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  1. Bit more to it than that. 2016 / 17 - saved us from relegation 2017 / 18 - 2 x C*p F****s 2019 / 20 - 3rd place You could also add in 7th and 8th place finishes which are above the boards target, however I know fans don't see those placings as a success. Robinson goes through phases of being great for 6 months (Bowman and Moult elbowing teams off the park / Hastie, Scott and Turnbull breaking through / first half of last season) then being absolutely awful, then turning it around again. He doesn't really do consistently average, it's either famine or feast. I think our board know he's always got the ability to turn things around, and he always seems to have the players on his side - it would take a right lengthy run of shite for him to be sacked.
  2. I was just typing a few sentences about why we'd be fine as we seem fairly competent these days, then I remembered that picture from the Coleraine fixture....
  3. Yep. It seems pretty negligent, but I can imagine there's probably a few clubs in Scotland frantically trying to order bigger tables and booking second coaches tonight.
  4. The full findings from the hearing decisions are on the spfl site. Pretty scathing - Killie claiming the rules are complicated - quite liked this response "There is no ambiguity about two metre distancing. Every school child in Scotland should be aware of it. This is not a complex matter despite the large welter of NHS, SPFL and Government regulations and documentation available on the subject." It also addresses whether or not we receive an advantage over others in the league by awarding a 3-0 win. It starts with the fact that Killie and St Mirren only needed 13 players to fulfil the fixture. If they had that amount they would have been playing with a severely weakened squad - through their own incompetence- against our full strength squad. Instead, they've gained a massive advantage by having covid procedure so poor that the fixture couldn't be fulfilled which means they could then play with a full squad in the replay. It makes any gains we've made seem a wee bit more logical.
  5. I've posted quite a few times about how awarding points is unjust to other teams and screws the integrity of the league. Can one of the mods delete all that shite please?
  6. Over 10'000 votes cast in this FA Cup of Badly Aging Footballers match - Hugh Sproat is looking good to make it through to the quarter finals.
  7. That's one of your oddest posts yet.
  8. CoF

    Big Dec

    Not a bad position to be in but it's a gamble either way. Move to a new club to earn the big money, but risk the chance to step out in front of 80'000** for Scotland at Wembley. ** If our governments get their shit together.
  9. CoF

    Big Dec

    Clarke has found a winning system with a big target man up front. We've got absolutely no-one to replace Dykes when he's out so Clarke has a choice of changing the entire system to fit the likes of Griffiths in, or trying to find another target man. He's obviously hoping McBurnie would be that guy, however Clarke will be well aware that it's not really working. With international games few and far between, persevering with McBurnie or trying to find a whole new system is a difficult balance to strike. I'm sure he'll make the right judgement either way.
  10. CoF

    Big Dec

    Might be wrong, but I don't think that player exists?
  11. Yeah, makes sense however if so it's odd that both clubs are still disputing it and 'defending' their positions at the disciplinary hearing. Killie's assistant manager quoted as saying "I have no doubt the club will be fine. In fact I know that for a fact." Makes me wonder if the hard facts established by the SPFL are still up for challenge - even at this stage, so there's a chance no disciplinary action will be taken. If the SPFL had any sense, they would release full and transparent information on how the decision was made. Instead, they'll release a vague statement leaving a massive void to be filled with all sorts of shite. If they haven't learned from the summer then hell mend them.
  12. Am I right in saying it's not the disciplinary hearings role to decide if the rule breach did or didn't occur? That's already been established as fact by the investigation? Or is the disciplinary hearing an independent process which hears evidence from the SPFL (i.e. their investigation) and evidence from the club and then decides if a rule breach has occurred?
  13. The worst rule in the history of fitba. I'd rather be a man down than in the team with any man save. Fifa should step in.
  14. Of course, that third goal has an element of good fortune but it's one of those "make your own luck" times. Those things happen when you're putting the opposition under pressure and you've got someone like Higdon noising up defenders. Agree completely about what you've said about playing well, quick thinking etc, your original post just seemed a bit dismissive of how good we were in those games - however I can see that's not the case . From what I've seen so far , I'm not convinced that even at our best we've got enough to take anything from Celtic on Sunday but there's definitely something coming together with this squad. Hopefully this weekend is when we see what they're capable of!
  15. Nothing lucky about the penalty and we won 3-1 so didn't need that rebounded goal, which Lustig only messed up because Higdon was a pest in the box. We also beat them 2-1 the month before. No luck at all, we just had a brilliant team that year.
  16. The winning formula is play to our strength + played well..... but also + Higdon + Ojamaa + Mcfadden + Hutchinson + Law + Randolph etc...... Pretty much all of that starting 11 would walk into our first team.
  17. Yep, can't argue with any of that.
  18. Hopefully it's a runners up medal.
  19. Are you absolutely sure the condition about free games wasn't just about completing the 19/20 season? Sky aren't even profiting from this - the money goes to the clubs. Surely it's no different to what we're doing but with Sky rather than that lassie with the sellotaped TV cables that we've got?
  20. Aye, it's a good question. I think a big part will be perceptions of where the money is going. If I didn't already have as season ticket I'd more than happily put £12 directly into the club every second week and I've no objection to paying most other SPFL clubs £12 / £15 quid to see an away game. It's a still a lot of money, and probably not value for money, but for most they won't object to giving clubs extra income just now when there is a genuine risk of clubs in Scotland folding. Given the finances kicking around English football, the perception is that clubs / sky don't need the money and the average punter who is paying £80 a month for Sky is already skint etc etc.
  21. Surprised Watt is leading the poll. Worked really hard, but I thought Livi done well to nullify any threat he posed. I went for Lang - took his goal really well and defensively knocked his pan in the second half.
  22. You're right. My concern was that until just a few weeks ago we weren't that bad but still not winning for pretty much all of 2020. Fair play to the lot of them for turning it around. Even more impressive when the injury list is growing.
  23. Quality handball from Vigurs today....

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