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  1. A lot is going to depend on the fitness of the squad today. Certainly the eyecatching headline about our bug isn't consistent with Robbo's comment that the team won't be decimated. The worst case scenario is that the likes of Gallagher, Mugabi, Hartley, Campbell and Donnelly are affected. Time will tell. Whatever Hearts will provide us with a stern physical test as always. Management will do well to tell the team to completely disregard media headlines about Hearts being on a poor run.
  2. Kmcalpin

    2019 Finances

    Our financial year ended on 31 May. As Toxteth says the overall loss was £436k. Transfer income was £780k primarily, but not exclusivley, from Cedric's transfer. Any transfer fees received after this date ie currently Stuart McKinstry, Reece MacAlear and Jake Hastie will fall into the 2019-20 accounting year. At the end of the 2018-19 year we owed messrs Boyle and Hutchison a total of £617,000, which has now been paid off. Our outstanding debt is now £80,000 which is expected to be cleared soon, leaving us totally debt free. The playing budget was increased in 2018-19 to the minimum level that the Directors assessed to be necessary to allow us to compete. I'm still unsure how we made a loss but still managed to pay off debts to messrs Boyle and Hutchison. I'm no accountant so maybe the answer lies buried in the financial figures somewhere. Still, the financial outlook seems positive. Some of the above posters will already know from public announcements.
  3. Never seen any reports of this although it wouldn't surprise me.
  4. Thats news to me too; probably a bit of overreaction on the boards. He's curently playing well that much is clear but I still have the impression he's a bit lightweight - hope he proves me wrong in the coming months. Whatever he's certainly got skill and is not in any way lazy. We have a game against Sevco coming up and that will be a test of whether he can turn it on against one of the better sides in the league. That in itself won't decisively prove anything but will be an indicator. A pleasing performance last night and, in the eyes of some, Robbo's seemingly odd decision to sign yet another central defender was vindicated. Two clean sheets in our last 2 games and 5 goals scored is good going so credit to the management and all the players involved. Encouraging to see 2 of our Academy graduates score the goals. We're now in a strong league position and that will give the whole club certainty going forward in terms of contract renewals and the like.
  5. I think all 3 prove that you can be big and physical without being thuggish hammer throwers. All 3 lads are decent ballers.
  6. A great win in what could have been a very tricky contest. Good to see Scott bag a brace. Recording the game on Alba - thanks Iain.
  7. Did Griffiths play that day in 2018? My abiding memory of that game, apart from Craig Tanner scoring was that the "official" away crowd was considerably less than everyone associated with MFC recollected. Must have been the Dundee air. Given the utterly ridiculous kick off time I'd expect our support to be about 800 400. Most fans have no cause for complaint though. You pays your money and you takes your choice.
  8. Kmcalpin

    2019 Finances

    I have exactly the same question but all will become clear when we receive the audited accounts. If we have incurred this loss how are we almost"debt free? It doesn't make sense. The only thing I can think of is that the loss of £436,000 is before transfer income is taken into account. I've seen accounts presented that way before, although I'm no accountant.
  9. I wouldn't go that far and I doubt very much if a psychiatrist would agree with your diagnosis, but yes resting Gallagher would be akin to shooting ourselves in the foot.
  10. Kmcalpin

    2019 Finances

    If recall rightly, the club's financial year ends on 30 May annually.
  11. Whilst a win would be great, I'd take a draw in this one. Saints' home record is far better than their away one.
  12. We need to bring in one or two players to improve the squad. The time to do that is when you're doing well not when you're struggling. Finance might dictate that we need to ship out one or two players and one of the goalies might be an option. Both have been offered new terms but neither has accepted as far as I'm aware. Not sure where Barry Maguire's career goes from here? He's not looked comfortable in midfield. Will Cole's loan deal be extended. From Robbo's early season comments I suspect that we have the cash to bring in a number 9. Elsewhere I feel we need a right back and maybe another defensive midfielder. All told, I think we'll see some limited movement next month.
  13. The TV highlights show that our first and fourth goals, as GazzyB says, were pretty decent well worked and taken goals. Overall we were more solid than St Johnstone and it its not often you can say that in the past few years.
  14. It's encouraging to see us do our bit for the environment and climate change when scoring. Seriously though, good post.

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