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  1. One made a debut at Norwich today, one has signed a 2nd deal at Leeds, one has started banging them in at Hull and Turnbull is self isolating in his gaff. How do you propose we better keep hold of our youth grand master yodo?
  2. Idiots write crap on scudbook, since when has that been a new phenomenon??
  3. Its nice going into this game not having the absolute dread. We will no doubt still get beat, maybe even pumped but at least after the last few games we now know that we do have a decent team in there and if they pull out all the stops we could do something here.......
  4. Depends how you define ridiculous I suppose? Are we only talking about the guys on £200k a week? What about the folks on £100k, £60k? For normal people the idea of someone getting £30k a week is pretty mental. Despite all of that, it's the market that set that rate. Covid might facilitate a reset........... but don't hold your breath
  5. This whole thing is a bit of a worry. The precedent was set last season with Thistle getting relegated with a game in hand. Now, the season will not get called next week but as we can see from our last two matches, it is very easy to fall behind at no fault of ourselves. This type of situation could be a major problem for us, and other teams as we get further into the season/pandemic! * Just to add to that, while the powers that be probably won't give a flying fuck about the team relegated, you can bet it would be a nightmare scenario for them to award a title to one of the arse cheeks if the other still had a game or games in hand!
  6. St Mirren are struggling. We might have been playing dire so far this season but by all accounts they are even worse - and they should be when you compare both squads. We should be looking to win this obviously but right now, any sort of win - even a dodgy decision win would be welcome and we should take and run. Should we win - aye. Confident of winning - naw.
  7. Generally you do talk pish, but this point above, I've got to agree with it 100% For me, we shouldn't be anywhere near sacking the manager. What is worrying however is that we don't look (Aberdeen game aside) to have any kind of goal threat. Nothing is happening between the midfield and strikers. Personally I think that might be due to a lack of creativity and guile on the wings, but whatever it is, it's not working. People can rightly grumble as much as they want about the Rangers penalty decisions but the facts are that we created the square root of fuck all and never really threatened their goal. That for me, is the issue. Do I think Robbo should go - of course not. But he really needs to change something up and do it quickly.
  8. Just had a wee look. Hate to burst your bubble but even if we get horsed 10-0, the worst we can be in the league today is 9th......
  9. Or at least take it first time& work the keeper. Prob wouldv been pulled back but taking that toich was shocking
  10. If we get pumped by this mob in the heat, is Robbo getting punted again? *asking for a friend
  11. Or Shaka? His knickers have been wringing for a couple of weeks as well.....
  12. 3 wins in 8 days Yodo, good times eh
  13. Superb result! Never seen that coming. Is that 3 wins in 8 days? The porridge dribblers are going to have to take a stiff drink tonight. Onwards and upwards - mon the 'well!!
  14. You know you can have a night off any time you want if it affects you that much. You dont need to wait for a bye/lock down.

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