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  1. Decent Gazzy I would play two holding mids and revert Turnbull and Polworth dependant on form.
  2. Furthermore why did Celtic play PSG in France? Doings galore there. Taught them nothing.
  3. Answer my question who do you want us to play? What have our results been post Ibrox doings? I have no idea, good if a statto looks at
  4. For sure Steelboy and I have faith that Robinson will notice the players in question
  5. When I/team get pumped at football, we go on and we work harder next time. Different level but I would expect no different. Who do you want us to play? Annan, Morecambe, this disguises the fact where we are at. DID IT WORK WITH LLANELLI and BREIDABLIK. No.
  6. Nonsense it gives us a kick up the arse early doors. Be fitter. Up your game.
  7. and as I said beating annan 2-0 tells you nothing; when we have to play these sides and be more competitive and start for Europe to. This tells us everything
  8. To be fair, that's funny
  9. Getting pumped is a wake up call to where we need to be pre-europe and in the league. Better than beating annan.
  10. Well - I can't find the box with my old Motherwell strips in it. Now I'm thinking I might have had some crazy clear out moment, which rings a bell. If I did do that, I'm regretting it now. I'll keep hunting.
  11. Are you saying Supermarv that you categorically know this guy was not tested?
  12. Do you want 3 million for your car? I'll need to take a look at it first......because i'm paying 3 million. Spot on Al.
  13. Only via my dad I know about him, great player sadly missed.
  14. Which is ironic I'm the most M a Size you can get!
  15. I think I might have one, will check tomorrow.

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