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  1. Could still be Stranraer. And if we are still clutching at 1991 similarities, I think Stranraer play in blue, so did Falkirk in 1991 (although the Falkirk match was before Morton in '91).
  2. Hastie for the pass to Long? Can't think of any other decent play :/
  3. No need to worry, this result was always planned to keep Accies closer to automatic relegation
  4. I'm maybe been a bit grumpy, given the score, but that decision (to give a goal kick) highlights just how terrible officiating in Scotland is - there was no Motherwell player near to the Killie player that headed the ball out!!
  5. Pretty boring for the fans if every game was 0-0, how would you decide who won the league!
  6. Great strike from the Livi reserve!
  7. O'Donnell staying, since Celtic just signed Kenny?
  8. Took you 6 minutes to change your mind!

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