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  1. It depends on the players that you have at your disposal. Gillespie's distribution is poor and that puts pressure on the likes of Hartley and Grimshaw, neither of whom can pass. Possible ways around that is for your playmaker i.e. Polworth to drop deep and provide an out ball for the keeper or defenders. Either that or launch the long ball to a well supported target man like Watt. The bottom line is not to get caught dithering on the ball or making hospital passes to colleagues Hartley style.
  2. Agree with most of that but the reason for the first half shocker is down to a combination of wrong managerial decisions and poor individual performances (for several reasons). Many keep referring to a 4-3-3 formation but for much of the first 45 it was a 4-5-1 formation with Watt being isolated. Aarons caused a poor Grimshaw even more problems by continuing to drift into the middle leaving that wing completely unguarded. Whatever formation we are playing it just isn't working and teams have us sussed by playing a high pressing game. Accies will no doubt have been interested observers last night.
  3. Well, thats what supporting the Well is all about. Shockingly poor first half, great comeback and then the inevitable loss on penalties! We've known for weeks, maybe months, that our defence was very suspect and so last night’s first half debacle should come as no surprise. At the very least anyone who watched us against Accies, Livingston and St Johnstone won’t have been gobsmacked. It also put the Celtic scoreline into perspective. In short the first 45 although dire was no worse than quite a few in the past couple of months, but we did come up against a clinical team last night. The loss of Gallagher was huge both metaphorically and physically and I just don’t get why O’Hara was omitted from the starting line up as he’s been our best midfielder of late. Talk of a 4-3-3- formation puzzled me in the first half. To me, it was more a narrow 4-5-1. St Mirren had us sussed from the off; a high pressing game to pressurise our central defenders and it worked a treat. They crucified us down the deserted wings and Grimshaw (not the only one) had a mare. Gillespie and the central defence were shaky and Carroll wasn’t much better. I really don’t know where Aarons was meant to be playing; certainly not in front of Grimshaw. MacIver looks promising but is out of his depth at the moment. Some positives though. I thought Watt is beginning to look good; O’Hara is impressing us and Donnelly looks far better at the back. Tait too was better than of late when he came on. Lets hope last night was a turning point; like lancing a boil perhaps.
  4. I stand corrected you're right. Our record is better than I thought.
  5. No we lost to them in 1995-96 on penalties. No-one can say that our penalty record isn't consistent.
  6. Is it? I know next to nothing about English football but its been incredibly easy to ascertain that their Premier League has 20 teams; their Championship has 24 teams; their League 1 has 23 teams; and their League 2 has 24 teams. Now as I say, what I know about English football could be typed on a postage stamp, but maybe someone can tell me if there is an outcry down south their clubs playing too many games?
  7. The game is touch and go according to Robbo (P & B). This will surprise no-one. More rain forecast although not as heavy as Saturday.
  8. Just what I was thinking Iain. What goes around comes around. County are certainly the masters of late goals.
  9. Hopefully we can avoid a fixture pile up before the split.
  10. There will be a one off fee payable to the clubs affected. I'd guesstimate it to be in the range £20K-£30K. There would have to be to compensate for the lower attendance at the game. Fees would be far higher if Sevco and Celtic had their home games televised.
  11. Problem is that our midfield is relatively inexperienced, as St Johnstone demonstrated midweek, and are liable to make the wrong decisions at critical times. As Johnny 71 says it's not a good forecast for tomorrow but still slightly better than last Saturday. Given that forecast I hope, if we win the toss, that we'll opt to face the Knowetop end in the first half.
  12. I'm not suggesting that Watt will be the answer to all our problems and will be the Messiah but where would we be had we not signed him? Some signings succeed some don't but without him we'd have even less attacking options. Mistakes have been made in our recruitment of strikers this season. It will be interesting who actually plays up front tomorrow. A chance for someone to really stake their claim now that Long is out.
  13. I agree about the personnel Jwfc & Mfc and how we're likely to line up on paper but in reality it's more likely to end up 4-4-2 or perhaps even 4-5-1
  14. My mistake, yes he is. Its the cup game in which he can play, if selected. Is Hylton a striker...I've always thought him as an out and out winger?
  15. Watt, McIver, Aarons and Manzinga are our striking options for tomorrow.
  16. Quite a few players out of contract at the end of the season; Ferguson, Gillespie, Tait, Hartley, Maguire, Dunne, Livingstone, Long, Ilic and Manzinga. O'Hara, Ndjoli and Aarons will return on expiry of their loans. For most of them we've heard absolutely nothing. All we know that Long has been offered a new deal and that Gillespie will almost certainly be offski. Quite a few decisions to be taken.
  17. Where did you find this information? No reference to it on the SFA's website.
  18. Time to move on from last night's defeat, and I include myself in that. Lets look ahead to an important game. Time to get back on track again, in the first installment of a double header. Time for a change in formation and perhaps some personnel?
  19. Just watched the highlights and I have to say Gillespie looks culpable, to some degree, at both goals. For the first he put us in immediate trouble with his throw out, as he did several times on Saturday, and he was in no mans land for the second. Maybe time to recall Trevor Carson. Manzinga's second card was deserved but you see that kind of thing week in week out with no action taken.
  20. Worth thinking about but perhaps rest the burnt out Campbell and replace him with Ohara. Maybe worth giving young Cornelius some game time?
  21. At the moment our only glimmer of hope is that Watt impresses and gets a run in the team. Given current form 3rd is not realistic and 4th looking increasingly unlikely. Hopefully we can stagger over the top 6 line. The next few league games against St Mirren and Accies will be anything but easy and we'll do well to pick up a win. The problem is that most other teams strengthened during the January window and we don't appear to have.
  22. The problem is that we can't at the moment. Is this our annual winter meltdown?
  23. Unlikely we were going to stop St Johnstone from scoring but at least we've scored too.
  24. The original owners of the land...Dalziel Former Pupils Trust or something similar. The deal turned out to be less advantageous than originally envisaged.

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