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  1. Big Stall

    Season Tickets

    I'll be renewing - haven't been punted, forlowed or put on reduced hours yet so will probably just buy it outright at first opportunity. I expect there will be a big chunk of fans renewing regardless of what we know about next season, there will be people who can't financially justify it right now, and then probably a smaller handful who won't buy one and want their money back for the last few games of this season. Each to their own. Everyone has their own circumstances.
  2. Are you a masochist? There will be a lot of horrific and dire shite in there!
  3. Italy, Spain, Germany, England and now Scottish football custodians. You are doing it wrong, you need to listen to a walloper on the internets.......
  4. How much are these shysters expecting us to pay to watch us play against complete diddies on a joke of a pitch in brutal conditions? Trying to work out if i should walk down the hill& put myself through it or find a more comfortable activity.
  5. Wireless says hes got flu. Incidentally, Radio Scotland is all us tonight. Big features, burrows, look back at 91. Nice to hear rather than the usual old firm& aberdeen shite. Bit of a worry that they seem to have forgotten our opposition tonight.
  6. Saturday, whilst wild and torrential at least had warm air. That wind right now will cut you in two. Its a proper wrap up in 15 layers night tonight. As long as we are still in the cup by the end of the evening however, who gives a fuck.....
  7. Doubt anyone will buy him after 20 minutes gametime in a season that was written off with a knee injury. May be no bad thing because then we will probably get to enjoy him playing for us till next January.
  8. Campbell for me. Scott started like a bat out of hell, but it didnt last/hibs nullifiee him. Wee Campbell bossed it the full match
  9. Anytime i want to see the fixtures on the official site i get the white page on my phone. I usually just leave it in the background& look at something else for a few minutes& when i go back to that tab, its there. A real pain in the arse for when the wife wants to know if she can do x,y,z on a Saturday a few weeks later.
  10. He got that just for leathering Yodo in Edinburgh last week
  11. Did they not win it at a canter as well with a good few games to spare?

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