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  1. A thought provoking post on the SIWY Facebook page about yesterday's referee. In particular the comment about Stephen O'Donnell being pulled up for stealing yards at a throw in, and Ross County being awarded the throw in. In general, stealing yards is something that really bugs me. I'm not talking about the odd yard or two or measuring distances with a tape measure; but rather stealing 5 or 10 yards. Its years since I saw a player penalised, despite this happening frequently week in week out. In the course of a game the referee may occsionally speak to a player once and at random. Quite why the referee singled out O'Donnell yesterday, when there were worse offenders is totally beyond me. Another instance of inconsistency in refereeing.
  2. It really was a fantastic pass - credit where its due.
  3. Good post. I wouldn't be too hard on Woolery though. He was constantly closed down by 2 or 3 defenders and given little room or time. In fact County had done their homework and targeted Slattery, Woolery, Watt and Van Veen from the off, not being too particular how they did it. A lax, inconsistent referee helped them in that regard. Slattery took his goal well and was motoring until his yellow card and that took the edge off his game. I still feel though that the midfield balance isn't right and have concerns about O'Hara and Grimshaw. Hopefully Goss will get fit and show us what he can do. Yes, our full backs were very exposed and it wouldn't have mattered who was playing there - they would still have been on a hiding to nothing. To be fair we have still to field a settled back 4. I though Ojala played well, as did Slattery and the inspirational Watt. A good win in what was always going to be a tough game. County were energetic and closed us down very well but lacked a cutting edge and a bit of quality.
  4. A good win from a close fought game. Not our best peformance so far.
  5. Referee is making so many wrong calls.
  6. One of County's easier games so far? We played well for the first 15 minutes but have been on the back foot ever since. That said, County have enjoyed a fair measure of good luck.
  7. Thanks. Its understandable that the inductees, so far tend to be from recent times but we really must recognise giants from our past - the Ferriers, McFadyens, Ellises, and Fergusons for example.
  8. Is there a list of all Hall of Fame players?
  9. Well deserved. Congratulations to the club ands those involved.
  10. Thats as close as you'll get to the media admitting it was offside. The BBC didn't even mention "claiming".
  11. Pretty much the same on BBC Allan. After the Louis Moult debacle I swore I'd never listen to Sportsound again but relented. After the Aberdeen game I was brassed off with their coverage of the Celtic Director of Football / Chief Executive borefest. I can happily live without ever listening to it again.
  12. A very good performance and result. We stood up to Rangers and stuck to our gameplan. An all round team performance but for me, Ojala, Slattery and Woolery stood out. If anything, we defended a bit narrowly at times but we got off with that and Woolery took his chance very well. He's starting to fins his feet and come onto a game. Referee was poor and I thought Rangers' goal was offside. Watt was also unlucky not to win a penalty but you don't get these decisions at Ibrox. Thought Van Veen didn't receive the benefit of the doubt at his yellow card. He may have slipped and certainly did not claim - certainly not beyond reasonable doubt; but he's a marked man already. Very rare to see 6 minutes + added on. Yes there was one goal, 6 subs and some injuries / time wasting but 6 minutes +? I can think of numerous other games in which stoppages were worse but nothing like 6 minutes added on - also very unusual to add on additional time to the additional time. We can take heart from this performance and hopefully continue to improve as the new players settle in and get to know each other. Hopefully Ojala, Solholm and Goss are ok. The team is becoming hard to beat, organised and clinical up front.
  13. For me, a toss up between Slattery and Woolery but opted for the latter. He was a real pest to Rangers.
  14. No Shields on the bench either.

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