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  1. !!Iv not watched it, went to the golf instead. Driving up i listened to the first 20minutes. Had a chuckle when the commentator said 90% possesion Celtic and motherwell have everyman within 35 yards of their goal...... Graham Alexander must be worrying. Eh no. This is likely how GA sent us out, its not his first rodeo playing everyone behind the ball!
  2. Yea actually, I would keep him. Solholm as a squad man as well.
  3. Keep Kelly, Lamie, SOD, Beavis, Slattery, Cornelius, Woolery, Van Veen. Get rid of the rest. IMO
  4. Big Stall


    I agree with that but how good did we actually come? Does anyone think we really deserved that win over County? We beat a very understrength Hearts side in the 2nd half. First half they were miles better than us. We got the points and that is all that matters, but we can't pretend that it covers up the last 4 months. Even in those two games our flaws were there for everyone to see. I don't want to sound like Steelboy and Yodo here but unless he has a big clear out in the summer and has some kind of footballing epithany, then i do think we will be battling the basement boys next season.
  5. Big Stall


    If you pay attention you would know Im certainly not one of the usual boo boys that can't see any kind of silver lining with the club. Infact I am generally in the happy clapper club but regardless of league position which is to be applauded, not only has the football been brutal, but the points accumulation in the last 4 months has been relegation form. By turning it around, this is what I mean. We have regressed, either the other teams have worked us out or the players have half given up. In my opinion, if GA sticks with the same formula next season it is going to get worse. Look at it this way, despite the benefits of finishing 4th or 5th with European football on the horizon, does anyone really see anything from the players and the manager to get excited about and think things are on an upward spiral for next season?
  6. Big Stall


    We are utter shite though. And yep thats the reason I picked that example. That team were so bad we ended up in the playoffs and then smashed Rangers. All I'm saying is that we have regressed to such an extent that they would also destroy us. A team with Pearson, McManus and McDonald through the spine, and Ainsworth and Johnson on the wings would totally destroy our current team if they showed up primed for the event. Carrol v on-form Lionel? Come on. Skippy v Ojala? Pearson and Las v Goss and Slattery? Now line our current team up with McGhee's first season or McCalls superstars. Its frightening to imagine the outcome. Now of course we don't need to worry about it, we are finishing 4th or 5th but it just shows how poor not only Motherwell have got in a relatively short number of years, but the rest of the league as well.
  7. Big Stall


    Going against the grain maybe but I thought we were atrocious in the first half the other night. The players didn't even look as though they wanted it. To me, the first half was a continuation of them same crap we have watched for the last 4 months. Second half, credit where its due. We certainly improved, fought for the ball and were an attacking threat. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not convinced that GA can turn this around. Clearly his vision of football differs from what some/most of the fans want to see. He's obviously merited another crack at the whip next season but I can't say I am overly enthused about it. Put it this way, as bad as Barracloughs team were, man for man (in my mind) they would absolutely roast this current mob. We done Rangers 6-1 in the playoffs that year, that team would tear strips off of our current set up.
  8. Got to imagine a new pitch will be easier to look after as well and we might not be as fucked as we would be if a bigger club pinches our groundsman who has worked wonders on it.
  9. Big Stall


    Its a bank holiday, wheres he going? Troon Beach? Luss? St Andrews?? Hopefully he has an epiphany when he's away and remembers the whole point of a midfield.
  10. While i agree with the principle, the reality is that we havent bothered using the midfield in 2022. They can set up for battle as much as they want but they end up just watching big punts over their heads
  11. Its all Burrows fault don't you know?? Pished in steelboys chips one day and winched his burd.
  12. Burrows should say no bother Steelboy. Come up to fir park and we can sort this out. You paid £0 for your season ticket, divide the cost by 19 home games = theres your £0 refund.
  13. Why would you think you should get a refund for a season ticket game? Next year i'll try that...... sorry Motherwell, i missed four games through holidays, weans birthdays, walking my maws dug....... oh & i forgot, you were good enough to give me my season ticket free last sunmer! Absolute chancer!
  14. They are pish, we are pish. This is the battle of who turns up less pish on the day. What i would say is i believe that man for man we have a better team than St Mirren. We just have a manager that doesnt know how to utilise them effectivley
  15. Watt going to United can argue the case till the cows come home. Losing Lamie and Oharra to pisher teams than us does suggest not all the players are onboard with GA. Fair enough if these guys were fringe men but aside from Kelly & VanVeen, they are in our ever rotating starting 11 as much as anyone else

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