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  1. Evening folks, I have a spare ticket for the Upper South Stand needing a good home. Let me know if anybody needs it. Cheers
  2. I find it astonishing that Celtic have come out to say the " rebel 10 " are being disrespecful. The fact they have prostututed themselves for years to the EPL, Atlantic league and any other form of league that is not the SPL, with no care for anybody else, seems to be completely forgotten. They have, for years, abused every other club in Scotland for their own gain. they have no interest in improving the competion in Scotland, which would ultimatley benefit everyone, but continaully complain on the lack of competetion and highlight this as the reason they cannot attrack big names and fail in Europe. I really hope the rebel 10 hold their nerve and refuse to be bullied by the parasites who have played the major part in destroying the credibility of our football. I have said it for years but I would love a league without the OF. The money may be less in the very short term, but competition would soon sort that and, providing the gate prices were addressed, the crowsds of the diddy teams would soon return when there was actually a chance of success.
  3. Sounds like if we score we could be in with a real shout. They cant handle Blackman and Sutton and Murphy and Humphries getting in behind them all the time. Need to make it count now
  4. AK_

    First Well Game?

    Either 1984 or 85. I was 4 or 5. 'twas at Fir Park against some team that played all in green in the First Division. Not sure who it was. All I remember is that we scored a fair few and I started to feel sorry for the other team.
  5. My cousin and I are on the half six flight to Amsterdam, then the 12:55 flgiht to Bucharest.
  6. And here was me thinking you had it all arranged Seems like the ideal place to meet. Just spoke to the club, ticket details will be on the official site in the next 15 minutes.
  7. Would that be this place?? http://www.jurnalul.ro/webcam/piata-universitatii-54.html Might be better going for the hotel bar. But I'm not fussed either way. AK
  8. 1600 miles from my front door to Bucharest. I had a breif moment where I thought it would be a good option, but the wife soon brought that idea to a close. Would be an outstanding trip if you had the time.
  9. We're staying at the Hotel Unique. Price was good last night. Not sure about location but seemed fairly central. Might be wrong though
  10. Booked flights and accomodation last night striaght after the game. £303 for return flights with KLM from Heathrow via Amsterdam. Booked it through expedia.co.uk Prices this morning are still around the £300 mark from Heathrow. http://www.expedia.co.uk/pub/agent.dll?qsc...cid=&subm=0 Cheers AK
  11. Its going grand tonight. Just trying to sort out flights for me and Scott. Hows tricks yourselves? Wont be long before we have another wee motherwell fan down here!!! There's 5 of us
  12. Before I go booking flights, is the first leg going to be in Bucharest? AK

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