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  1. Interesting time of the year for sure. For sentimental reasons you could make a case for a number of Players Hartley included. But what I like about Robinson is he seems able for the most part to separate sentimentality v pragmatism and will take steps to ensure we have the strongest squad possible when football eventually returns. Cannot remember which seasons in particular but I am sure there have been a few where quite a few players were kept on where based on form alone the majority of fans would have had no issues with them leaving the club. Was Faddy one of those in his last spell ? Would like to have Watt, OHara and Long stay. OHara should happen unless another club tries to hijack. Watt hopefully too. Long will no doubt get more lucrative offers down south but with Covid 19 you never know.
  2. Me too. Listened to the Declan G podcast on what the falk podcast today. Good listen. When asked he said he felt that Robbo was the best Manager in the top flight. Of course he would say that wouldn’t he. But he talks about his meticulous prep and he also mentions how he persuaded him to come to Motherwell rather than St Johnstone by stating clearly he would make him a better player. Sounds simple but big Deccy obvs thought he was quite good as it was so he felt it was refreshing and encouraging to hear him say that. So that alone means he has used his skills to persuade a sought after player to join us and go onto to be a full international and may yet yield us a decent transfer fee. I would give him a 9 out of 10 and hope he does not jump ship to NI this summer or anyone else for that matter. Inevitable other clubs will come in for him. He would be a bigger loss than any player bar Davy T.
  3. The financial discussions on lost income seem to omit a final home game v one of the Old Firm. Which in itself would be worth six figures. I have absolutely no problem with the club pleading poverty. What is the alternative - tell everyone we are awash with cash or even in a healthy position. At a time when we don’t know when we will be playing in front of crowds. At a time when we are releasing players no doubt using the excuse we have a small budget to play with. At a time when we are still hoping to encourage season ticket sales and Well Society donations. If we eventually sell Turnbull for £3m plus and then the next day say we don’t have 2 beans to rub together I might think they are extracting the urine but fine with this message just now.
  4. Well done to the players and management team. 3rd place on our budget and based on pre season predictions is an excellent effort. Shame we never got to celebrate at Fir Park. Who knows if there will be Europa games to go too - but a few months to pass potentially so fingers crossed. Absolutely and fully MERITED.
  5. Is anyone surprised that clubs are approaching re-starting the season and reconstruction talks with self interest in mind. I would expect that and if Motherwell were bottom of the league I would expect us to shout loudly that we want season to continue or reconstruction to save our asses. The perplexing and sad thing is Sevco kicking off when the likelihood is they were finishing nowhere else other than 2nd. But clearly pandering to the fans to show they are not capitulating and handing Celtic 9 in a row. Pathetic quite frankly. And if they have little or no evidence to back up their scurrilous claims I would have them reprimanded for bringing the game into disrepute. We are in the enviable position that we can watch all this bickering unfold. I do not expect reconstruction to be passed regardless as will not garner enough votes. I also would not like to see football restarted without fans. It would be counterproductive and costly with little to be gained in revenue.
  6. Welldaft Mk1

    Season Tickets

    So much like many if not most posts on any football forum. Motherwell FC is owned by the fans and many on here myself included are seeking clarity on what the club are doing around the GOV furlough scheme. It has substantial implications if for whatever reason we have decided not to seek that assistance even for 1 month. I am hoping they are but for whatever reason have decided not to communicate their position. But since most of the provincial clubs have stated their position why not Motherwell FC ? As the days go on and weeks than this is not going away. Fans are rightly concerned that any money they are putting into the club at this moment in time will meet staff wages when there is an accessible scheme to allow them to help offset this expense during Covid 19 crisis.
  7. Welldaft Mk1

    Season Tickets

    There are some staff that will be required to keep the club ticking over but the rest and majority of players are not exactly required at this moment in time sadly.
  8. Welldaft Mk1

    Season Tickets

    Exactly my point on the thread with this very topic. You mention it is sensitive and it is for clubs paying millions to players every year, but that is not Motherwell FC. I would imagine our average wage taking the under 21’s into account would be covered by the furlough scheme or a very large %. The reality is that if British Airways can furlough 40,000 employees whilst making hundreds of millions in profit last few years then we should have no issues with it. As stated I hope the club are on top of this as even missing out by a month would have a negative impact of at least a couple of hundred thousand £ v St Mirren, Hibs, Ross County et al. I have renewed my season ticket but can understand some holding off until this is clarified. We will likely all be paying higher taxes (those fortunate to have a job in a few months) to pay off deficit so would want Motherwell to benefit.
  9. Any update on this Q ? I have just seen the Chairman’s update and no mention of our intentions in this regard. I am quite sure that most if not all clubs in top flight have told their fans and media what they are planning. Normally the stock answer would be none of our business but as a fan owned club it absolutely is our business. We are being asked to renew season tickets which I have done as have 1000 or so others. But the income raised would be 100% wiped out from 2-3 months cost of paying salaries in full whilst other clubs in the top flight are utilising the Gov scheme.
  10. I am not going to post on this again as I have lost the will but in the name of f#ck what is it with Well fans wanting to void a season where we have fought hard to be in 3rd position. A position where we have been for most of 2019 in form. I expect quite a few responses to this post, but I am absolutely bemused and gobsmacked that some fans on here want that as an option. Do you want us to earn the same prize money as Hamilton and St Mirren. Do you not want us to qualify for Europe if there is going to be such a thing. JUST DO NOT GET IT..... I particularly love Gazzy B answer of depends and Nobody Nobody. That clarifies everything for me and is a sound argument......
  11. The league season was predicated on there not being a global pandemic. The league rules allow for the SPFL to call a halt to the season earlier if required. What do we do for next season if we are trying to finish this one off in July and August. As I said better to bite the bullet and start afresh once we are in a position to do so. Null and void is very unlikely to happen. Too many issues as I have highlighted already.
  12. I suppose we could because again we have a global pandemic and if you believe what you read there may be no football until July / August at the earliest. Around the time the next season would be due to start. These are unprecedented times and this is no ones fault. 3 of the 4 league winners if you include Celtic would have won at a canter so timing is moot. Relegation I agree is undeserved and I would rather the season played to an end but that is highly unlikely. There may yet be reconstruction so that part may well be addressed and of not most of the teams at the bottom of leagues have been there most of the season. No other suggestions on here actually come close to making as much sense as the decision that has been taken imho.
  13. Really not sure what people on here expect to happen. Global pandemic with 80% season played. But no let’s hold on and try to play whenever we can. Why ruin this season when you can effectively ruin next season also. Great thinking. Better yet lets pretend this season never happened and cancel the whole lot. Pretend everyone finished in the same position and split the money evenly and when it comes to Europe if it ever does we can draw straws or or play marbles to decide which four clubs qualify. And people criticise the SPFL for making a mess of things........
  14. This is my point all along. If I am still in a job in a few months time I will be prepared and expect to pay an extra few % over the next how ever many years to help pay back the money that the gov will have borrowed. But by Christ I will be happier paying it if Motherwell FC were beneficiaries along with almost all other clubs in the top flight. So far as I can make out we are one of the few clubs that have not discussed their intentions around furloughing staff and players.
  15. In answer to your Q about season tickets then I suspect like you the vast majority would not request a refund. I certainly would have no intention of doing so. Part of the reason is that we played nearly 80% of the season, which AGAIN is also a huge part of the reason why null and voiding the season would be the least attractive option to many. If the season was even 40% of the way through then it would be a more legitimate and sound argument imho. When all is said and done my driver is the club I support and having been the 3rd best side for 2019 would hate to see no recognition for that either in prize money or European participation. I fully understand their are more important matters with this global pandemic going on - before anyone responds as such, but it does not change the way I want the football club to be rewarded for their recent endeavours.

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