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    This last page alone really shows how out of touch with reality some fans are about Motherwell true'place in the football food chain. It is a minor miracle that Motherwell finish 4th/5th in our league, end of story. It is a minor miracle that Motherwell have retained their top division status since the mid 80's. Baraclough took over a team that was heading for relegation when he took over in December and saved it from relegation, thumping one of the two biggest teams in the country 6-1. A superb achievement!! Ask Hibs fans, ask Aberdeen fans, ask Dundee Utd fans, ask Hearts fans what it really feels like to underachieve. Alexander has saved us from relegation in his first season, attained a top six finish (with European football) in his second. He has earned our backing. The notion that Motherwell have historically been a free flowing attractive football team untill this season is complete make believe. What is not make believe is that for a small club, we have massively over achieved spanning the last 4 decades including this season. Cause for celebration and congratulations to every single board member, manager, player that has contributed to what should be a very proud history. Look at our European qualification record since the turn of the century. Something that many Scottish football fans can only dream of. We really need to enjoy these times. We will not always be so successful.
  2. What a difference a penalty and a clean sheet makes. A week ago there was talk of sacking the manager and now we are one victory away from what would be a very successful season. Fine margins indeed. Outwith the OF games it could be argued that we could have won every game we lost and vice versa. Yesterday was an example of this. I think the only thing that has really been missing this season is one stand out performance where we won at a canter playing the other team off the park. These types of performances help us forget about the many poor performances sandwiched in between. We just have not had that type of performance this season. I have the feeling that the Alexander reign is going to be a slow burner but ultimately a successful one. We just need one showcase performance this season and I would be very happy. Hearts on Wednesday would do nicely.
  3. Bevis Mugabi is assist king of the season. Trick shots for both goals. Needing snookers and passes it off the bar for the second. High drama. High excitement. Poor quality. The SPFL in a nutshell. Springtime chasing Europe is a good place to be. Enjoy your Saturday evening all. We have to celebrate when the chances come around!!
  4. That though is the whole problem. There is no consistency whatsoever. Look at the Mugabi and Roberts tackle. Same game, same ref, same tackle different outcome. No conspiracy theories just inconsistency. I have not seen the Celtic players tackle but different game, different ref different outcome. People pay their money to watch a cup tie of 11 v 11. If a ref is to make a decision in the first minute to change that he has to be confident that he has it right. The fact that he did not send of Roberts suggests to me that Collum was not as confident about the first decision. My own theory there is that he actually showed a moment of genuine compassion about the teams situation. Not right but certainly not the actions of a man out to get us. I am not really understanding the OF levels of paranoia comments either however. It is a legitimate debate and just because a few are very confident in there opinion that it is as a red, does no mean that anybody who disagrees with that is showing OF levels of paranoia. That is a strange conclusion to come to. Was Kenny Miller showing OF levels of paranoia. He thought the decision was harsh. I thought a yellow would have been enough but I can see why the red was given. It comes as part of a growing trend from a small minority to dismiss anything and anybody that actually tries to defend the club (I have quoted you Yorkyred but I don't mean to implicate you in this observation) the players and it's own fans. It is like a bias against the club. I thought that the role of a football fan was to be biased and blinkered in favour of your own club not against it. Is that not part of the fun of it? Within a minute of the sending off on Sunday there was a few tripping over themselves to blame Graham Alexander. He was standing in the dugout. It was 50 seconds into the game. How does that work? It is almost like the red card provides a platform to justify deep seated frustrations and opinions about the club and its fans. Mugabi made an honest mistake and yet the clammer to vilify him started instantly. Could you imagine if it had been SOD, the player that was been slated by a minority of Well fans last summer in the Euros for keeping Nathan Patterson out of the Scotland team.? Ultimately it was a red card and the vast majority of Well fans would agree that the ref made the decision as he saw it at the time for good and honest reasons. He was influenced by the reaction of the Hibs players and he was influenced by the fact that Doig was upended because of the weight difference between the two players. He is bound to be influenced by those factors because he is human. In his quiet moments after the game he may feel he got it right, he may feel he got it wrong. As fans we should have the opportunity to discuss it without being brow beaten one way or the other.
  5. I don't think there should be a free for all at any stage. A dangerous tackle should be treated the same from minute 0 to 90. The timing yesterday just highlights how important it is that the decision is the right one. The game was over for 8000 fans after the first minute. The ref has to make a split second decision. It is a big big call and the referee's need help to make them. We need VAR. I would rather sit for 2 mins so we can get the right decision rather than sit through 89 mins of a game that is effectively over. I also think our refs should have mics. Transparency is really important and it is something that Scottish football in particular could do with. I have never understood why refs would not welcome that transparency. If they can explain an on field decision at the time I think it would help with trust in our game. I don't think this decision was as clear cut as you suggest Busta. I think a yellow card may have been enough but I can see why the red was given. I wonder if it is just a matter of time before slide tackles of any sort are outlawed in the game.
  6. I don't think I did say it was ridiculous. I just asked what the rule was. Also I gave three possible check points, not just the one you quote. The rule you have quoted basically means that it comes down to interpretation of what constitutes excessive force. In rugby there is a check list of what constitutes a high tackle. You hear the refs talk through the checklist on the mics. It appears there is no checklist in this case so your opinion against mine as towhat constitutes excessive force. Nothing ridiculous about it.
  7. I would be interested to know from people that know the rules better than me , what makes Mugabi's challenge a red? I have looked at it in slow motion and actually Mugabi reaches the ball first. His trailing foot is on the ground so he does not have both feet off the ground and he makes contact with the centre of the ball in a one footed challenge. If the red card is given for forward momentum thereafter then the laws of physics are going to have to be re-written. Jim Duffy said it ticked every box for a red card. I would like to know what those boxes are? Are we saying that he was not entitled to go for that ball at all or that by going to ground it becomes a red?
  8. I thought the players put in an excellent display today. It is very harsh to criticise Mugabi. It is a split second decision, fired up with adrenalin in the first moments of the game. No malice, no intent to injure. It was fractions away from being a great tackle that could have set the tone of the game in a very different manner. He got it wrong ultimately and paid a very heavy price. The talk about sacking the manager is absolutely crazy. The defeatist attitude is staggering at times. All the talk is about us finishing 10th and yet we could equally finish 4th. I saw nothing in Hibs today to suggest thatthey are any better than us. Hopefully the pain of today galvinises the team to produce a strong end to the season.
  9. I would rather have the honesty of Gordon/ Miller than the lies and deceipt of Young/Keevins any day of the week. It is the hidden loyalties and that causes many of the problems in Scottish football. The OF still get the lions share of coverage on the BBC just the same. Somebody mentioned the Craig Reid game above. I remember driving to Aberdeen that day with my Dad. The talk all the way up on Sportsound ( I think coverage started at 2pm)was about a potential Rangers take over. We got out the car at ten to three and there had been no build up or team news for our game. That was back in the Jim Traynor days admittedly (remember the Airdrie man!!!).
  10. When GA first arrived I remember reading Salford fans biggest complaint about Alexander was his tendency to shut up shop and defend one goal leads even when on the front foot. It seems to be a tatic he still stands by. On Donnelly. Great to see him play well. Our supporters should try not to forget how important he was for us before his injury. He was out for a long time. It will take a while longer for him to return to his best. As supporters we should give players the time and support to do that. Great response from mid-week. As someone mentioned above, D Utd at Firpark would make for a great Cup tie next. Happy Saturday night all.
  11. If the powers that run Scottish football truly cared about the product that is the top league in Scotland, todays results would have them declaring an emergency board meeting tomorrow morning. The third and fourth place teams in the league being thrashed by the top two teams in the league with a gulf in quality and resource that is clear for all to see. The story is not new however and the powers that run the game in this country have proved unable or unwilling to do anything about it for decades. I remember Brendan Rodgers (now one of the highest rated coaches in England) bemoaning the gulf in finance between Celtic and the teams like PSG and Barcelona that were regularly beating his side 5/6/7-0. He was made to look useless as a manager. In relative terms the disparity in finance between Celtic and Motherwell will be bigger than the disparity between Celtic and the top teams in Europe. As fans we walk like zombies (at least I do) in to each and every Old Firm game with the delusion that this time it might be different. This time we might have a chance, despite the fact that history shows, that the chance is so small as to be almost negligible. Have a look at the league results against Rangers in particular over the last three decades. In the cold light of day the results make for grim reading. The one shining light in the years of misery was the play off double. That result was all the more remarkable when taken in the context of the results prior and all results since. Like addicts we remember the hit and the high of those games and go back again and again for that illusive moment when we can replicate the feeling, knowing in our heart of hearts that the thrill of the chase is the only thrill we can realistically hope for.
  12. star sail


    Is the primary aim of football not to entertain? I understand that there is more besides including the years of investment of time and emotion but it is difficult to argue that football does not exist to entertain. I have generally lost interest in the football. I have been a Motherwell fan spanning 6 decades and in times past have followed the team to the point of obsession as many of us have. I have lost interest because for me it is no longer entertaining (maybe it never was?) . Football should be about escapism from the pressures in our lives. Watching Motherwell doesn't do that for me at the moment. A 6-1 defeat to Rangers on the back of 24 years without a league win against them make me question what the purpose is, if not entertainment. I am too old now to continue watching them because it is what I have always done. I have not watched a single 90 minutes this season. I don't think I could have said that for any season since the early 80's. The club has played a very big part in my life and has been the cause of some of the greatest highs I can remember. That doesn't change and the emotional attachment lasts a lifetime. For the moment though it is not enough for me to spend time and money on a team I struggle to identify with. I hope the fire will be rekindled but it will take the team to be entertaining to do that now. Nostalgia and times past are no longer enough. Ofcourse I would never question anybody else's motivation for continuing to invest their time, money and emotion. In fact I find it admiral, the unconditional love that many Motherwell supporters afford the team.
  13. Yes it certainly is, given the difference in budget.. Celtic's 244pts total over the last 3 Spfl seasons to Livis 118 is where the budget difference really shows however.
  14. I think you said something similar last pre-season and look how the regular season turned out The idea that there are subtilties in the performance of pre-season games that only the well initiated can understand has been doing the rounds on this board for some time. The fact is that a 2-0 defeat of a pro team to Airdrie in any one of the 365 days in a year is a sign that the pro team is mediocre at best. That is not to say that Motherwell will be relegated this season after all they will be playing in a top division littered with mediocrity. That is a really poor result tonight and indicative of a professional team that by and large plays at a very poor level. I don't think Rangers lost one single pre-season game last season, including a thumping of Motherwell. As it turned out they then thumped us in the regular season to and went on to be unbeaten in the league. The right attitude starts pre-season and good teams beat poor teams pre-season or not. As an aside, tonight was a competive game so farcical though it is, our season has actually started.
  15. star sail

    Stevie O'D

    The SOD criticism is baffling generally but when Well fans are happy to stick the boot in, I really am left scratching my head as to the negativity. As Steve Clark himself asked ' Tell us what he did wrong?' I don't know what magic mind bending dust the media has been spraying this last month but I had the most surreal experience of a Celtic fan arguing that Patterson should be replacing O'Donnell before admitting that he had never actually seen Patterson play!!!! At the very worst (and I don't share this view) O Donnell's performances could be described as mediocre but then how many Scotland players performed better? Take Stuart Armstrong as an example. SA's tactic seemed to be to run with his head down into trouble before promptly losing possession of the ball. He did it several times. I did no hear or read the witch hunt against him. Did anybody really believe that Lyndon Dykes was going to score a goal in these championships? We could have played ten games and I would not be convinced our strikers would have scored. In other words many of the players performances were at the same level or below that of SOD. So why was O'Donnell singled out particularly from Scotland fans and more interestingly Well fans.? To top it all, had he scored at Wembley (as he nearly did) his value as a player and reputation would have rocketed. I doubt he would have stayed a Motherwell player had that shot gone in. That is how superficially we assess players worth and value. It is all shallow analysis. As a Well fan, I was proud to watch him play and thought he did the club proud.

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