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  1. Kmcalpin

    91 CUP FINAL

    I've watched this time and again over the years and Clark clearly intended to batter Maxi as he turned around to protect himself just before he slammed into him. A clear foul. Did he intend to very seriously injure him? I doubt it.
  2. Yes, I think thats Bertie Black. Could be either George Murray or Charlie Aitken but I'd plump for the former.
  3. According to the BBC we are continuing to scout players for next season and are speaking to a few about pre contract agreements.
  4. Kmcalpin

    Season Tickets

    I'll be renewing but can understand if others are not in a position to do so yet.
  5. The Society has now reached the 3,000 member mark. Well done to all concerned.
  6. I'd steer well clear of this approach. We're fine as we are thanks. Our club mustn't go down the same route as the likes of Dundee have done.
  7. More or less right. The payments do however reflect the fact that Celtic, Sevco and ourselves cannot finish in the bottom 6.
  8. I'm sure I read somewhere that they do for the top six. It seems that, at the split, they distribute to the the top 6 teams the prize money for the 6th placed team. At the end of the season they give the top 5 clubs the extra placing money that they're due and give the bottom six clubs their money in full.
  9. They have fuelled panic buying to boost their profits when they could have nipped it in the bud. Heartened by folks committing to buying season tickets. I'll be renewing early. Hopefully a few more will join the Society and current members contribute a little more. A difficult time for many though.
  10. Agreed Allan. More to this than meets the eye. They must have some wage bill.
  11. I'd hope that IF the club was struggling that the Society would encourage members, who can, to make/up contributions. That said more than a few folk might be struggling themselves
  12. Amidst all the bad news there is some good. Well done.
  13. The figures look suspect. Accies and St Johnstone don't publish accounts so thats a bit of an unknown. I know FP is a money pit but clubs like St Johnstone and Ross County have larger monthly salary budgets than we do. Alan Burrows has tweeted that the tables don't tell the full picture. It will be hard for us, as with all clubs, but we do have James Scott's transfer fee in the bank, are debt free and have a small monthly income from the Society.
  14. The Society has been very quiet of late with little or no communication. Is that because Craig Hughes has been off ill for some time?
  15. In that case the footballing authorities should identify the latest feasible date for the postponed fixtures to start say 16 May just for example. Publicise that date and then announce that a final decision will be taken a few days before. That then gives everyone clarity.

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