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  1. Was with Robinson at Morecambe. More likely end up at St. Mirren. 2CF7826E-89A4-4218-B8FF-8E9C874D6050.webp
  2. Robinson must be pissed at missing out on him!
  3. If Alexander thinks this then he is even more deluded than I thought!
  4. For European matches Bala Town use Rhyl's Belle Vue stadium due to UEFA stadium regulations.
  5. No disrespect to Charles Dunne but if he is the type of player Goodwin is going to take to Aberdeen then he’ll be out of a job sooner than he thinks.
  6. Who is Cornelius Maguire?
  7. Along with Lord Lucan, Shergar, the Holy Grail and the lost Ark of the Covenant.
  8. Daily Mail carrying a story that both Motherwell and St. Mirren want to talk to 37 year old Steven Davis with a view to signing him if he decides to leave Rangers!
  9. Sorry, I wasn’t laughing at your statement that he was the best footballer at the club - he may be. It was more that if he is, then it’s an indictment on the standard of player on our books. I’m no fan of our current manager but I think the reason he has persevered with his hoofball tactics this season is that he realises we don’t have any decent midfield players.
  10. Motherwell legend Hugh Ferguson and his wife photographed with the FA Cup in 1927. Hugh scored the only goal for Cardiff City against Arsenal in the final at Wembley as the FA Cup left England for the first and to date, only time.
  11. As others have posted I can’t argue with the release of the players on the club’s list. However I think there are still a few players left who IMO have shown that they’re not good enough to be playing at Premiership level: Mugabi (Contracted to May 2022) Carroll (Contracted to May 2023) Ojala (Contracted to May 2023) Goss (Contracted to May 2023) McGinley (Contracted to May 2024) Slattery (Contracted to May 2024) I appreciate that they are still under contract but they really do need to be gradually moved out. I also think that the manager has questions to answer surrounding his signing of Jordan Roberts and the loan signings of Liam Shaw and Victor Nirennold. Between them they only started 12 games and contributed the square root of f*ck all.
  12. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are jesting however if not, then fuck right off!
  13. The two major areas for concern are defence and midfield. Defence We need to become much harder to score against to give ourselves a solid platform to play from. In that respect I think we need 2 centre-backs and a left-back. Midfield I think we need a passer/playmaker who can bring our strikers more into play instead of firing long balls up to them. Also somebody who can play the ‘mopper-up’ role between the defence and half-way line. Forwards I don’t think we are too bad here. Connor Shields has come on a fair bit now that he is starting regularly and could be a big player for us next season. Other than that good to go. COYW.

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