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  1. We had a great angle of the turnbull goal effectivly cutting inside just infront of us. It was clearly not a hit and hope effort, the fact he seemingly executed something like that at will was top class. However, he had the freedom of fir park to size it up. While we couldnt do anything about the strike itself, we are at fault for not closing him down and putting pressure on him. Christ, if theres one team in the league that should know what he is capable of, its us.
  2. Any word on whether we need vaccine passports for this? Away all week, will be getting dropped off at Fir Park for kick off. Do i need to get certification?
  3. The Islay ones taste like TCP to the uninitiated. If you want something a bit easier going, try something from the speyside region.
  4. 14 hours in and @weeyin hasn't jumped all over this? Must have the 'rona or something
  5. The only issue for me is that he's not very good at football!
  6. Thats it for me. He's just not good enough. Wasn't good enough the first time, and not good enough now.
  7. There were cash gates at the East Stand v Aberdeen
  8. The form team in the league over the last 5 matches and we have taken 4 points from Aberdeen and Rangers game. That should pretty much mean Ross County take our pants down and bring us back to earth.......
  9. Think it was a Rangers forum/club journo, not a mainstream media guy
  10. Keevins is the pantomime villain and he loves it. Top class wind up for either side when they have a bad result. He's on twitter now and its always a good read. A few weeks ago just before SSB was due to start he tweeted something along the lines of join me on Clyde 1 in 5 minutes at the forum for enlightenment..... top bantz Think the best one in recent years was the day Rogers jumped ship to Leicester and Shug wasn't scheduled to be on that night but they ferryied him in and he opened with, I was made for nights like these....
  11. As good as it would be to beat them, look at the amount of chances Aberdeen had that went straight at Kelly. If Rangers get that many chances they could give us a serious doing.....
  12. The comment was a direct response to Busta saying we wont get entertained under GA. In my mind, we were plenty entertaining against Hibs. Sadly we never picked up any points. Compare and contrast with Saturday where we managed a win but the old saying of 'that would get fitbaw stopped' could easily apply to that game.
  13. I thought we played some pretty decent football against Hibs - infact I was quite shocked at how far we appear to have regressed in 3 weeks that Dundee can pretty much pass it round us on our own pitch.
  14. If all folk have to moan about is the CEO's personal twitter account then it suggests to me that AB is doing a good job.
  15. Really there isn't any point in bringing this up at 9.30am other than the fact that you are the king of pedantry..... You are aware that the mighty England, complete with their £100m man, only scored one goal more than us.......... they somehow managed to concede 5 goals less than us however.

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