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  1. Kmcalpin

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Yes, he was indeed Iain. However Humphrey played right back" on perhaps 3 or 4 occasions through necessity and looked the perfect "wingback" as we call them today. He could bomb up and down the wing all day long attacking or defending.
  2. Kmcalpin

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Sorry to see Chris retire from the game in such circumstances. He did well for us in his 4 years with the club, and its nice to read his comments about his time at Fir Park. He was the original wing back. All the best to him in his future career.
  3. Does anyone think that Campbell and Cadden should be withdrawn from their international squad? IMHO they are both suffering from burnout.
  4. Kmcalpin

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I've been critical of Pie and Bovril for some time but of late its definitely improved. This very recent post by Casagolda this morning really caught my eye as its spot on. " It’s a worry that we’re now 18 months and 3 transfer windows into Robinson’s tenure and his most trusted 11 still has Tait/Cadden playing out of position at wing back and despite having about a dozen central midfielders, we still can’t find a decent balanced, functioning midfield. How very true. Stephen Robinson is a safety first manager and to that extent is reticent to bring in flair or individuality, a point made by Captain Oats on the same forum. Ok, the midfield is not our only problem by any means but is at the root of many of them. The January window is going to be important although we just don't have the cash to undertake a wholesale reshaping of the squad. We are paying the price though of a poor summer window.
  5. Good post. You can get good all rounders like the late Phil O'Donnell but they're not that common. I agree about Bigi though. Yesterday he wasn't interested in 50/50 challenges and you can't have that when you're under pressure and especially down to 10 men. As someone said to me yesterday before the game - he's good to have in the side if you're better than the opposition but if you're not then he doesn't pull his weight. Time to give young Turnbull his chance if we want creativity.
  6. My expectations and hopes for yesterday's game were more modest than many on here I suspect. All I was looking for 3 points, irrespective of how we played. Sadly that was way beyond us. As it turned out it was the poorest Well side I've seen for several years. In addition to the long ball, our sole outball was Cadden and of course Livingston knew it. I'm not Frear's biggest fan but I think yesterday was tailor made for him. Maybe he was injured? Livvy could have been 2 or perhaps even 3 up inside the first 10 minutes. Our defence was shambolic with the midfield sitting far too deep. We did recover a bit after the initial period and for a short spell looked like doing something as we scored against the run of play. That bright spell soon disappeared though. For the rest of the first half and all of the second Livvy steamrollered us and pinned us back. I cannot understand how Stephen Robinson could see much in the way of positives. In everything his footballing ethos stands for we came a poor second best. Our off the ball work rate was poor, we were physically bullied and indeed intimidated and we failed to pressurise their defence. Despite the glut of midfield players in the squad they simply didn't show up and almost played in the South Stand, they were that deep in the second half. Overall, I'd give pass marks to Carson, Aldred, Hartley and perhaps Bowman. I wasn't looking for great football just 11 players fighting for the side and getting stuck in but they couldn't even achieve that. We had no Plan A never mind Plan B. The sight of a player, in the second half when we were down to 10 men, shirk two 50/50 challenges, really annoyed me as it did quite a few POD Stand punters. If I'd been SR he would have been hooked PDQ. Charles Dunne's return will help matters but our troubles lie far far deeper than that. Yesterday's failure to win was a huge blow and if we can't pick up full points in our next 2 games then I think SR' coat will be on very, very shoogly nail indeed. The fans will simply not put up with this much longer. I like SR as a person but he is running out time and the goodwill he earned last season, quickly as a manager.
  7. Today's game threw up a lot of talking points and I'll cover our team's performance later after some reflection. There were however, other understandably less discussed issues. I thought Collum had a very poor game throughout and he simply lost control in the first half. Dolly Menga was very fortunate indeed to see half time as he gave Collum 2 opportunities to red card him, both of which were ignored. Had he been given an early bath I've no idea how else we would have shot ourselves in the foot. Didn't see much wrong with Livvy's chalked off goal although Carson was not pleased at all. I wonder if Livvy will attract as much negative media attention for their robust style of play (and gamesmanship) as we did last season. That said, they haven't beaten media favourites in semi finals! (transferred from anothr thread).
  8. At least the pitch was in great condition!
  9. It seems like Rodriguez Gorrin is now out injured according to the Official site. Will Davy Turnbull get his chance tomorrow?.
  10. A tough one to call. Given Livingston's great start to the season, and our poor form, you'd expect them to come out on top if only narrowly. However, we need the win and badly, very badly. Injuries will no doubt play a part on who starts but it'll be interesting to see who Robbo drops. Despite our collective need I'd be tempted to rest both Cadden and Campbell or bench them. Gorrin and Turnbull must be hoping for a start. I'd like to see us revert to a 4-4-2 formation, with McHugh returning to the midfield. My greatest fear is that Livi score first, maybe through a blunder, and then sit back safe in the knowledge that we can't breach their defence. Frear to start when the game is more open. I'm not in the least concerned about "hoofball" as long as we win.
  11. Kmcalpin

    The Well Society

    Yes, a good mix of skills, expertise and and experience. Some strong candidates.
  12. Kmcalpin

    2018'19 Game 7: Kilmarnock (A) Saturday 29th September 2018

    I'm with Welldaft Mk1 on this. I was keen to see Bigi being given his chance and against lesser opposition he played well offensively and brought some creativity to the team, which we'd been sadly lacking. However even in those games he was weak defensively. That was especially apparent at Livingston in the Betfred Cup. He wasn't working hard enough off the ball and wasn't closing players down. Against better teams like Aberdeen and Hearts he created very little and was again defensively poor. If we play him, then we have to pick the rest of the midfield to compensate for his weaknesses ie play defensive / hard working midfielders. In short, I just don't think he's been that good to warrant such an approach. We have other players with a bit of creativity like Turnbull and Gorrin who are now due their opportunity to show what they can do. Now I'm not suggesting for a minute that all our our midfield problems are down to Bigi; far from it. Our defensive midfield has been very poor this season and thats been the main reason for us shipping goals. Bigi apart there's been a lack of creativity, pace, hard work, positional awareness and dare I say it, physicality in the engine room. We have shed load of midfielders but very few have been performing and put bluntly many may just be mediocre. Lads like Cadden and Campbell badly need a few weeks off and if I were Robbo I'd ask for them to be withdrawn from their respective Scotland squad.
  13. Kmcalpin

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    In terms of more creative players we also have Turnbull and Gorrin waiting for their chance. Maybe the deciding factor is whether or not they can defend.
  14. Kmcalpin

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Some good points made above. Unlike many I have no problem with the current in vogue phrase "hoofball". Ok I do prefer open football on the deck but I can live with it. My gripe though is that we aren't playing it well and don't have the players to do it effectively. I agree that our single biggest worry is midfield and thats costing us. Since the beginning of last last season we have had no pace or creativity there. Its been good to see Cadden and Campbell emerge from the youth set up but due to a heavy domestic schedule last season and increasing international commitments (more on the way I believe) both are suffering from burnout. Cadden has regressed and Campbell is nowhere near the player he was last season. No manager will achieve a 100% success rate with transfers and Robbo has had some success but his summer recruitment in principle and in practice was wrong and we're nowing paying a heavy price.
  15. Kmcalpin

    Our start to the season

    A lot of truth in this but we are missing pace and creativity in the side. I've now had second thoughts about Bigi. I don't think he's good enough to play consistently. Against the better sides he's just not performed and the defensive side of his game is very weak. In order to play him we have to pick the other midfielers to compensate for him and I don't think he's good enough to justify that. As far as the defence goes, yes they are all too similar and we have missed Kipre's physicality, positional sense and pace badly.

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