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  1. Anyone got a link I can use on my smart to for today's game.
  2. Think it's ridiculous you have to pay for a child any child under 15 should be a free entry. Or as some say it's for counting purposes then make it a minimal fee
  3. How much is it to get a 4 year old into the pod stand
  4. mfcmainstand

    Open Day

    Is there an open day this year?
  5. He was in esporta with McManus saying he wanted to come back
  6. Rumours that the hibs game against Nottingham forest was stopped for rioting
  7. Leeanne dempster on Twitter saying we will see a few signings in next few days with more to follow
  8. Hi I am looking to take my son to his first game today he is only 3 so not wanting to pay in and leave 10 minutes later, my friend was meant to get us the introduce a friend ticket, but the club wouldn't let him get them yesterday as he didn't know about it until Thursday night. I have acquired a child free ticket but still need an adult. I would be willing to pay a small fee for it if anyone wishes to help out. Thanks
  9. mfcmainstand


    Does anyone know how much it is to take a 3 year old to the game, thinking of taking my son to his first game on Saturday, I mind it used to just lift them over not sure if this is still allowed though.
  10. It wasn't a well fan was someone wishing him well in Scotland
  11. Porter is coming back to Scotland according to Twitter
  12. Is it just me or is there no start time?

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