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  1. Myself and a couple of friends have had the same problem for weeks now. I have mentioned it to the club twice on Twitter, and once they said they would look into it, but it's still the same. Its frustrating as I am pretty much at the point of giving up.
  2. IF McGhee were to go, the I suspect we will have Robinson / McFadden as the team. I feel that was part of the reason for Robinson returning.
  3. Would doubt it. 3PM Saturday kick off at their hell hole? Very unlikely.
  4. Its only karma if they believe that their old club is dead and they are in a new existence... karma ˈkɑːmə,ˈkəːmə/ noun (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
  5. Well_Jaggy

    Mfc Podcast

    Excellent podcast guys. Fair made my train journey to work a lot easier.
  6. Higgy will be back at FP next year.
  7. I firmly believe that 90% of it is that there is far too much football on TV.
  8. 6-6 hibs. at 6-2 I Remember standing up and singing "were gonnie win 7-6, were gonnie win 7-6" and getting dirty looks from some around me. then we scored 6-3, sang it again, same looks. 6-4 sang it again - some folk joined in. 6-5 loads joined in. Incredible game CIS Cup semi v Hearts 3-2 at Easter road - just for the "Come on Fitzy!....... YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS"
  9. Could be Pearson \ lasley with grimshgaw replacing one or the other depending how the game is going.
  10. Amoruso pushed Skippy in the box while waiting for a corner a number of years back. Skippy didnt react and nothing was ever said or done about it. I think i may still have the pic on my pc. If i can find it i will add it.
  11. As a good friend said today - "Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Burst!"
  12. I have torrent stream controller and it worked great until i upgraded to android 5.0 then the Ace stream engine that sits behind it keeps crashing now.
  13. How do you find streams with live media?
  14. Some auld boy has been at the front of the middle section of the east with a wee drum and its fkn brutal!
  15. Just as an aside, does Les have extraordinarily long fingers on his left hand? or is my screen f*cked?
  16. I can't get ace stream engine to work on android 5+
  17. If we do, you know he will do a mock of eating a fiver if he scores.....
  18. Possible, If, for example: St Mirren win none = 21 points Motherwell win 5 = 46 points Hamilton win 1 v St Mirren = 46 points Ross county win 3 v St Mirren, Hamilton and Partick = 46 points Partick win 3 v St Mirren, Hamilton and Killie = 47 points Killie win 3 v St Mirren, Hamilton, Ross County = 47 points but I don't think its very likely. I would also like to think that if we won 5, goal diffirence should have improved enough.... surely.....?
  19. so.. looking to go to the game today. I haven't been to Firhill in about 20 years. Any advice on where to park?
  20. I wont use a betting app on my phone, but I would maybe stick a few quid on the game if there was a stall in the ground.
  21. I didn't say he was right to do it, but that was his reasoning.
  22. The guy giving O'Donnell pelters was doing it as a wind up as O'Donnell used to go out with his daughter.
  23. don;t suppose there is any chance of a stream for this game?

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