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  1. Rocky'

    Display Tonight

    Poor choice of game?
  2. Best place would be opposite end of the east best acoustics in the ground wall at the back is closer main stand across from ye cooper closer than the south. 'Well fans either side of ye reckon the cooper would quite gladly join in, perhaps even a section closest to the each for youngsters to gather join in and repeat the scenes of last season final game?
  3. Rocky'

    U20's V Accies

    Started as a 4-3-3 from what I could make out and got slaughtered changed into more of a 4-4-2 came into the game more. Very young team, with the exception of Kerr cummins and carswell. The latter definetly looked a touch above at that level as to be expected. Sad to say Kerr didn't impress.
  4. Rocky'

    U20's V Accies

    Few of us heading up to Fir Park for this tonight. Kick off at 7 Couple of quid to get in, good chance to see more of the younger lot. Reckon we'll be seeing a lot more of them this season. Wee derby anaw.
  5. What had happenend to John Sutton?!
  6. Just been up to fir park. Not set in stone but sounds like there's going to be some sort of fan/safe zone where the club will hand out tickets over there. Keep an eye out on twitter Facebook etc.
  7. 0-0 written all over it, our most likely chance for a goal so far is a vigurs shot from distance. Need to start making more from set pieces, hutchy mick Sutton ramsden all decent in the air. Can see mc fadden winning a few free kicks around the box this season. From what iv seen so far we are going to struggle to score from open play.
  8. Rocky'


    From last night. Anyone know if there is any left ? Never had a chance to pick up a programme from last night, and a few Russians have contacted me on twitter asking to bring some over, I reckon if the club took a batch over they would make a small fortune.
  9. Rocky'

    Fan Display

    How was it worded exactly? Aslong as it isn't a big fuck uefa banner I think we should be ok. Any fine that would ensue would only re-enforce the point being made surely and a massive own goal for uefa.
  10. Rocky'

    Fan Display

    We will be sticking to the pavements along airbles road no different to fans walking to the ground on any other match day. Police permission must only be sought for processions along and directly on a road.
  11. Very decent deal stalker, I think we are roughly the same price Bus >Manchester > Moscow > Krasnodar Krasnodar > Moscow > London > Bus. How many fans are expecting to visit motherwell? Seen a link to the green mile forum last week can't find it again, anyone do the favour please?
  12. Just got our visa's sorted there. Went through to the visa office in Edinburgh sorted out our visa vouchers application forms the lot for around £120 ready for pick up next Friday. Fine lass working couldn't be more helpful and recommended that anyone else looking to book is more than welcome to see her. Apparently Doing the clubs visa's next week aswell. Panic over the excitement is well and truly kicking in.
  13. £25 for a one of game big occasion etc.. I can't grumble. £22 for SPL games on the other hand is a rip off
  14. Still not gave up hope few of us meeting tonight to try get some sort of deal together. Anyone got their visa forms away yet ? Any of the Russian guys recommend an area or hotel to stay in, close enough to the stadium/pubs? You can find some decent info about motherwell fans through the SIWY fanzine twitter - @siwyfanzine
  15. Just heading back up after the game.
  16. We've had 4 pull out our mini bus heading down leaving from motherwell 8am £35 a seat.
  17. The remainder of all those outwith the immediate motherwell area were dispatched 1st class this morning those closer to home should be dropping through the door tonight.
  18. Under 14's should go free in every ground. What age is it partick thistle are allowing in free entry until?
  19. It's something that we talk about 4/5 times a season, and we never reach an agreement. Personally I'd love to.
  20. I would just like to make the point we never ever would actively try an persuade fans from going an supporting their team. Every day we can see money having a bigger and bigger say on our game, it is becoming more apparent money cares more to clubs than the fans that built them. Football has become a business not a social or community pastime it once was, in this regard what other business would treat their customers time and time again in this way? You wouldn't go to the same resteraunt, shop , bar if you felt your custom was not valued, infanct actively forced away. Why should football be any different? Clubs play off the loyalties of great supporters time and time again taking out custom for granted. This can not continue. United's childish and petty decision to force away fans who took the time and effort to make the game 100+ miles away on a Friday evening, to pay the extra £2 for the top tier, only serves to prove the point we are making.
  21. Kids are more than welcome. Pretty sure they are allowed in?
  22. Rocky'

    Smoke Bombs

    Lock this thead we don't need this being kept in the public eye. Smoke bombs are illegal yes. It's hardly a common occourance nor will it be. The club have made a statement and shown to the police and SPL that they are proactive against this which they needed to do. Unfortunately this has overshadowed and given platform for the unfortunate policing and stewarding around the stadium including the forcefull removal of flags and banners with no reason or warning given.
  23. 1-0 ojamma Or 4-3 Take a flukey early lead higdon gets injured, celtic press for goals ( and get them) with a pacey attacking line we hit them back on the break each time to make it 3-3. Last minute of the game celtic throw everyone forward to grab a winner, McFadden picks up the ball outside of our own area nutmegs brown jinks by 2 others switches it for Humphrey who eats up the ground on the far side cuts it back for ojamma who buries it in the tap bag. Chaos insues a drum gets thrown on the park.

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