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  1. You said "From Ross County to Accies in the league table , if any of those teams win another game before we do, we’re not catching them this season." You are arguing that we won't close a four point gap on Accies over, potentially, 31 games. That was the reason for my response. PS you may be right, but I don't agree.
  2. I almost voted for Carson for the save in the first half or Grimshaw just for the meltdown but went for Polworth in the end, just shading out Long.
  3. Glentoran v Torshavn on the BBC red button (in case anyone is bored)
  4. Aye, but he was talking about the opposition winger, not the ball.
  5. Quite a few years ago I had the great pleasure of playing golf with Willie Pettigrew, it was the summer that Mark Reynolds was being touted for a £1m move to Rangers. I offered my opinion that Reynolds would be better staying at Fir Park for longer and gaining more experience and that a big money move would obviously follow, the great man's answer was that he could break his leg tomorrow and his career would be over and hat he should grab the money when it was available. At the time I was surprised, but the older I get the more I realise how sensible the argument was. Oh, and I was so in awe of my hero, I could barely swing the club properly,
  6. Personally, I think it is funny that he is one of the few managers we have had who didn't spend the whole of the week leading up to an old firm game telling everybody how good the opposition was. Would he have done well long term? I think it unlikely, but that 6-1 aggregate still gives me a warm glow when I think of it.
  7. The Partick Thistle goalie.
  8. grumpy

    Season Tickets

    Probably, or we could cancel trident....... just a thought.
  9. Yup, the shop to the left is now McDonald's, Claude Alexander was next to Woolworth's , the Horseshoe is to the right of the bus and it looks like the picture was taken from upstairs in what is now a Turkish barbers. The Post office was down from Claude Alexander and the best shop in Motherwell (Toytown) was above it, the second best shop (the Candy box) was directly across the road from the Post office, or at least that is the unbiased opinion of the seven year old me.
  10. grumpy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Richard Tait jogged past me in Strathclyde Park yesterday when I was out for my walk, I know people say he has lost his pace but he is a damn sight faster than I am.
  11. grumpy

    Season Tickets

    Renewed today, the only difficulty was when I tried to donate to the Motherwell FC v Covid-19 link I kept getting an error message telling me that I was using a different delivery location for each, I just had to give up in the end and only pay for my season ticket.
  12. Impossible to see past Campbell, that's as good as any of our team has played for a few months. Long and O'Hara were outstanding and Grimshaw, Gallacher (of course) and Polworth also deserving of a mention.

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