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  1. Where does your merit argument leave Farkirk, Brora, Kelty, Edinburgh City and Inverness?
  2. Of course, Hearts being in this position is probably putting it at the forefront of more folks minds. Regardless, I think there should be some recompense for all teams being denied the chance to get out of relegation and other teams being denied the chance to get promoted. In ideal world, if we the clubs were a cohesive unit and trusted the board then some compensation scheme would be worked out based on points gaps i.e. your likelihood of being promoted or relegated. Possibly too convoluted and you'd never get an agreement on the formula. The money will never be split because everyone wants their full slice of the pie even at the expense of others, so I think some form of temporary reconstruction is the next best thing to mitigate unfairness.
  3. I agree with everything you've said about Hearts, but it's not about them. It's unfair because Partick, Farkirk, Stranraer, Brora and Kelty and to a lesser extent Edinburgh City and Inverness have all been impacted disproportionately more than the other 36 league clubs. Reconstruction would be the least unfair way to deal with it and reduce the number clubs who are losing out. I've got zero sympathy for Hearts - they are a shambles of a club but it's not about Hearts. I'd more in favour of some kind of parachute payment, however you've still got the issue of promotions for a few clubs. We used to relegate 20% of teams from a league of 10. We 'relegated' 8 in 1974's reconstruction. I've not fussed about the specifics but I do think reconstruction for one season to reduce the unfairness would be a reasonable thing to do. It'll never happen though. The rest of the league are quite happy to have the damage sit entirely with a small handful of clubs.
  4. I actually think that's the fairest and simplest way to sort out this mess - the whole reason reconstruction was put on the table was to mitigate the unfair damage done to a handful of clubs. That's why I've no issue with Anne Budge chairing it. What's complicated it is some arsehole clubs chucking in that they want permanent reconstruction at a time when there is no appetite. I think we've got a decent product just now, and it would seem broadcasters offering a record breaking investment agree. If they can tolerate a temporary change to 14 for one season which still guarantees their 4 OF games then I think we'd have a pretty exciting season next year.
  5. It's when I read opinions like this that makes me appreciate that we've got a sensible and even-headed board. Sticking with a manager when things aren't going well is a very brave thing to do, particularly when the fans are starting to turn. Personally - I don't think there have ever been grounds for considering a sacking. It's a nonsense suggestion to me, however I suppose it depends on what you think is considered an achievement at our club. The signings are hit and miss by even our most successful managers -Robinson is no different there, yet he's working on a fraction of a budget to his predecessors. With that in mind, we'll always hit bad runs - I recalled picking up 1 point out of 21 after the league cup final and we all had the fear in the first half of last season. I actually agree with a lot of what you're saying (just 3 months ago we had Bevis up-front at Almondvale - baffling) but we'll always hit these patches - there is a skill in turning these things around and thankfully we've had the right man in charge to do so. The bigger picture is that he consistently hits and exceeds targets set by the board. Our financial security has come in large part due to Robinsons skills as a manager - from keeping us in the league, making cup finals, selling players on and now finishing 3rd. Aside from tactical decisions, a manager sets the tone, he builds players, he generates team character, he cuts people loose when they don't fit in, he decides on what type of person he wants in the dressing room. We've also played some enjoyable football in this time. There's a skill in all of that and his achievements far outweigh any flaws.
  6. Not sure if I've misunderstood, but Hearts did oppose the season being called? The only vote on this has been the big messy Friday vote which gave the SPFL board the power to call the Premiership. That decision to end the league and relegate hearts was made unanimously on Monday by the board (not the clubs).
  7. Assuming 10 is a cup, what would he need to do to hit 8 or 9?
  8. Absolutely outstanding. Massive credit is due to the full club- I don't think we, the fans, can ever appreciate what goes into an achievement like this on such as small budget.
  9. Return to Real Kashmir BBC documentary on Davie Robertson (Rangers / Aberdeen) managing in the I-League in India. Basically an hour of him swaggering about and swearing a lot but the political / cultural context is quite interesting. Kallum Higginbotham is over there as their star player. Despite playing at a stadium that's a small step-up from some council run places here, he says he's getting paid more than he ever was in the UK.
  10. I agree with what you've said there Andy_P about the general point of selling season tickets. I bought mine in the spirit of supporting the club without know the full details of what I was actually buying. I think ya_bezzer does have a good point though. When the season tickets went on sale a few weeks ago, I think the common thought was that games behind closed doors weren't likely. This meant when football returns so would the fans (or vice versa). Many would have therefore bought tickets expecting to get 18 or so games out of it, they just didn't know when. If we're playing games behind closed doors - which looks increasingly possible, then does each home game come off the ST book? It would be good if the club could follow Hearts example and give a pledge to a minimum number of games.
  11. CoF

    Scale Model Fir Park

    A few dead exciting updates - Seating on the main stand is ready to be installed. Pain in the arse cutting all the rows of bucket seats - I think they're a bit too big but hopefully it looks alright and doesn't mess the scale up. Roof and windows added to the cooper and started adding a few wee details. Started the seating on the rest of the stands. I've no idea how I'm going to work in the MFC, The Well and Fir Park seating. I've tried a few things but it looks shit. The turf is ready to go... I think. Next steps - I need a break from the stands so going to start building the floodlights out of the 1.5mm acrylic rods that just arrived. I've not really thought this part through, but it should come together.
  12. CoF

    Scale Model Fir Park

    I know exactly what you mean, thankfully it's all tongue in cheek. I'm just not one to sit on the couch watching TV and with all my usual stuff cancelled, I've got a lot of spare time just now. Cheers Katie! Cheers Joe90!
  13. I think you've misunderstood that. Prize money is paid out in instalments throughout the season. An additional advanced payment of £150'000 prize money each was made by the SPFL to us and Partick. To balance the SPFL books at the point, Celtic agreed to forego an instalment that they were due. At the end of the season, us and Partick would have got £150'000 less in the final payment and Celtic would have got £300'000 more. I thought Neil Doncaster came across pretty well and cleared up the question that many have been asking for a long time - why was it the only option? Loans aren't an option because of the current credit risk. As far as advanced payments go - If my understanding is correct, the prize money is paid in instalments through the season (never exceeding the total they can receive based at the end of the season) which means that the majority of clubs already had the bulk of their prize money. What was left to be paid was an amount so little that some clubs could end up receiving more than they are due should the season reconvene - that would mean clubs receiving excess payments were in debt to the SPFL therefore that excess would be paid as a loan - which we know can't be done. Makes sense. Gordon Duncan (who I normally don't mind) and Tom English absolutely embarrassed themselves. Especially Tom English who came across as a paranoid nutter who had no intention of trying to understand the situation.
  14. Absolutely - this Dossier is going to be interesting regardless. I did see The Rangers Twitter and Message boards absolutely outraged last few days about leaked Dundee FC invoices and accounts showing over £50k in payments, the day before they changed their vote, from a company called Scotflow.... who just happen to be owned by ex-celtic Board Member Dominic Keane. Turns out it was quite a well put together hoax. Interestingly, the guy made the documents two days before Rangers announced they have a dossier of evidence. If Hamilton get can scammed out a million quid, is it possible Rangers have been taken in hook, line and sinker by a hoax? Fucking hell, I hope so.
  15. Yeah, I did see the Whatsapp stuff at the time. There's a further message which isn't as widely circulated where it's clarified that McArthur 'threat' was telling them that at least 5 Championship clubs wanted to evenly split the prize pot if the resolution failed. As I said in my earlier post, one mans threat is another mans persuasion or sharing of information. As for Tom English's stuff - I used to like listening to him he's been losing credibility over the 12 months for me. Always seems to get the wrong end of the stick now and looks for the sensational. Some clubs might told him they felt pressure and he's ran with that. With 3 of the biggest clubs in Scotland leading the 'fight' against the SPFL I'm not sure why some of the smaller clubs would feel fearful about raising their heads. Clubs through all the leagues criticise the SPFL and the SFA all the time - so why the fear now? It all feels like sour grapes and sensationalism. I imagine that behind the scenes the board have discussed the individual accusations of bullying, explored what discussions took place with club X and concluded they've got absolutely nothing to answer to. In a large organisation, there are always going to be grumblers and awkward characters and you don't launch investigations just because they cry foul then don't want to bring evidence to the table. As for the investigation - To satisfy everyone, an independent inquiry would involve interviews with multiple staff at all 42 members clubs including audits of every form of written communication, phone records etc. Each club would be taking their own legal advice and to identify the parameters of the investigation which satisfies everyone would need it's own working group before the thing even starts. It would be a mammoth task which divert time and money away from the game and I think would be completely disproportionate based on what evidence is available just now. I think my over-arching thought on all of this is that it's being driven by one of the least professional and shambolic outfits in the recent history of Scottish Football. I've got absolutely no faith in Rangers to produce a coherent and balanced dossier of evidence. I've been critical of the SPFL's handling of this all along and agree with much of your criticism, however they're currently in a PR battle with clubs with some very loud voices so I think they're well within their right to try and influence public and member opinions before the EGM.
  16. I think the current issue is that the clubs who are making these accusations are quite happy to punt words like threatened and bullying out into the public domain but have yet to give even the slightest sliver of evidence. For all they are making public, they're refusing to say anything meaningful. Certain clubs have chosen to make this a public fight so I think the SPFL are well within their right to respond publicly to these accusations. They've repeatedly invited those making the allegations to raise them. No doubt the board and other clubs will have been trying to persuade those sitting on the fence that this really is the only viable option. Did they feel pressured? Probably aye. Does that amount to intimidation and bullying? No. I don't think the whole thing has been well handled and there's still no clear answer on why ending the league was the only way to release the money. However 34 other clubs, led by a host of experienced and professional people, were satisfied with the rationale for it.
  17. Nah, I think it says more about the state of certain clubs that they feel the need to spell that out to them. Rangers are one of the least professionally run clubs in Scottish Football just now. If a multi-million pound business can't even release a coherent and professional statement, then I've no faith that they're capable of pulling together a well-reasoned dossier of evidence. The SPFL board, elected by it's 42 members and charged with advising on what they see is in the best interest of the members, wouldn't be doing their job if they didn't highlight the impact of an investigation when Rangers have failed so far to produce any evidence.
  18. CoF

    Scale Model Fir Park

    Haha, never even thought about that but I'll see what I can do.
  19. CoF

    Scale Model Fir Park

    Haha, well I've got some tiny figures to dot around the place. I'm thinking the Dundee United colours would stand out nicely in the away end.
  20. CoF

    Scale Model Fir Park

    Yeah, the cooper roof nearly ended me last night. 2 hours trying to get it right and scrapped the lot. Think I've got it right now though. Looking forward to getting all details of the shop, doors and all that to bring it to life.
  21. CoF

    Scale Model Fir Park

    You mean the steel structure that sticks out? Aye, that's going to be there. Going to have bits of the steel frames in all the stands and use the same 1.5mm acrylic rods to build the floodlights.... hopefully.
  22. CoF

    Scale Model Fir Park

    Cheers folks!

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