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  1. http://www.usagoals.me/c/football/3019814/1/aberdeen-vs-motherwell-live-stream/ if anyone is having trouble with the other stream
  2. CoF

    2018/19 Game 30: Hibs (A) March 16th 3pm kick off

    Hmmm. I thought they were smart in nullifying our forward threats, stopped Turnbull and Gorin dictating in the middle and lost possession because they were actually trying to play some incisive football. We were rank because of Hibs.
  3. CoF

    2018/19 Game 30: Hibs (A) March 16th 3pm kick off

    Hibs were good while we were 6/10 across the pitch. Not bad perfomance however they successfully nullified most of what we tried to do and always looked more threatening in possession. In the grand scheme of 2019 a performance like that is to be expected.
  4. A very good point at a difficult place to go. For all that it was a scrappy game, it wasn't the shitest game I've been to. It was fairly end to end, even if it was devoid of skill and it looked like either team was only one mistake away from losing the goal that would settle the match. Credit to Killie for stifling Hastie, Ariyibi and Main. Gorrin was fantastic.
  5. CoF

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    That'll be McGhee managing in the 6th tier of English football with Eastbourne Borough. https://twitter.com/EBFCTheSports/status/1097807728465055744
  6. That team deserve full credit tonight. St Mirren certainly weren't awful and had more than their share of pressure, particularly in the first half. I thought we mixed it up well - kept possession very well, played some nice counter attacking football at times and even the long balls were purposeful (particularly from Dunne who I think can actually pick a pass) - the two goals were absolutely wonderful. We seem to have a solid back 4 now and Gillespie has been absolutely steady. Frear and McHugh's coming were absolutely the right substitutions at the right time. Yet to see what McCormack is supposed to be contributing though. To think that not long ago we were chucking Sammon, Bowman, Main and Johnson on the pitch at the same time to try and score goals. What a difference a month makes.
  7. I think that's something boards never get credit for, and something our frequently targeted chief exec will certainly never get credit for from some. It takes nerves to stick by a manager when the fans turn, and I'd say 90% of well fans I knew (including myself) were at that stage just a few weeks ago. I doubt these four wins will have rid Robinson of all his doubters, but it certainly looks like the right decision now. As an aside, being a club that isn't trigger happy can only enhance the quality of applicants in the future.
  8. Nice to see attempts to change the style - and looks like we've finally got the balance of pace on the wings and dig / bit of skill through the middle of the park. Still rough round the edges but if these players are given the chance to continue to play together I can only see the football improve. Robinson does like a sweeping change so I'm not overly optimistic that'll happen. It's absolutely clear we're playing without a goalscorer up-front and only Robinson can be blamed for that. He's lucky we have players in other areas who are popping up with goals while we continue our search for the elusive goalscorer. I still maintain Danny Johnston might be that guy, but I'm not sure he's got the physicality to play the hold-up role Main is in. Regardless, full credit to the manager and players for 9 points from 9. To find ourselves 3 points from Livingstone in 7th after their 'remarkable' season so far suggests that we've been doing something decent.
  9. CoF

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    A few food points made on the merits of keeping Robinson, however this one in particular I'm not so sure about. We've got a steady core home support of between probably 3400 - 4000 depending on how we are doing. We had 2900 odd home fans last night. I don't know the financial impact if that remained consistent, but the board must take that drop into consideration with everything else.
  10. CoF

    Robinson Signings

    Oh aye, I actually meant to include Dunne - another defender so that's 8 solid signings.
  11. CoF

    Robinson Signings

    Taking McCormack and Ariyibi out of the equation leaves 23 players, of which I'd say 7 have been solid signings (Kipre, Aldred, Hartley, Gillespie, Carson, Tanner, Rose), leaving 16 players who have drifted in and out the team with seriously inconsistent levels of performance. I think it's significant that of those 7, 3 are defenders and 2 are goalkeepers. We look absolutely clueless going forward and that's reflected perfectly in the players we sign.
  12. CoF

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Yeah, it's a load of absolute shite they've pulled from transfermarkt. Connor Sammon €350'000 Ryan Bowman €400'000 Trevor Carson €500'000
  13. CoF

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Interesting reading a lot of the criticism of Robinson and of the quality of the squad he's assembled. Each week I see our starting line-up and I always think on paper it's a team capable of putting a decent performance in. Every player has individual attributes to contribute positively, and we've seen every single player go through spells (some a few weeks, some a few months) where they have been very good. This leads me to believe Robinson and / or Lasley aren't getting the best out of the players. With the exception of Kipre and Moult, who were natural talents, most players have regressed under the current management. Main, Cadden, Campbell, Frear, Bigirimana, Aldred, Hartley and McHugh have all shown at some point that they are capable of far more than they are delivering. Get them at their best and that's a very strong base to work with. There's a lot I like about Robinson, and I'm sick of people downplaying last years achievements and yes, when we're signing from the level we do, inconsistency probably comes with the territory but I'd be interested to see what another manager could do with this current squad.
  14. Bit of a freak set of circumstances in the first 20 but almost felt the injury to Dunne and McHugh typified our mentality this season. Happens to even the best of teams and players, but I wasn't surprised two of our players stuck the nut in each other in the middle of the pitch. This might seem harsh but that incident comes from poor communication and poor judgement in an area of the pitch where we weren't in danger.
  15. CoF

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    + still in the Scottish Cup. (winky face)

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