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  1. I think thats more to do with posters assuming that Bevis Mugabe is fit, which I presume he isn't.
  2. I certainly hope so Allan. Even this early he would add something to our engine room.
  3. A tough opening fixture, from which we'll do well to take anything. Its come perhaps 3 weeks too early for us. Is Slattery up for start? Maybe just too early for him - will he get 30 minutes?
  4. Will it be freely available to anyone with a TV?
  5. I have no idea about this but in terms of gametime he's 2 games behind others. At Airdrie he was given 90 minutes straight away. Yes, he's been poor so far but last season he was quite good at LB. Stephen O'Donnell has also been poor defensively, but he has had other issues (international fatigue?). Admittedly O'Donnell has been better in an attacking sense. A lot may also be down to the way we play, leaving the wings exposed. Its not easy being a FB at Motherwell. Jake Carroll was hardly a roaring success in our first 2 games. We need to cut McGinley and others some slack just now, although that can't go on forever. It'll take a few weeks until we can properly assess all the players. New players coming in and gelling; others regaining fitness and so on.
  6. The bottom line is that its job done and we progress, but thats it. A good job that Airdrie didn't beat QoS. We never looked like scoring 4 or 5. Defence still looks shaky, especially down both wings.
  7. Great save at penalty. Free cross from our right in the first place.
  8. Surely an opportunity now to give someone on the bench some gametime?
  9. Fair comment. A few flashes of exciting play but we lack solidity and our overall performance has been low key. That said, Annan were always going to park the bus and the onus would be on us to break them down and importantly hit the net.
  10. Not just McGinley - too easy just to pick him out.
  11. Our defence is still looking very vulnerable.
  12. I'd hope we'll now bring in another first pick central defender. Yes a creative midfielder should also be high up on our menu.
  13. Several random things occur to me after last night. OTF is right - I don't think most of us are aware as to how individuals, units or indeed the entire team are being instructed to play. The team does lack leadership on the pitch and thats something that has to be remedied asap. An Aldred or Hartley type player. For all McGinley's faults last night, that was his first 90 minutes of the season. He was up against opponents who have played at least 3 X 90 minutes this seaons, so we need to cut him some slack. Many of the players just don't look fully fit. Understandably much of the focus of our angst has been on the defence and midfield but the front 3 must also be scrutinised. Apart from the fact that they don't look fit and are still getting to know one another, the combination has been wrong. Even allowing for the fact that we haven't yet seen Shields and Amaluzor play, I'd imagine our best front 3, if indeed t has to be a front 3, would be Van Veen, Shields, Amaluzor/Woolery. Tony Watt is not a winger nor is Steven Lawless. They are best suited to playing behind a front 2 or even 1.
  14. Maybe I'm in a minority of one but.... I agree we are crying out for a creative midfielder but my priorities lie elsewhere. We are desperately in need of 2 central defenders and some solid midfielders. That way we'd be hard to beat and score against. We could build on that. Right now, Championship and Division 1 teams are able to cut through us far too easily.

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