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  1. It is not outwith the bounds of probability that we would have won both games (possibly not 3-0) these games were in the middle of our hot streak. We have not been given extra points, we have been given points that we may have won although it wasn’t guaranteed.
  2. There are some defenders that he is just quicker than so he can go past them on the outside, down the line, then cut in as usual. Hopefully his threat is recognised and we deal with it appropriately.
  3. Go back to the team against Ross County? Maguire straight back in, will he have trained with the team?
  4. Just saw Nicki Law scoring a goal.
  5. Might McGinley have been carrying a knock (I know he was on the bench) but he wasn’t brought on when Lamie was hooked.
  6. What was the game that Grimshaw played at left back, did that not work ok?
  7. Hastie is operating in the most comfortable working environment he will ever find, if Seedorf is getting on in front of him then he is showing nothing in training. I now believe he made a great career decision when he signed for Rangers, don’t know his wages but say £4K a week for four years then he can play his career out at Airdrie with his cigars.
  8. I would look for Robinson to be here for 10 years. There would be ups and downs in that time but perhaps he would do a McLean. I would be concerned about the jobbers that would put their hat in the ring for any vacancy although the club has had a good record of appointing from left field. Anyone who is suggesting that Robbo goes is putting their faith in the board to choose his successor, that board has their faith in Robinson. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  9. Are you making a play for Holt?
  10. But he took us to cup finals and finished third last season. Keep it coming.
  11. There are obviously one to one discussions as players have said that they learn hints from the manager. He should tell them individually how to pass. Play it in front of your man, if your man is on the move play it into his stride not to where you last saw him. Big Dec can make great headed clearances but when he is in the opposition box a different technique is required. Suggest to him to head it downwards perhaps. Just give them appropriate coaching.
  12. Why change the title it entirely defines this game.
  13. I would expect PPV, we got a free European game
  14. The opinion of their own fans is that they are toothless. We should have beaten them earlier in the season.
  15. He got involved in the celebration for the second goal
  16. Big Dec looked an internationalist at the back
  17. Of the non OF teams we have played twice we are ahead on the head to heads, keep this up and we will be ok
  18. It seems to be 14 day isolation from the test result rather than from the contact so Campbell and Maguire will only be available the day before the Hibs game.
  19. ropy

    Games in hand

    Let’s wait till we get our team back
  20. They will be missing the cup match too

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