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  1. Two completely different personalities in my opinion and I don't think can be directly compared.
  2. Hastie plays for Rangers. So um no.
  3. Irrespective of if he has played well this season. He's by far our best defender when he is on the pitch. How many goals can you blame Gallagher for? Mugabi, Lamie, Magloire have all losts us goals that in no way Gallagher could have prevented. I think he's been alright in a crap squad. He struggles to look good as does Campbell because of too many players that are not of standard. As I said in a previous post people are blinkered in what they say because of the way he went about his business but how can anyone say he's not our best defender? Therefore he will be missed.
  4. My mate is a Pompey fan, said Greig Miller is their new head of recruitment ex-well. Defender? hardly played?
  5. I don't know anything about Maurice Ross as a coach but because he's not one of us - he's no good? I'm sure onthefringes could cast some light.
  6. You are also now up for the quote brigade! Love it!
  7. Also can someone quote me when we lift the cup!
  8. I think we need to watch ourselves this season in terms of lower league opposition. In three of the matches I've watched we've looked liked a lower league side. Long and short I have the fear.
  9. Also getting annoyed with our injury updates....2 guys out with illnesses and 3 TBC.
  10. Can we teach our international right back how to cross a ball. Frustrating isn't the half of it.
  11. Read McDonald's article in the daily Record. Hope he doesn't go into management what an arse!
  12. Disagree about those stating Ainsworth only played when near a contract extension. I don't questions that guys attitude at all. He was a winger that went through a variety of highs and lows and was not an "imposter"
  13. I gave it to Caroll. Maybe due to the fact I berated his signature!
  14. It's the way of the midfield without Polworth. Always be that way with the 3 midfielders all being defensive mids. Our front 3 carries threat which goes to pot when Smith comes on, which is not a dig at him necessarily.
  15. I don't question this, and agree. The point is avoid relegation and suffer some financial impact. Needed because relegation this year is the worst ever year to go down.

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