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  1. Welldaft Mk1

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    Actually thought Scott was unlucky with Penalty. Yes it was a good height but he fairly leathered it and on seeing the highlights it was a fantastic save by Lewis rather than a poor penalty. You could criticise if he trundled it along the ground or missed the target but it was not a bad effort imho. The second goal was a hospital pass From Gallagher but again watching the highlights straight away he realises this and tells / points to Campbell to pass back to Gillespie. That Campbell decided to fart about was more of a contributing factor. Post above nails it for me. We have a bottom 6 budget and so to expect us to win 6 games from 7 is maybe asking too much. Expected a better performance but not to be. Barring a miracle Killie will probably be above us when we play them midweek shortly. That would be an even bigger game than yesterday.....
  2. Welldaft Mk1

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    You cannot stop players from representing their country unless they are injured. For one thing the player themselves would not thank you for it and for another Alan Campbell is a young lad so should be able to cope with several games over 2 weeks. For whatever reason all players bar central defence (Mugabe and Gallacher) were so far off their game it was unreal. Maybe that is down to a more experienced and streetwise Aberdeen but that was by far the worst performance of the season. The missed penalty and our captain going off contributed but generally poor all round.
  3. Welldaft Mk1

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    Pretty much this. Every player to a man chose to have their worst game of the season in the same game. That takes some doing. Add to that the fact that unlike St Johnstone, St Mirren and Hibs Aberdeen have players who can score when given the opportunity. Actually though big Bevis did OK when he came on. I actually wanted Long to start ahead of Cole but on that performance ? Seedorf is a luxury player but not sure we can afford such luxury. only Rangers away next. Couple b a cricket score if we play the same way. Not writing off the season on the basis of that performance but hopefully the kick up the backside the players needed. Robbo has done a good job but even he has to stop with the Polworth and Campbell for Scotland chat. Clearly going to their heads..... Decent home crowd and same old outcome sadly.
  4. Welldaft Mk1

    Declan for Scotland

    Absolutely this. Was a fan of Clarke getting the gig, but if anything we have gone from bad to worse. Embarrassing...
  5. Welldaft Mk1

    Which club will take our Manager ?

    It apparently has....... A couple of posts above really does show how tough it is to be Manager of Motherwell Get to two cup finals - probably finish around or above budget in the league, but still in the eyes of many he is nothing special and has underperformed in many ways. As Sir Alex Ferguson proved it takes more than one or two season to build a successful team. Not many Managers get that luxury and now that Robbo has we are sitting in 3rd. Sure we will probably slide down the table but even we’re we to finish top 6 that would be a Big success. Important games v Killie and Dons coming up that will give us a better picture of where we are at and expectations for the season ahead.
  6. Welldaft Mk1

    Which club will take our Manager ?

    Just read a couple of (probably spurious) articles stating that Millwall have joined Barnsley in being interested in Robinson. Probably putting 2+2 together and coming up with 5 but.... This was inevitable after his overall recorded in charge and more so this season. 3rd top on a bottom 6 budget is bound to make several suitors take note. Especially the longer it goes on. If he does go I would prefer it was down south and not to Hearts or Aberdeen and also that we have a sizeable compensation clause in his contract to protect us. Time will tell...
  7. Welldaft Mk1

    2019'20 Game 8: St Mirren (H)

    Pretty much this... Great performance 1st half and some excellent football. Polworth passing is just a joy to watch. Such a clever player. All the team (bar maybe Seedorf and definitely Cole who was very poor) played well. Hartley definitely had a few scares, but just got away with it. Tait got skinned a few times again. Fine against St Mirren but a bit of a worry for likes of Aberdeen, Rangers and Killie up next. Hopefully Carroll slots back in. You want to be positive after another win, but Cole was not great. Yes we keep reading how they will be inconsistent. Well for me Long has shown more and deserves his start in our next game. All in all a good way to sign off for the International break.
  8. Welldaft Mk1

    Robbo on Sportsound

    In fairness to Steelboy and I have not had cause to say that often... The board did talk to Robinson over poor results and involving more young players in starting line up. In fact you would question the Board had they not done so. That then happened but I would hazard a guess there was no ultimatum as such. Anyways it seems to have worked even if events meant introducing Hastie and Turnbull rather than a conscious choice as such.
  9. Welldaft Mk1

    Declan for Scotland

    In some ways I am a little annoyed especially for Gallagher In others I am happy as not playing 2 games inc one away in Russia with Aberdeen at home after the break. Also will hopefully spur him on to prove he merited a call up. Plus less chance of exposure and interested parties sniffing around.
  10. Welldaft Mk1

    Robbo on Sportsound

    Thanks for your input as it clearly demonstrates that he is adaptable. One of the most important traits in football management. Another tick for Robbo
  11. Welldaft Mk1

    Robbo on Sportsound

    Excellent interview and sadly one that confirms he will be in big demand in a very short space of time. Every time I have listened to him I have been impressed. Yes we stuttered at the beginning of last season but thankfully the board (unlike certain fans) had faith. I urge all Well fans to listen to the podcast. A great listen and enlightening about Turnbull, Long, Gallagher etc
  12. Welldaft Mk1

    Declan for Scotland

    Lets face it if he played for Kilmarnock he WOUlD have been in a squad by now. Every bit as good as Devin if not better in fact. We are just not fashionable or Clark does not like us. Example calls up Shankland but not Turnbull !!!
  13. Welldaft Mk1

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    Probably why it is worth appealing. Lets face it if it was Morelos it would be rescinded midweek for sure. Did not manage to get to the game but 3 points in Perth is a big result. St Johnstone May b struggling but I think they actually have a decent squad. That and our woeful record meant when we scored I fully expected a FT scoreline of 2-1. Thanks Christ we managed to hold on for a valuable 3 away points. That penalty though. Softest I have seen for years. Of course Davidson version of Swan Lake probably made up the refs mind. Justice done and kudos to Gillespie. As good a keeper as Carson is / was he did not have a great record at saving penalties. With Gillespie it is probably 50/50. Lets hope we can kick on and win at home next week. St Mirren don’t concede a lot but score even less. If we can score 1st then I would be confident of 3 points.
  14. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Plus he is on reportedly £3500 per week. How many sides in the Premiership could pay those wages outside Old firm and Edinburgh / Aberdeen.....
  15. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Inverness fans said he would split opinion. Most believed he was their best player and the one they would miss the most. The problem is that a lot of fans like or notice a more combative midfielder like Campbell. Blood and guts and body on the line over more creative player. He led the assists in the Championship for last 2 seasons if I recall. Right now the team that beat Hibs assuming all are fit should start v Hearts. O’Hara and Mugabe etc are for cover although in time they may well stake a claim for a starting position also dependant on opponents etc.

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