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  1. Agreed. Usually a third place finish would see the squad taken to bits in the summer window but there doesn't seem to be any of the usual rumours of bigger clubs having their eye on anyone. We've also made what looks like good signings and got decent cover in most positions. I'd say with the exception of Gallagher or Carson, we'll be able to adapt to any losses. For the first time in a while, I've also got faith in a manager and recruitment team to bring in quality. It's also great to hear the manager say that this is the strongest squad he's had at the club. If we do keep the spine of the squad and make a few shrewd additions then there's every reason to be optimistic for the upcoming season.
  2. If there was a hierarchy of loan players being accepted by fans, he must be near the bottom: Other league (fine) > Other non-OF SPFL club (ach, go on then) > OF player (I'd rather not) > Ex-well OF Player (Hmmmm, nah) > Ex-well player who spent 10 years in our youth setup, refused a contract extension and jumped for nothing more than the development fee (fuck right off) > Ex-well player who spent 10 years in our youth setup, refused a contract extension and jumped for nothing more than the development fee and called us all smelly bastards on the way out (apocalypse) For the record, he's second bottom. It's not quite Paul Slane being offered back on loan, but I can see why it's hard to take.
  3. No worries. Dunno if those other two are any good to you either but think that's all I've got of empty bucket seats.
  4. Maybe not quite what you're looking for?
  5. Sounds good, but it's also assuming he has the skills and character to be a manager. He might be a brilliant assistant manager and made a great club captain, but stepping into the managers post is a different job all together.
  6. If he goes, only one man could soften the blow...
  7. CoF

    Be at Fir Park

    Ach, I know. Maybe I got out of bed on the wrong side today but it just seems like a lot of money and might look a bit daft if only a few hundred folk go for it. I suppose every penny counts just now and if there are people that can afford it and fancy it then why not.
  8. CoF

    Be at Fir Park

    Don't mean to sound pessimistic, but at £22 can't see much uptake for this after season tickets are purchased and folk chucked a few extra quid to the 'fill Fir Park' initiative last month.
  9. Probably a coincidence, but I'm sure it'll be used to run a 'local lads who understand the area' type player branding thingy at some point through the season. It's all smoke and mirrors which I for one will 100% buy into.
  10. CoF


    I think it was necessary. Part of attracting players is the clubs reputation on how you'll be treated if you sign. From the outside we look like decent employers who will look after you if you've got a long injury, give older players career routes into badges / coaching etc. This all factors into which club players choose to sign for and if he's damaging that reputation by being conservative with the truth then it should be put right. Also, he's the one that chose to put his own contract negotiations into the public domain so I think the club were free to respond. Aye, it's not our usual style, but I wouldn't say it's particularly emotive or unprofessional. Out of the 20-odd paragraphs there's one line "we are disheartened".... the rest is more or less a statement of fact.
  11. Between Gillespie and Gallagher for me, with Polworth a very close third. Went for Gallagher, which feels harsh on Gillespie who has been incredible all season.
  12. What's your evidence of nepotism?

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