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  1. Or Shaka? His knickers have been wringing for a couple of weeks as well.....
  2. 3 wins in 8 days Yodo, good times eh
  3. Superb result! Never seen that coming. Is that 3 wins in 8 days? The porridge dribblers are going to have to take a stiff drink tonight. Onwards and upwards - mon the 'well!!
  4. You know you can have a night off any time you want if it affects you that much. You dont need to wait for a bye/lock down.
  5. For me, what I think we are missing is a pacey, tricky winger. For all the faults of Ainsworth, Globy, Aarons - none of them were perfect, but each of them offered an outball who could not only relieve pressure on the defence but also make things happen in more dangerous areas, bringing our strikers more into it. Hylton seems to be injured, Sherwin despite his showing early in the season is still pish and Hastie........ well if he was any good he would be playing.
  6. And even if such a mythical scenario were to ever unfold, you would be right here slevering that Robinson had to go because he couldn't identify any original talent and was playing washed up old timers......
  7. Just had a look, we are 3 points off 5th place. Certain relegation...... jesus wept!
  8. Directors of football getting cuts of player sales is standard practice accross the board. No idea about managers tho, or if ours is in that boat.
  9. What did our third place last season tell us?
  10. Thats the first one I've watched on the stream. The only issue I had was that I was about a minute behind the live action on premier sports so when the goals were going in my phone was going mental about a minute before I actually saw the goals. Aside from that I was quite impressed with it. Not as smooth as watching a broadcast but it was good enough.
  11. They could certainly have scored a few in the period between their guy getting sent off, and our second goal....... but they didnt. And we humped them 5-1! Pretty sure we would all have taken that score before kick off
  12. Tam Cowan just said on BBC Scotland that since Robinson has been in we have brought in £7milliom in transfer fees. He slso said £3mill from the cup runs which im a bit sceptical about. Regardless, those numbers are impressive and probably not what Yodo and his pals want to read.......
  13. I can't for the life think of a team in Scotland doing better than us at bringing in unheard of guys from England, most of which play for a while in our first team some of whom move on for a fee or free to bigger and better clubs. Celtic do it, on a bigger scale, but the teams in our bracket??
  14. That was nice that the billyboy was able to point it out for us.

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