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  1. Did he not join us from Ipswich? A defender if I recall rightly.
  2. Is there a need to freshen things up on Wednesday, given last night's marathon and injury to Campbell, which hopefully isn't too bad? Hastie, Carroll, Mugabi, O'Hara, Foley and even Dunne could all come in to a greater or lesser extent. Not a game for youngsters?
  3. I agree with others that 4-3-3 formation doesn't suit us, with the players we currently have. In the short term, if we persist with this style, then Hastie must come back in, until the end of the season, or until Watt or Roberts return, however unlikely that is. The midfield lacks creativity and pace, as Morton knewfull well last night. I understand why we resorted to the long ball last night but that doesn't make it right. A catch 22 situation. Our defenders were launching long balls because the midfield were incapable of creating anything on the deck. We don't have the players to play the long ball though and Lawless is no target man. For a long spell early on last night we were effectively playing with 8 men as the front 3 were seeing so little of the ball.
  4. Yes Allan. If we go 4-3-3 that would be my choice of strikers. We need to put tonight behind us and treat this game afresh.
  5. All the best Yorky. Good luck.
  6. Let's hope Campbell and Watt make it. If both Watt and Roberts miss out that'll be a huge handicap.
  7. Whether we deserved to win or not we're through as Spiderpig said. Thats the bottom line. Morton do deserve a lot of credit but boy did they get a huge slice of luck with penalty decision.Its by no means certain we'd have scored from it, if given, but we might have done. That could have decided the game. In short they got out of jail free. They should have no complaints, although going out on penalties is never good.
  8. Sheer relief! We just deserved the win given Collum's penalty decision. Credit to Morton though.
  9. Morton deserve penalty kicks, but they carried luck with the penalty decision.
  10. It may well go to penalties but they're not a lottery.
  11. Yellow card for booting the ball away?
  12. We're exerting a fair bit of pressure but doing nothing in and around Morton's box. Their keeper's had a solitary save to make, and not a difficult one at that. Typical Gus MacPherson team - hard working, organised and defensive.
  13. A chronic lack of pace and creativity in the team.

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