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  1. star sail


    I have not been on the forums for some months because I got tired of the negativity of some regarding the club and the manager. I was enticed back on this morning though because I was interested to hear the thoughts on Turnbull's possible departure. No matter what happens , I think it is important to take note of the position we are in just now regarding our young players. Turnbull will leave (now or in the future) for a club record fee. He could be part of the future of the Scottish midfield for years to come. Hastie went to Rangers having been one of the most dynamic players in the league this season. He would have commanded a significiant fee had he not been out of contract and I would not be surprised if he too featured in the future as part of what will hopefully be a Scotland renaissance under Steve Clark. Campbell and Cadden are already part of the Scotland set up. Admittedly both players have reached a bit of a ceiling at the moment but they are still young with bright futures ahead. To have four players of that standard coming directly from Motherwell's youth set up is fantastic and something we should be proud of. There will be few (if any) clubs in Britain with resources similar to ours that can boast of that kind of success with it's youth system. I have no idea about Turnbull's true monitory value but what I would like to see in any deal is that he is loaned back to us for one more season. That would be worth a £1 million on it's own for me because we just might be looking at Motherwell's greatest ever export (at lesast as good as O' Donnell, McFayden, McAllister) and the pleasure of having him play at Firpark for one more season would be priceless.
  2. star sail

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    I have been a member on these boards since 2009. Over time you get to know the posters. They remain anonymous but their forum names become well known to the people who read the forum regularly. I have absolutely no problem with differences of opinion. It is the differences of opinion that make these boards successful. The post above resonates with me for two reasons, one because Kmcaplin (whoever you are) is a great example for me of a familiar name on these boards, who's opinion I sometimes disagree with but always respect because the opinions are always reasonable, fair and rational. He (I am assuming he because of my narrow minded, last century view of the footballing world) never that I can recall, attacks players or managers personally and seems to have a sensible view of Motherwell's natural position in the footballing food chain. A poster above said 'Criticism is part and parcel of a football managers job'. Sadly, this is true, but sometimes that is an excuse to allow faceless people on football forums to hurl all sorts of abuse at managers, when quite possibly these same people are not reaching the elite heights of excellence and performance in their own lives. We put an expectation on football managers at times that goes beyond what is reasonable. Secondly this post resonates with me because by admitting that possible she (in the interests of balance and with the pretense of having an enlightened view of the modern world) got it wrong, Kmcalpin displays the same attributes that Stevie Robinson has shown in turning our season round. The ability to see that mistakes were made and change it is a sign of a very good manager. My feeling is that in Stevie Robinson we may actually have won a watch. Time will tell. This is a very long winded way of saying that the post above is a great post!!!
  3. star sail

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    I think that this should be a real source of pride for the club. The culture in football now is to sack managers at the first hint of trouble. In Scotland, the clamber to sack managers was the domain of Old Firm fans who believed that a victory every Saturday was a God given right. Sadly it is an attitude that has filtered into all clubs at all levels of the game including our own. Fortunately in this case, Alan Burrows and the board were able to look deeper than the poor on field performances at a man who is working his socks off to improve all levels of the club from recruitment, to training, to coaching structures to youth development etc. A young, driven professional manager who, whilst still learning the ropes has acted throughout with the best interests of the club at heart. Some of the comments on these boards in recent months have made for difficult reading. Personal attacks on Robinson and Burrows, and a complete disregard for the hours of work that they put into the club. It would be nice to think that a few lessons have been learnt now that the fortunes have turned around. We should be seen as a club who supports our managers, our players and particulary our young players. The board has led the way, the fans need to do the same. I am delighted for the manager, the players and for Burrows. That the goals in recent weeks have been home grown has made it all the sweeter.
  4. star sail


    Lambert was a great player and along with Tommy Coyne is probably my favorite Motherwell player of all time. If DavidTurnbull can get close to that standard we have some player on our hands. Did Lambert not score a couple of 20 yard belters at Ibrox in his time with us? I'm sure he scored one, maybe two. My memory is not what it was.
  5. star sail

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Despite the difference of opinion, I always enjoy reading what you have to say.
  6. star sail

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    I was not reacting with outrage, mock or otherwise. I absorbed your point. Craig Brown was a good manager for us. I have spent years on here defending honest professionals doing the best job they can against guys like yourself that call them chancers, car salesmen etc. They may not be the best managers in the world but they all contributed to keeping motherwell in the top division. Some of the hem including Robinson work very hard to do so. I think they deserve to have somebody defend them. Seems strange to me that Baraclough is a chancer with a 34% win record, yet Browns 34% win record at Aberdeen with more resources automatically puts him in the experienced coach who can organise a team catagory. I will reiterate again, I have nothing against Craig Brown, just the prejudice that makes one man be treated harsher than another.
  7. star sail

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Interesting to read some of the Craig Brown comments. Sometimes I think that many fans buy into a Scottish good, non Scottish bad mentality. Interesting that the three managers you mention are non- Scottish. What about Malpas (26% win), McLeish (28% win), Davies (31% win)? Does enthusiasm and positivity make you a chancer? If it does Maurice Malpas was certainly no chancer!!! Here is a couple of facts regarding the names you mention. Jim Gannon left the club in late December 2009 when we were 6th in the league. We finished that season 5th under Brown. Gannon had to perform one of the biggest rebuilding jobs in the club recent history after one of the other 'old Scottish fitba favourites' Mark McGhee left us in a shambolic state. Baraclough's win record at Motherwell was 34%. Craig Browns win record at Aberdeen was 33%. I am not trying to argue that Craig Brown was a poor manager, far from it, he was the right man at the right time for our club. It's just that the records of our foreign chancers are not as poor as some would have us believe. My point is that all the managers mentioned contributed in their own way. Gannon rebuilt a depleted squad, Baraclough saved us from relegation as did Robinson when he came in. It seems to me that there are some sections of our support that give managers a tougher critique when they are not Scottish.
  8. Great result with a much depleted squad. Dundee and St Mirren lose and we beat our local rivals to go seven points clear. Could we look back on this day when the dust settles on the season as the day we secured our top division status for another season. Too early to know but a huge step in the right direction. COYW!
  9. No idea what will happen today. Have been waiting for an out of the blue good performance for weeks to kick start our season. Thought the Aberdeen result might have been it but we have gone backwards since then. Tatically Robinson has been found wanting in recent weeks and he is coming up against possibly the best tactician in the league. I still believe that we have the players to get a result but they are not showing it at the moment. As others have said, I would like to see the players in their natural positions, with McHugh playing as a central defender. Play a pressing game with high energy and who knows. We have proved that we can compete with any team in the league when on form. Need to show it today. Anything less and Killie will be taking the points.
  10. star sail

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    People have very short memories of Motherwell teams of the past. Anybody thinking Saturdays performance was the worst Motherwell performance ever , has not been a Motherwell fan for long. I have watched many very poor Motherwell displays under pretty much every manager we have ever had. Since McLean's time, McLeish, Kampman, Davis, Butcher, Malpas, Gannon, McGhee, Brown, McCall, Baraclough, (who have I missed), I have watched some turgid dross. Some of the players these managers have signed have been as poor as any we have now (the two Irish boys Keegan and who was the other one, McLeish bringing in Andy Roddie and my personal favourite Estaban Casagolda). The list goes on. We have had our moments under some of these managers too. McLeish's first six months, McGhee's first season, the second place under Stuart McCall being amongst the highlights. However the succcess was temporary with all these managers. McLeish managed to spoil one of the best Motherwell teams in my lifetime. McGhee's second season was painful to watch and McCall benefited from being manager at a time when the standard of the SPL was at an all time low. His teams blew up after 75 minutes because they were not fit enough. Could you imagine Robinson committing that crime? However if you really want to remember the dark days, thing back to the Malpas era. If ever there was a man that was able to suck the life out of a club, Malpas was that man. Weeyin did a very good analysis of McLean's time a few months back. His time at the club was far from rosy and it was only latterly, after he had been given the time to build it, that the Cup winning team came into being. I remember being up at Dalziel Park many years ago and I happened to catch a Billy Davis training session. It was embarrassingly poor. The players could hardly do 5 press ups between them and most of the session was spent lying on the ground pretending to stretch. Watch a Stephen Robinson training session by comparison. There is no comparison. The level of athleticism and professionalism is night and day. I find the clamber to sack managers at the best of times distasteful but at Christmas time in particular it is worth while remembering that we are talking about an honest professionals livelihood. Robinson has a very difficult job as ever Motherwell manager before him has proved. We have no God given right to beat the likes of St Mirren, Accies, Dundee etc. People wanting to take on that attitude would be better served following the Old Firm. I wish Stevie Robinson all the best and hope that things fall into place soon. Merry Christmas.
  11. star sail

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Great finish thought from the boy at the end though don't you think? The guy that was picked up from the lower leagues on a shoestring budget. The kind of shoestring budget that a team like Motherwell are working on. The manager saw the team selection coming and he got a draw out of it. Credit where it is due surely?
  12. star sail

    2018’19 Game 15:Celtic (H) Wednesday 5th December 2018

    I mentioned this after the Rangers game. The McHugh criticism I find distasteful. He was excellent tonight.
  13. star sail

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    I think it was needs must tonight. The squad is looking threadbare with injury and the options at the back are dwindling.
  14. star sail

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    You going to give us your post match critique as well Yodo?
  15. star sail

    2018’19 Game 15:Celtic (H) Wednesday 5th December 2018

    I thought Sammon played well. Did not let the Celtic central defenders settle and had a few nice lay offs. I suppose thought if people have decided that they don't like a player they have to find ways of justifying it. That is the first time I have seen Livingstone play tonight and he looked out his depth. Maybe this is why he has not been in the first team as yet? Looked like a training match for large parts of it. A huge stroke of luck for the disallowed goal, a good save for the penalty and a fantastic finish at the end the story of the game. After the injuries in the first ten minutes the players and the manager deserved a break. This will not happen often against Celtic so we have to enjoy it. Delighted with the result.

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