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  1. It is indeed wee Jimmy Wilson. Jimmy was born in Newmains and began his career at Newcastle Utd. Not sure how he escaped our "radar" at that time.
  2. Anyone out there old enough to recognise this guy?
  3. I'm not sure whether Robinson's heart is in the job any more. He was touted (rightly it seemed) for a couple of club jobs down south and his National team in the close season and didn't get any of them. Maybe he thinks his time for a "bigger" move has gone and he is struggling to come to terms with it.
  4. Scottish Cup Fir Park January 1976. Willie P nets our 3rd and winning goal against holders Celtic. We won 3-2 after being 0-2 at half-time.
  5. Nearly gave myself a heart attack yelling at Gardiner that night.
  6. I think, although I'm not absolutely sure, that this photo was taken at Ibrox in the Scottish Cup 3rd round replay 1st March 1961 when we gubbed Rangers 5-2. The 'Well players are Ian St.John and Pat Quinn. The Rangers 'keeper is George Niven and the Rangers defender is Harold Davis. Rangers: Niven, Shearer, Caldow, Davis, Paterson, Stevenson, Scott, McMillan, Murray, Brand, Wilson. Motherwell: Weir, Delaney, McSeveney, Aitken, Martis, McCann, Hunter, Quinn, St John, McPhee, Roberts. Scoring Sequence: McPhee (10) 0-1, Wilson (16) 1-1, McMillan (29) 2-1, Delaney (41) 2-2, Roberts (53) 2-3, St John (68 ) 2-4, Roberts (89) 2-5.
  7. On holiday but followed game on internet. Great result. Clearly we learned from Ross County game. Clear third. COYW.
  8. Just as I said last week - the old Dosser Bandwagon rolls on again. Played there better on many occasions and didn't win.
  9. Like a few others, I tbink Tait is the best right-back we've had at FP for quite a long time. I think he suffers however from our playing a back 3 in a 3-2-4-1 or 3-5-2 formation. Like many managers, Robinson seems fixated on these formations and does not seem to think Tait can fit into either. I still maintain that on the few occasions that we have played with a more orthodox 4-4-2 formation that we have looked a better and more balanced side and that Tait is more suited to that formation. However if you are going to employ wide players such as Seedorf et al then you will need cover in the wide midfield areas which is why the two afore-mentioned formations are used as they employ the full-backs to do this.
  10. I'm not one for blaming referees when we lose but I have to say that the referee did get two of the big decisions in Saturday's game badly wrong. There was no infringement at Gallacher's goal and there was no contact between Carroll and the Ross County player to justify him receiving a second yellow card. For me, the test of such decisions is always to ask "if either of the OF had been in our position, would the referee have made the same decisions?". Experience over a long number of years has shown that the answer to that question is "no". Scotland does not have VAR and will never get VAR. The reason given for this by those who run our game is, that we cannot afford it. I do not accept that. I think the real reason is, that if it was introduced, the "edge/advantage" enjoyed by the OF clubs in refereeing decisions would be eliminated and that is not a desirable situation.
  11. Yes a really disappointing result but hey that's the 'Well way. It has been like that forever. Onwards and upwards.
  12. Like all creative players you need to accept the bad with the good - as long as there's more good than bad.
  13. I think the owner may be trying to recoup some of her outlay for their new main stand.

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