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  1. Alright guys, not a regular poster on here by any means but I've been thinking a lot about SPL reconstruction recently, where we want to take our league and how to improve the game. It seems pretty universal that everyone is opposed to the suggested 12-12-18 league reconstruction and if they somehow manage to push it through it is, frankly, a farce. It's been done before and hasn't worked. It's a shit idea. In terms of taking our game forward i'm thinking more along the lines of a change to the rules that teams play by and generally a change in our footballing culture. Why does everyone think that the EPL is the best league in the world and that the SPL potentially one of Europe's worse? Why, despite having a few of the best years in our clubs history along with two 3rd place finishes, are our attendances still dwindling at an alarming rate? Why are the attendances throughout Scottish football as a whole (Including Celtic) dwindling at an alarming rate? The answer is simple, lack of any meaningful competition for the top spot. Fuck sake, even the Celtic fans are getting bored of winning and that's saying something! This coupled with high ticket prices and generally a poor standard of football. So what are we going to do about it? I don't know the answer, nobody does (especially the tosspot that is Neil Doncaster). I will however throw out a few ideas: Wage Caps. The reason why football games are so expensive to attend is because 70 whatever % of club turnover is going to the players. This needs to end, the clubs can't afford it and the fans certainly can't afford it. Maybe if we cape wages and put everybody on a level playing field (a concept alien to football as a whole) then we can get some half decent competition that won't result in the 2 biggest teams taking it a canter. Revamp the Youth system. This idea is pretty out there, I'll admit, but why not give it a bash. Take the development of youth players out of the hands of individual clubs and leave it to the SFA. This will save us as clubs from spending that extra money that we don't have and condense the resources at our disposal. The players can train with the SFA to say 19/20 then be distributed to the clubs on some sort of draft type basis (additional excitement wooo). I would hope this would give our national team a boost aswell as, if anyone seen the Scotland squad for last night's friendly Vs. Greece, it made for depressing viewing. Hopefully national academies dotted around the country, youngsters getting the best coaching playing against the other best young players can produce a better end result. Reduce the no. of teams in senior football. Aye it's a bit shite telling the likes of Arbroath etc. that they're no longer in the senior footballl ranks but at the end of the day they're just holding the game back. Some tough decisions need to be made and this is one of them. I'm thinking 2 big leagues or 3 smaller ones with a total of about 20-30 (max.) senior teams. I'm not a completely heartless tyrant however, let's set up a junior structure that will allow progression through the leagues to the senior ranks (ala English Conference). These junior leagues would be regional. Some of these ideas are ridiculous, unthinkable even, but at the end of the day the game in it's current state is fucked with a capital FUCKED. It's only going one direction. Instead of copying the failed ideas of other, similarly sized nations lets come up with something of our own. Something creative and hopefully innovative. Maybe we can even use some of our new found wealth to remove Rotheram's new stadium and put it in it's rightful resting place; Ravenscraig (after painting it Claret and amber, of course!). This turned into a miniature essay, apologies for that. Thoughts?
  2. http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2012/11/06/mccall-committed-to-well/ Time to breath a collective sigh of relief boys!
  3. Number 4 was the highlight of my match! i probably would have given him a standing ovation if his rooney-esque volley had flied in the top corner.
  4. Just seen from thhe BBc website there that Inveness Caley have signed both Gateussi and Morais from Hibs on short term deals. I think that both are resonable players and could have been worth a shout and since Caley can afford them, surely we could. Another name i heard mentioned today is Billy Memhet to sign for the well
  5. Griffin

    Accies On Saturday

    Just want to put forward my opinions on the cuurent problems with the well squad. 1. Mcghee- Poor decision making, tactics, substitutions and innefictive summer signings (O'Brien, Klimpl?) 2. Mcgarry- Not an SPl quality player and thats a fact. The effort he puts into a game does not make up for the fact that hes pish. 3.Strikers- Personally i think Porters quality, although a little of form, why persist with playing Sutton alongside him when it is clearly not working. 4.Midfield- We have a decent midfield but it's embarrasing when you watch a player scared to get the ball (i.e. McGarry, Fitzy). Lasley, why are you scared to make a fecking penertraing pass or a shot that can actually reach the opposition goal? 5. Murphy and D.Smith- Looked like decent prospects last season, but right now loook pretty weak and out of their depth. Both need to bulk up big time! Thats the rant over but just needed to say what was so obvious.

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