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  1. Welldaft Mk1

    Away fans in the POD

    My only thought on seeing that - is surely they could have used a better photo to promote this news. I mean how is that going to entice new fans into Fir Park. In fact I think they should have used models so as not to scare away the future Motherwell supporters :-)
  2. Welldaft Mk1


    Just seen news of a defender going from Bristol City to Bournemouth for £13 fkin million. I am sure he is a good player as an under 21 England international. But I mean is he as good as Turnbull May turn out to be. 15 goals from midfield as a 19 yr old having not played all season is outrageous. Same goals as a striker for Celtic in Edouard who reputedly cost £8m or thereabouts. Time we stood up and said feck off to low ball numbers. We have the best young player in Scotland. Possibly beyond that. Lets play hardball and blow our transfer record out the water.
  3. Why bother Yorkyred. I mean seriously why bother responding.... Only encourages him or her who rarely has a positive thing to say about our great club. A season with 50+ points is a decent return based on our budget. Will miss quite a few of the players leaving, but always like freshness new players bring. I thought Donnelly started OK. Not half as bad as I was expecting. Hope we have Turnbull at least until Xmas, but that depends on what if any offers come in. Anything less than £2.5m + healthy sell on fee can get tae f*ck. It is genuinely a joy watching him. Last time I felt this way about a Motherwell player was Faddy.
  4. I don’t disagree with a lot of what you say in your post above. But my point is and always has been that generally you find that teams with greater resources can buy better standard of player, which guess what generally determines where they finish in the league. We can all wish that we challenged for top 6 and Europe and people can point to what Killie have achieved. Killie appointed a very good Manager but also have an average wage circa 30% higher than ours. Hearts are running a player budget which is at least twice that of Motherwell's. Unless we get a wealthy benefactor back on board or unless Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen make a monumental mess of player recruitment and we get extremely lucky then I am expecting us to be battling with St Johnstone, Killie and ?? for a Top 6 spot.
  5. What I love is people getting their knickers in a twist in a season where we have finished comfortably away from relegation and could yet finish season on 50+ points. Demands almost that we finish top 6 are laughable and based on what exactly ?.. I am not saying don’t reach for the sky, but FFS at least realise and accept we are reportedly working with the 3rd lowest budget in the league and in fact any Manager that gets us above 9th is doing more than our finances dictate. We have a huge rebuilding job again in the summer and I would be happy having Robinson in charge of achieving that.
  6. Welldaft Mk1

    Robinson yer time is up

    here fishy fishy Frodo strikes again........YAWN
  7. Did not know it was as low as that Dave. Not seen actual figures but I thought we still owed Hutchison circa £600k alone ? The other point I have mentioned on here before is that I am fairly certain that we are obliged to pay a % of transfer fees to Boyle and Hutchison - again not sure if exact amount but I have seen 60% or around that figure mentioned. But no obligation to pay from development fees so any money we receive for Hastie and / or Cadden should be the clubs to utilise.
  8. Welldaft Mk1


    It is the players that vote though ? Most pundits and fans of other clubs that I have read and heard pretty much expected Turnbull to win. Feel sorry for the lad, but in many ways I would rather have him at Fir Park for another season, so happy if this outcome keeps him under the radar a little longer. Unlikely but......
  9. Welldaft Mk1

    Motherwell v St. Mirren 4th May 2019

    I take exception to the above post only in that McHugh was for me the best player we had on the pitch. I had money in Turnbull for anytime goalscorer, 1st and last goalscorer so was quite happy when Frear fked up I should have known I would regret that. Disappointing to not be going to Perth next week above them in the table. We were all asking for youth to be given a chance and they were. As a result we lost momentum in last 15 minutes but to fair the St Mirren goal was a belter. And I almost don’t grudge them that with a decent support.
  10. Welldaft Mk1

    Motherwell v St. Mirren 4th May 2019

    St Mirren will be up for it and so they should be. But we have won 6 of last 7 home league games. The only defeat being against Rangers. I believe we have better players in most positions and therefore if the players are at it then we should avoid defeat. As for the nothing to play for crap. £62,000 and top of bottom 6 for 2nd year running is worth achieving. Hopefully Turnbull turns it on again.
  11. Welldaft Mk1

    2018/2019 Game 35:Dundee (H) April 27th 3pm Kick off

    Most enjoyable game of the season for me. Down to 10 men and yet last minute deserved winner. Some great football if also some dodgy defending. Quite a bizarre game none more so than when the linesman ruled out the penalty. Need to see a replay but looked in play from the main stand. Turnbull is quite magnificent. A boy with a special talent. Quite probably the best young player I have seen watching Motherwell for over 40 years. Been done to death but around 3300 home fans. It is a small miracle we are able to produce a conveyor belt of talent based on those crowds. Appreciate it is Easter still and little to play for but that is a piss poor turnout. I would happily pay my season ticket / admission money to see David Turnbull alone whilst we have him, because sadly it may not be for long.
  12. Welldaft Mk1

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I suspect most if not all the negativity is because of his likely destination. Still to be officially confirmed but if it is Rangers then that angers most of us. Simply because we don’t want him to be a success there and more so for them to reap a bigger windfall as a result. Edit - weeyin beat me to it If he went down south virtually all would be wishing him well with his future. I also believe that the club are quite happy with this outcome assuming we get nearer the reported £400k in compensation due. If I recall 60% or so of a transfer fee goes to our former owners. It may apply to compensation from Hastie but I doubt it. So for the club to get a similar amount from a transfer it would have to be near enough £1m ! Of course if we do take in £1m from McKinstry, Hastie and Cadden i hope we may opt to pay some outstanding monies if we can afford too.
  13. Welldaft Mk1

    2018/2019 Game 34:Hamilton (A) April 20th 3pm Kick off

    Just seen the highlights. Wow Grimmy :-( Match reports said short passback. That is being kind. He passed straight to the Accies player. Still as Robbo said he has been on the whole very good these past few months. Shame it lest St J steal a march on 7th. Still we win the next 4 games and that is where we will finish.
  14. Welldaft Mk1

    2018/2019 Game 34:Hamilton (A) April 20th 3pm Kick off

    More pressure on Accies than our team today. It may work in our favour it may not. I would like to think we have a better team overall so if we play to a decent level we should not lose. 7th is the target and not finishing the season on a low after a run of defeats. I also think it is player of the year dinner tonight. Sure the players would like to go there on the back of a decent performance and hopefully a win.
  15. Welldaft Mk1

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Kipre sent off v Leeds after only 13 minutes. Handball on line. Not seen replay. Shame

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