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  1. After Tuesday evening's result, there's a good case to be made for making changes to all areas of the team except Goalie. However I trust GA to pick the right team. He sees the players in training and knows them better than we do. The outstanding issue I have, like many others, is why Slattery has been benched. All this said, he might choose the same team in order for them to "put matters right". Who knows?
  2. Interesting article from the Dundee Courier https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/2923494/tony-watt-i-dont-care-what-critics-say/
  3. An even longer one for the players I'll wager. I doubt many of them would want to have sat anywhere near him.
  4. Just listened to Graham Alexander's interview. Rarely have I heard or seen a manager so seething with anger.
  5. Any weaknesses we had tonight or indeed have had for some time go way beyond Nathan McGinley. I believe both full backs have been poor this season but they've been hung out to dry by a narrow midfield. For whatever reason our midfield line up tonight was well below our best selection. I'm also not convinced of our striking line up tonight. However I believe in GA and don't think he'll shy away from tough decisions. If we're going to shell long balls up front, and I've no objections to doing that,then another striker is required.
  6. I wasn't at the game fortunately and haven't seen any of it but am I correct in thinking that if it wasn't for Nathan McGinley we would have won tonight?
  7. Yes, 2 goalies on bench but no Shaw or Tierney.
  8. Interesting line up. Still no Ojala and Slattery still on bench. Two "wide" players up front. Not sure about midfield or strikers but I can't argue with GA's record so far.
  9. It speaks volumes that Dundee wanted to cut his loan short whilst Celtic wanted to extend it. A unique loan situation I think.
  10. Dundee Courier reports Watt's fee as being £100,000. I don't necessarily believe that though.
  11. Is Tierney not a midfielder, albeit an attacking one? Watt was a striker.
  12. Irrespective of what we call them or how we categorise them, we haven't seen much of Woolery, Roberts or Amaluzor play in the middle.
  13. But, 3 of them are wingers.
  14. I've wiped that game from memory.

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