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  1. You are probably right but I would also like to see Nathan McGinley on the bench. He was not alone is being poor on Tuesday but arguably he was at fault for the 2nd goal which led to us losing the game. It would be nice if the Manager benched a player for that kind of thing. Rumours that Liam Shaw is injured even tho he has only just come on loan from Celtic. Not sure if true but I would have him in for Maguire and Slattery to start also for Donnelly. Also be good if we got see Ross Tierney whether to start or from the bench.
  2. Best to ask SteelmeninOz :-) One was started a week ago. One was started 5 hours ago….. I know there is a time difference in Australia but…. Just joshing. If a mod can merge ?
  3. Well you have your answer. No posts for 2.5 days ? Must have lost midweek. Time to start the discussion on how we may well find a way to f*ck this up. We need to start as we did v Hearts. On the front foot and closing down opposition ASAP even if they are a league below. Imrie has Morton doing just that and so as Robinson was fond of saying we need to earn the right to win. I would make quite a few changes. Carroll and Slattery to name but two. Also if Shaw and Tierney are fit may be time to give them a run out as they will be eager to impress I would hope. I saw Shaw was injured on a Celtic online fanzine. Must have been in training. Hopefully nothing serious as after Wednesday we need to make changes to midfield. Would keep Goss and that is that… Expecting a tough game and hope the players are too.
  4. Alexander is quite rightly raging in his post match interview. As angry as I have seen / heard him. Quite right. I think he has been very protective of certain players and poor performances and I acknowledge we are still 4th in the table…for now. But he has every right to tear them a new one. Too many players are believing the hype. Just expecting to turn up and do the bare minimum. I am not sure why no Shaw nor Tierney. Neither probably up to speed. And Slattery on the bench. WTF. Not saying he is Kante but he has rarely been poorer than Donnelly nor Maguire. Early days but that was a huge missed opportunity. Could have stole a bit of a march on Aberdeen and Hibs instead we have stalled. I still think and hope we will finish top 6, but Europe is a bit of a pipe dream based on that shitshow tonite. Hopefully gives us a kick up the arse ahead of the cup game but I think we need to see a few changes in team personnel. Very few can lay a claim to be starters after tonite. Ojala injured again possibly / probably. What is the point. As good as he undoubtedly is if he cannot play more than half a dozen games a season he is fuck all use to us or anyone for that matter. If he has Covid I take it back but no sooner does he seem fit he is nowhere to be seen. All in all a shite night. Not the first nor the last but sh1te all the same !!!
  5. The players and the Manager need a good look at themselves after tonite. How is it even possible to let the opposition have 2 shots on target and yet lose 3 goals. Has forever been our Achilles heel. We need 5-10 shots on target to score. Opposition a couple. By all accounts defence was shite. I would like to say surprising but SODs has rarely had a good game. For every game McGinley is half decent the other game he plays like a donkey. Hopefully the kick up the arse we needed ahead of Saturday but Morton will be every bit as tough as Ross County. Imrie has them chasing down all over the park. Just the kind of team our players like to face. We are still 4th but Europe is a distant dream as Hibs and Aberdeen will go above us soon based on that shitshow tonite.
  6. Well hopefully this gives us the kick up the arse for Saturday. To lose 3-1 v 10 men is a fucking red neck
  7. Never seen that sentence before….. They are down to 10men. This would be an awful result after coming back from 1-0 down.
  8. One tame effort on goal. Ran about a lot. Everyone has bad games, but he looked very similar to Jordan White and we know how that turned out for us. The Gaffer and Las were there I believe so hopefully that may make them rethink. Supposedly there were 8 or 9 clubs watching the game last night and interested. Would imagine that number is a lot lower now.
  9. Was having a bit of a set too on P&B with United fans on this. I saw a figure of £350k being quoted for St Mirren for McGrath to go to Aberdeen this month. He too is out of contract this summer. I would argue Watt is equally if not more important to us. Truth is I doubt we would quote a fee that would be unrealistic as it would be best for both clubs if he moved on. But I think a fee of £150 to £250k would be realistic for the leagues top goalscorer. If United are not willing to pay more than £100k then I very much doubt a deal will be done.
  10. Anyone else been able to buy a ticket yet via the season ticket link ? I have tried a few times yesterday and this morning. No joy getting through to the site. I assume and hope this is down to volume of people buying tickets since it was confirmed crowds were being allowed back in by then ! As to the game. I was delighted we drew Morton and not Inverness based on respective teams fortunes. But a 5-0 win v Dunfermline and Imrie as Manager gives me a little more trepidation. Anyways looking forward to getting back to Fir Park and a Scottish Cup game. Hopefully the players and Manager will be right up for this. Maybe Ross Tierney will get a run out if he is fit enough ?
  11. I guess it basically goes along the lines of it you are SNP you believe it was the correct decision and if you don’t support the SNP then they overreacted and there is plenty of data to back up the latter assertion. FWIW I think it was a prudent decision at the time. Hindsight is wonderful. I just feel for all those who have businesses or work in hospitality. The timing over Xmas and New Year could hardly have been worse…
  12. I hope so GazzyB. I would hate to miss the Morton Cup tie and possibly Hibs at home. Would cost the club quite a bit of money too. The data on numbers of infections shows the current restrictions are having little impact compared to down south where there are none. Conflicting stories everywhere this morning where I have read Jason Leitch supposedly admit restrictions on football are having no real meaningful impact but should still stay in place. God knows what to make of that if true !
  13. Actually a good debate. Some good reading and excellent posts from Al B. I am no fan of the SNP, but I can understand why they took the decision to have restrictions to protect the NHS and until the data proved otherwise. Was there an element of being different from London and Boris etc. Possibly but if Boris is proved correct it looks like it will be by a bawhair. The disappointing element of this is timing. Omicron could have arrived earlier or indeed later. The fact it arrived to coincide with Xmas and New Year makes it terrible for the hospitality industry. Literally their busiest time of year. I would expect crowds to return after the 17th but will be interested to see if they go from 500 to full houses. My worry is they come up with a middle ground. Leaving clubs to again manage ballots and tickets and all sorts of nonsense. The other issue is timing. Sport needs to know (you would imagine) early next week and not 2pm on the 17th January to prepare. Leaving it at 500 will lead to a considerable backlash. Is it law ? Could the SPFL tell clubs to allow crowds in. Certainly there will be a confrontation if it is the status quo.
  14. Yes you are….well maybe not the only one. I am quite tolerant and level headed as most who know me would agree :-) But he has as much to thank Motherwell (if not more) than we have to thank him. I said over on P&B we gave him the right environment to flourish. He did not do so at St J or Hearts. He was fairly anonymous for both those teams. So flourish he does and is top goalscorer and as a result has netted a significant wage hike. Of course he has applied himself, but again he has had more clubs than I have baths in a year ! He is also going to a direct rival. So I simply don’t get this wishing him luck bollox. Enough luck that he scores 15 goals for United from Jan and they pip us to a European place. I mean really. I hope he scored very few goals and that he regrets this move. Bitter maybe but tbh I would feel that with any Motherwell player that jumps ship to a rival. Turnbull may be an exception, but again as he is at Celtic I find it hard to have warm fuzzy feelings towards him any longer.
  15. I think that most sensible posters or Well fans can fully understand him wanting to secure the best contract he can aged 28. Where I think or know the vitriol is coming from is who it is he is joining. In the main DDee Utd are inoffensive, but they are a rival and by a lot of measurements not that much bigger a club. So a frustration that a rival club can blow our offer out of the water and he could continue playing well and make them a better team. If he headed south there would be few noises or complaints. How it is and always will be.
  16. Pretty much my thoughts on the matter. If Watt stays and is not going to get a game then he could quickly become a disruptive influence. That might not be in his character but he is unlikely to be happy ! The fact he was such a key player and seems an all round good egg (apart from his duplicitous dealings with United) then there is no way this will not be a bad thing for Motherwell. Best for all for him to move on in January even if it meant we broke even. Hopefully his form nosedives and United continue their slide down the table. I always got the impression GA was not a fan of his social media / gaming activities. Yes he was performing on the pitch but not sure GA will lose much sleep. Try to get in a decent replacement but it gives Shields and VV the chance to shine and one game in so far so good…
  17. That fact it is Dundee United makes it very awkward as it would any competitor of ours in the top flight. I would even go as far to say this (if true as it would appear to be) is more of a kick in haw maws than Dec leaving for Aberdeen. Mainly because Dec was actually not playing that well and if I recall we did not find out until a lot later in the season. That plus top goalscorer in the league is going to be a bigger miss any way you look at it. Arguably he would be worth several hundred thousands in a transfer fee in Jan. But I see no way how Utd could afford that and unlikely we will settle for much less. In situations like this in the real world more often than not an employee would be put on immediate gardening leave. But we could be left with a disgruntled player, Manager and fan base. Big Questions to be answered. Does he start tomorrow. Probably no bad thing there are only 500 fans allowed to attend. Glad in a way I won’t be there. He could be the consummate professional and give 100% until end of season. Tbh it would not matter to me. If this story is factual then I will hardly be able to bring myself to get excited when he scores or plays well. As before it may seem petty, but it is how I will feel going forwards.
  18. Well this has come out of the blue somewhat ! Fully expected him to leave but to go down south not to Dundee United. They have a bigger fan base of course but not by much. Historically in terms of league performances they are less successful than us. If this is remotely true then I would be scunnered. Moving to a direct rival in the same league. Not sure but if true I don’t imagine the fans would be that forgiving if he stayed till the summer. And how are United in a position to afford such wages ? This stinks. Again all paper talk but if true he has to move on in the window. Either that or we play players that are contracted beyond the summer and/or bring someone else in.
  19. Unless I am mistaken that £4.1m includes all staff wages inc Manager etc. We must have a hefty non playing squad wage bill also. I am also sure that the Board stated clearly they would not go down the road of offering silly wages and putting us in trouble. With Kelly you could argue he is very much an investment at his age and worth the extra to entice him up here. I doubt Watt would be that sellable after another 2 or 3 year contract.
  20. Who knows but u would like to think so. I am quite sure the club will have made their best offer in keeping with his status and impact on the pitch. You would have to think that would make him the highest earner or certainly one of them. I doubt we could go above £3k per week, although we are rumoured to have done so with Liam Kelly. But even at £3k per week that is small beer compared to the £10k per week a Championship club could offer or the £5-6k Hibs or Aberdeen may offer not that as many say he is likely to stay in Scotland unless with us.
  21. Happy with that. Should be a good crowd. We have a good record v Morton in the Scottish Cup. These things can come to an end. Indeed Morton may get a bounce from a new Manager. But if you asked me would I rather play the team top of the table with 9 wins from 16 or team near bottom of the table with 2 wins from 16….. Hope this does not come back to haunt me !
  22. Pettigrew was my 1st proper Well Idol so he would make my top 5. I like a few on here adored Doogie Arnott. He is probably my all time favourite player to this very day. My top 5 would be: 1. Dougie Arnott 2. Willie Pettigrew 3. Louis Moult 4. Tommy Coyne 5. Michael Higdon. Subs: McFadden, Sutton, Watt, Skippy. If Tony can score his way and our way to Europe he could displace Higdon in the top 5.
  23. Certainly in terms of wins recently, but they just beat Rangers easily in the League Cup and deserved a draw in midweek also in a very good performance. We all know how our last home league game went v Rangers. That and Easter Rd is not traditionally a happy hunting ground would mean I would be happy with a point. I see no Sol and Cornelius starts. Good luck to the young lad. Also SOD's back in from the start. Bearing in mind I think we have only won one game whilst he started :-(. Hopefully that will change today.
  24. You wonder if having the competition from Sol and Ojala has helped them to realise they need to be at a 7 or 8 out of 10 performance every week or they will not be playing. Clearly does not matter with Sol and Ojala being injured. Hopefully Sol will be a lesser injury and he will be back shortly. But definitely something in having a stronger squad to push each and every player. Credit to The Management team. Listening to BBC Sportsound the other night and they mentioned only Brown and Ramirez get pass marks of the new Aberdeen signings. All our new signings (bar Parker who we are yet to see) are starting to show why they were brought to the club. Who would have thought after 1st couple of appearances that Goss would be a 1st pick for me in midfield. Lets go to Easter Rd and get a positive result. Keep the momentum going at least until Celtic away :-(

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