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  1. A Saints win or a draw would be fine, but Livingston getting rag-dolled would be good, one of them is already off injured.
  2. Training compensation or development fee, amount varies dependent on where he goes, unless it is MLS!
  3. Tony Watt will never score again. So many times this season I have queried why he didn’t use his left foot. Now I know.
  4. Carroll or McGinley? One may be concussed.
  5. A good analysis but given that the original point was made up perhaps it wasn’t required
  6. None of that makes sense because unless he goes to some foreign league that works outside of the recognised transfer windows then of course he is with us until the summer. If his contract was only until January then he couldn’t have played yesterday. He was always contracted to the summer, I have no idea if there was ever an appearances clause.
  7. Livingston trying to fit a bender around a Rangers game could see a rag tag bunch turn up at Fir Park. We should win this if we apply the same energy as the last two games. However the must not lose game is the Kilmarnock one, that could condemn them to finishing below us which can’t be bad.
  8. I thought that not bringing on Long with Lawless might have cost us as Cole was as burst as the rest, but we got through it. The better performances have been built on consistency of selection, what do we do with the defence going forward with want away contract rebel Gallagher being the only defender to make an arse of it yesterday?
  9. Gallagher back in the squad? I just don’t know who to trust anymore.
  10. If we were to win one and lose one of the next two games it is vital we lose this one.
  11. I don’t think the club understands a forum’s need to speculate, providing information isn’t part of the contract. The silence should be deafening.
  12. For all the effort across the whole pitch, there was one vital moment when Kelly pulled off a save.
  13. Campbell is back and we are playing with a winger.
  14. What did you think about the rest of what he said?
  15. I thought he did ok, he never sold the jerseys which is the bar by which we measure the current defence. He had some nervous prods forward early on but by the end of the match he was sweeping up balls behind his team mates. As full debuts go I think he got pass marks.
  16. When does Nolan’s warranty run out, can we send him back?
  17. You need to let him know though.

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