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  1. Yes, exactly the same problem Allan.
  2. Not sure about that. We don't want a complete rebuild every season as that disrupts continuity as new players take time to settle. That said, every team needs to bring in some fresh faces during the close season. From last season's squad I reckon we need about 4/5 signings quantity wise (we already have 2 of them). The window has a long way to run and its best to take time to get the right men. Maybe you're hankering after the Robinson approach of getting a raft of new acquisitions in the door very early, now evident in Paisley. But they the right ones?
  3. In answer to your first point........ money, and in many cases thats quite enough. Your second point - often its parents' blind adulation of one half of the gruesome twosome thats the sole basis of "advice"......Pearo anyone? As for Bailey Rice, we are due compensation albeit very limited. I'm no expert and the rules are complex, but I believe that he can't sign professional forms with any club until he turns 16. As he's only 15 its in our club's interest to strike some kind of deal now when we still can. Maybe someone more familar with the rules can explain this. Very disappointing but thats the way it is. The big boy always triumphs over the wee lad.
  4. I like this kit and have always liked any of our predominantly white outfits in the past. Only one thing irks me about this latest version though and thats our badge gets a bit lost in the C & A panel.
  5. Red top rumour that highly rated Bailey Rice is attracting interest from the gruesome twosome and Manchester City. I think this has been on the go for several months. He wasn't in the list of lads who stepped up to the professional ranks. No doubt the club is trying to retain him but the lure of big names may turn his and his parents heads. I think the club will be due some compensation although it'll be minimal; we can negotiate with add ons etc. Not a great situation losing top rated youngsters before they make the breakthrough but thats life.
  6. Ostensibly an odd signing, position wise. That surely calls into question O'Donnell's position does it not? As far as ther platyer is concerned, I don't care if he is talented or not so long as he is solid and makes few mistakes. That in itself would be an upgrade. All that said, I would have thought bolstering other positions would have been more of a priority. Anyway, welcome to Fir Park Mr McGinn.
  7. I'm with you on this OTF. Goodwin has yet to prove himself with a bigger club. As for McInnes, I've never bought in to love in. I'm not expecting him to transform Killie - he might improve them a bit but not transform them.
  8. Where we end up this season will depend not just on our performances but also those of other teams. At the very least a consistent core to our squad should aid consistency. GA will also now be more familiar with his squads strengths and weaknesses. However, we can't stand still and have to improve which means bringing in another 2/3/4 new players. Some of our rivals will be weaker and some will be stronger.
  9. We need another out and out striker to complement / substitute for Van Veen. Apart from that, a central defender is a must, although that might depend on shipping someone out. Strengthening the defence should be our priority. GA is well aware of that.
  10. Did we officially confirm that we were looking at him at all?
  11. Just a heads up for those aged 60-65+ and renewing season tickets. If you already enjoyed an age concession you will have to pick up a new card in person at FP. The reason being that this group is changing category from "over 60" to "over 65". I wasn't given an option to have it posted out.
  12. Outcome as expected. Just think of the uproar, chaos and disruption it woud have caused if they had switched the ties.
  13. When does pre season training start?
  14. Not a great fan of the kit and I didn't like it first time around. Still each to their own and its a personal choice. I'll support the players who wear it.
  15. You're spot on Denny. Stevie Clarke (Yes there are questionmarks over him), is the least of our problems. The SFA and indeed the whole system needs overhauled, before we're going to progress. I've been saying this for years, IF, and its a massive IF, we get our act together now, its going to be at least 8 years before we have a realistic chance of qualifying for a finals. I won't hold my breath.

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