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  1. He played ok last night I thought and Robbo complimented him. However a below par Dykes proved a handful for him and he lost out in quite a few aerial duels.
  2. Thats it for me. For some reason the pre season has been problematic, but hasn't it also been for the other clubs? A few players don't look fit and prior to the first game not many had played a full 90 minutes. Injuries have taken their toll, especially at left back. Gallagher was carrying an injury and the manager has stated pubicly that Hylton needed to get fitter. David Turnbull is clearly a bit off full fitness and is not yet able to influence games the way he did. For whatever reason , he's also playing deeper than he normally would. He'll need more game time and we'll just have to accept that he'll disappear in games for the time being. I'm not Donnelly's biggest fan but we have missed him in front of the defence. Apart from him do we have another defensive midfielder? Barry Maguire has been groomed for that role but for some reason hasn't featured. Last night our off the ball work; that is closing down, harrying and hassling wasn't good enough as we saw with Livingston's second goal where we needed to get in their faces. Offensively, the midfield hasn't been supporting the striker as it should. Jordan White is no world beater but he deserves a chance. He might make it he might not, but we need to cut him some slack. So far this season the wingers haven't really performed and have been too distant from the striker. White suffered from a lack of decent service last night. All this isn't to say that the defence and attack have been playing well, they haven't; but for me the midfield has a lot to do with our problems.
  3. Absolutely and that for me Greg, is the main reason we failed to register a win. Although we’re limited by injuries, the midfield mix just isn’t right. Whatever O’Hara is he isn’t a defensive midfielder - he’s a box to box type. Campbell took his goal very well but couldn’t compete with the likes of Bartley and Pittman. Maybe he isn’t fully fit? Turnbull is getting there but only slowly.
  4. Yes. White suffered badly from lack of support and decent ammunition. We had no one close enough to help him as the lone striker. If we can’t play Long alongside another striker be it Watt or White then he shouldn’t be picked. He isn’t a midfielder. Seedorf also played far too far away from White.
  5. Apart from a couple of freezes it was fine for me. Muted the commentary at halftime though.
  6. Absolutely. I thought Campbell and O'Hara were poor when not in possession and failed to shield a shaky defence. Wide men failed to create much as well. DT looked good in flashes but still has a long way to go. I felt sorry for Jordan White and Chris Long. They were up against a huge defence and long high balls were never going to work - wrong tactics IMHO. In the main they had to live off crumbs. Not a game on which to judge White. Overall happy with a point given the way we played tonight. It could so easily have been a loss. We couldn't match Livvy's off the ball energy and work rate. We're also off the mark goalwise.
  7. Again where was our defensive midfiield? Standing off players.
  8. Our defensive midfield really need to impose themselves.
  9. Its good to go into the break a goal up but we really need to stop Livi launching so many high balls into our box where we're struggling. Encouraging to see Davie Turnbull open his account for the season but he's done little else.
  10. We're very much second best so far and the likes of Campbell and O'Hara need to step up their game.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Just lets get the 3 points and worry about the method afterwards.
  12. I was thinking of Donnelly as a midfielder and therefore young Dean Cornelius would come into the reckoning. Incidentally, Stephen Robinson has said that Hylton hasn’t featured much so far because he wasn’t fully fit.

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