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  1. 2 hours ago, Great Balls of Shire said:

    possibly opening a can of worms here but i  remember scotland fans barracking ( being kind) john barnes at hampden , it wasnt just one or two either.. .cringeworthy and embarrassing.  We like  to be viwerd as a tolerant nation , not so sure.

    weve come a long way , thankfully,  but the above remark doesnt strike me as racist...ross , obviously thought it was clumsy so hes resigned ...the boy is possibly irked mo was saying he was lazy .

    The guy he made the comment about isn't from Africa - he's Dutch. Intentional or not, it's reflects that "you're from Scotland, but where are you really from" attitude which is more than a hint of "you're not really Scottish in the way I am". It alienates people who have grown up in a country they consider home and that's why it's just a shite thing to say. 

    If you're going to make a comment / joke that can only apply to someone based on the colour of their skin, you've got to be sensitive to how it might be taken - especially if you are in a position of authority like he was. As Maurice Ross loves to do, sounds like he's opened his mouth without thinking. 

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  2. Cole is the obvious choice, but he's never looked like a bad player. He's finally playing in the right position in the right system.

    Its Lamie for me. I'm not going as far as Jock  "if Lamie had pace he'd be playing at the highest level" Brown, but he's been very very good recently. Unfortunately for him, he's now that player who some fans are just waiting to make a mistake so they can announce how shite he is. He doesn't make any more or any fewer mistakes than others in defence yet his wobbly start has left an impression that seems hard to shift. Hopefully those fans get over it and get behind the guy. 

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  3. 32 minutes ago, Kmcalpin said:

    Interestingly, he says "I have never made a decision based on money in my life". It just goes to show that not all footballers, like the population as a whole, are driven by squeezing an extra penny out of somebody or organisation.


    Seems like a guy with the absolute right attitude. Here's his comments when he left St Mirren - 



  4. 14 hours ago, numpty said:

    No chance the club are giving up prime telly advertising space for that, though.

    I'm sure they're still valuable advertising space, but Im not sure it's 'prime' space for TV. The actual coverage for TV is poor - those areas barely feature in the actual match, even touchline cameras don't tend to be wide enough to take any of it in. At best, there will be a brief glimpse in the build up to a live game. 

  5. 11 hours ago, C&A not the shop said:

    A Sam Foley that was released by St Mirren due to his injury issues, 

    Is this fact? I know he had a couple of short spells out, but he was fit and just not getting a game when he was told he could find a new club.

  6. 3 hours ago, Welldaft Mk1 said:

    Deadly finisher. But could not trap a bag of cement. 

    I laughed loudest when McGinley pinged him a pass at 100mph. He couldnae control it at 1mph. 

    Knows where the goal is though....

    Made an arse of it a few times today, but can't remember him doing that too often in other games. 

  7. Given how 2020 went I'd be happy to see wholesale changes as much as anyone, but given this 'shower of shite' (etc etc) have taken us to third in the form table since Alexander arrived there's every chance he'll show more faith in the core of the squad than most of the fans would. Personally, I'd be quite content with that approach as long as he cuts numbers and bolsters with a few quality additions. 

  8. 22 hours ago, El Grew said:

    The media are full of bullshit at this time of the season as they try to fill their columns and airtime with the latest “exclusive scoops”.  Best to ignore them entirely.

    One of the major problems we have had this current season has been an inability to score goals from open play.  This is down to an utter dearth of creativity, craft, guile and ability to pick passes for the forwards from our midfield. The players we have are simply unable to provide these qualities.  This means we are left relying far too much on scoring goals from set pieces. For me this is an area where we really do need to improve on the crud we have been signing as midfielders.  Cull the squad to free up some cash to try and raise the quality of players we sign.

    We've scored 7 from set pieces (which includes a few penalties) and 13 from open play under Alexander. I agree we need more creativity from midfield, but scoring from open play is definitely not a major problem just now. 


  9. 19 hours ago, weeyin said:

    I'd like to beat Killie first, and then give the youngsters a run out.

    Highly unlikely. Alexander was on sportsound the other night and he addressed that very point, can't remember his exact words but it was along the lines of only picking youngsters on merit rather than giving them game time because it's the end of the season. 


  10. The problem might be that everyone won't be vaccinated. It looks like first jags are plateauing at around 50/60%. I know quite a few who aren't going to get it. t

    I've no idea if that percentage is enough to allow the NHS function normally in the inevitable spike when restrictions ease off. 

  11. English football is littered with big clubs who can easily pull crowds of 30k+ every week and they are nothing more than perennial yo-yo clubs and that's despite the years of benefitting from the crazy finances down there. Both probably have a bigger international pull, but they'd still need a big investor to compete. It would be interesting to see how the fanbases react to a decade of mid table finishes. 

  12. On 4/19/2021 at 2:21 PM, scoojy said:

    From twitter - there were mixed messages in the replies to say if it worked so may or may not still work come the weekend



    Seems to have gone through for me.  Quarter final for £7, not bad. 

  13. 19 hours ago, wellsince75 said:

    it was due to injury he was out the Hearts team.  Did well in his spell but not sold he's a first team regular . 

    Really? Bit of a slow start but I thought he was the spark the team was badly needing - him and Cole going forward were one of the few things that have been enjoyable to watch this season. 

  14. 43 minutes ago, Andy_P said:

    Slightly different thing. I didn't say they were happy with the style of play, I said they were justifying the style of play.  I've seen a fair bit of comment across the social media channels I look at where the recurring theme has been that the end justifies the means. 

    And that's entirely fair enough with that given what's been at stake and that the necessary points accrued but as I've alluded I think it's quite interesting that despite the strong opposition against Wright we've garnered those points in a very Wright like manner and how that has been accepted by many.

    Ah, fair enough. I think it's fairly easy to explain though - most folk can tolerate it for 5 months if it means survival, however don't want 2/3/4 years of it. 

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