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  1. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 League Cup

    It could have been but there is not much we could do with the draw. I knew we would get Hearts the minute they were unseeded. Reverse psychology of course but surprised me not one bit when we were paired with them . I have calmed down since last night or my post early this morning but still was a very poor performance. Watched some of the game back and certain players were well below par or maybe that is their level. Todays results so far show that many top sides have struggled against lower league sides. Not sure what to make of Polworth. Much like Caley fans said he will split opinion. A very talented player and has been the source of most of our creative moves. Hylton I expected to be a shrewd signing but clearly a bit of a work ethic issue based on last nights game. Next week is huge. We need a good performance and result to kick start the season, but it looks as if Accies will be usual stubborn selves. I will not be there so that should give a better chance of a positive result :-)
  2. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 League Cup

    Literally back in the door and where to start.... I almost wish we were pish pre season as it seems we are the polar opposite now the season has begun. Dont get me wrong this was the worst draw as a seeded team as per fkin usual. I am a happy clappy but tonite we were woeful. There was nothing in this side to get excited about. Defence and goalie pish poor, midfield little better and absolutely fuck all in an attacking sense. Apart from that..... We are in a relegation battle even this early in the season...depressing stuff,
  3. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 League Cup

    You will be disappointed. They have sold 1500 tickets as of yesterday and bearing in mind also PATG. I would expect them to have 2000+ which is a decent turn out given how p1ssed off they are. Home crowd is anyone’s guess but most of the people I know going to games are going through tonight. So I reckon crown will be around the 5-6000 mark. Of course we can win but we need to be better defensively than we were against Celtic. Naismith not playing is a good thing but Whelan and new goalie may give them some more confidence. Don't care how we do it - just win Motherwell.
  4. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 League Cup

    If we can get certain players to cut out individual mistakes similar to those at the weekend then we will have a good chance of progression. I still worry we don’t have a reliable striker yet. Scott has actually impressed me and Long has looked good in moments but neither are likely to be prolific any time soon. Cole seems to have something about him so be interesting to see who starts up front tomorrow. Will also be interesting to see what kind of crowd they bring through. They are on a downer at the moment, but that said they still seem quite confident of winning based on Jambo Kickback. Better that than the majority thinking they will lose.
  5. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 League Cup

    They are a strange team for sure. On paper they look to have a decent squad but results don’t lie. Apparently they have only won 4 times v top flight sides in 2019. Sadly they have signed a new keeper on loan as that Zlamal looked a bomb scare v Ross County. Plus they are trying to sign a couple of others before Friday including Glen Whelan. But key for me is Naismith. An annoying and moaning wee barsteward, but their best and most influential player by a mile. Their record with him in the team is very good v atrocious when he is not playing. Fingers crossed they do not risk him as to do so means he could be out for longer term. That said they may take the risk as to lose in this game ramps up the pressure on Levein if that is even possible. But huge game for our season too. I just hope the defence is switched on and cuts out the mistakes from the weekend.
  6. Welldaft Mk1

    2019/2020 Game 2: Celtic (H) August 10th 12pm Kick off

    I was impressed by new additions wingers pre season in particular Hylton. I suspect that had more to do with calibration of opposition. So far v 2 top flight sides they have been poor and generally unfit. I still think Hylton will be a decent addition. Seedorf and Ilic jury out. Seedorf was very poor yesterday and to be fair Ilic was not that much better. I thought we started well and deservedly went in front. Then we started making some very basic mistakes and Celtic score 5 goals from 5 shots on target. The difference is they have very clinical players middle to front. I though Polworth looked fairly assured and his passing was pleasing on the eye. Donnelly is scoring for fun. Gallagher made a basic mistake but overall got pass marks. Big game on Friday night v Hearts. Win that and we can get up and running. Lose and well Accies away becomes huge even this early in the season.
  7. Welldaft Mk1

    2019/2020 Game 2: Celtic (H) August 10th 12pm Kick off

    Answer me this Q Who oh why do people rise to the bait from Yodo and Steelboy. Week in week out it is the same narrative. It is not that they don’t occasionally raise valid points..well Steelboy anyway, but by Christ it is doomsday pish every single game even those we win. Unless we get an Arab sheikh we will be a team that battles to avoid relegation and probably finishes mid table or thereabouts. We will get gubbed off Celtic more often than not because they have one player that costs 2x our annual turnover. Please don’t give them the attention they do not deserve
  8. Welldaft Mk1

    2019/2020 Game 2: Celtic (H) August 10th 12pm Kick off

    It was a challenge that merited a red card imho. At the time I thought it was a bad challenge from both. Shame as he was playing quite well given low expectations. I assume he misses the League cup game also ? Still not sure I like trial by TV. Far too inconsistent and you can bet your mortgage that others will get off with similar or worse this season.
  9. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Perhaps we have a clause allowing us to get him back at some point. By all accounts he was outstanding in their Europa League game. For a club like Motherwell it is a luxury to have two out and out 1st team keepers. I really like Carson but as Gillespie proved yesterday he is our No1 and so Carson would need to play 1st team football. Feel sorry about the position he finds himself in through no fault of his own.
  10. Welldaft Mk1

    Livingston vs Motherwell 03/08/2019

    I felt we were average overall. We have lost games like that before and at Livingston. However another clean sheet and thanks to Gillespie for that. Both teams had chances and on another day could have been 1-1 or 2-2. That pitch however is an abomination. Our players were struggling all afternoon to control the ball. Should never be allowed in top flight. An away point at a ground where their home record was top 6 is OK. Next week different ball game. Celtic will like our pitch. But I reckon we will get another point,
  11. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 League Cup

    Hearts are nothing special but would you have preferred them v East Fife or Forfar or even Morton at Fir Park. Depends what the script is with Naismith. Their record without him is woeful. Their record with him is v impressive. A bit of a talisman so would fancy our chances more if that moaning wee **** was not playing that day.
  12. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 League Cup

    Well that was the biggest surprise ever. Actually only surprised it was not at Tynecastle
  13. Welldaft Mk1

    The 'Magnificent' David Turnbull Discussion Thread

    To be honest who knows. I saw him on the crutches yesterday so it does look like a few months out of the game. Ideally we would like him to get back in the team kick on from last season and hope someone else comes in and ups the bidding. Of course that will only happen if he reaches the heights from end of last season, which we all hope he does. The contract is a little strange and I hope it does not suggest some animosity towards the club. At the end of the day Celtic took the original offer off the table after the knee problem came to light. None of this had anything to do with Motherwell FC. If he is on say £600 per week and we offer to double or triple that for an extra year . Why not take it? All being well he will be offski in Jan or end of next season in any case and this way he gets more money. It may be any delay is simply down to negotiations or he is not going to sign. His and his agents prerogative. We shall see what transpires. Anyway we have Liam goal machine Donnelly to help fill the void for now. He has stepped up in pre season and been a very welcome and positive surprise.
  14. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 League Cup

    I had us at minus 2. A surefire way for the score to end with a 2 goal margin of victory. I blame the grass....
  15. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 League Cup

    I am with you. First let’s win the game and keep the momentum going. We could maybe be more experimental at home v Annan than away v Dumbarton despite their recent results. Despite the optimism we don’t want to find ourselves with a Clyde like situation. Lets get a strong side out on the park and play with width and pace. If we are 5-0 up then we can think about experimenting.

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