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  1. Different governmental timelines in Scotland and England.
  2. Thats about it Al. Falkirk produced a groundsharing agreement and presented it to the SPFL in evidence. The only problem was that it wasn't signed by North Lanarkshire Council , the stadium owners, or indeed anyone. Despite submitting an unsigned agreement, a minority of clubs, including Hearts, voted to allow Falkirk to gain promotion.
  3. We were one of the worst yes, but not the worst - Hearts were. We might well have fought our corner, but going by events in the past, we would not have taken court action. If Hearts go down that route they might be putting the future of Scottish football at risk but hey thats not their problem. If they do so it'll be a PR disaster for them as MelvinBragg wrote.
  4. Has he not picked significant injuries in the past two seasons and missed quite a few games in both?
  5. Maybe Mugabi isn't progressing/performing as well as expected so I get that. Tait has been a good servant and model professional but he lost his edge and pace last season and quite plainly Robbo preferred Grimshaw at right back. Could money be an issue? If Mugabi was to leave we would need to pay up his 12 month remaining contract. Apart from that Tait is a full/wing back and Mugabi is a central defender. I'm happy to leave the squad assessment to management. Robbo & Keef know the players well, know their plans for the coming season and know their budgets.
  6. My overwhelming emotion was one of relief. I wouldn't want to go through that again.
  7. Off topic but interesting nonetheless. What is your source?
  8. Neil Doncaster must be impartial as its up to the member clubs to support or oppose any proposals. However he can advise members on legalities etc. The SPFL has allowed Hearts two votes and been very generous with delayed deadlines, so they cannot complain that they have been unfairly treated.
  9. The bottom line is that Hearts must not get relegated and that means a 14 club top league next season. On its own that will not be approved. So, she has tried to bolt on a few extras to make it more palatable to a wider range of clubs. No doubt discussions with clubs took longer than expected hence the delay. I agree with your view of the cash hurdle Denny. Does she also take into account that 6 of the current Premiership clubs would have one less money spinning game against the ugly sisters? Bin it!
  10. I don't know you Stephen, but all the very best. Good luck.
  11. I noticed that everything had gone quiet on the reconstruction front but then found out that Ann Budge has been given an extension to Monday to submit her plans. This will give her additional time to arm twist consult other clubs. More dithering and delay!
  12. It might not be to you, or us, but it is to Hearts and to a lesser extent the SPFL. As Spiderpig rightly says, if it was St Mirren or Accies that were involved it wouldn't be much of an issue. Had the season run its normal course then a number of clubs would have been relegated anyway, most likely but not 100% certainly, as things stood Hearts, Partick and Stranraer.
  13. So would those interested buy a normal season ticket where the money goes to their club and additionally buy some kind of tv package where the cash would go to the tv company? Potentially a can of worms. But yes, a positive idea.
  14. Its all very convoluted and complicated but it seems that a "vote" of kinds was taken last Friday and the result was 12-0 to call the season. The SPFL Board did however make the actual decision this week.

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