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  1. Is this £20 for ppv? Fuck that.
  2. I honestly thought that was the start of Robinsons McGhee style descent into madness.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08vmxxj 35 minutes to 41 minutes. That's where the quotes are from. Asked for his thoughts on the St Mirren call off. I'll paraphrase... "I'm not going to accuse St Mirren of cheating, however I'm going to ignore all relevant issues of this topic and use this time to focus solely on the possibility that teams can cheat. But not St Mirren. And also, where did all the St Mirren players disappear to? Eh eh? Don't you think that's a bit suspicious? Teams can cheat and their players suddenly disappeared? But no, I'm not accusing St Mirren of cheating. (Nudge, nudge, wink wink)" That's only a slight exaggeration of what he actually says. His point is implicit all the way through that he thinks St Mirren were at it. Stupid thing to say.
  4. 8 in 10 now. 8 goals in 14 starts for us. 7 in 13 starts for Dundee. The guy said he was confident he'd score goals wherever he went and he's not wrong.
  5. I hate to let facts get in the way of outrage, but you are both wrong. NHS GGC (which covers Paisley), in line with UK Government also considers a close contact someone you've been within one metre of for one minute, having a face-to-face conversation, skin-to-skin contact. You are thinking of the track and trace apps, which use a 2 metre / 15 minute algorithm for the initial contact tracing via bluetooth. The contact tracers then get more details directly from the person who has tested positive and apply the full range of "close contact" rules.
  6. Unless things get genuinely out of hand, then I can't see any reason why the league shouldn't be able to complete all the fixtures even with more call-offs. It surely just takes a pragmatic approach, and that includes from UEFA. Drop the winter break. Drop the protected European dates and play games on a Thursday afternoon if that's what it takes to get games on. With no fans, the Police will have almost no role in the majority of fixtures so there's another restriction gone. Teams regularly compete in 4 / 5 competitions at once and, as Tottenham have just done - play 4 games in 8 days. I know squad rotation is a huge thing there, however every professional club has 40+ players on their books. It's all far from ideal, but unless things go completely mental then I can't see why it's a concern.
  7. CoF

    Big Dec

    Aye, if twitter is anything to go by that vote got hijacked by rangers fans voting everyone 1/10 and giving jack 10/10.
  8. CoF

    Big Dec

    Dec was 2019/20 Dec. Great to see. O'Donnell was decent without being outstanding and should be praised for his part in the clean sheet.
  9. Oh aye right enough, I wasn't actually paying attention to which cup it was. Yeah... that's not a fair position.
  10. Nah, I've droned on about it in a few posts already. The implications for a league are totally different from a cup. The reason it's more acceptable in cup competitions is while it gives one team an advantage (they progress to the next round without kicking a ball), it doesn't disadvantage anyone other than the team that's forfeited the game. If a game is forfeited in the league it gives a team an unfair advantage over all the other clubs as they gain 3 unearned points. It's similar to why intentionally fielding a weakened team in the league is an offence but not if you do it in the cups.
  11. They'd still be 3 points worse off than before though.
  12. Ah, I'm going on the assumption the game would be played at a later date. A pain in the arse aye, maybe some sort of financial compensation to the affected team would be the route to go down.
  13. Agree with the rest of your post, but I think I've cracked why that decision was made (if my understanding of the rules is right). It's maybe not as random or illogical as it seems. Basically - the decision had nothing to do with coronavirus. There is an expectation in Scotland (and throughout association football) that every effort is made to allow games to go ahead even if a clubs senior keepers are all out, whether it's through injury, international duty or suspension. The SPFL expects clubs to find a solution, as does FIFA, and the EFL and the EPL...... If it's outwith the transfer window you find a free agent. It's also within the rules that you can apply to the league for an emergency 7 day loan (that loan isn't available for outfield players). The signings can be made up to 3 hours before a match. There's plenty of examples of it happening in England and Scotland. The rules were applied a few years ago when Raith applied for postponement and were told to sign a keeper. They chose to stick Ryan Stevenson in goals instead then complained about the decision not to postpone. So, while Jim Goodwin was saying Scotland was the "laughing stock of world football", the SPFL were simply applying long-established rules. I'm sure some would argue that finding a keeper with 24 hours notice is unreasonable, but St Mirren managed it so it obviously wasn't that unreasonable.
  14. That would turn the league into a complete farce. Take a look at the bottom of the table just now: Motherwell - 8 St Johnstone - 7 Hamilton - 7 St Mirren - 7 By your logic it should look like this: Motherwell 11 (we'd actually leapfrog Dundee United and Ross County into 7th) Hamilton - 10 St Mirren - 10 St Johnstone - 7 The team who is being punished the most there is St Johnstone and they've had nothing to do with any of the postponed games. Kilmarnock barely lose out. They haven't lost 3 points - all they've lost is the opportunity to gain 3 points, which they may or may not have taken. No individual team should gain an advantage from another teams stupidity and no individual team should be adversely affected. The only fair way to punish teams who break the rules would be a points deduction.
  15. It looks like different clinical advice has guided both decisions. Games have been postponed in the past where squads have come down with a sickness bug, so the Kilmarnock situation isn't exactly unprecedented. The clinical advice from NHS Ayrshire and Arran was that Killie's whole squad needed to go into isolation. The clinical advice from NHS Glasgow and Clyde was that only the three St Mirren goalies needed to isolate. It's going to be hard for the SPFL to be consistent when rules are constantly changing and clubs are spread across half a dozen health boards.
  16. Working on the assumption the Killie players followed the rules, are you suggesting the same rule applies to all games cancelled outwith a clubs control? Floodlight failure, pitch flooding, , snow? Because that's exactly what some people are suggesting - 3 points to us regardless of whether this is Killie's fault. Even if players are to blame, I think we need to separate the punishment of the offending club and the opposition gaining from their offence. There's something completely unfair about a team dropping down a place in the league through no fault of their own because another team were awarded 3 points without kicking a ball. That could be the difference between relegation, europe and the title. Last season was a disaster for sporting fairness, I think we need to find a way to do better this year. I know there's probably no completely fair solution, only a least unfair one. The only solution off the top of my head is points deductions for clubs who are proved to be at fault. That way they are rightly disadvantaged without one individual club being advantaged. Unfortunately, the SPFL have set a precedent already this season in how they dealt with Aberdeen and Celtic.
  17. Possibly, but isn't calling the league and going by average points still fairer than piling on points that teams didn't actually earn?
  18. Nah, awarding walkovers in a league fucks the entire thing. While it punishes the 'perpetrator', it's gives a random unfair advantage to the other team over all the other teams in the league. It's entirely possible teams could end up with 6 - 9 points unearned points at the end of the season just by the luck of when they were due to play certain teams. It disadvantages all the other teams through no fault of their own. The reason it's more acceptable in cup competitions is while it gives one team an advantage (they progress to the next round without kicking a ball), it doesn't disadvantage anyone other than the team that's forfeited the game. It's similar to why intentionally fielding a weakened team in the league is an offence but not if you do it in the cups. I know we're now at a disadvantage having to squeeze this game in at a later stage, but assuming the Killie players have all behaved themselves it's no different to postponement because of the weather or floodlight failure. That's life.
  19. I get what your saying. I mind the second season McCall took us to 2nd - we played some of the most bland football I've ever seen. We just kept on winning yet at times it felt like a lower/mid-table type of season. Even that last day win over Aberdeen was 90 minutes of dirge. Not to take away from that achievement, but the season before that we won fewer games and finished with fewer points, but we had Higdon, Murphy and Ojamaa etc playing the most exciting football we'd seen in years. It felt like we could take on anyone, and we proved it by beating Celtic twice at the end of the season. I think you need to be careful in what you wish for though. This idea that we could play entertaining football, finish 10th and all go home happy is a myth. If we're finishing 10th, it's because we've been absolutely shite with a handful of wins dotted through the season. I might be wrong, but I'm not sure if you'd be on here defending the manager after every defeat because we played some nice passing football.
  20. I agree with everything you said apart from this part about Scottish managers. The records aren't broadly similar at all? Brown took us to 5th and left us the next season in 5th place - he was steady. McCall finished 2nd and 3rd, broke all sorts of records and gave us the most exciting team of the last 20 odd years yet some fans turned him very quickly in his last season, McGhee took us to 3rd and 7th and the fans (rightly) turned on him in his second spell when it was clear he was losing the actual plot. Gannon was a nutjob who was let go for refusing to sign a permanent contract but l I can't recall the fans hounding him out? If anything, most pointed the finger at the senior players when things started to go wrong. Baraclough almost got us relegated, playing some of the worst football I've ever seen along the way then started the following season in a similar vein. I think all of that points to fans reacting to what they see on the pitch and is nothing to do with the nationality of the manager. I think Robinsons problem is that despite his success, there have been a few lengthy losing streaks where we look completely incoherent. Those months of traipsing to Fir Park with little to look forward to stick in folks minds and are far more relevant than the fact he's not Scottish.
  21. Nick Blackman, Mark McGhee, Curtis Main, Craig Brown. Aberdeen love turning decent Motherwell staff into shite.
  22. I was thinking at least it gives a badly needed injection of pace, but then Long is rapid and we do absolutely nothing to exploit that.
  23. Going 442 here. I'm sure some will need to be played out of position but they're all gifted with both feet and a superior positional sense so it'll work. Twardzik Louis Laing Kieran Kennedy Zak Jules Joe Chalmers Antony Straker Lee Lucas Casper Sloth Jake taylor Wes Fletcher Jacob Blyth
  24. I think it just depends if that is part of the players game or not. We've had teams like that recently - 2017 2018 with Moult (then Main), Bowman, Kipre and Hartley etc and they managed 3 OF draws in the league and that semi-final win over Rangers. We also finished 7th that year so it wasn't an effective game plan against everyone. Our current group took us to 3rd and to say that they don't care seems really unfair. Liam Polworth is a good example of a player who fans think doesn't knock his pan in because he's not flying into tackles, yet he consistently covers more ground than any other Motherwell player. Hard tackling just isn't one of his strengths but you can't possibly doubt his commitment.

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