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  1. Did they not win it at a canter as well with a good few games to spare?
  2. Surely after Dom Thomas and Steven Lawless scored against us in consecutive games a few weeks ago, he can't trot that one out for a wee while........
  3. He's at the gym all the time at the moment, obviously thats no indication on being match fit or even ready to kick a ball, but he has been doing a fair bit of fitness in his own time from what I have seen.
  4. No idea what Robinson gets paid but mcghee was an established manager and got a few pay rises to stay with us i believe. I doubt we paid Barraclough and now Robbo £150k although i could be very wrong. I expected him to be on much closer to a normal wage.
  5. Depends how much ££££ he is offered. I dont know the guy but most people have a price
  6. Yea, I have never heard any of that either. I had always assumed that we learnt our lessons from admin and were never likely to get ourselves into such a situation again.
  7. I would be quite disappointed to lose him at this stage. Last January after that cup exit I was ready to drive him to the airport myself, but the way he changed the tactics and kicked on, has then built another new team and has us up at the top end of the table, despite some obvious deficiencies on the park, its been quite impressive. I think there is much more to come from this team and if we can get Turnbull back (playing for us) I expect the team to really kick into gear in the new year. A new manager might not get that.......
  8. Looking forward to this but really no idea how it will pan out. We are in good form and them not so much. Im usually a 'happy clapper' but my feelimgs this season are more that we have been winning due to being less pish than the opposition. Our defence has looked very ropey from time to time, if we come up against a team with some creativity up front we could be in bother. Saying that, i doubt Aberdeen are that team
  9. Only 1 guy put in a shift and that was the drummer. 100% all match. He deserves the plaudits
  10. One of the great days as we see the culmination of one of the greatest misdirection in Scottish football with Turnbull coming off the bench in the 3rd minute to rapturous scenes, controlling the game, scoring 5 goals and the green hordes smashing up the south stand........
  11. 1st September. Would be funny as fuck watching the celtic fans come up with new conspiracy theories
  12. Starts off with DT sitting in his living room. I was hoping for a scoop...... no quotes no facts, just the journo's views. Boring to be honest
  13. It will of course be great if he signs. I do wonder if a little part of this is designed to flush out any lingering interest Celtic have in him........ shit, he's about to get a new 3year contract, maybe we should just cough up and buy him now
  14. Bet he could do a job for us tho

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