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  1. David

    In's And Out's

    Chuckle ye not my friend!
  2. David

    In's And Out's

    Anyone heard anything about a young striker from Everton apparently being our next signing?
  3. David

    In's And Out's

    Didn't Fraser only just arrive in the summer? I can't see him being sold or released just now, especially with only 19 year old Kosiorowski as the other back-up keeper to Ruddy at present.
  4. David

    Ticket Prices

    Despite the fact that you have already said you don't think that life should grind to a halt simply because you happen to be out of work, you don't think unemployed people should be using £5 per week from their income to attend a football game? I'd say that a price-cut for unemployed people is just as valid as it is for students, especially considering the unemployment level we have in the Motherwell area. I've posted two quotes for you there chief, which shows that she's at least looking to discuss the various ideas and ways in which we would look at getting more bums on seats. Sure, she mentioned unemployment as well, but she's far from "harping on about it". In fact, having read over the thread, i'd go as far as to say that it's you who is doing all the "harping on" about unemployed fans in this thread, not her.
  5. David

    Home Crowd

    Is there really any need for that kind of language now? Kind of ironic that your pulling someone up about using abusive language, yet you seem to find it perfectly acceptable to do the same...
  6. David

    Ticket Prices

    I like your assumption about 90% of people who are unemployed working on the side. Do you have any actual evidence to back that up? Or are you just talking nonsense? This is a ridiculous statement to be honest, Brazilian. Looking at the months of September & October of this season, there are two home matches in each month. Thats £20 if we go by the £10 entry fee for unemployed people per month, which is £5 a week. Taking £5 from a £65 unemployment payment isn't beyond the realms of reality, is it? Your basically talking about the price of a packet of cigarettes or two pints. Wellgirl came up with some pretty valid & interesting points, and your response is to accuse her of "harping on" about getting unemployed people into Fir Park. She made something like two posts mentioning unemployed people, and also made points regarding students and juvenile ticket schemes, all of which are worth looking at.
  7. David

    Home Crowd

    Quite simply, it's the prices that keep me from going to Fir Park every home game. Especially with the way things are work-wise these days. £20 is simply too steep.
  8. David

    Mfc Tv

    I'm not sure what creating a podcast actually entails, but if it's done regularly and done well, it could be quite decent. A bit of banter, news, maybe even get a few old players on for interviews and the like.
  9. Thats the spirit! I'll just be watching it in the house I reckon. Any pubs going to be showing it in the Motherwell/Wishaw area?
  10. David

    Mfc Tv

    £40 or £50 for an online service? I'm not really up to speed on this sort of thing, but in the past i've always had trouble with streaming sites, seeing a lot of slowdown, glitchy picture, loss of sound etc.
  11. When the subject of television revenue was brought up, I actually wonder if it would make such a huge difference to us? The deal that was signed in 2008 with Setanta was for a rumoured £125 million over 4 seasons (£31.25 million per season), which we shall go with for arguments sake. It was reported when the original deal was signed in 2004 that the top two teams in the SPL would recieve 32% (£10 million) of the total money between them, so the OF take 16% of the cash every year whilst the rest get around 6.8% each. That leaves 68% of the money (£21.25 million) to be shared out between the remaining 10 teams, which would work out at around £2.1 million each if the money is distributed equally, although I think it increases slightly for the teams higher up the table and decreases for the teams at the bottom. Would an SPL without the OF not be able to find a television deal worth around £20 million per season?
  12. At the end of the day, someone has to finish in 7th, it just so happens that this year it's our turn. It could be worse, we could be fighting relegation. Would that please everyone? At least the games would mean something then. We finished third last season, which was excellent. We haven't managed to do as well again this season, but thats just how it goes. We should use the rest of the games to bring in some young lads who McGhee thinks could step up to the main squad next season. We got some good news with the season ticket prices & the Cooper stand, and we can look forward to another game with Accies, and maybe even a few decent youngsters getting a crack at the first team that otherwise wouldn't have. It could be worse. We could be in Falkirks position. I'd bet their fans would happily swap positions with us and face a load of "meaningless" games for the rest of the season. Rather than stay at home in the weekends to come, why not shock the shit out of everyone at the club and show that the support will be there even if we aren't challenging for third place?
  13. Stick behind the team anway i'd say. If someone's wanting to support a team who will be competing for trophies at the end of most seasons then surely Motherwell wouldn't be the best choice? The seasons not over. We have to get top 6. After that, it's all about finishing as high up the league as we can.
  14. Is it just me, or does this post make no sense? Surely if McGhee was dreaming of leading the team out at Hampden, a bad performance and defeat which cost him that dream would bother him?
  15. I never knew that. Surely such a combination has a good chance of happening? That changes things as far as the importance of the rest of our season goes for me then!
  16. Yeah, Brighton would be a step down from Motherwell, plus they aren't as big as jobs he's been linked with, and even turned down, in the past. If he leaves us, i'd hope it was for a bigger club (Chelsea maybe? )
  17. If it all goes pear-shaped tell him to fire a foul mouthed tirade to my pm box, which I will promptly answer upon returning home from watching the game in the comfort of the pub
  18. I don't think there'll be a late influx of people going to the game on the spur of the moment. Most will just settle with it being on the telly or in the pub. Saying that, it looks like a healthy crowd, especially considering the time of week and the telly coverage, so your best to maybe get along quite early.
  19. A decent interview, in which McGhee made some very good points. One of the things I like about him is his tendancy to avoid the old cliches that we hear from most other football managers, such as the manager of tonights opposition Gus McPherson. He always comes across as intelligent, and he made some good observations in that interview. A lot of the time anyone outside the OF aren't really given as much time as they would maybe like during interviews, with most being 30 second snippets, so that was a nice change there.
  20. David

    Bring Back

    Bring back those soft drink branded yo-yo's that were all the rage during the early 90's. The 7-up one was classic
  21. David


    Never mind fearing the worst or hiding under the bed, this is CALEY THISTLE, not Hearts or Dundee Utd! 3 points from this and it's onwards & upwards! Let's show some positive vibes at Fir Park today!
  22. It would depend on how much they are willing to pay him I guess. If it's a bit more than he's getting at St Mirren then maybe he'll see the move as being worth thinking about.
  23. David

    Mark McGhee

    Christ, if Motherwell were to give McGhee the boot in favour of Ally McCoist there would surely be a riot/chairman hunt in the style of Serie A!
  24. According to The Sun (ever reliable, of course!) Porter has signed a pre-contract with Notingham Forest, with a possible sale in January for around £250,000.
  25. David

    Mark McGhee

    Hey, I hope we don't lose our manager at all, as I don't think we would be likely to attract someone as good as McGhee again, but I get the feeling that if we finish near the bottom, he could end up leaving. I wouldn't want to see that happen though. I don't think he's become a bad manager overnight.

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