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  1. You do come across as a bit of an arse in your replies. I mean, it's a football forum. If this isn't the place for wild opinions then I don't know where is.
  2. Two goals and an assist, got to be Shields. Plenty of contenders though. Slattery worth a special mention given he'll probably be dropped till the end of the season.
  3. CoF


    I don't think they'll be under any illusions about how pish we are, but it's been 3 months of pish. In his first 12 months he had us 3rd in the calendar year - there's the proof that he does know how to win games. He's got plenty left in the bank from those first 12 months, although I imagine it's rapidly dwindling. We're also only probably a couple of wins away from an "okay" season (i.e. finishing 6th / 7th), and still in touching distance of Europe, and the board have to consider the financial implications of ditching a manger with a couple of years left on his contract - won't be cheap at all. Aye, we're in relegation form but it's highly unlikely we'll be relegated. If the board stick or twist for the board and it's a gamble either way. I think the turning point will be when the players have switched off to the message. As soon as they've turned on the manager, he's fucked. If that's not happened yet then GA will be here for the foreseeable future. Hate to say this I can picture us scraping through to the end of the season with him, finishing 9th or something and GA getting the league cup groups and first month or so of next season to prove this summers signings were the answer he needed.
  4. I like what I've seen so far too and I'm surprised he's not had proper game time. Not sure 25 is that young though so if Alexander isn't convinced by him now I'm not sure he'll ever be.
  5. CoF


    I think it gives everyone the fear as we're generally under pressure from then on in, however I can't recall us actually losing too many late goals?
  6. Based on today Efford will offer more than Watt. Could be the signing we've really needed. I thought he had shades of Ojamaa about him.
  7. I'm not entirely sure about that. I'm a 37 year old man who doesn't have kids etc to consider so I accept my view is probably slightly skewed here, but I reckon we'd see a much bigger attendance if we were giving them a decent game on a regular basis instead of the almost guaranteed scudding.
  8. Nah, he's saying he should be sacked. Which is nonsense.
  9. St Mirren have just beaten those three very teams you mentioned, and taken 10 points from 12. I wouldn't write them off just yet.
  10. It really is dire these days.
  11. What a manager says in public and what he thinks or says to the player aren't the same thing. He obviously sees Donnelly as being an important part of the team if he can get him back up to speed, and building his fitness and confidence is all part of that process.
  12. Ive read a few articles on it to try and get a better understanding, but it still all means nothing to me.... ....and heres the reason why. If we keep doing what we're doing and finish 4th then I'm absolutely fine with our 1.86xGA.... whatever the fuck it means.
  13. How should he have managed this departure?
  14. I'd like to think that regardless of where individual posters stand on these decisions, we can all come together and enjoy the utter meltdown from the majority of Rangers supporters. Absolutely batshit.

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