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  1. Watt has been very good today. This bloody stream. I saw it was 4-0 on Sky Soccer Saturday before the goal on the stream.
  2. Agree. Not great. Ross County pass these ball better or have so far. Long anonymous but Cole has been decent. I can see County scoring so another goal or two is a must 2nd half. Constant changes in team and lack of game time is showing.
  3. See what happens when you put a good cross in the box. Great finish also.
  4. Hopefully not a serious injury to Carson. This has been a difficult watch so far. Very slow from Motherwell. Poor passing all over the pitch. Can tell we have not played for a wee while.
  5. I thought the club were going to have words....clearly having an impact. Stream gone for 2nd time and been off for over a minute !
  6. Got into a good position on couple of occasions but we lack the skills to find final telling pass or cross. Excellent Polworth pass to Cole who just crossed randomly without looking up to see where anyone was.
  7. A bit dramatic Dave, 3 of the back five played International Games a couple of weeks back. McGinley is also a defender. Maguire is the only player that could be out of position and even then he has played defensively before. If we get any injuries during the game then it would be a worry for sure. Fingers crossed we get much needed 3 points.
  8. Quite a few defenders of St Mirren stance earlier in the thread. FWIW I would agree if they have been unlucky and / or unfortunate but the SPFL must feel there is a case that St Mirren have not been following as stringently the Covid protocols as other clubs have. That would appear to be backed up by repeated multi player outbreaks. Time will tell but something appears quite fishy in the state of Paisley...
  9. Well if it is left up to the SPFL we should find out in season 25-26 what they would like to do for season 20-21. Killie game was 3 weeks ago FFS. Are they waiting for feedback from Hercule Poirot. They will not award 3 points and a 3-0 win so tell us when the game can go ahead and same with St Mirren game.
  10. He will end up at Oxford or Aberdeen / Hibs... I would take him back but he was hot and cold and injury prone. A fully functioning Cadden would walk into any team outside the Old Firm up here.
  11. He did say he would get in trouble with the gaffer..... He strikes me as quite a knowledgeable guy and is well spoken. But for all that it is very naive to say some of the things he said. As an employee of any company you are better not to infer or state the competition is better in a live discussion even if it is true. In some ways I am glad he made his comments about St Mirren. Even if it is totally untrue it Throws the cat amongst the pigeons. One hopes if gets the SPFL to make any kind of decision coming up to 3 weeks after the Kilmarnock game. The silence is deafening.
  12. Your responses tend to be a tad condescending. No one is purporting to be an expert and a lot of posts are borne out of frustration that the game was cancelled at the last minute. What I am querying and many others is how is it possible for 2 1st team players to test positive and ONLY one player requires to isolate. Then you have another positive test and as many as 4 or 5 suddenly need to isolate. Are these 1st two players introverts that keep to themselves and only mixed with one player. I don’t believe for a minute St Mirren are at it as it could bite them big time. But how difficult is it to say to test and trace that 4 or 5 players were in close proximity to the 3rd player who tested positive when there was probably little difference to the initial 2 players. If you were a conspiracy theorist you could say when the 1st two players tested positive they wanted to keep as many other players for our game. Then the minute another player tested positive and quite probably another key player - lets get this game off. The problem is that there will be no way for the SPFL to prove it even if they did bend the rules.

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