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  1. I gave it to Caroll. Maybe due to the fact I berated his signature!
  2. It's the way of the midfield without Polworth. Always be that way with the 3 midfielders all being defensive mids. Our front 3 carries threat which goes to pot when Smith comes on, which is not a dig at him necessarily.
  3. I don't question this, and agree. The point is avoid relegation and suffer some financial impact. Needed because relegation this year is the worst ever year to go down.
  4. I think it will be needed for the hectic month of Feb but it is a worrying 6 month wage bill.
  5. Wow we have so many 1st team players. We could have 3 starting XI's. Is this to give Lasley and Ross something to do!
  6. Ali Crawford would have been a good signing. Off to tranmere on loan so I would have thought we could compete. Played 24 games this season unlike our purchases of last night. Also improves the position we have little or no cover in Polworth.
  7. Would he be furloughed? Makes sense if he is for him and the player?
  8. Huh? Barring tonight what goals have been his fault recently? This is just nonsense because we don't like potential wantaway players.
  9. Lawless for Crawford and Smith for Cole please.
  10. Yup this...and agree with everyone else has said about Seedorf. Shame Lawless is out. Hard to know who to bring on.
  11. McManus? Gash. I bet you like me were excited when Ross McCormack came back! I agree to some degree, I'd like us to sign more league players that have done it at this level. Lawless suits me fine. Polworth was fine as well, despite his recent off form as someone regarded well in D1. Gallacher was very good for Livingston and was pleased when he signed....but I can't understand in the same breath Lamie and White. Both not regarded by their Scottish clubs. English is hit or miss. Hope Alexander makes decisions here rather than our scout.
  12. Of course he did. See my second last post.
  13. Might be my fault. We were pals in our younger years.
  14. Bobby maddens brother is a mad st mirren fan. Has a history of giving them everything.
  15. Hahaha - exactly what I thought for fun I thought I'd try Kelly - O'Donnell - Gallagher - O'Hara - Carroll - Campbell - Maguire - Polworth - Cole- Watt - Long (prob injured) No subs required except for the under 12s.
  16. Truth be told I'd hate to see Lang dropped - this would be purely for getting a result.
  17. Stephen if your reading this - this is your team - Steve Clarke Style Archer O'Donnell - Mugabi - Gallacher - O'Hara - McGinley Campbell - Crawford Polworth Watt - Long Thank me later.
  18. The big question from me is how do we watch the game? Any plans from the club?
  19. I've quite enjoyed Mugabi in the last few games.
  20. We have an issue for the next round. Mugabi is suspended. Who do we bring in?
  21. I'm not convinced about the negativity to some degree. We strolled the first half. Dodgy penalty deflated us to their level. BUT I mean the bench and the subs barring Long.......Was Hastie playing?
  22. This but as long as we have some forrays and intent I'll be happy enough. Standing back is absolutely painful.

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