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  1. Jokes don't work when you have to explain them.
  2. He lives in the States now I believe, if you bump into him, say hi from me.
  3. slightly off topic, but I loved that green goalie top, Stuart Rennie looked great in it. Kieth McRae's black one was better though.
  4. Just up from Fir Park, at the corner of Knowetop Avenue and Windmillhill street, opposite the school.
  5. Correct, Except if St.Mirren and Kilmarnock win their appeal, Hamilton lose three points too, so 17 - 4 = 14. Unless of course you hate Motherwell so much you are allowing Hamilton to keep their points whilst penalising Motherwell, actually, I've always suspected you weren't a 'Well fan
  6. I watched it in a sports bar on a small Greek island that very few will have heard of. I had gone in the day before (any excuses for a beer) to check they would show it, and the owner put it on a telly in the corner running from a laptop just for me. The other TVs were showing tennis, formula one and a couple of English games, but something finished before the goal and the owner changed that TV to the 'well game but it was running ahead of the computer feed. As the game was almost finished, I just kept watching the computer feed and when the goal went in I assumed it would be chopped off so I wasn't too excited at first but because the other TV was ahead, I kept looking over and the goal seemed to be being allowed. By the time I knew the goal was good, it was too late for a jump around so I just sat and pished myself laughing instead. Great day.
  7. Just finished watching the match an Alba and, for me, it was no great stand outs and no failures, I could pick from about four or five, Gallagher, O'Hara, Polworth, Watt and Lang all deserve consideration but I plumped for O'Hara in the end, he is very composed under pressure and seems to have helped Gallagher get his mojo back.
  8. Strangely, that is exactly what I was thinking. One of my favourite memories was that Scottish cup game at Fir Park and the fact that Fergie didn't stop moaning about the game for weeks.
  9. That they were, I was at the same fixture in 1978, the Willie Donachie own goal game, and all I remember is Gemmill and Yorath kicking seven shades out of each other. Happy days and not a booking in site.
  10. Ach, he was nothing without Archie Gemmill. PS thanks for the clip, back to when internationals actually were to be enjoyed and not endured.
  11. You said "From Ross County to Accies in the league table , if any of those teams win another game before we do, we’re not catching them this season." You are arguing that we won't close a four point gap on Accies over, potentially, 31 games. That was the reason for my response. PS you may be right, but I don't agree.
  12. I almost voted for Carson for the save in the first half or Grimshaw just for the meltdown but went for Polworth in the end, just shading out Long.

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