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  1. Impossible to see past Campbell, that's as good as any of our team has played for a few months. Long and O'Hara were outstanding and Grimshaw, Gallacher (of course) and Polworth also deserving of a mention.
  2. grumpy


    I wish he were a Hearts fan, they deserve each other.
  3. I almost said that, but decided it was a bit harsh
  4. I'll never forget John Gardner. And some people used to moan about Stevie Woods....
  5. What, not sitting with the rest of the squad.....Boo!
  6. Aldred with the winner for Brisbane roar.
  7. Since the new club entered the league () we have only played them in three games that actually mattered, the two legs of the play offs and the League cup semi-final, and we have won them all. Irritating as our league record is, and it is, none of the games with "them" has had any real effect on us in terms of Europe, top six / bottom six or relegation / play off position. Much as I hate the other cheek of the same arse, I hope Rangers never win a trophy.
  8. Rangers* fans that don't know what they are talking about... Wow! Who would believe that. *Other fans of bigoted clubs are also available.
  9. Thinking about it, the pigeon gave Hartley more trouble than the Hibs forward line.
  10. Allan Campbell for me, the back four were solid but were never really pressurised due to Hibs general lack of ambition and our forward players showed in fits and starts but not consistently enough.
  11. Tanner, Ainsworth and Grabban(2) also scored today. So did Louis Moult's big brother.
  12. grumpy


    Yup, I'm reading his latest one at the moment.. And the author is a 'Well fan.
  13. No probs, and yes, it was Polworth I was talking about.
  14. Well said sir, we were discussing him during the game yesterday and, whilst I agree that he wasn't having his best game, he didn't hide and he was still trying to play the correct ball instead of bailing out with a negative pass or treating it like a hot potato. I'll take him over quite a few of the "midfield maestros" we have watched recently.
  15. The question is though; 1, Is Wee Yin highlighting irony by using an example from an Alanis Morissette song which, whilst being allegedly about irony, doesn't actually have any examples of irony in the lyric, irony in itself. 2, Was Alanis Morissette being Ironic because she didn't list any examples of irony, Or 3. Am I overthinking this. Discuss

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