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  1. We have the core of a decent team but badly need some fresh blood in the form of 3/4 players, assuming no-one leaves. I'd like to see another central defender and a main striker up front. However its the midfield thats badly lacking. We need someone with pace there perhaps on the wing and need a bit more power in the centre. Campbell has gone right off the boil in the last month or two and Polworth, talented though he is, is contributing little. Bringing in fresh faces is all very well of course but we also need to ship some deadwood out to balance the books. The next 2 games will tell us and the new management team a lot. Has the "envigorated" team got the bottle to go up to Aberdeen and Dingwall and avoid defeat or better still collect a win?
  2. GA mentioned this last week after the St Mirren game. He said that in such situations you look to your experienced players to drive the team out. He'll b epleased with the point , of course, but won't be pleased with aspects of the performance. We did show a bit more grit, determination and organisation today but there is still plenty for him to work on.
  3. Good result all told and we're off bottom!
  4. My thoughts too Allan. Make life more difficult for them and no silly mistakes.
  5. Central midfield need to show a bit more fight and aggression - sitting too deep as you say.
  6. We really need to defend the wings better. Too many needless crosses into the box.
  7. A good start but we still look very vulnerable in defence.
  8. So, Long is still out and MacIver has returned. I don't think we'll miss O'Hara, at least not in midfield.Midfield looks a bit powder puff and lightweight. Still, players have the chance to impress.
  9. 100% agree. That would be irrelevant though. You can however ban players who breached protocols, as has already been done.
  10. I doubt the league would be called so early. 5 games to go..yes, 17 to go...no. A point tomorrow or better still 3 is long overdue. No red cards please but thats not entirely within our control.

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