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  1. Sorry clumsy choice of words. I meant to say, that within the laws of the game, we were allowed 5 subs and we only used 4.
  2. Irrespective of who we did bring on, we could legally have brought on another sub, a youngster. I can see a case for Crawford, although he's unavailable next weekend, as OTF says. Hastie - what has he done to justify bringing him on?
  3. Lots of posiitves to be taken from yesterday's game but I still wasn't comfortable with our defence. Ross Stewart is a handful but he could easily have notched 4 goals in a short space of time. We're not comfortable with high balls into our box and are vulnerable down the wings. A better team would have punished us. That said, we've had to contend with alot of defensive injuries this season and haven't been close to fielding our best rearguard. I've never been a Devante Cole fan; he's been ok in my book nothing more, but yesterday he made us tick up front with his physical presence and constant movement. More of that please.
  4. Would agree with that. We could even have brought on one or two with 5 minutes or less to go and that's being cautious.
  5. Great win, 4 goals and a clean sheet. Defensively suspect but clinical finishing won the day! Watt my MOTM.
  6. Great header by Big Dec and finish by Lang.
  7. Stewart could have had a hat trick there.
  8. Its certainly leaving the midfield short and they're struggling as it is.
  9. Great to be a goal up but we're not playing that well. A nicely crafted and taken goal though. We need to defend the wings better and the midfield is struggling; perhaps because of the formation? Could be along second half unless we up our game.
  10. We need to bottle up the wings...no point in making it easy for County.
  11. We’re down to the bare bones defensively and Ross County will know it.
  12. In every organisation there will be some complacent and/or reckless staff; thats just human nature.

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