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  1. He may have liked the pie. Decent at that time
  2. Sad to hear. If you look back on my posts i'm not an O'Donnell fan but whilst he wears a well shirt I'll stick to bitchin on this forum and supporting him throughout the games.
  3. I have a few friends who play in the championship. Said that Jeff Nouble was the hardest player they have ever come up against. Can't get a game for Livi so perfect for us.
  4. We scored one could have had two. Away from home that's fine. Defensively & including defensive midfielders we were very bad. Carroll deserves a shot.
  5. Never a penalty - red card squaring up
  6. Can we sign Zak "I'm just here to score f**king goals" Rudden soon, anybody seen that clip? Belter https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3741558/zak-rudden-rangers-falkirk-apology-f-bomb/
  7. I’ll stick to judging them when they sign. Only guy I ever berated was signing Carroll which probably taught me the line above. Leave everyone else to say Shankland’s done. There are some posts that say he may not fit into the system or that he would be too expensive but I firmly disagree he is a championship level player.
  8. For everyone who writes off Shankland and his goal statistics, I wonder what you all said when Tony Watt signed. Might bring back some of those posts while you all hastily delete them.
  9. But what do you think the fitba result will be?
  10. Seen him against Betis looked decent
  11. If you look at the last two games Rossco have played they have had an abundance of shots hence the 5 at the back play to sneak a win mentality
  12. Team to play - Kelly Mugabi Ojala Lamie Johansen McGinley Goss Slattery McGuire/Donnelly Van Veen Shields

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