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  1. Big Stall

    Hearts Man of the Match (League Cup)

    Only 1 guy put in a shift and that was the drummer. 100% all match. He deserves the plaudits
  2. One of the great days as we see the culmination of one of the greatest misdirection in Scottish football with Turnbull coming off the bench in the 3rd minute to rapturous scenes, controlling the game, scoring 5 goals and the green hordes smashing up the south stand........
  3. Big Stall

    The 'Magnificent' David Turnbull Discussion Thread

    1st September. Would be funny as fuck watching the celtic fans come up with new conspiracy theories
  4. Big Stall

    The 'Magnificent' David Turnbull Discussion Thread

    Starts off with DT sitting in his living room. I was hoping for a scoop...... no quotes no facts, just the journo's views. Boring to be honest
  5. Big Stall

    The 'Magnificent' David Turnbull Discussion Thread

    It will of course be great if he signs. I do wonder if a little part of this is designed to flush out any lingering interest Celtic have in him........ shit, he's about to get a new 3year contract, maybe we should just cough up and buy him now
  6. Big Stall

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Bet he could do a job for us tho
  7. Big Stall

    The 'Magnificent' David Turnbull Discussion Thread

    I just re-read it. I had assumed Celtic were going to pay less and loan him back to us. Not them expecting us to loan him to Celtic! Hhahahahaaha. No wonder we told them to beat it!
  8. Big Stall

    The 'Magnificent' David Turnbull Discussion Thread

    While it wouldn't have suited the fans, it would certainly suit Turnbull. He gets his £10k a week now, and his move next year. Wouldn't surprise me if this loan suggestion was to keep him happy.
  9. Big Stall

    The 'Magnificent' David Turnbull Discussion Thread

    I was told this morning by someone who was told something........ that Celtic tried to change the terms of the deal on Friday night and are playing funny buggers. Whilst that's all conjecture and told by someone who heard something blah blah, it does seem to tie in with some of the stuff in the last few pages. For what it's worth, I am definitely not ITK
  10. Big Stall

    The 'Magnificent' David Turnbull Discussion Thread

    The only way this could go even better is if Norwich were to let him play for us for a while..... and he bangs a few in past celtic during that time of course.
  11. Big Stall

    The 'Magnificent' David Turnbull Discussion Thread

    Pretty sure he knows a good bit more about business& industry than a bunch of fannies on the internet
  12. Big Stall

    2019-20 League Cup

    Sounds a belter Gutted
  13. Its really not.
  14. Big Stall

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Would that be a covering the bases signing for when Turnbull inevitably moves on be it the summer or next year some time?
  15. Big Stall

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Why not? I think he has been great for us in the last 3months and dont doubt he can step up...... has he shown any potential suitors enough??

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