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  1. I read it is now only one seat distance so our 4500 ST fans will be accommodated relatively easily between the 3 home stands. I also saw Flow say there will be a number of general sale tickets over and above the normal walk up crowd for a home game. Granted this is a different game and like many I did not make League Cup home games. That plus free season tickets are just that. Free. 2000 Hibs fans would equate to £40k plus in much needed revenue. Edit to add - would there have been an extra 2000 Well fans that would have attended ? Then there might be a gripe…chances are Hibs will sell out that allocation where we might not have sold extra 2000 tickets on top of 4500 season ticket holders…. So in summary I doubt any ST fans will miss out. Yes there may be some Well fans that would have liked to have gone. They will just have to be quick when the General sales comes about.
  2. Job done but being critical I think we have been bang average against the poorest side in the group. Early in season yes but soooo many misplaced passes and long balls that have gone absolutely nowhere. Why would u not want to try and play football at 2-0 up. Distribution from defence has been woeful. Anyway looks like we have got thru to play a seeded side. A big improvement required if we have any chance of an upset. Dundee would be the best draw we could get.
  3. QOS 2-0 up. Any win will probably do now you would imagine.
  4. Again a fairly insipid performance. I like Van Veen but that was a sitter he missed. Anywhere but past the post and it is a goal. Almost harder to miss..... He is also very ball greedy. Probably because he wants to score but he needs to use other players. Annan have had their chances.
  5. Enjoyed reading that. A lot of truth unfortunately. However in context the Billions being pumped into English football has done a lot of damage to Motherwell and most Scottish Teams. When Championship teams in England get 2+ times the money Our league winners get….. That has meant we are fishing in bargain basement bin for players. And by nature that means we will go for players that have lost their way or for whatever reason have not been given the chance to shine. The upshot is every now and then we will get a Marvin Johnson or a Kipre, but we will also get our fair share of the Caspar Sloths and Jacob Blythe of this world. I am angry at last night but accept that GA is playing the team he has at his disposal as we are thin on the ground. Still quite a few players injured. Still quite a few players not match fit. Still quite a few players to come in to the squad. The reality is we need the injured players back, the unfit players fitter and signing of 4-5 1st team standard players. We will beat Annan on Sat and I expect QOS to get a least a draw v Airdrie. So we should still win the group. Of course we will be unseeded, but being seeded has hardly done us much favours in the past. As long as we avoid Rangers, Celtic and get a home draw we would have a chance of progression. But a big step up in effort and quality required.
  6. Airdrie won’t beat QOS. Not a local Derby. Whether we beat Annan is a bigger concern right now !
  7. Funnily enough I have had a go at you for negative posts in the past. I am a happy clapper. Always have been. But….I call it as I see it. We are as it stands the worst team in the top flight. We play with that side or anything resembling that side and we WILL be relegated. If we get O Hara back, Donnelly fit, can see what Shields can do v Van Veen / Woolery etc. Sign 2 starting centre backs and a couple of decent midfielders then we may have enough about us. That team should have had enough about them to win tonight. But it was so lacklustre.
  8. It bloody well is. We are the top flight team. But u would never know. It has been an awful performance regardless of the pitch and opposition. That team will get us relegated. I would start 4 of them. Anymore and out 30 year stay in the top flight will be over.
  9. To be fair we always get a top flight side in the next round. This year will be no different !!!
  10. Lamie need to stop playing for our 1st team. That would help our prospects immensely
  11. We have been in second gear all night. Awful performance. If nothing else this shows how weak we are. Missing 3 or 4 players and need 4 or 5 signings. That is half a team or more or less. Right now it feels as if we are following the Celtic path of recruitment. Slow and methodical.::::::
  12. That is how to take a free kick Tony Watt. No less than we have deserved. Got out of jail the 1st two games but that sums up our overall performance in this league cup.
  13. Would not go that far. Just that we have a distinctly average side. Our composure on the ball is nothing short of honking. Cannot pass the ball and when we do our efforts on goal are woeful. Watt does a power of running and no lack of effort but my Staffy is more of a threat in front of goal.

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