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  1. Couple of posts above saying we should not get carried away and that on another day Aberdeen would or could have won. As far as I can see everyone including myself is enjoying the moment and a great win. Also a recognition that maybe we have got our transfer business right this time around. The two new centre backs were very impressive yesterday. One game I know but I don’t think anyone had the right to expect Sondre in his first game to be so assured. Van Veen is going to be some watch this season. He does not give a f*ck. Ane we need that attitude v the better teams. Yes he will come unstuck and a red card is probably just around the corner. But he has been a breath of fresh air. My final point and main one is who did not expect Aberdeen to have the majority of possession and play some decent football ? Their wage budget must have increased massively this season. Normally it is double our budget at least. Scott Brown was on £25k per week at Celtic. You would imagine he is now on around £8-£10k per week. Fantasy wages for a team like Motherwell. So I was not surprised at the possession stats. What did surprise my was how well we defended and generally looked comfortable after going 2-0 up. A great day and a great win. Harder tests lie ahead but it has been a promising start to our league campaign.
  2. It was reckless in my view. I also think the reaction of the Dundee player made Collum mind up. No issues there as you want to get the opposition player sent off. I pretty much guarantee you will see a dozen+ similar challenges and no doubt one or two on our players go without a red being produced !
  3. A good summation Dave. Pretty much how I saw the game go. A lot of people bemoaning performance and style. And it is hard to disagree. Bar a couple of 5-10 minutes spells we let Dundee dominate and if that had been a better team as in a top 6 team we would not have had the wherewithal to come away with any points. What I will say is that this time last year we were actually playing decent football and dominating games and possession and LOSING. After 6 games we had 2 points. If I think back to Ross C and even Hamilton and United at home - with GA we simply don’t lose those games. Might not be pretty but I will give him credit where it is due. He has made us more difficult to beat. How many times would we have lost an equalising goals after going down to 10 men. Bar a couple of opportunities we held out today quite comfortably. We have played teams - all of which have had a much more settled look to their match day teams. Hibs and St Johnstone especially were pretty much playing the same sides as last season. We have key players missing, players coming back from long term injury and players getting their fitness up. Of the new players I think Kelly (new signing) Slattery, Ojala, Van Veen will prove to be worthwhile additions. Shields may come good as too early to write off. For me Amaluzor and Woolery added very little. Fit guys with pace but at the moment little end product. I want so much for Woolery to be like a Johnson or Aryibi. But he is looking more like a beefed up Seedorf. He needs to start delivering as so far he is not showing himself to be a 1st team option. Good to see Watt hit 3 league goals in a row. Superbly gifted player who gives his all. All that was missing was more goals. I saw some criticism of Slattery. I must admit this baffled me. He maybe did not set the heather on fire yesterday, but I thought how composed he is on the ball. I think we have won a watch with him. He will get better once his match day fitness improves. With the Norwegian CB and a decent forward option I think we have a squad to compete middle of the table. Would not say no to Roberts returning but I wonder if Hearts would release him to a competitor. Maybe on loan so he does not play against them. But that is just supposition. All in all an excellent 3 points as we head into International break. Always good to get a win ahead of 2 week break.
  4. Phil with a red hoodie. That I would like to see. He was wearing a HAT as his username hints. I assume you got a freebie Phil or went with a Livi pal. I would of celebrated anyway.
  5. That is as maybe . But had Alexander and Motherwell lost today the knives would have been out. I am all for criticising the shite on the pitch but for once can we accept that the Manager got it right. We go gung ho and we lose an equaliser in 93 minutes and everyone would be complaining we were too adventurous. Criticise when the time is right but not today despite the NEGATiVe takes on this site.
  6. Well you are all fun What I love about Steelmen online. The most depressing place to inhabit on the planet. Full of fucking doom merchants. Why I spend more time on Pie and Bovril. A more balanced view. We may not have been great today but we beat Livi on their shite plastic pitch. I would say we are several weeks away from finding our strongest 11. An issue that has not affected our 1st 3 opponents in the league. But no one cares about that. Like Alexander or not he is right to point out we have not had a settled side for various reasons. I was impressed with Slattery today. A composed midfielder. Watt and Grimmy also the dogs bollox. We may still have a shite season. But let that happen first before pissing your pants.
  7. Just saying to my mate. Teams only need a couple of chances to score against us. We need double figures attempts to score a goal. Mugabi…you would be as well putting a statue in defence. Too easily beat.
  8. They had 21 shots at goal first half and 83% possession!! Hearts were very lucky to be only 2-0 down. Celtic could easily have been 6 or 7 up at HT. Slowed in 2nd half and yes Starfelt looks a bit dodgy. But as UBH says I fear playing them if they are in that mood 1st half. Even though I know our defense and midfield would cope admirably !
  9. At least we did not lose to a team in the division below ! That said when we lose in the cup. It is usually followed by top seeds tumbling. Every single time.
  10. I saw a recent response (last week) from Flow on Twitter we were looking to add to the squad. I have seen rumours re Robbie Gott and a couple of attackers inc Marc McNulty. Although the latter has now joined United. That would suggest to me we are still looking at midfield and up front. Ideally we need two starters and not squad fillers. Especially true in midfield. Slattery and OHara may do and Donnelly may come good but we are desperately weak in there at the moment. Up front Watt, Van Veen may do and Shields and Lawless may come good but that is about it. I have seen very little of Woolery to suggest he has what it takes. Early days but he has had a few games to “tear teams apart” and has not looked like doing so. Maybe the standard up here is better than he or the Manager thought. For me the players I would see as starters in the current squad would be Kelly, SODs, Ojala / Lamie, Slattery, OHara, Van Veen, Watt. Jury out on Lawless, Carroll, Shields, Mugabi and Lamie tbh. McGinley seems to have fallen behind Carroll for the time being. But not sure Carroll is doing enough to justify that !
  11. No need to worry we will sign the correct players by 2025. GA better pull the fkin finger out and pronto
  12. Watt misses too many decent chances. Soft as in defence and no cutting edge up front. I am usually a happy clapper but I am now a tad worried about the season ahead !
  13. And I have no faith we will equalise. Yet had we gone 1-0 up I am sure we would concede. We are soft as shite. A free header from a corner. I simply refuse to believe it. We never do that….. Dundee Utd 1 down and equalise. St Mirren 1 down and equalise. Teams with a spirit and battling qualities will do that.
  14. As poor as we have been so far we carry little luck. Great saves and woodwork and balls not dropping for us. You make your own luck but we could with a lucky break.
  15. Whatever you do don’t mention that on P&B. They get very sensitive… As for the line up. Clearly OJala is not ready to start a game. As for Watt. I felt he had a poor game by his standards last weekend. Always gives a 100%. He just did not play that well. Happy to see what Shields can do. They are missing Kerr and Rooney I believe. Imho two of their 3 best players. Ali McCann being the 3rd one. I will go for a score draw. Edit to add Rooney playing. Shame as he is v influential for them and a handful to boot…

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