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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed that today, result excepted, KVV is going to be a cult hero, though I do worry that the Scottish referees will pick on him (ala Nick Cusack). Slattery looks promising and with a couple more quality signings we could be in for quite a decent season. I wasn't sure why Bevis started but did ok mostly. They were a bit fortunate with their goals, especially the first one but I guess you make your own luck. I'm not even going to mention that refereeing performance.
  2. KVV for me too. Good touch and good awareness.
  3. I went with McGuire, a very assured performance IMO. was tempted to go with Kelly for the penalty save, but stuck with Barry in the end.
  4. We got both too, but unfortunately can only make the Annan game. Hopefully our returns can be used for either someone who only got one game or for a non season ticket holder. Cannae wait.
  5. Depends, can I confirm your age first please.
  6. grumpy

    Stevie O'D

    And yet neither look capable of scoring in the proverbial barrel of fannies. SOD's job is to defend and, for the most part, of the three games he did that pretty well. The criticism he is receiving is miles over the top. I do agree that Steve Clark could have made better choices on a few occasions during the three games, a back three in the first game when Tierney was injured or having that pudding McKenna come on v Croatia for example, backing SOD was not one of them (IMHO).
  7. Just about far enough away from Motherwell as far as I'm concerned,
  8. With a baseball bat preferably.
  9. Very true, and I wasn't really comparing keepers ability, just mentioning my favourites. I will say though, the Rennie held his place in the team with a couple of different managers despite being part time when the rest of the squad were full time, and McRae played outfield as well as in goals, so I suspect, with absolutely no evidence to support my arguement, that McRae would have been a very good "modern" goalie as he would be comfortable with the ball at his feet. Your arguement about the lighter ball is valid, but the reverse is also true, could today's goaly cope with the physicality of sixties / seventies football when the keeper was fair game for the opposition forwards to barge, blooter or generally abuse. Nostalgia just isn't what it used to be.
  10. Ah, Stuart Rennie, what a keeper he was, plus he had a beard that would put today's fashionistas to shame. I'd add Keith McRae to your list but you might not be as old as me.
  11. The no. 6 tried to slaughter him at the first goal in the clip, if that had connected he would have landed in the town centre.
  12. Ach, we all do it, some of us thought Mark Fitzpatrick was a footballer after the semi final at Easter road
  13. Or a draw and United win by 3 goals or fewer.
  14. We can't finish worse than eighth now, not bad for the worst team in the history of football.

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