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  1. Cheers folks. I'd been logging in with the wrong username - turns out I've got 3 accounts. The club got back to me with the right login which is the forename-username-surname thing Ropy suggested.
  2. Cheers! When I log onto the live site, it's only got listings for audio commentary, live video streams outside the UK and gives me subscription options for these. Is that correct? Absolutely nothing on the page or the account settings to suggest I've actually got a season ticket? Will the season ticket stream appear nearer kick off?
  3. Needing a wee hand here - Is it the ppv.motherwell.co.uk season ticket holders use to stream? There's also the live.motherwell.co.uk site, but I'm sure that's for other stuff. I've got accounts for both, but for some reason on Wednesday I had to buy a pass to watch the Killie game when I logged into the PPV site. Not sure if I've accidentally logged into a different account but it's definitely linked to my season ticket number.
  4. Yeah, you're probably right. I'm just not sure what Robinsons motivation would be to make something like that up.
  5. True. I did wonder if Robinson advised players (and others) to keep pre-contracts tightly under wraps after the reaction Hastie got. I know that's part of the game, but when it affects players the manager will do what they can do manage the situation.
  6. Yep. I don't often go to reserve / unders games (whatever they're called now) but any time I have done Maguire stands out an absolute mile. Looks like a man against boys. I think he's still got potential to show that in the first team - great to see him finally getting his chances and putting in good performances.
  7. Smith towards the end too when he was fed through by Campbell. Just delighted we're actually created chances now.
  8. That was an outstanding result, great performance and enjoyable game. The fact we lost a goal then were up against it for the last 15 minutes could be viewed as a negative, but that's going to happen in this league so the players deserve every credit for battening down the hatches and coming away with the three points. A test of character which would have failed for most of 2020. Actually really looking forward to seeing how Alexander approaches the Celtic game now.
  9. To be fair to Nolan, he's probably struggled to play in the 4th division because that's not the league Crewe are in.
  10. It's bad enough bickering with other fans on a forum, but to actually argue with players and their families on twitter is peak weirdo.
  11. No loans from Rangers or Celtic. Although that's one I agree with. Fuck em.
  12. For quite a few years the club have always offered injured players contracts until they finish their rehab. I think it's an unofficial policy to offer that security to make the club more attractive to new signings. I imagine the new contracts in those circumstances will be next to nothing - enough for the player to pay the bills until they know what the future holds for them. Imagine coming to the end of your contract with no possibility of finding another club, no access to rehab facilities and no income. What we do is great for the player and good for the reputation of the club - I've no problem if Dunne is offered another contract.
  13. Aye. Bit weird. I thought the forum was for fans to talk all things Motherwell to their hearts content, not for one or two people to decide when a conversation has run it's course. The moderators are very hands off, which is a good thing, so wouldn't mind hearing if / why it's been removed.
  14. Yeah, we've been absolutely awful this season for multiple reasons. But you can't argue that we actually look like we have more of a clue than we did 3 weeks ago. I think you can ignore the St Mirren game given Alexander had been in the door two days. Really, he's had 180 minutes against the 1st and 3rd best teams in the country and our performances have been far better than most of what had gone before. That bodes well for games against the teams around us and is surely cause for some optimism?
  15. Jeeso man, has lockdown sent some folk a bit mental? Alexander has realistically had two games in charge. He got a great point against Rangers, and today we created more chances in the first 45 than we did in the last 5 or 6 games under Robinson. We've been undone by a moment of absolute stupidity from a player who should know that there are options coming back into midfield, so Alexander doesn't need to tolerate shite like that. He's made what looks like three decent signings so far and we already look like a more cohesive team than we did for most of 2020. I'm definitely feeling more positive after today than I did a fortnight ago.
  16. It's the £10m+ they found in the summer that is the real farce. They claim to be a club rooted in charity, yet every penny they take in furlogh comes out the public purse and we all know it'll be offset by cuts to services essential to those at the bottom of the ladder.
  17. Seems really harsh on Cole, but went for Mugabi - he seemed to be on the end of everything punted into our box.
  18. Jacob Blyth signs for Gateshead.
  19. So long as the SPFL turn a blind eye to other breaches then this is more-or-less the right decision. The original punishment was incredibly harsh in that context. I say more-or-less as the only disappointment is the lack of recognition about the impact on us and Accies, and the fact they can now field a full strength team.
  20. My point on the "Monday" comment was that the dates are there. The hearing placed significant weight on the difficulties with fixture congestion and the fact games couldn't be rescheduled this season. I cannot see how that's true. Teams playing in multiple competitions can play 4 games in 8 days. Aye, it would be unfair on us and Accies but the panel didn't make that point. It was that the games couldn't be replayed. You're right about the breaches, but there are plenty of clubs taking that gamble and by sheer luck / squad size haven't had to call off a game. 3 points is excessive in those circumstances.
  21. The initial decision reasoning put a lot of weight on the fact that postponing games is simply not an option this season. The SPFL found Celtic a Monday night slot because they wanted to do some extra training / rest some players, so there's that argument gone.
  22. I've seen you, and a few others, comment on the club strategy a few times. I'd be curious to know what your medium to long term strategy might be? From what you post, it looks like it's exactly the same strategy the club has been employing for decades:- Owner invests in the first team - get a season or two of success - see minimal growth in crowds / income - cut the budget - return to flirting with relegation / mid table mediocrity. Look at the last 30 years of - cup finals, a cup win, multiple 2nd and 3rd place finishes, European football, the teams of 1991, 1994, 2007, 2011 - 14, 2017. Did any of that success lead to the club growing in any way? Did the crowds grow in a sustainable way or was it all temporary? The reason we're still flirting with relegation is because these strategies have no sustainability. The club doesn't grow in any way and it definitely isn't secure. I'm sure you suggested investing £1m of recent transfer fees into the first team (apologies if I'm mistaken). To me, that's just looking for more of the same. Short term gains with no vision and it risks the future of the club. I think the club current strategy is clear and is the right one but it's going to need a few years of patience. First, get debt free. Second, in the short term invest transfer income into the academy and facilities so that Motherwell become the club of choice for players with potential. If it goes to plan, we'll have that consistent conveyer belt of talent consistently bringing in money which can then put a higher calibre of player on the pitch season after season instead of this constant fight for survival. I know a balance needs to be struck, we want the club to have an identity and not just be a stepping stone but this strategy will eventually lead to the proper investment into the first team that we all want. The difference is we'll be able to do it year after year.

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