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  1. I'm not sure it's anything like a "face fits" scenario at all. I can't remember too many other than the usual gullables thinking much about the Vigur's rumour, and Hastie and Gallagher's situations are completely different. The outrage about Hastie was pretty simple because the facts were out there - confirmed by the clubs - and it was felt by many (rightly or wrong) that we had been shafted by him. There's nothing other than forum speculation about Gallagher's contract. A few folk coming on here and saying "it's a fact" doesn't make it a fact.
  2. Special menshy to Crawford, Macguire, Lamie, McGinley, Cole and Kelly.... but it's got to be Roberts.
  3. Speculation is part of a football forum, but a lot of your posts read like you are stating facts or are 'in the know', and that's how those three examples read at the time. Even when you get asked about sources (Gallagher contract), you use some half-truth to claim you were right. Even though it's clear you cant back up your claim. Maybe it's not your intention, but that's how it comes across and I don't think it's a great approach when talking about court cases and child abuse, and to a much lesser extent player contracts. Anyway, I'm tuning out on this and going back to my own ill-informed thoughts on the game itself.
  4. We've won 3 of our last 8, so it's do-able. All depends on a few more key players returning.
  5. Much, much better. If we continue to put that in each week, with a few faces returning from injury, we'll be safe. Thought Campbell playing further up the park was the change that linked the front three to the rest of the team. Some nice passing around the box which was unheard of for months. Also, credit to the defence in limiting St Mirren to next to nothing.
  6. Hughes - that's not what you originally said. Robinson - that's not what you originally said. Gallagher - that's not what you originally said. Backtracking to try sound reasonable after initially talking shite.
  7. Take your word for it - like your claim the contract clause removal was announced at the AGM, when it wasn't? Or that last Christmas, Robinson was definitely fucked because of CCTV footage, when he wasn't? Or that John Hughes will never work in Scottish football again, because of appalling accusations I won't even repeat here, when he's now at Ross County? I know it's all a laugh, but some of the shite you spout on here is quite damaging.
  8. It was reported to be a grade 1 strain, which is usually a weeks rather than months. Alexander had hoped he'd be back training on Monday this week - no idea if thats happened though.
  9. No, but the site is used to communicate with the fans. There's a section with updates on every players injury and it was updated on Saturday. It's not mock outrage to wonder why two of a new managers new signings - brought to bolster the squad in a relegation fight - are nowhere near the squad when they aren't injured (according to the official site) and when there is a massive injury list in the very positions they play. Alexander hasn't mentioned Nolan or Foley in any press conference. We opted to have two empty seats on the bench on Saturday so it's not a huge leap to assume they are unfit or have been simply awful signings who are worse than a man down. That's a fairly logical conclusion and given how shite we've been, it's worthy of discussion. Fans shouldn't rely on an unofficial injury list to put these theories to bed.
  10. Any idea why they haven't been listed as injured on the official site? Not really helping matters when fans are left wondering for weeks why three new signings are nowhere near the squad.
  11. An extension which the Record 'revealed' in January then failed to mention in the follow up Gallagher story. Given that was the only source, I'm thinking it might be shite. Not what I was saying the other day mind you.
  12. Yep. I don't think our passing decision making is as bad as those few posts made out - part of the problem seems to be that the players receiving the ball are frequently out-fought.
  13. Aye true. I'm working on the naïve assumption we'll start getting some key players back soon. If that's not the case then we're heading doon.
  14. That's easy. Killie. 8 defeats on the bounce. Scored 2, conceded 16. They're shiter than us.
  15. Alexander quoted as saying hopefully returning to training tomorrow. Was it? None of the reports I've read say that. Not saying the contract being changed isn't true, just that it hasn't been made public.

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