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  1. Thinking about it, the pigeon gave Hartley more trouble than the Hibs forward line.
  2. Allan Campbell for me, the back four were solid but were never really pressurised due to Hibs general lack of ambition and our forward players showed in fits and starts but not consistently enough.
  3. Tanner, Ainsworth and Grabban(2) also scored today. So did Louis Moult's big brother.
  4. grumpy


    Yup, I'm reading his latest one at the moment.. And the author is a 'Well fan.
  5. No probs, and yes, it was Polworth I was talking about.
  6. Well said sir, we were discussing him during the game yesterday and, whilst I agree that he wasn't having his best game, he didn't hide and he was still trying to play the correct ball instead of bailing out with a negative pass or treating it like a hot potato. I'll take him over quite a few of the "midfield maestros" we have watched recently.
  7. The question is though; 1, Is Wee Yin highlighting irony by using an example from an Alanis Morissette song which, whilst being allegedly about irony, doesn't actually have any examples of irony in the lyric, irony in itself. 2, Was Alanis Morissette being Ironic because she didn't list any examples of irony, Or 3. Am I overthinking this. Discuss
  8. I didn't think we were too bad today, Livingstone sat very deep, ala Aberdeen and Ross County, but we didn't panic and tried to play football the proper way which gave us the deserved result. Gallacher strolled through the game (again), but I went for Gillespie for his general handling and that save at the end.
  9. No failures at all today, first half Gallacher was so comfortable it looked like he was playing in his slippers, second half Hartley was immense. The midfield was very balanced, McGuire looked as if he had been playing that role his whole life and Polworth and Campbell ran the show. I went with Polworth in the end.
  10. grumpy

    scotland u21s

    Good result again tonight: https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/u21s-complete-stunning-comeback-against-croatia/?rid=13925 Campbell played 90 minutes and McGuire the last 10.
  11. As I typed Hartley didn't have any votes at all, I'm not smart enough to do what you just did.
  12. grumpy

    Vs Hibs

    Best just to ignore them, there are two or three on here that are just fishing for a reaction.
  13. Should you not vote for him in the poll then? I wen't with Polworth, very composed and always looking for the ball. No failures today with Hartley and Scott well worth a mention.
  14. I renewed online and got an e-mail from the office saying that my card would be re-activated. I'm expecting tomorrow to be a hassle when I get to the turnstyle.
  15. Having been at all three League cup games, I'm reasonably happy with the way things are shaping up. Two good keepers, Griffiths has possession (rightly so) but Carson will be desperate to grab any chance that comes his way. The back four looks like it will shape up as: Tait - Gallagher - Dunne - Carroll, with Grimshaw covering RB, Tait / Livingstone for LB and Hartley and McGuire as cover for CB. Midfield is more of a concern, Donnelly and McGuire have done ok but that should be tempered by the quality of the opposition, Polworth looked decent v Morton but last night struggled to unlock a packed defence, his also applies to Ilic. Campbell is the only guaranteed starter and even then, I think he is being asked to play further forward than he naturally wants too, the return of Turnbull would allow AC to play the sitting midfielder role either beside Donnelly / McGuire when we are expecting to be defending more or beside Ilic / Polworth in games when we should be on the front foot. A front three containing two of Hylton / Seedorf / Ilic will be exciting to watch but I'm not convinced with Scott at CF (that's not a criticism, he just needs more experience) and I haven't seen enough of Long or Cole to form an opinion. All that said, I'm hopeful of an entertaining and enjoyable season. Moan the 'Well.

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