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  1. You're right I think, Netzer was McIlwraith. Both had long blond hair, as did Ian Taylor, I knew my memory was rotten.
  2. Me, great player. I think he scored a couple of beauties in the 6-3 win at Dens in the mid-70s, although my memory is a bit flaky.
  3. I agree, but sticking with a winning team is not an unreasonable approach. He could have changed the team for Livvy and won, stuck with that team today and who knows what would have happened, hence the "Auntie had baws" comment ( which you left out of the quote) The bottom line for me though is, I think we will be safe, and GA will learn more from days like today than an easy game with a team which may, largely, be playing somewhere else next season.
  4. And he made the same decision before the Livingstone game which "backfired" into a three - one win. He could have picked DG for that one, we lose, and drop him for Kilmarnock, we lose that one and we really would be in the mire. Or to put it another way, if yer Auntie had baws.................
  5. My opinion, for what it's worth, is whoever finishes bottom will have fewer than 35 points and second bottom will have fewer than 38, so one more win should see us safe. I still won't breathe easily till it's an arithmetic certainly though.
  6. Each to their own I suppose. Wilson Humphries was the only English Teacher I had that could get me interested in the subject, no other one could hold my attention. We'll except Marjory Nimmo but that had nothing to do with English.
  7. Were you in my class at Dalziel? Roger Hynd was a psycho, Wilson Humphries was a brilliant teacher and Sheila was rubbish at giving the belt. Much better looking than her dad though.
  8. I will be renewing, but although I could have watched every home game, I've rarely bothered because I hate watching on a screen, It's just not the same as talking sh1!e with those around me. My choice, so if I loose out on "live" games then so be it, admittedly, I'm in a more fortunate place than some though.
  9. Very sad to hear, like a few on here, he was before my time (just) but I fondly remember the team he built and how annoyed I was when he left after one year. I know the fee from Liverpool built the P O'D stand, but I'm sure he once claimed that if the Motherwell board had shown some ambition and not cashed in on him and a few others (different days children, the club had you until they allowed you to go, none of this Bosman stuff), then Motherwell would have been the Scottish team of the 60's and not Celtic.
  10. No thanks, I don't mind going there knowing a win would relegate them, but not needing the win to stay up.
  11. Can I take it he doesn't care who he offends?
  12. That would be Italian football in the seventies then!
  13. grumpy


    I'd forgotten what a [email protected] Jim Reynolds was, thanks for that.
  14. grumpy


    You're right I think, I thought they were similar but I was worried that my memory was playing tricks with me. I wonder if the highlights exist on youtube somewhere.

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