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  1. I reviewed the accounts and there was a significant and expected drop in gate receipts and tv income due to not being involved in 2 cup finals. This is largely why we went from a £1.7m profit to a £440k loss. In addition the club made Repayments to Boyle and Hutchison which were actually in excess of the loss itself. So had we not made these repayments the club would have been in profit, albeit not to the same extent of the previous year. With the money being available it made sense to continue to pay off these 2 previous owners. Now that we have paid them off in full we will not have future debt repayments apart from the £80k owed to 5 individuals.
  2. Let’s face it this is Motherwell FC. There would b Messi haters amongst our fans if he played for us. Polworth had the same at ICT. For some fans he was their best player by a distance. For others a lazy so and so. I think it is his languid style and the fact he does lose the ball and seem quite lightweight at times but by god his plus points heavily outweigh any negatives. Best creater of chances I have seen at Fir Park in ages and one of the best passers of a ball too. His assist come the end of the season will be obscene. He has been a fantastic signing.
  3. The secret clearly is to be fairly shite for 20 minutes at the start of each game and then win them by 3 or 4 goals. We seemed to have found a great strategy. Sadly the better sides will not be so hospitable. Chances are we will play Hearts with a new Manager so a much stronger start will be required on Saturday. Great result all the same and pleased for Scott. He has his critics but I rate him highly and think he is a better option to start v Long. Shame the h**s bottled it or we would be 3rd tonight. Credit to the Manager and players. Beat Hearts on Saturday and I reckon top 6 is ours. But given current form we should be aiming for 4th as Hibs have had their mini purple patch. Good times....
  4. I agree. I get that a 7:20pm KO time will put some people off - that and it being on BBC.....but this will be 1st game back after 3 weeks and a decent accessible (within reason) City. Also a bit of a novelty which actually may guarantee a bigger turnout. I reckon we will see 1000+ I am intending to do an overnight and make a day / afternoon of it assuming the weather does not mess with those plans. Looking forward to it already..
  5. I am a BIG fan of James Scott. To me he is one of the most skilful players we have at the club and given his age that is saying something. He showed that in the lead up to the 4th goal. His close control is very good and I think he will have a fantastic career and earn us a few bob. Above poster is correct in that he is guilty of trying to play football in the wrong areas of the pitch at times. He is young and a less talented footballer would hoof it down the pitch which is actually what is required when surrounded by 2 or 3 opposing players. He got away with a couple on Saturday but hopefully he will learn. St Mirren have been getting plaudits for their play and if true you feel they will get some luck at some point. By all accounts should have taken at least a point v Hibs and Aberdeen - 2 teams that put 3 goals past us recently. So a very tough game in prospect. I quite like St Mirren but hope their luck kicks in after midweek. Team selection will be based on reported illness but we have many options which is quite a luxury for us. I think midfield is a tough one to call. Polworth, Cambell and Donnelly are 1st choice but I can see O'Hara making a claim for a position as the season moves on. Hylton was very good on Saturday and should start as should Cole. Long is a decent player and works hard but it is not coming off for him at the moment. I would start with same team as Saturday but would not be surprised to see Scott and or O'Hara get a start.
  6. The first 15 minutes were eye bleedingly awful. Grimmy and Hartley passing to St Johnstone players twice each from 10 yards a away. We were well off the pace and may be explained by the illness affecting the squad according to Robbo. All that said winning 4-0 v St Johnstone is a rarity and to be able to post that scoreline and play off our best is very encouraging. As a few have mentioned other teams would take advantage of the chances St Johnstone created but so what - they did not. lets hope we kick on again v St Mirren midweek. If we could get 7 points or more from this week it would be a v decent return. Ignore Yodo. You would think people would have learned by now.......
  7. As sure as night follows day..... The actual facts are that we have drawn top flight sides 50% of the time the past 12 seasons. Still above average I would guess. Plus 5 home draws and 7 away. Quite sure it is on BBC Sportscene at 7ish Would like any side out with top 2 divisions for some excitement. Probably get Dundee United.
  8. I actually thought we played quite well today. I have seen us a lot worse at Easter Road by some distance. All that said I think I will stop going. Last time I think I saw us win there was v Hearts in League cup semi final. Seems that long ago. I have not been to all games but not many if any we have actually bloody won. Gallacher strolled it at times and was easy on the eye. I think a draw would have been fair not least for the Polworth penalty shout. I will stand corrected when the highlights prove otherwise but it looked like a penalty at the time. Don't think we will make top 4 because today summed us up quite nicely. A very decent squad of players who on their day can be excellent. The problem is all of them are with Motherwell which means they have deficiencies in their game. Like midfielders that cannot defend or forward players that cannot choose the correct final ball again and again despite being in great positions. I remember one point in the second half when a ball was fired across goal by someone at a head height and at a 100 miles an hour, whereas a ball along the deck at medium pace would have resulted in Campbell tapping it into the net. Frustrating but is what it is. All we can afford most probably. Still play like that all season and we will finish top 6 at least.
  9. Every appointment carries risk. McCall did very well for us, but then made a bit of a mess at his subsequent jobs inc deadco thankfully for us anyway. Ross Jack seems a decent appointment for the Hibees and will surely do better than Heckingbottom. Of course one hopes he will lose his 1st game in charge. Will be more difficult for us unfortunately but will be a sign of where we really are headed this season. Hope I am wrong but all the signs point to Robbo getting the N Ireland gig. He will probably treble his salary at the very least so you could understand why he would take it if offered. I am a bit unsure about Lasley being automatically appointed but him and Maurice Ross might work. I personally would want a more experienced Manager to come in with Las as assistant for another year or two at least. Think it might be too soon for Lasley.
  10. On the whole I like Grimmy. He does have an abundance of energy and going forward he is a joy to watch at times. But defensively I think he is lacking sadly and it is costing us. Watching the highlights he was caught out several times 2 of which led to goals. I get that Celtic have good players and I also get that they will outfox many defenders, but the 1st goal he allows Elyanoussi to cut inside towards the box and make the pass that leads to the 1st goal. Better positional sense and he forces Elyanoussi down the line or does not allow him to have a free run towards the box. Second goal is a good pass but he neither cuts off the pass nor cuts out the cross. To be fair Tait is more culpable as it was a howler of an attempted clearance.
  11. I am sure you do. Most of us however recognise that Celtic have a budget and squad that dwarfs ours. It really is the equivalent of Brechin playing Motherwell at Fir Park. Do you think their fans would go into a meltdown were they to lose 2-0 to Motherwell. You would be better hoping that Scottish football fans supported teams other than for religious or continual successes then the Old Firm would not dominate so much.
  12. Wtf is Tait doing ? Rank poor defending. I have huge admiration for him but sadly I think his best days are in the past. It was a fairly basic cross into the box.
  13. The truth is there for all to see. We have been much better this season although Hibs and Hearts being turgid (until now anyway) has reflected well on us in terms of results and league placings. The reality is we are still fairly soft at the back and Tait and Grimshaw are average defenders at best and are routinely found out against much faster and better players. Grimshaw won player of the month yet I actually thought his distribution and defending had been quite poor last few games. Must be just me. Would like to see the Celtic 2nd goal but would wager it was totally unavoidable. Games at Parkhead will not define our season but we always hope for a miracle....ah well. Hibs away next will be a huge game. They will have a new Manager most likely and if we fail to get a positive result in that game our season may dip a little.
  14. I actually have a hunch he won’t go to Hearts. They will have a large quantity of applicants that won’t cost compensation. Budge has also made clear there is no front runner despite what media is reporting i.e Robinson. Of course she could just be saying that but I have a feeling he will not b appointed.

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