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  1. You are obvs a novice. This will never catch on. On this forum player signings are either varying degrees of underwhelming, poor or utter shite. You pick one of those 3 you will fit in well.
  2. Ah well just as well u r not in charge of the budget Steelboy. I am assuming Sadio Mane is waiting to announce he is signing for Motherwell. Or is it that our budget can afford Blair Spittal and not Mane ? Just an observation.
  3. That is fine and every signing we make will no doubt split opinion. Nathan McGinlay apart…. But since Motherwell fans hardly rate any player highly I take it as an encouraging sign that opposition fans are sorry to lose him and had expected him to do better than Motherwell.
  4. Interesting take. Ross County fans rated him highly. The Terrace podcast had him in their top12 attacking midfielders this season. One of the few non old firm players. Along with Ross Tierney as it happens. Neither of the hosts were or are Well fans or Ross County fans. So not vested interest. That top he is wearing. What a belter. That will sell out in record time.
  5. Quote from Ross County fan above on P&B. No offence to the Spittal nay sayers such as Yodo but I would rather take the views of the fans of the team targeted player played for. Ross County have a similar or even bigger budget than we have. So if we are able to take one of their better players I am all for it. I will say it again like I do every season. Our budget dictates who and who we cannot go after and afford to buy. Spittal may well have other offers like Lamie but I would be happy if he ended up with us. Certianly on his day he would be better than the departed OHara and Donnelly imho.
  6. QR2 is I believe regionalised. So I want an easy non expensive trip and eminently winnable tie. I would prefer Wales / Ireland etc to Iceland or Faroes. Been to Iceland already and Faroes is a bit meh. Save money for QR3 where we can hope for Basel, Slavia Prague assuming we are not seeded.
  7. If I could cherry pick right now I would take St Patrick’s Athletic. A trip over to Dublin would be immense. Capacity of 5400 with ave attendance of 2000. We could hope for 1-2000 tickets. If it was say a Bala Town or Crusaders then capacity would be an issue. I think both are sub 3000. Of course neither of those teams may win thru to QR2.
  8. If we finish 4th I will literally piss my pants laughing
  9. Well said YB. I have Celtic on -2, -3 and -4. Do I feel bad - no. If it does go on to be 4-0 or 5-0 at least I get a decent deposit on any Euro adventures. This game means literally nothing to me. More interested in how County v United finishes.
  10. And there we go again. An upward spiral from this season would be qualifying for the Europa League / Champions League or winning the League :-). I accept the games have not been a lot of fun and we have played some god awful football these past few months. So I do understand where you are coming from. I am also prepared to accept that Alexander has made mistakes. But as far as I can see he and the team got more right than wrong. That is all I can ask from a Motherwell team and Management. It was not that long ago we had 65% possession and double the shots on target and were losing 1-0 to Accies and United at home before Robinson resigned.
  11. We may have enough bodies for defence and yes as has been mentioned we have had more disruption and injuries in this area than any other. All that said we have conceded the 3rd most goals in the league this season. 55 in total which will no doubt be a few more come FT tomorrow. As poor as Hibs and Aberdeen have been this season they have conceded almost double figures less and in the case of Hibs only 42. I am not happy with LB situation. I think both options are not top flight standard. Clearly the Manager thinks otherwise. We need to try and get a settled back 4 as it would surely help. I never thought I would say this but I would be much happier if Lamie stayed on. He is probably ahead of Sol and Ojala in terms of reliability. And certainly goal scoring threat.
  12. This is why I love this forum....well kind of. "Not convinced GA can turn things around". Turning around a season where we finished at worst 5th and qualified for Europe. Genuinely laugh out loud moment ! Just as well Big Stall is not a fan of Hibs or Aberdeen ! Face facts - we cannot afford a team that can play like Man City and win games playing well all the time. We could afford a team that could try to play more silky football and lose more. Genuine Q - would that keep the fans onside. I can see it now. "We are in the play offs...but fair play to Alexander we are trying to play football". NOT in a month of Sundays. Not EVER !
  13. We would certainly be seeded for Q Round 2. I seem to recall that we were only seeded to meet Coleraine because ironically they managed to beat Maribor. That meant we crept in as the lowest ranked seed. We probably would need as much if not more luck for that to happen again. That said it is a lesser competition than the Europa league so one would expect more lower seeded teams.
  14. You are right. I misread the prize money distribution. So finishing 4th gets us £130k more in SPFL prize money + guaranteed extra 200k Euros. Finish 5th and you potentially get an extra home Euro gate. If we were to enter 2nd qualifying round you would hope a more winnable tie such as a Glentoran / Coleraine. No guarantee but we would be seeded and a decent chance of progressing. The extra game would probably make up for SPFL prize money shortfall. Being selfish I would rather have the extra Euro game so not entirely fussed about 4th or 5th. As it happens I expect United will get the draw they need on Saturday to finish 4th.
  15. What is weird about that is that is does not feel that way to me anyway. Missing out on last campaign due to Covid probably does not help. I have been to 7 away Euro games but my last away game was Panathinaikos. That was in 2012. 10 bloody years ago. Seems like ages because it is ! Hopefully we get a favourable draw in terms of travel.

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