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  1. Judging by his performance at Dundee, Shields couldn’t hit a coo on the arse with a banjo.
  2. Far too much white trimming for my liking and we should’ve gone for white shorts. White shorts make our C & A really stand out. But good to see the band all the way round again.
  3. The last (only?) decent player that left FP for Aberdeen was George Murray and that was 43 years ago!!
  4. Gallacher’s a decent defender but he lacks pace, his positional sense is sometimes iffy and he is prone to the odd blunder or two. Similar player in many ways to Mark Reynolds and his career nose-dived when he moved to Aberdeen. Not irreplaceable by any means.
  5. The media are full of bullshit at this time of the season as they try to fill their columns and airtime with the latest “exclusive scoops”. Best to ignore them entirely. One of the major problems we have had this current season has been an inability to score goals from open play. This is down to an utter dearth of creativity, craft, guile and ability to pick passes for the forwards from our midfield. The players we have are simply unable to provide these qualities. This means we are left relying far too much on scoring goals from set pieces. For me this is an area where we really do need to improve on the crud we have been signing as midfielders. Cull the squad to free up some cash to try and raise the quality of players we sign.
  6. Very sad news. The last of the Ancell Babes "famous five" forward line. I was too young to have seen them play but I enjoyed hearing about them from my dad and uncles. RIP.
  7. Being pragmatic, when you are under pressure at the wrong end of the league the result is what counts. Alexander has settled on a playing style and formation which the players seem to understand and are comfortable with and, unlike Stephen Robinson, he does not chop and change either the personnel or the formation. That's bound to install self-belief and confidence in the players.
  8. A win worth much gold and very welcome, especially considering the opposition. However, one swallow doesn't make a summer but it's a start.
  9. What would have been the outcome of this whole sorry affair if the two clubs involved weren't Motherwell and Hamilton but Celtic and Rangers! Oh, that's right there wouldn't have been an appeal in the first place!
  10. As I said before, I don't understand how the SFA/SPFL can entertain an appeal from both clubs given that at the first hearing, they both admitted guilt. However, I agree with your point on proportionality and I think they are really more interested in getting their £40K fines dropped.
  11. Burrows should keep off Twitter - look what happened to Trumpo.
  12. Yes and no sponsors names on their kits either. How times have changed.
  13. Keith MacRae in his all black kit. In the second picture he's diving at the feet of Alan Gordon of Dundee United (later of Hibs). Others in picture are Kenny Cameron and Joe Wark.
  14. From the 1931 Scottish Cup Final. Celtic goalkeeper John Thomson gathers the ball from the incoming 'Well player Johnny Murdoch. Just a few months later John Thomson tragically died as the result of a head injury received in an accidental clash with the Rangers centre-forward Sam English in the Old Firm league game at Ibrox.

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