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  1. Cummins goal was set up by Jack Leitch
  2. Is it £5k a week? So £1M over 4 years in his early 20s. He could buy a house then start a window cleaning outfit while he plays for the wee Rovers. Set up for life.
  3. I assume Gogic isn’t good enough for Hibs?
  4. Aye, deploying the army is merely provocative
  5. How out of step has the SG been with countries across the globe e.g. Europe, Asia and Australia?
  6. I don’t even know how they work out the possession stats. You often see 50/50
  7. I thought the xGA was a yellow card for berating the ref
  8. He has a contract to the end of the season, if GA thinks he is sufficiently motivated and performing well I would have him in the team.
  9. Is there a middle ground of loaning him to Kilmarnock for a %age of his wages?
  10. He signed for Wigan then went to WBA for a similar fee, we wouldn’t have got much of that. WBA will owe us nothing.
  11. Only if the wall is made of 3 or more players
  12. If his attitude is right and his performances are good he is in the team, if not he is in the stand. We can get used to playing without our top scorer next summer.
  13. And horse racing and ice hockey fans. And fans of fireworks.
  14. The SG has laid out the constraints, it will be for SPFL to decide if games should be called off.
  15. A couple of grand a week over a 2 1/2 year contract is an extra £1/4 million. He would be wrong not to look at that. If he goes at the end of the season then he will owe us nothing. If he goes in January it is up to the club to ensure £xoo,ooo comes our way. I don’t know what x is.
  16. We didn’t lose any ground on United, we were away to Celtic, they were at home to Livi, we go again.
  17. Shots crashing off the bar are not on target

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