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  1. Pffft. You can prove anything with facts.
  2. Incredible he's only 21. Can only hope he continues his development as he's got the capacity to go much further in the game. I've seen a different side to him this year which I didn't expect - some of his forward thinking play and finesse can be exceptional considering he was forever being lauded as the tough tackling midfielder. I also get the impression he's generally an excellent player to have in the squad due to his work ethic. An inspiration for many younger players at MFC.
  3. http://www.dubsstreamz.com/e.php Working just now...
  4. Do you mean where did I read it? It's the buyout clause kicking about in a few articles about his links to the NI job.
  5. £125k compensation for what is undoubtedly one of our most valuable assets. It's fuck all really isn't it? I've never really understood why managerial changes don't involve the same finances as players. If anyone wants to shed some light, go for it.
  6. I see. So when we're next looking for a manager you'll be hoping we land John Hughes, Danny Lennon, Jim McIntyre or Kenny Shiels. Got it.
  7. https://www.viprow.net/rangers-vs-motherwell-1-online-stream Decent stream there.
  8. Frear to Forest Green Rovers.
  9. We all want meaningful games, and it's been a few years since we've had them at the right end of the table. Really looking forward to tomorrow and hoping the international break will mean a decent home and away crowd. I think we're in for a solid season, but a win tomorrow would be a real marker on where we are as a football team. Think it'll be a tight game with us at the very least avoiding defeat. 1-1 or 2-1.
  10. That felt like The Office (UK) vs The Office (US)
  11. Weird post IMO. We sometimes sell players. This is a discussion forum. All your other points are discussed regularly in other threads.

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