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  1. Yup, and it is only going to get worse with the direct entry to the group stages for one, or both, of the "arse cheeks". It is why I don't bother engaging with the arguments for "Alexander out" or "why can't we put a glove on either of them". It is what it is now and it is probably how it will remain.
  2. And yet my opinion of Robbie Nielson hasn't dropped any......how strange.
  3. I thought it was between Lamie, O'Donnell and Slattery. I resisted the obvious temptation to vote for Lamie because I felt that O'Donnell looked good offensively and defensively for the full 90 (+7) minutes. Honourable mentions to Kelly (again) and Shields.
  4. I'm looking forward to it, it'll be hilarious. What I'm not expecting is (insert name of diddy club here) getting any 50/50 decisions against either arse cheek after a VAR review. Paranoid or realistic, you decide
  5. I don't think they try and predict who will finish where (probably too difficult for their tiny minds), they just assume that the top six will be the same as last year and the team(s) which are promoted will be bottom six.
  6. Just heard that Kirkwood (Kirkie) Lawson has passed away, a favourite of mine back in the day, possibly because of his name as much as anything. RIP.
  7. Let's cut him some slack, there is probably a clause in his contract if St. Minging get relegated, he's probably bricking it.
  8. Actually, I didn't say we were a "football team", I said that, "with the ball, we looked like a football team." I'm actually normally quite optimistic, and always expect a bad run to turn on the next game, but, before yesterday, I was worried that we were in danger of being over hauled by St. Johnstone. Also, given that we should have scored at least two more goals in the second half, and that St. Mirren barely troubled our defence, I hope we continue to "kill" games in that manner.
  9. I thought Mugabi looked terrified of making a tackle, probably due to the decision in the Hibs game. Defensively we were poor today and we could have conceded at least one more due to a general lack of common sense. We should have scored another three or four ourselves though and we actually looked like a football team when we had the ball. I thought we played out the last twenty minutes beautifully, especially as I was expecting Alexander to revert to type and put on extra defenders.
  10. Went for KVV in the end, but there were a few contenders today. Considered, O'Donnell, Cornelius, Slattery and Shields.
  11. grumpy

    This season?

    The problem with the League can be traced back to 1976 in my opinion, and the demise of Scottish football generally. Unfortunately the Genie won't go back in the bottle, and for as long as the TV companies are desperate for four bigot fests a season, this league format is what we are stuck with.
  12. O'Hara for me, it was quite a tough pick this week as the mid-field and front three all impressed at some point. Kelly, Carroll and Ojala were decent too, Bevis and Sol both have had better days.
  13. I thought that was a great game of football, I wish we could play Aberdeen every week though. The first 10 -15 minutes we looked unfit and dis-organised at the back, I'd like to see the two early goals again though. Add in some very strange refereeing decisions and I thought we were in for a totally awful afternoon. Once we settled down it was a different game though, Goss, O'Hara and, the much maligned Donnelly put in a great shift, the back four settled down and the front three gave Aberdeen no peace at all. 2-1 at half time flattered them, and up until the substitutions changed our shape, we looked as comfortable as a comfortable thing from comfortable land. I hope Aberdeen don't sack Glass though, the seethe from their fans was hilarious.

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