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  1. Dundee United all over again? A white knight who is gifting the club money? Aye right. Maybe AC's agent stirring the pot.
  2. I would think he's more of a short term replacement for Donnelly. Crawford to replace Campbell if he goes. Hopefully Dean Cornelius will get a chance. Just my take on it though.
  3. Agree with most of that. This particular game aside, we are continually guilty of not closing players down, in the way teams like Accies, St Johnstone and Ross County do. These teams and the better ones also seem to work harder than we do off the ball to close players down. To get a cross in or a shot on goal you are made to work hard. If you do manage to do that its hurried. Carson and our central defence need better protection. Rarely is a soft goal simply down to one player, although individual blunders do happen of course.
  4. I think the perception of it is better than the actual product. Last time I scoffed one I remember thinking it was ok no better. Anyway onto more serious matters. Given the fixture is on Friday I’d think one fundamental issue will be “Have the players recovered mentally and physically?” Management will surely know this. Do we need to freshen things up in terms of team selection. We ‘re now at at the end of September and usually by this time a manager will know his best 11. However it seems to me that Robbo doesn’t even know our best formation never mind his best 11.
  5. A few points from today from today. I would've liked Crawford to get some game time as this was exactly the fixture to do it, and we may need his services very shortly in more important games. Midfield was poor and that immediately put the defence under almost constant pressure. Lamie was signed as back up but he looks out of his depth as others are saying. Sevco's penalties were soft but they played for them. Give a team plenty of encouragement to come into your box and thats what happens. As Welldaft Mk1 says we should get streetwise and shoot on sight into a packed penalty box. Campbell was denied a stonewaller but that wouldn't have made much difference. The first goal was down to lack of cover on our right side, again. The Sevco player had all the time and space in the world to whip in his cross. The 4th goal although well taken was down to a powder puff midfield who left too much space and Carson exposed. Today was always likely to end up as it did and I won't lose any sleep over it. It won't make or break our season, although it was very annoying. Our upcoming games are far more winnable. I wouldv'e like to some more changes in our starting line up to introduce fresh legs but heyho.
  6. 100% - thats being streetwise. Very predictable hangover after Thursday and nothing to get steamed up about, just pleased we're playing Sevco today and not a beatable team. Midfield has gone missing again and perhaps we could have done with a bit more freshening up? Main thing is to avoid red cards and injuries, although that won't be easy.
  7. Firstly, perhaps Brazilian may have a point that outdoor spectator sports in general are being unfairly affected although football has been the largest victim, due to the numbers of spectators and fans involved . The issue of financial feasibility is perfectly valid but quite separate. I don't know how financially advantageous/disadvantageous letting a small number of fans into grounds would be, but I doubt if it would be that great. If say 500 fans were allowed back into Fir Park in 1 or 2 stands I doubt the costs would be horrendous. But, if money was a factor, it would even be nice for clubs to given the chance to admit a small of spectators but then decline for the reasons you cite.
  8. Agree 100%. Surely it would be safer for folk to sit 2 metres apart in a mostly empty stadium with face coverings on than 1 metre apart in a crowded pub with no face coverings. Pinch points like turnstiles or food kiosks or toilets could be managed just as well as they are in supermarkets, pubs, cafes and the like. How many non football employers have been fined for non compliance of their employees? Are firms being fined because their employees failed to quarantine after arriving home from abroad or failing to observe social distancing rules in pubs? No, these decisions are being taken not only on the basis of public health but also on the economy. Pubs and the like are more importnat to the economy than football clubs. Football is being singled out. Very inconsistent approach.
  9. Was it? I think we've been poor on our right side several times this season (Coleraine and St Johnstone come to mind) and opposition sides have been targeting us there. Big Declan let us down tonight and his form this season has been poor. He's a very good player though - why is he not himself? Captaincy weighing on his mind/wrong central defence pairing/covering up for others? Tonight was a very valuable lesson and one that doesn't come around too often; we can't afford to waste it. Is our squad too young and inexeperienced or is it down to the wrong combination of characters? In terms of "experience", HBS were a slight cut above teams like Accies, Ross County and St Johnstone but not by that much. These sides are "streetwise" and have used it to their advantage against us. Even part timers like Coleraine were cleverer than us. We need to wise up and quick. I recall watching sides like Dundee United and Aberdeen in years gone by and now Accies. They could bring in kids of 16/17/18 who were experienced way beyond their years and well capable of drawing fouls and getting opponents carded illegally. I don't particularly like this style of football to be honest but thats life as they say. Is it any worse than setting out to maim and injure opponents as more than a few very respected managers have taught their charges in decades gone by? Like it or not, and I don't, its a feature of the modern game. If you can't beat them maybe its time to join them.
  10. Our aim should be to avoid red cards and injuries. Anything over and above that will be a bonus. Some changes required to freshen up a tired and no doubt dispirited squad. Maybe returns for Lang, White and Mugabi? Will Crawford make his debut? Will Barry Maguire be given his chance?
  11. We go into these games unprepared and naive. Dortmund, Katowice, Nancy, Panathanaikos, Coleraine and now tonight ad infinitum. These teams are streetwise and experienced and do what it takes to get through. I suspect that the next time we’re in Europe a new batch of players will have to learn the same lesson all over again. European competition is very ruthless. You must take your chance(s) and remain solid at the back. This game always had the potential to be a bit of a mare and if we can hold them to 3 0 it will be respectable.
  12. Another very predictable red card. How many is that in Europe now? This team are certainly teaching us a lesson we should have learnt years ago. We deserve nothing.
  13. You don't know him nor do I. Not every youngster wants to leave home and move hundreds of miles away from their family and friends at 16 or 17. Not every youngster is solely driven by money at that age. Some will be aware that the chances of making the grade at a club like Liverpool is very slim indeed.
  14. I can’t see us doing a Dundee United and throwing wads of cash at youngsters. Improved terms yes but there’s a limit to how much we could and should offer.
  15. The club has offered contracts to all the players OOC at the end of this season that it wants to keep, not just Allan Campbell. You'd imagine that big Dec, Jake Carroll and Liam Polworth will also have been approached.
  16. It was exactly the same on Thursday night in Coleraine. This needs to be fixed. Anyway, a great result today and thoroughly deserved, if somewhat unexpected. It takes us off the bottom, which is no bad thing. A good team effort and good management too. Credit where its deserved. It does make thing easier when teams have a go at us rather than sit in. The outcome just shows the importance of making no errors at the back and taking your chances when they come along. Its worked against us so far but today it went in our favour. Hopefully we can kick on now. Allan Campbell was immense as we chased and harried the Dons. I've not been Bevis' biggest fan but he took his goal really well today and hopefully he'll step up now. Chris Long scored what is a typical goal for him. I like the way we're taking our penalties and Mark O' Hara has impressed me in that department. In recent weeks the midfield has been prone to going AWOL but not today. It just goes to show what a combative and hard working engine room can do. Happy days.
  17. Because it signifies that he's recovered from a bad head knock. He took a sore one but soldiered on when he possibly shouldn't have done. Whatever else he's a trier. Given what happened to Carl McHugh, I'm just glad he's ok.
  18. Excellent result and totally unexpected. Just goes to show that the squad does have it.
  19. Looks like a 5-3-2. Good to see that Jordan White is fit enough to make the bench. Crawford also makes the bench.
  20. Agree Numpty. Ok our forwards aren’t exactly setting the heather on fire but you’re right. The service they are receiving is abysmal. It’s unfair to judge them given the lack of ammunition they’re fed. We have had no decent wingers to speak of and Polworth has been poor. Of all the areas in the team, they and Trevor Carson are the least culpable.
  21. We should give him a chance in C&A. That said, if he was good enough why would Livingston let him leave on loan to a rival club? If he was one of their top players he'd be in their team.
  22. Yes. That would have indicated his star was rising and we were taking a promising player from a smaller club. As it is it would seem he can’t cut it at a rival club in the same league.
  23. Signing Crawford is strange. Not sure if thats to fill in for Donnelly, as extra cover or he’s back up for an injured Campbell. If the lad can’t get a game for Livingston why is he good enough for us? Why would Livingston loan out a good player to rivals? This move raises more questions than answers. Are our young lads not ready or good enough?

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