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  1. Not entirely disagreeing, but one day, once youv had your hole a few times, you might get a bird and move in with her. Then she might even want to join one of those whatsapp or facebook groups.
  2. He's fast, strong, direct and can put his foot through the ball. All said and done, he is a better player than Seedorf. If its the choice between him and Sherwin, then there is no choice. Saying that, some of our other recent wingers have had more tricks and skills - if there is a chance of getting any of them back then that would be better.
  3. I think its going to be brilliant. Watch on the TV, see yourself and some mates, then notice that Robocop, Dangermouse and Chewbacca are also supporting the mighty......
  4. And if he is better than them??
  5. A fortune? Was manzinga not playing amateur football before he showed up? Cant imagine we are spending fortunes on him.....
  6. I remember speaking to McMannus not long after he left us to take up his position at Celtic, he was saying much the same and singing Robbo's praises. At that time it was just after the half season of pish before he discovered playing the boys actually worked. I thought big Mic was off his head but Robbo certainly turned things around. I would give him a 7 out of 10 rating, but i do think and hope we can see even more from him.
  7. Big Stall

    Season Tickets

    I for one am glad that Steelboy has taken up his post as infectious diseases expert. I'm sure we will all be able to sleep soundly.
  8. The guys that we (company I work for) have furloughed, have been encouraged to undertake training tasks and personal development. We can't force them and we can't have them doing chargeable work but we can and do keep in touch. I would expect having the players keep themselves fit and then having regular discussions with the coaches is entirely fine as per the rules of furlough.
  9. Well that fairly brightened up my morning!!
  10. Big Stall

    Season Tickets

    I'll be renewing - haven't been punted, forlowed or put on reduced hours yet so will probably just buy it outright at first opportunity. I expect there will be a big chunk of fans renewing regardless of what we know about next season, there will be people who can't financially justify it right now, and then probably a smaller handful who won't buy one and want their money back for the last few games of this season. Each to their own. Everyone has their own circumstances.
  11. Italy, Spain, Germany, England and now Scottish football custodians. You are doing it wrong, you need to listen to a walloper on the internets.......
  12. How much are these shysters expecting us to pay to watch us play against complete diddies on a joke of a pitch in brutal conditions? Trying to work out if i should walk down the hill& put myself through it or find a more comfortable activity.
  13. Wireless says hes got flu. Incidentally, Radio Scotland is all us tonight. Big features, burrows, look back at 91. Nice to hear rather than the usual old firm& aberdeen shite. Bit of a worry that they seem to have forgotten our opposition tonight.

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