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  1. Scotland beat France...TWICE Anything can happen
  2. I have a spare ticket for the East stand if anyone is still needing one. I think its in the second section from the South Stand. £30 if anyone is still looking for a ticket let me know.
  3. This is excellent news, I'm not totally sure what buses are in the association etc - is the Bellshill bus, the one that leaves from the Carousel and goes through Holytown, in the association? is it for all fans or people who are in a travel association type thing?
  4. we're staying in the Epidavros Hotel - not heard anyone mention it, sounds a bit far out of the road, but to be honest just had to book what we could get. Also on the BMI flight arriving in Athens at 2.35 am - thanks for posting the bus link. CANNOT wait for this.
  5. Yeah BBC also reporting away match Tues 07/08, think they are guessing at it.
  6. So how easy is it to get from eg one of the Greek Islands to mainland greece? I'm thinking holiday package for a week and travelling there/back on date of game.
  7. I would agree with that mainly - but for me Celtic is still a tricky one, if they vote yes and the results are public they risk a lot of upsetting whole floods of their fans, I think it could be more risky for them to vote yes.... Not sure on them.
  8. So, Motherwell result looking likely to be voting no - obviously depending on how the Well Society/shareholders vote, but presuming it is a no, are there 4 other clubs who are going to vote nagainst the newco joining the SPL? I think HIBs have to vote no from the words of their chairman, Celtic surely need to vote no, but I'm not convinced they will, so are there three other clubs that are a stick on for a no vote?
  9. Morning! After convincing myself I'm not going, I now really wanna go - can u still buy motherwell end tickets at the wee portakabin thing? I know they used to but no sure if they still sell them there now?
  10. So is it looking like £35 per ticket? - I bloody hope not!!
  11. Let's hope u meet him on Sunday too!
  12. 3-1 the Well, get us right up for Sunday! Is the game covered anywhere the night or is it clyde shiterscore bored? :-)
  13. Hopefully exactly what mfc will tell them to do!

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