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  1. I think he'd be amazing with us /whoever. He would have the Spl teams in toast if he avoids injuries which he has struggled with. Reminds of McGeady permanently booed by Celtic fans because he takes men on and sometimes loses it. Have him in a heartbeat.
  2. Team time. Getting harder each week. This would get us the 3-1 win. Ummmm let's do something a bit different. Kelly McGinn Mugabi Sol O'Donnell Slattery Goss Spittal Cornelius Van Veen Coyne/Arnott
  3. SOD seems to get better with every post. He's been crap, no doubt. Sure he will live on that England game forever. Shame he was beaten so tamely in the air in the next game against Croatia. Let's not mention that. Comparing him with the likes of Efford, Carroll etc etc is a mute point. All of the comparatives are not good enough either. This is why we are watching this guff. Let's see in the fullness of time, how SOD performs. I'd rather be incorrect that right. So as I said before over to SOD.
  4. It’s not one or the other. Both Alexander and O’Donnell can get tae.
  5. He had a wee spell where he looked as if he would do the business, hence the cries for contract extensions. Sadly has reverted backwards. Confidence is low. In fact I would say Shields, Mugabi and if we are unfortunate very soon Tierney, Spittal and Morris could all be lacking in confidence.
  6. Nobody has picked a team - so I might as well as the new interim manager Kelly McGinn Sol Mugabi Carroll McGuire Cornelius Goss Slattery Tierney Van Veen I actually don't like this team at all, one goal will win the game but to who? It's clear we need signings that are direct up front.
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    I think we will but this is the last I will say. You clearly have more people agreeing with you as you have the post likes! How where they not treated the same way? Carroll and McGinley played a merry go round with each other and both ended up starting less games than O'Donnell. I do agree that both individuals more particularly Carroll was at fault for certain goals and he did lose his place like O'Donnell. So how is that not the same? Shields only started 17 matches in a yoyo season, was he treated unfairly? MacGuire was injured for most of the season. Watt was our best player and led us ultimately to 5th dropping him would have been insane. I don't think I agree that our support on Steelmenonline online are petty enough that if O'Donnell had some form of cracking game the fans would not vote for him. Kelly won man of the match in our last game by a mile where some of his comments may have caused supporters not to vote. I cannot remember O'Donnell having good games. I've seen him be ok but can't recollect better than that. Talking about this Motherwell supporters site and the BBC where one man and his dog voted is not comparable. It's up to O'Donnell to prove me wrong, if he plays well I'll be the first to acknowledge. There is no grudge to bare. He simply needs to do the business on the pitch. PS: I agree with every single post David has made, more eloquently put than myself! (but i did use the word eloquently)
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    Short term memories. O'Donnell made about five critical errors in games in a row. Crazy handballs to not clearing his lines (remember now?) gifting goals. I am the polar opposite to your narrative, I couldn't believe when we signed O'Donnell and thought it was a coup for the club. Stinks of player power and when Gannon got sacked for dropping seniors who were simply not playing well. No one has a god given right to play when they are playing poorly. Which is why I found it nice and refreshing to see the young man make his debut last week ahead of Tierney who played poorly in his last game. * Name 5 decent games he's had. Where did he finish in last seasons votes by fans?
  9. This comment is absolutely smack on the money. "O'Donnell's critics go away when he has a good game" - I've seen games he's been ok - but I can't think of any games where he has stood out at all. What position did he finish/how many points did he get in this forum for last year (perhaps on a per game basis?) - my gut says not many. Seems a nice guy and wish him all the best but I'd certainly rather have McGinn.
  10. I'll take the bet. Aberdeen will be 6ish or better. Hibs worse. Have you seen who they have signed???
  11. I don't think Sol is a bombscare. Sign of the times on this forum. Let's see how he does next season.
  12. Again like an offthefringes titbit on JB. I used to be dead set against the players against the club at the time of the administration but then you speak to a couple and you learn what really went down......
  13. I'm not up for John Boyle signing in this in's and out's thread. He's no Keith Lasley or Stevie Hammell, more of a Brian McClair should he sign up again. Could try him out at left back though.
  14. Whilst we’ve had three reasonable chances. That’s the huge gap.
  15. Lamie 1st, Slattery 2nd.
  16. Ojala off, made the game different
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    I'm willing to give it another go next season. I think the quality of the squad individually is better with a team that really doesn't know how to get the ball down and pass, yet individually they have capabilities. 3 months max if we start badly.
  18. Hmmm ok team selection! Kelly Grimshaw Mugabi Soljohm(ojala if not) Lamie O'Hara Tierney Slattery Cornelius Van Veen, Woolery Certainly not what everyone will agree discuss!
  19. I've no ill regard to Boyle What I can tell you is he shat it when making players redundant. A thing that embittered those specific players.
  20. I hope we do. I was a young boy at Katowice home game, loved the glamour of it and seeing something different. Then I was spoiled with trips to some great places. Aalesund, Nancy, Odense, Bucharest....gave me an excuse to see places I never would. Camaraderie and memories. The games are not simply a by-product but to get to the places and sing the songs & walk the walk is something I don't take for granted.
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    The previous comment is harsh on Shields. He is a second striker. He does not fit in with our structure. It's a bit like when we signed Vigurs who had a position he found successful at his previous club and then never playing him there. If you adopt a style - then we can't sign players who's success lies outside this. He is not a wide man.
  22. Ummmmmmm Kelly Mugabi Lamie Soljohm McGinley Donnelly Woolery (Cornelius/O'Hara/Tierney) Slattery Shaw Van Veen

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