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  1. According to BBC match stats we've had 5 shots on target and scored 4 (I think pens might not count in the stats), no matter what it is a big change from the start of the season
  2. Mine's was freezing before kick off. I clicked on the Away team link and it has been fine since. Although I also switched off WiFi and plugged in an etbernet cable.
  3. Must be a mic near the bench, pretty sure that was Las that said "F me Rikki man!"
  4. I couldn't get anything on Link 3. I thought Link 2 seemed best, although not by much, but it has just froze!
  5. 3 more in the 2nd half (without reply) and we'll be up to 7th!
  6. Lets hope we don't blow this 2-0 lead!
  7. Glad this discussion came up. I had a £11.99p.m. subscription for the Pro14, I didn't know about the above offers when I took it out! I thought I cancelled the subscription back in March but it turns out it was only suspended and is just about to restart - so this discussion was perfect timing, as due to redundancy I can't justify the additional expense and need to cancel. I just need to decide whether to make one payment of £11.99, which should cover our European adventure this year! For those in a different position, if you subscribe and then cancel, they generally offer a discounted rate for a further 3 months.
  8. There's a rare sight...... ....the elusive Chris Long smile!!!
  9. Looks like O'Donnell has been tasked with covering the positions of all 4 missing players!
  10. A couple of guys from the East Stand!

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