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  1. Something simple like giving out vouchers next time allowing 2 kids free with a paying adult. Or kids for £5 in the South Stand v Ross County/Inverness at home could work a treat. Hope the club really do follow it up and promote it as was bouncing yesterday. Ive always been a 'well fan but I know there are others who supported either half of the OF as a youngster through their family but after being old enough to make a decision and going to a 'well game haven't looked back since.
  2. @wellfansonline isn't any of us but good to get it publicised.
  3. Last home game of whats been a fantastic season both on and off the park. The team are flying and need only a point to secure second place and off the park the atmosphere has been excellent throughout the season and throughout the whole stadium. On Saturday there is a plan to sing Michael Higdon's 'Hes Magic' on the 9th minute to back the scottish player of the year. Also throughout the game there will be a number of individual songs about players to show our appreciation for their efforts. Bring your singong voices and lets enjoy another pre euro party at fir park! Lyrics to He's Magic Oh he's magic You know Goes by the name of Michael He's magic You know Give him the ball and he'll score
  4. Not many songs i can think of recently MJC that have been knicked from English teams. In terms of originality in Scotland its really only us and Celtic that are trying to do anything different. Rangers stealing songs from both sides and getting pelters for it. Most now based on European type tunes more upbeat etc. He's wee, He's braw, He's Nicky Law The best winger we've ever saw Better than Ronaldo Plays in front of Steve Hammell Original tune.
  5. Reckon the 19 of us will be going with the 10 euro tickets. Rather sit with the majority of our fans.
  6. Rico

    No To Newco Demo

    Im also in Manchester that weekend however the rest of the lads will be out in force.
  7. Rico

    No To Newco Demo

    I'm hopeful that enough interest will be created that the press can't ignore it.
  8. Rico

    No To Newco Demo

    Good to hear. Think thats the point of the nationwide protest,show of unity amongst the majority of scottish football fans. Should be a good turn out up that way. Fingers crossed good numbers come out at FP as well.
  9. Rico

    No To Newco Demo

    Motherwell will go from strength to strength in an SPL which is fair and competitive. It would be appreciated if this topic didnt turn into a similar topic,therefore can it only be used for demo chat and not opinions on the whole debacle. Everyone has different opinions however the point in this topic is to inform and encourage as many like minded fans who believe the SPL would be stronger without a Rangers where Motherwell can prosper and grow and to show our view to the club,should they think they can vote without consulting the fans or going against fans wishes.
  10. Rico

    No To Newco Demo

    Right seems to be a bit of chat on going about a possible protest with 30th June looking like the most viable date. Talk of fans of all clubs holding protests outside their own grounds on June 30th at 12pm,regardless if other clubs participate i believe that it is important that fans of the 'well show their unity and hold some sort of demo. A few of us were talking about sorting something along these lines,however it would appear that this date would be the most suitable as it ties in with other clubs. The more fans that attend, the stronger the show of strength becomes. I would urge all fans to make this if they possibly could.
  11. Rico


    Tried to PM you there but wouldnt let me, whats the procedure for getting involved and writing an article?
  12. Rumour of a number of supporters groups having protests at their clubs' matches this weekend. Simple banners etc to show their opposition of a new Rangers being allowed entry into the SPL. We have a display planned before the match (nothing to do with this) however we will have a banner present to show wour stance towards the situation and would encourage anyone who is against a NewCo in the SPL to make their opposition known to the club. Maybe even make your own banner.
  13. Think what John is trying to say is that one drum is working well enough for us the now. Although struggles to put down what he really means. Been very pleased and surprised how loud the last 4 or 5 games have been. Great time to be a 'well fan.
  14. Rico

    Safe Standing Survey

    Thanks very much everyone. Sitting at 125 responses so far which is brilliant. Will keep the survey up until the end of the week to get as many as possible, before i will close it and start to analyse all the data gathered...the joys!
  15. Rico

    Safe Standing Survey

    Simple but effective

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