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  1. Fair play on the ticket prices.
  2. How many tickets are we expected to get?
  3. Yip. I cant find the link on the site for watching it live. Anyone got it?
  4. So when do we find out if were in or not? After the games on Sunday?
  5. Canny help but feel that with McGhee at the helm there has never been a better time for the 'great leap forward' we have all been waiting for. If only he had the financial freedom given to previous managers we could have something really special going on. Ach.
  6. CoF

    Worst. Dive. Ever.

    The same guy had stuck it up on youtube (and added some circus music) but just took it down. Ach well, here was me thinking Jim O'Brien was the next Susan Boyle.
  7. CoF

    Worst. Dive. Ever.

    Whit the hell. It was Jim O'brien and it's hardly a dive when yer foot slips and yer other knee goes in the opposite direction. It's obvious he anticipated the worst then clearly thought "ya beauty that wizny sare at all" before getting on with the game.
  8. CoF

    V St. Mirren

    Sounds like we're playin amazin anaw.
  9. I wonder how much this will influence McGhees tactics for the remaining games. Will he tell Klimpl to calm doon? Will he drop Klimpl all together? Will Klimpl be dropped to the bench for the rest of the season only to be brought on for the last 5 minutes of the last game during which he snaps as many folk as he can just to scupper our chances and to prove that Europe is no place for little girls? Our Europa league future lies with one man.
  10. CoF

    Resign Mcghee?

    Good to see continuing support for McGhee. After todays result I did expect a landslide of negativity but it appears most people share my opinion that he is still the best man for the job. I think he's up against it every week as he simply doesn't have the depth of squad he (and we) would like. Something completely outwith his control. As for the substitions today, I don't know what people expect there. There isn't much to come off the bench just now, it seems Darren Smith and Jamie Murphy have slipped in form and Sheridan is always a hit or a miss.
  11. With St Mirren fighting for SPL survival and Hibs fighting for a top 6 place do you really think it's McGhee's comments that will be the catalyst for a winning performance from either them? I like it when MM drops the diplomatic front and get's a bit more aggressive. Granted it doesny always pay off but fuck it, it's a good laugh.
  12. Great idea! Have the club done anything to spread the word beyond the site? Not everyone checks the official site, especially those who only go to the odd game.
  13. That was a very interesting post. Interesting insight into Scottish fitba before my time, something that, to be honest, I'm quite ignorant of.
  14. He raises a good point about the St Mirren game at Fir Park being on TV. Will we see reduced prices then?
  15. Cool site, Klimpl isny even in the bad boy league yet.
  16. CoF


    What's the script with Europe? I know there is a full thread on this but I canny be bothered trawling through it. Does 4th get into Europe only if Aberdeen get to the Scottish Cup final and finish 3rd in the league? That's all inconsequential if we finish 3rd of course.
  17. CoF

    Dundee Utd

    Fuck hibs, we'll finish above them anyway so that result actually puts us in a better position for 3rd. Easy peasy.
  18. CoF

    Dundee Utd

    Wasn't at the game yesterday but a very very important result for us. Hibs winning made the game a must win and I honestly didn't expect to take more than a point from the game. How did JOB get on yesterday? Read on the bbc news report that he set up both goals? He's turned himself into an integral part of our team these days. No bad considering the pelters he used to get!
  19. CoF

    Vs Hearts

  20. CoF

    Vs Hearts

    who is on for craggle?
  21. CoF

    Vs Hearts

    Gonna be gutted if we don't get a goal out of all these chances. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMon the 'well.
  22. CoF

    Vs Hearts

    Playing well by the sounds of things.
  23. CoF

    Hearts Tickets

    What's the latest I could leave tomorrow from Larkhall? Never driven to Edinbburgh for a midweek game before.

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