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  1. I think we all acknowledge that this current squad have some issues in terms of attitude and desire. Alexander mentioning that when he came in that half the squad wanted away really beggars the Q what has gone on. Clearly we hope in time that those players get their wish and get tae France. My point in all of this is - if whichever team play on Wed do not give their all to try and get a modicum of revenge for 3 defeats to our local rivals then it only goes to show that there really is a issue within the club. Were that me I would be busting a gut to get a result any result. These next two games could really go a long way to rescue an abysmal season. Not sure this team (bar a few) have it in them. I hope they prove me wrong !
  2. In reality it was not as if Morton outplayed us over 90 minutes. Despite the awfulness of the performance I think some are getting carried away that Morton deserved more. They deserved to get to penalties and they lost. From the get go we were poor. Not sure if that is an issue with attitude to just the fact we have too many bog standard players. Special mention for the stream. A good 30 seconds behind the club twitter. I only switched on notifications this week. Wish I had not. Knowing you have scored 20-30 seconds before you see it and same with equaliser. The whole season has been a clusterfuck. But that just about sums it up. On to Hibs away. No earthly chance based on that display. None whatsoever...
  3. The club tweeted before I even saw the goal. What the fuck is it about this stream. Fucking annoying !
  4. Would one Motherwell player (Kelly apart) like to start playing fkin football. A novel concept I know but this is as poor as I have seen this season !
  5. Don’t know what Lamie was thinking about says Jock. No one ever does. Least of all himself. See if he says Crawford is having a good game one more time. Generally followed up by a balls up. Long has to score
  6. You could sub all the team apart from Kellly and no one could complain !
  7. Got to love Jock Brown. Crawford tireless and great in midfield.... mind you he did almost give away a goal in the 1st half !!!!!!!
  8. We literally have no midfield. Even Campbell has virtually disappeared and Maguire and Crawford are championship players at best. Painful viewing
  9. Early days but in all honesty we look like a team in the bottom half of the top flight. We can hardly pass to one another. Poor crosses. Wayward passes. Maguire and McGinley playing like bang average players - no real surprise tbh.
  10. Welldaft Mk1

    Big Dec

    I am sure someone will be along to tell us that that CIA are behind this and the trigger was removed on threat of demotion to junior leagues. Basically as I expected it was a load of bollox and those in the know were not remotely in the know !!
  11. You are such a bloody tease OTF... One wonders if the does mean a change in the recruitment dept and approach. It is clear we will run with a smaller squad. We need too. This season reminds me of the Les Hutchison era. Flirting with relegation and loosening the coffers to bring in numbers in the hope it works. You could legitimately argue it has worked and that without Liam Kelly and Devante Cole as examples we could still be in the bottom 2 league places. I am in the minority in that I like Chris Long. Only because I know there is a very decent player there. He shows it in bursts like 2nd half on Sat. If (a BIG if at that) he screwed the nut and put in that type of performance in every game over 90 minutes he would be some player and sold for a reasonable fee to boot.
  12. If it is a long term injury knowing us we will offer him a 2 year deal... In all seriousness hopefully it will not keep him out for too long. One wonders whether Hearts would have retained him for next season based on his form for us. An injury which maybe keeps him out for early part of next season may work in our favour if we harboured ambitions to have him at Fir Park next season.
  13. I think he has so far justified us appointing him in the 1st place. We are sitting in 5th place in the form table over the last 10 games. When he came in relegation was a real and present danger. It has all but been eliminated after yesterday. He also has had a terrible injury situation to contend with (initially at least), as well as key players who are and have been (apparently) throwing their toys out of the pram. I was not best pleased with our 1st half showing and we were fortunate to get 3 points. But having seen as dominate or be the better team in games this season and get NO points then I will not lose too much sleep. So far so good. His real test will come this summer when rebuilding the squad. What does worry me is signing of Crawford and Mugabi. As long as they are likely to be squad players then fine as back up. A solid 7 out of 10 so far. Get us to the Cup semi final and that becomes an 8 out of 10.
  14. I meant to say at Fir Park where it has been almost 70 years since they have beaten us. I am taking this from Morton fans on P&B who reacted to this draw as if they had drawn Man City away :-) Also 19 goals for us and 0 against in last 5 to 6 games at Fir Park.
  15. The way the game started I thought QOS might spring a shock. Certainly an even game for 1st 20-30 mins. Then Hibs turned the screw and it was one corner after another. Did not help that QOS defended corners like we tend to do or don’t to be more factual ! From there on in Hibs won comfortably. In some ways I am glad it is at Easter Rd as it makes Hibs firm favourites. Also given we beat them 2-0 last time out they will sadly not take us as lightly S they did that day. I would say a 30-40% chance. Depends what Motherwell turn up of course ! Need to beat Morton first and they are long overdue a result against us. Hopefully not this time around...

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