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  1. Good point. A few folk seem to have forgotten that another fan favourite is on loan and currently keeping those contracted to Motherwell out the team. Step forward Maros. I personally don't think John Sutton has quite proven himself yet. He scored 2 the other night but according to the radio that was 2 out of 5 or 6 very clear cut chances. Obviously I'd love for him to do well and assume he will start but I don't know if it's a straighforward a decision as it may seem. Before monday night he had scored 4 goals in 17 starts. Sheridan has 4 goals in 7 starts with smelltic. I think the fact that Sutton will be playing in a team he knows will sway him in McGhee's favour for Saturday.
  2. Ahhh, I just looked at the picture that came with it. Canny see the game being off on Saturday anyway.
  3. Reserve game against hibs two days ago was called off because of the snow on the pitch although I wonder how much effort they would have made to get the game on.
  4. Jingso. Line-ups were on the radio half an hour ago. Didny catch all of it but Sutton, Murphy and Lasley were in. JOBby and Clarky were on the bench. Hope I'm wrong cause I've got a fiver on clarkson to score a hat trick.
  5. Sutton in, Clarky out.
  6. Excellent price on that, too bad he's on the bench! Typical!
  7. CoF

    Inverurie Pitch

    Ref just said "Game is on". Mark McGhee is smiling.
  8. CoF

    Cillian Sheradin

    Most Celtic fans are numpties so I'll reserve judgement till I've seen him in claret and amber.
  9. CoF

    Cillian Sheradin

    He'll do us a good job I reckon. I do believe McGhee has an eye for players that will fit into the Motherwell team so I'll put some faith in his decisions here. Take Jim O' Brien as an example, McGhee squished that square peg into a round hole and it appears to have benefitted the team significantly. That comment is not inclusive of Bobby Malcolm by the way.
  10. CoF

    Cillian Sheradin

    I'll take that. Saw him play against Man U and done quite well.
  11. CoF

    Bbc Alba

    Best bet for highlights might be Scotland Today tomorrow or something although they might no even bother with it.
  12. I seee. I had been looking for it in the 'in the dugout' section. Didny even notice the transfer news bit. I signed up for the newsletter weeks ago but haven't recieved a thing. Weerd.
  13. Any reason why this isny on the official site? It's been a couple of days and while I know it's common knowledge now surely an official statement would be appropriate.
  14. McGhee had a wee bit in the Sunday Post yesterday talking about different training techniques and mentioned Websters name. Apparently he is the best wrestler at training. Good to know eh. His name has floated around for a while so hopefully that means he's a worthwhile signing if we get him.
  15. Oh aye. Had Porter officially turned them down though? I thought he was just waiting to weight up what other options came along. Hopefully it's not far off the Cardiff offer at least.
  16. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/scotland/7860798.stm There's McGhee earlier today talking about the derby bid, saying they will need to up it significant ly for them to accept. They obviously have done so, I wonder how much more (if any) they bid than Cardiff. If it's a bit more, will we see any of the extra to invest in a player or will it still all go to other clubby shenanigans?
  17. Looks like the only extra money McGhee will have to play with will be the wages freed up. Signing Klimps could be out the question then.
  18. Might bump his price tag up a bit if a few folk are interested?
  19. I agree with posts above, Klimpl and Smith on long term deals and bring Lappin back. All depends on how much of the reported £400,000 McGhee recieves to add to the squad. Considering we couldn't afford a £50,000 player a wee while ago it will be interesting to see what he does with the money should he get a decent chunk.
  20. CoF

    The Well Support

    No doubt that's down to the shift in expecations from last season. One good season seems to have gone to some folks heads.
  21. CoF

    The Well Support

    Can some of the older members tell me whether it always like this? The reason I ask is because I'm wondering how much ticket prices affect attitudes now. A lot of expectation is placed on the players when people are shelling out a good chunk of their weekly wages and in fairness to the Motherwell support it's not neccessarily a win that we expect, just for the players to give it a damn good go. I think the standing ovation at the end of the 1-0 defeat to killie at the start of last season is testament to that. I went to my first 'well game in 1995 and back then I didn't really notice the crowd as I was just a wee lad. It's only recently I've noticed how attitudes differ when it comes to appropriate ways to 'support' the team. I use the term loosely as I think a good chunk of the crowd go in thinking "I've paid my £22, now do your part Motherwell". That's an attitude that I find hard to argue against as you rarely get £22 worth of entertainment in any SPL game. Maybe the crowd would relax a little if supporting the team wasn't such a financial commitment? Just a thought.
  22. CoF

    The Well Support

    I've thought many a time over the 5 or 6 months that if McGhee or any of the players decide to renew their contracts at fir park it certainly isn't going to be because of the fans. That said, I'm not convinced there are more genuine arseholes in the crowd than at any other club, it's just that most fans sit in silence unless we are pumping a team. That leaves plenty of silence for minority to fill with abuse. Of course the majority of fans seem to have gotten into the habit of grumbling at everything and booing the players off regardless of how hard fought the game may be. Absolutely mental.
  23. We can't score any more points but I'm sure other countries teams can still lose points. Not sure how it's calculated but I think it's an some kind of average (per game?) rather than a total point system.
  24. CoF

    Vs Falkirk

    Got to agree with what's been said in the posts above. The team worked hard and played well in long spells today only to round off a move with a daft mistake or shite cross. Should have won by 3 or 4 but ach well, another day and we would have finished the lot. Falkirk were dirty dirty *banned word* today, I think the stretcher was on the park 3 times in the second half for a Motherwell player. Hopefully TV highlights won't skim over this fact as it was shocking.

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