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  1. Jesus Christ. Jock Brown exploding out of nowhere.
  2. The guy he made the comment about isn't from Africa - he's Dutch. Intentional or not, it's reflects that "you're from Scotland, but where are you really from" attitude which is more than a hint of "you're not really Scottish in the way I am". It alienates people who have grown up in a country they consider home and that's why it's just a shite thing to say. If you're going to make a comment / joke that can only apply to someone based on the colour of their skin, you've got to be sensitive to how it might be taken - especially if you are in a position of authority like he was. As Maurice Ross loves to do, sounds like he's opened his mouth without thinking.
  3. So he feigned injury to avoid triggering a clause in his contract which was overseen by his dad who was acting illegally as his agent. Got it.
  4. Cole is the obvious choice, but he's never looked like a bad player. He's finally playing in the right position in the right system. Its Lamie for me. I'm not going as far as Jock "if Lamie had pace he'd be playing at the highest level" Brown, but he's been very very good recently. Unfortunately for him, he's now that player who some fans are just waiting to make a mistake so they can announce how shite he is. He doesn't make any more or any fewer mistakes than others in defence yet his wobbly start has left an impression that seems hard to shift. Hopefully those fans get over it and get behind the guy.
  5. Racial insensitivity just a stone's throw from religious intolerance. He's working his way through the badges for that very job.
  6. Seems like a guy with the absolute right attitude. Here's his comments when he left St Mirren -
  7. I'm sure they're still valuable advertising space, but Im not sure it's 'prime' space for TV. The actual coverage for TV is poor - those areas barely feature in the actual match, even touchline cameras don't tend to be wide enough to take any of it in. At best, there will be a brief glimpse in the build up to a live game.
  8. Is this fact? I know he had a couple of short spells out, but he was fit and just not getting a game when he was told he could find a new club.
  9. Made an arse of it a few times today, but can't remember him doing that too often in other games.
  10. Thought the Hunter Stand looked great today.
  11. I thought so, it was Cole who booted the ball away.
  12. We looked the hungrier team for large spells today - fair play to Alexander for instilling that mindset. Even though we drifted out it during the second half that was still a really enjoyable game.
  13. Another year under Alexander could see Cole get a really decent move. He's really showed his quality the last few months. If we can keep him for next season that would be huge.
  14. Well deserved. 100% win record and zero goals conceded for the whole month of April.* *who gives a fuck if it was only 1-0 wins against St Mirren and Accies

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