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  1. For the very first time, I am starting to have my doubts. This team should not be in a relegation fight and yet it is and every week we talk about bad luck and poor decision making. Today was a big game, Wednesday is now massive. I am just not sure this team have the wherewithal to get themselves out of this. I don't think ability has ever been the issue. There is something else missing. Determination, guile, intelligence? I don't know but it is the same every week. I was reasonably confident about today. I thought a draw would be likely and that we might just sneak a win. Aberdeen are not a great side. It was the same story again however. No goals and a game changing mistake on our part. I can't see what it going to change it. Polworth reminds me of Vigurs. Full of ability with a very questionable temperament.
  2. I think this is our biggest game of the season to date and could go some way to setting the narrative for the rest of the season. A win could well be the start of a much better second half of the season, a defeat underlines that we are well and truly in a relegation battle. I have never really bought the notion that we have a very poor squad (few did in August). I think this team is closer in ability to Hibs/Aberdeen than Accies/Ross County and we have matched the forementioned teams in games this season. Our record against Aberdeen has been good in recent years. Having said this, a draw looks the most likely with both teams not prolific in from of goal. Whilst a draw keeps the unbeaten run going it does not give us the breathing space we need. I think another 0-0 sounds about right. A win would be a huge shot in the arm at what could be a turning point in the season.
  3. Is it a warped prism in this case? Remember ultimately what is at stake is peoples lives. I think the problem generally is that football often sees itself as operating out-with the norm. The SFA is a great example of an organisation that believes that it is above the laws and regulations of the common man. Professional football as with many other professional sports throughout the world, is very fortunate to be operating at all at this time. I see the tennis players are having a hissy fit because they authorities dare to quarantine them because they were sitting on a plane beside positive testing passengers. My opinion is that these sports, football included should not be operating at all. The hardmen of football are very good at playing the victim. Neil Lennon's outburst yesterday is a total embarrassment. People are losing their lives. People are losing their jobs, businesses going bankrupt. Vulnerable people have been imprisoned in their own homes for a year. Young people are being robbed of the joys of leaving school, starting university , starting a new job and somehow it becomes a travesty that Kilmarnock are deducted 3 points for not being able to behave like responsible people? The professional sporting world should think itself very privileged indeed. I am not a fan of the SPFL but for once does the (relatively small) punishment fit the crime. Absolutely. After Neil Lennon's antics, how about professional football in Scotland is held to the same standards as everyone else and told they cannot operate. At the end of the day, football as with all professional sport is non-essential. The hardmen of Scottish football maybe need to swallow their pill like everyone else.
  4. What a great result and totally unexpected. I don't understand the thinking amongst some regarding the quality of the squad. Given that the standard in our league is poor I think we have a squad that is more than capable of getting us out of this situation. Watt, Gallagher, O Donnell, Polworth, Campbell, O Hara are all players that could steak a claim in any Spfl team ourhwith the OF. If Alexander can sort Long's head out there is a player there. Mugabi showed today the potential is there. Carroll, Lawless, Cole are all players that deserve to be playing at his level. Lang could have been added to that list too. Losing Turnbull was really the tipping point between a decent Spfl squad and a mediocre one. This is the first window since Turnbull left so let's see what happens. The quality from the bench needs addressed but if you look at the benches of Kilmarnock, St Mirren, Ross County, Livingston there is nothing much to inspire. I don't think anyone could say that we matched Rangers today, they are much the better side but we have matched Aberdeen an Hibs this season. It has been small margins all season. It is not going to take much to get this team heading back up the table. A decent goalscorer this window may be all we need if we can keep the better players till the summer.
  5. As far as I am aware NHS Ayrshire and Arran did not ask the full squad to self isolate for no reason. They asked them to self isolate because players within the squad had tested positive and the wider squad had not followed the protocol put in place to allow Kilmarnock to control and manage the situation themselves. Other clubs in the Spfl (except St Mirren) have controlled outbreaks and have therefore been able to fulfil fixtures. The rule was that if you could not fulfil the fixture because protocol had been breached you lost the three points. I don't think there is anything laughable about applying the rules. What is laughable is that the SFA (as always) are making it up as they go along contradicting Scottish Government guidelines and completing misjudging the importance of sending out a strong message that professional football in this country takes its responsibility seriously in playing its (very) small part in getting us out of a National disaster. I don't think that is laughable at all. It's not really about the six points.
  6. I agree with this. It is a public relations battle the club would not win and whilst it could be argued that it does not matter what the wider football community thinks, it is a least a distraction and at most an added pressure the club do not need. As a footballing person I would like to see the 6 points won on the football field and if this decision does not put a bit of fire into the bellies of this squad then even Jurgen Klopp would not be able to motivate this team. Regardless of the circumstances Motherwell find themselves in, it is proof positive, if any was ever needed that the footballing governing bodies in Scotland are totally inept and it turns Scottish football once again into a circus.
  7. Shaka, I often think that much of what you say makes a lot of sense but the passion with which you say it detracts sometimes from what can be good points. Mugabi is far from perfect, a raw talent I think is what you could call it but there is a player in there if he could iron out the mistakes. I get the frustration. Been there myself shouting and bawling in the stands but at some point you have to cut the players a break. Mugabi can’t be blamed today for past mistakes. Calling him a c**t is in my opinion a step to far. I think now is a good time to let these boys prove themselves and let the new manager either drop them or turn them into better players.
  8. I cannot understand the desperation from a small minority of or fans to criticise and disparage the club at every single opportunity. Robinson, Burrows, Mugabi, Grimshaw, the boy Whyte. That was never a penalty in a million years and yet we have posters like Shaka throwing all sorts of insults at Mugabi. It is the strangest thing! Totally bizarre.Opposition fans would not be so critical of our club and players.
  9. Reminds me of poor Kipre when Craig Thompson was the referee. Soon as big Cedric put a foot on the pitch Thompson was reaching for the red card.
  10. It is interesting to read your thoughts and you have clearly given it some consideration but I think the fact that you have not given a name to OntheFringes question shows the difficulty of finding the type of manager you describe. Let's say we could have Derek McInness from Aberdeen tomorrow. Would that guarantee our survival this season? Would he have 100% support from our fans? Of course it is a mute point. We could not afford McInness even if he was available. I think your argument falls down on the basis that your start point suggests an unrealistic representation of MFC's position in the footballing world. Firstly we are only an established SPFL club because of a lot of hardwork, good decision making and a little luck over the last 20-25 years. We have absolutely no birthright to being a top 12 team as the likes of Hearts, Hibs, Dundee Utd and Rangers have proved. The fact that we have maintained our top flight status for so long is something of a miracle. It is a reflection of historical success rather than a snapshot of present reality. Secondly, an experienced manager with a good track record will be outwith the clubs financial reach. There is a reason why names like Gordon Strachan and Martin O Neill do not get mentioned even in fantastical bookies lists. They would not be tempted to even get out their bed for the money we could offer them. Thirdly, experienced proven players are priced out of our range by the crazy nature of football transfers these days. Adam Rooney was mentioned above as a Salford player. I don't think we could afford to pay a months salary for a player like that. Even if we could persuade him, could his arrival guarantee goals? I have some sympathy with the points you make and would like to agree with much of them . I would love to think that we could tempt more exotic names to the club. However, the truth is as a club we have to constantly think outside the box to survive. That brings risk both with players and managers. I think Graham Alexander is about the best we can do given all these constraints. I think in fact that Alexander may prove to be a good appointment constraints or not.
  11. The interview is very interesting. Makes reference to possible divisions in the dress room but most importantly says that there is no lack of ability in the team. Talk is cheap but it certainly inspires confidence when the manager is articulate and says all the things a fan would want to hear. Plenty of reason for real optimism and I would not be surprised if we got a big response from the players on Saturday. I was really disappointed to see Robinson go but now the reset button has been pressed I am feeling excited and optimistic again. The King is dead. Long live the King!!
  12. Interested in why you think that Steelboy?
  13. Doing a little reading on GA and the Salford fans seem to think that he was a decent enough guy who's teams did not play particularly attack minded football. His home record was relatively poor apparantly (away form was good) and he had a natural tendency to be defensive minded in his approach. A suggestion that he did not get the most out of a fairly expensive squad. Also listened to his last couple of post match interviews with Salford and it sounded not dissimilar to Robinson latterly. Complaints of players not doing the basics properly (I think Robinson term was the right to play football) and poor decision making. Having said that, there was no character assassinations suggesting he was a total dud. If anything most fans wished him well and thought he might shine at a club that would be a better fit. Will we be that better fit? Time will tell. If he is to be our new man I wish him all the very best
  14. It is a tough decision for the club. I don't have any real sense of excitement for the candidates in contention. I can't help but feel that we will not improve on what we had before so there is not a sense for me of a bright new dawn. I think on balance Tommy Wright would be my preferred candidate. If he could do anything like Craig Brown did the last time we needed a wise old head to steady the ship then I would be delighted. We need a streetwise element to our team and TW would be the man to bring it. Marry that to a fair bit of ability(Campbell, Long, Gallagher O'Hara, O`Donnell) and we may have a bright new dawn after all.
  15. Scott Mullen on BBC Sport Scotland saying four candidates including Lasley will be interviewed in the he next two days with the new man being in the dugout by the weekend. Lasley and 3 others so who are the three? Sorry, don't know how to post the link from the BBC.

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