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  1. When you see his achievements summarised like this it seems all the more unbelievable that we have the Robinson out chat as often as we do. He has done a really good job as your summary shows. You have to wonder just what would make some of the supporters happy given that Cup Finals and third place finishes don't cut it. For some reason Robinson's face does not fit with sections of our support and no amount of success will change their view. My gut feeling is that were he Scottish, he would be given more respect than he is currently afforded. I have always felt that the Scottish managers (Brown, McGhee, McCall) have been afforded a benefit of doubt than the non Scottish managers (Gannon, Baraclough, Robinson) have not, despite managerial records at Motherwell that are broadly similar. My own opinion is that all the above mentioned managers have made a significant contribution to keeping Motherwell in the top flight despite us having no divine right whatsoever to be there. The exception to this in recent times is ofcourse Maurice Malpas. You can't defend the indefensible.
  2. Ruddy Kipre Hutchinson Carroll Cadden (cheating by putting him at RB) Turnbull Campbell Vigurs (when on form) Johnston Murphy Moult
  3. Today was always going to be tough. 4 games in 10 days (three of which, a fair distance away) was always going to leave the team a little leggy today. The opponents could not have been worse but maybe in a fixture we never win anyway this was the the best possible team to play today. The 18 year league record does grate. Interestingly the only managers to break the monotony have been the much maligned Baraclough and Robinson himself. You could argue that their victories came against a weakened Rangers but anybody that watched McCall's team put in a subservient display in a League Cup display at Ibrox against a Championship Rangers will know that the Scottish managers record in the last 18 years have been dire. That said if financial doping applies to Man City against top European sides then by ratio of revenue (if not legal definition) Rangers and Celtic have been getting a doping advantage over every other team in Scotland for a long time. As it is we sit 9th approaching the end of the first quarter. We matched Aberdeen and Hibs for performance and in Europe we beat the teams ranked below us and lost to the team ranked above us. Not scintillating by any means but no Armageddon either. I think we will find a consistency in the second quarter that will take the team up the table rather than down.
  4. Madden was the ref when we beat Rangers 3-1 in the play-off. We played really well so beat them. Our poor start to the game has cost us so far today.
  5. Despite history telling me otherwise, there is always that what if? thought comes into my head on game day. Our record in almost supernaturally poor against Rangers but the sun is shining and miracles do happen. It is the hope that kills us!!!
  6. I think you are doing the Israelis a disservice comparing them to Killie, Hearts or St Johnstone. They beat us comfortably last night without having to play well themselves. I can buy the idea that a team can be unlucky in a one of game but Scottish teams both at club level and at International level have made an art form of gallant defeats over the last 30-40 years. We read and listen to the hard luck story over and over again. If only....... The truth is that HBS scored three goals last night because they have the technical ability to turn it on when it matters. Sadly Gallachers performance last night is a snap shot in minature of performance after performance we have had to enduree from Scottish players in recent decades. It is no coincidence that we struggle to beat part time teams and it is no coincidence that a team like HBS beat us without getting out of first gear. Scottish football is a long, long way off the pace. Progress has been made in recent years. The professionalism has improved as has the fitness thanks to managers like Robinson. Sadly however we have years of neglect to make up for. We may never catch up but at least we are taking steps in the right direction.
  7. I am almost NEVER right so I am going to take this opportunity to pretend I know what I am talking about. I am also going to take the opportunity of a great result to make a couple of points about some negative comments over this last month. 1. 'We are favourites to be relegated' We were no more favourites to be relegated in 12 place after 7 games than we are to favourites to finish 8th now after 8 games. We should try looking at the bigger picture. 2. 'Robinson should be sacked now because after Hibs and Aberdeen beat us we will only have 4pts.' Let's try to make statements about sacking managers based on the facts of what has happened, rather than negative speculation of what might. 3. 'Motherwell were not really 3rd last season because Aberdeen would have finished 3rd' Can we be absolutely certain about that based on today's result? They might have but like point 2, I would rather base judgement on the fact that Motherwell did finish third, rather than that Aberdeen may have in some mythical end to the season. Great result today. Let's give our team the benifits of the doubt and give them some proper backing.
  8. I think we will win this. We have a good record against Aberdeen. Aberdeen have had a good start to the season but they are not thumping teams. I was reading in the transfer thread that we have no quality in the side. At the start of the season, I think we all felt that we did. Nothing had really changed (loss of Turnbull apart which was inevitable) so for me it is a lack of confidence rather than a lack of quality. Our best performance by some way was against Hibs. I think we may do the same again. 0-1 Motherwell and our season kicking on from there.
  9. I get that. I would have preferred anybody else too (except Rangers) but the decision is made now. Sadly I suspect he will play well against us and on those days any goodwill will go out the window.
  10. The £10 million is a direct result of the quality on the park so you must be delighted.
  11. Congratulations to DT. He has the makings of a great player and I don't think it will be long before he is outperforming some of the Celtic first team regulars. Celtic have a bargain but this is not to say that I think the club could have held out for more. I will be following his career with interest and I hope he does really well at Celtic (except when they play us) and moves on to bigger things sooner rather than later. If he ends up anything like the player Gary McAllister was he has a bright future ahead.
  12. A Cup Final is success for every team in Scotland except the OF and maybe Aberdeen. Nobody in Scotland has been able to get close to Celtic for several seasons now. If Celtic were to lose in a Champions League Final to Barcelona would that been seen in Celtics history as success or failure? You mention the lucky cup run. Others mention the lucky 3rd place. Why is it that when teams allow us to dominate and hit us with the sucker punch, they are streetwise/ have us sussed, but when we do it to other teams we are lucky? I do not understand the determination to undermine our clubs success?
  13. Neither am I so it interesting to read about this particular formation. Being someone who knows little about formation it is maybe naive to suggest that Turnbull and Polworth play in the same team but this is what I would like to see. They are our two most creative players. It would take someone more knowledge than me to know how to build a team around the two of them. Did England not have that problem (with better players) in Lampard and Gerrard?
  14. I liked Dave McCabe!!! You are absolutely right in what you say however. People forget the rougher spells under Tommy McLean. The cup final victory and a third place finish are the headlines (and great headlines they are) but not every performance under Tommy McLean was a cup winning performance. The same can be said for every manager we have had spanning the last 5 decades, some good, some bad (that we have been in the top flight since the 80's in itself is a minor miracle). It is a very dangerous game as a Motherwell fan not to enjoy the rarity of two cup finals in one year or a third place finish. Anybody undermining those achievements, or not getting joy from these achievements, may need to consider if Motherwell is really the team for them. Bigger clubs than ours in Scotland have not enjoyed this kind of success in recent times. Fans of Hearts, Hibs, Dundee Utd to name just a few, would love to have had the success Motherwell have enjoyed during Robinsons time at the club. The start to the season has been very disappointing. The performance against Hibs last week matched pre-season expectation and we need to hold onto the positives of that game for now. Like a few others have said, a few minor adjustments and a favourable wind may just be enough to ignite the season. I still believe this is a good squad of players and I very much believe that Robinson is a good manager. I would be hugely disappointed if we lost to Glentorran and maybe if we did my resolve would waver a little but teams like Stjarnan and Albion Rovers remind us that these kind of results are in our DNA . I believe it will come good but not before a difficult and possibly painful trip to Celtic Park.
  15. The goals will come. It has been a slow (and disappointing) start to the season no doubt but it is a good squad of players that matched a Hibs side on form. I wonder if Robinson maybe slightly misjudged pre-season but I think match fitness is returning and the strikers will benefit as the games go on. Let's just enjoy an improved performance for now. I still have high hopes for the coming season.

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