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  1. My dad is right into his local history and picked up this post card of Motherwell (Merry Street) post-marked 1904, when MFC was just 18 years old. It's the year after they were promoted into the first division after finishing second division runners up in 02/03. Apparently we were rotten in 03/04 so I'm assuming the sender is referring to the first half of season 04/05. The back reads "This is another for your collection, what do you think of Motherwell's team it is much better than it was last year. Tell Archie, Maddock got the sack".

    We were wondering, is Maddock someone associated with the football club? I'm thinking it's not, but thought someone here might have an answer. 






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  2. 10 hours ago, Kmcalpin said:

    After the Aberdeen game I was brassed off with their coverage of the Celtic Director of Football / Chief Executive borefest. I can happily live without ever listening to it again.  

    Absolutely. I can generally tolerate sportsound, it's sometimes an okay listen but 30 minutes of post match taken up with that shite was a farce. 

  3. We only seem to give ourselves a chance when they're playing shite ("we'll never have a better opportunity etc etc"), so it's nice to go into this with a bit of confidence because of what we're doing right rather than what they're doing wrong. It just feels like we've got a team that won't be fazed in the slightest. 

  4. 8 hours ago, underboyleheating said:

    I’m not sure what it is but it looks horrific. It certainly never came out of our studio. It would be good to see a clearer image of the graphic. 

    It was still in the press room when McGhee was announced in 2007, so that might widen your search.  

  5. 1 hour ago, weeyin said:

    The detailed explanation was something to do with how setting up the red zone meant there was a displacement of their own fans into areas where our away support would be.

    How realistic that is, of course, is open to question - but it's difficult to argue against.

    A pie and a pint in the Cooper sounds much more civilised.

    Aye of course, I'm just wondering whats changed since they were able to offer Celtic 700 tickets a few weeks ago. 

  6. 4 hours ago, steelboy said:

    The proof they are at it is they were willing to give Celtic 800 tickets and would still have been able to accommodate all their season ticket holders. 

    Yep, something not adding up. Crowd vs Celtic was 49400 and they've got 45000 season tickets so that still leaves 4400 seats to fill. It looks like taking advantage of the situation to look after their own. Only thing that's making me think there must be more to it is our statement accepting the "detailed" explanation. I'd love to know what it is. 

  7. 13 hours ago, Busta Nut said:

    I agree we won't break 10K. It's rare we ever do these days. 

    I was thinking the same, it's been years since I recall an attendance above 10k. However, with over 5k season ticket holders this season, an increase in attendances across the league, and (some) of the city clubs doing well so far it doesn't seem so unlikely all of a sudden. I know the home pay-at-the-gate punters will likely now be part of the season tickets now, and we'll get the usual reduction in home fans when rangers and Celtic come, but the south stand, which houses 4856, will likely sell out a few times this season. I think it's more than likely than not the club will need to consider their options. 

    I'd guess that the hassle of passports isn't likely to offset the benefit of scraping past 10k so I imagine the club will cap ticket numbers to avoid that. 

  8. 26 minutes ago, Happy Dosser said:

    At least Dundee tried to pass their way forward, although it was obvious they didn't have the skill to successfully play that way, and were largely toothless up  front.

    Reminded me of Dundee under McCann a few seasons ago. Exactly that description there. 

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  9. 20 hours ago, Kmac said:

    I listed last week on another topic however yesterday was another example. 
    Supporters asking a question of signings and that being ‘announced’ on Burrows personal Twitter page, in my opinion, isn’t acceptable. 
    If people post on the clubs page and the club as a society funded entity finds it appropriate to respond then they absolutely should do so - however it’s the clubs news to share. 

    I still don't see the problem. It's akin to bumping into the CEO in the street, or sending the club an email and getting a good transparent response. The fans who ask questions get an answer. If we want a club that belongs to the fans, then communication and access like this is a good thing. It seems like youd prefer a wall of silence when the CEO is asked questions, or him to give a stock business response "announcements will be made through official channels". That would be a step backwards - I hope fans continue to have the engagement we've got just now. 

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  10. 5 hours ago, Kmac said:

    As for Burrows, I don’t hold some active Vendetta against the guy, I haven’t met him however I’m sure he’s very pleasant - however that’s not what I’m critical of. I’m often critical of his actions as a chief executive which i often find below the levels required/expected; that’s very different. 


    Guy knocks his pan in to engage with motherwell fans and the wider football community and is widely praised for it. He's the CEO of a fan owned club and when asked questions by fans, he answers them transparently. 

    I've yet to hear one thing that he said that has been problematic. It really feels like you are looking for fault where there is none.  

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  11. 1 hour ago, GazzyB said:

    Surprised that so many people say that we were poor today, I quite enjoyed it! Particularly that spell at the start of the second half until we went ahead.


    Once again I've got nothing but good things to say about Lamie. Defensively he is extremely solid, and a lot less punts up the park today too!


    Also thought Carroll, Slattery, Watt & Justin were very good. And Grimmy, what a guy!

    My thoughts exactly. We played some nice football in spells, possibly lacked a real cutting edge and ideally would have tested the keeper more from the good number of corners we had, but this is still a very new team and there were some good individual performances all over the park. 2-1 at a park we have struggled on plenty of times is a great result.

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