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  1. A couple of guys from the East Stand!
  2. Definitely having to do it the hard way, finishing with 10 men.
  3. I think we should play with 1 defender every match!
  4. Must be another goal coming, Donnelly hasn't scored yet!
  5. We are still in the lead!
  6. GraniteCityMFC

    Vs Hibs

    Cole deserves a goal. A great run, which Hylton failed to see, then a couple of decent attempts.
  7. GraniteCityMFC

    Vs Hibs

    I was just think the same thing. Whittaker wrestles Hylton to the ground and he gets the free kick!
  8. If that is the new standard for penalty decisions, I'd expect about half a dozen in every match. Justice was done with the miss.
  9. Hey Weeyin, I got the same message the other week for an audio commentary, I think I either logged out and tried again or clicked on the 'match' tab at the top and it eventually started working.

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