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    Jim Gannon

    What was his relationship was like with the Stockport fans? The reason I ask is because I wonder if his abrasive nature and no bullshit attitude will ever come to a head with 'well fans when you consider the fickle and less than forgiving nature of some of our support. Would he ever speak out?
  2. Absolutely great game. Weird thing is even at 2-0 down I don't think any 'well fan in the stadium felt like we were going to get beaten that day.
  3. We were given more possession and freedom once they went three up so I think things will be continue where they were left on Thursday with Motherwell on the ball a bit more. The most we can expect to get is maybe a handful of half chances the whole game so whoeever they fall to will need to be sharp to take them. As a few folk have said going one up early on will make for a cracking game however I can't see the fun lasting more than 20 odd minutes as Steaua will undoubtedly score at some point. A draw on the night would be an outstanding result but all I'm really hoping for is some evidence that we have that wee bit of spark to compete for the top 6 of the SPL. I was gonnay say I'll be watching the game with competing SPL in mind but fuck that, I'm just gonnay enjoy it for what it is.
  4. That was our keepers debut tonight and I think everyone was impressed by him. Blonde dude would be Slane? He's only just broken into the senior squad since the new manager took over last month and looks absolutely outstanding. I think he's 17 or 18?
  5. CoF

    Daniels The Night...

    Big well done and thanks to those at JD for getting the game on the night. Quality stuff.
  6. Ach well, no shame in tonights result. Beaten by a better team. Sure there were mistakes but they will always be magnified by players who can latch on and take advantage so quickly.
  7. Vlad, that was brilliant. Everyone likes the taste of Swedish girls.
  8. That ProTV link is great quality and is showing The Running Man right now. FUckin excellent.
  9. CoF

    Player #4

    Are we getting all these guys on free transfers? If not I wouldny mind knowing how much we're paying, just out of curiosity considering the fact that we couldny afford 50K for a player last season.
  10. CoF


    One more goal to go.... here's hoping he lands it in Romania!
  11. CoF

    Flamuntari Highlights

    Whoops, thats the one. Yeah, looks a bit nervous. Makes him seem humble and a bit uncomfortable with the attention which certainly isn't a bad thing for any footballer.
  12. CoF

    Flamuntari Highlights

    Murphy in the spotlight.
  13. I don't think we've ever had a news-worthy scoreline in Europe so just wondering Hot, what's the reaction in Romania been to last nights Motherwell - Flamurtari scoreline?
  14. Ah, so last nights result will be up there alongside the origin of life and space and time. I like it. Maybe Hawking will write a paper on it some day.
  15. Considering the first leg result I'm still scratching my head trying to work out what actually happened last night. Were Flamurtari seriously above par and us seriously below par in the first leg? Are Flamurtari a half decent team but last night was a freak result partly 'cause of their hectic flight arrangements? Were Flamurtari and on par both games but we were just fucking incredible last night?
  16. CoF

    In's And Out's

    That's exactly it. Sutton alone up front never works because he isn't great at taking men on however last night proved having two pacy wingers gave him folk to link up with. His strength in the air and wee flicks on were absolutely integral to a few of the goals last night.
  17. Load's of outstanding performances tonight but I've went for Slane as well simply because every time he had the ball there was an expectation of something exciting happening. I might get slated for this but one thing that marred his performance was his discipline in the second half. Started having pointless kicks and pushes at their right back, even after the whistle was blown. Surprised he didny get booked. Daft thing to do when yer 7 up.
  18. CoF


    Peach of a goal for Flamurtari and 2 rammies. Ideal.
  19. CoF


    Nice pics but we only do fatties in Scotland.
  20. CoF


    So... do they think we're pish or do they think we're good?
  21. CoF

    Team For Albania Trip

    Ahh, nice one. I've no managed to keep track of the longer threads so didnt know it already been discussed. It will be interesting to see if Gannon pulls anything else oot the bag by tonight. I assume Jennings will be on the list.
  22. Does anyone know if we need to play with the team list submitted to Uefa before the Llanelli games or is there a new submission date for an updated team list? Just wondering if we'll see any new signing(s) playing this Thursday. cheers! Mark
  23. If any 'well player was to read this forum, which no doubt some of them do, they must get the feeling they canny do anything right. The personal attacks on here can be shocking, leaves me thinking it certainly isny the fans that keep the players at the club.
  24. Thought as much. I actually don't mind the idea of Craggs taking charge. At least he knows the team and the way we play, someone brand new coming in with so little time to prepare might rock the boat a little. It would be a good laugh anyway, possibly the most un-prepared European campaign in the history of football.
  25. I have only dipped in and out this thread and missed a lot so sorry if it's been discussed but heres a question - if we don't have someone in charge by Thursday, who will manage the team? I know that's not likely to be an issue but hypothetically speaking does the baton automatically get passed to anyone? Would it be Craggs or one of the youth coaches?

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