Robbo is a burst flush, other managers see through him now and can tactically out think him. Allied with poor recruitment in the summer bar Polworth and Gallagher. As for Carroll, he's no loss for me, he constantly turned back the way whenever on the ball and it just shows we should have been scouring the lower leagues North and South to have a decent you left back to provide cover as Taity is not the answer and gets slated. He is a solid right back and being hung out to dry. Only a returning Turnbull can save the Euro dream....no pressure (but also sign a contract extension or we'll end up with the derisory £1m for the risk Smellic are taking on him)

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