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  1. Really there isn't any point in bringing this up at 9.30am other than the fact that you are the king of pedantry..... You are aware that the mighty England, complete with their £100m man, only scored one goal more than us.......... they somehow managed to concede 5 goals less than us however.
  2. Big Stall

    Chris Long

    On his day, he was good. The problem is that his day didn't come very often and when it wasn't his day he appeared not to give a......... Played in the right system, at the right level and kept happy then I'm sure he would do a job for Crewe.
  3. I knew him. More friend of a friend but over the years i did play golf and have a good few drinks with him, probably when we were underage. I heard all about the trajedy and his young family hes left behind. All very sad. RIP
  4. Big Stall


    Madwullie? Greame Wood i presume? Very tragic. Both gone far too young.
  5. Big Stall


    Yep. Even at the games he always keeps us calm. You know something shite is happening on the pitch on the occassions when Andy lost it
  6. Big Stall


    Im absolutley gutted at this. Cant write much right now. Iv sat beside him at fir park for 12 + years. Got to know him through that. A great guy. We share the same surname, work in same industry and sat next to each other at the fitbaw. RIP Andy my friend.
  7. As much as i love that 94/95 away top, i still think the Canterbury away which is similar is a better looker. IMO
  8. The reality is that we need to wait until Yodo makes up his mind on GA before we can proceed with this discussion.....
  9. I've not really read that as the general consensus on here at all. Most have been saying he has done a good job in turning the club around from where we were but the jury is out and he has the big task coming in the summer.....
  10. The football is not a nice watch, but look where we were before his appointment and look how he has steadied the ship and the points return. Can't see anyone being unhappy with him at the moment. His next text though is the rebuild and what he can put on the pitch next season.
  11. yellow paint on the stairs...... loving it!
  12. Did we not have this a few years back with folk following Hatelys bird/wife and she went off on one?
  13. Cany get into the fitbaw for a year so spend your Saturdays becoming an epidemiologist and infectious disease expert. Top chat!
  14. Anyone remember the time a few wallopers had us picking up no more points for the rest of the season??
  15. Brilliant result, superb! What a difference a week makes. 7 days ago plenty panty wetters had us picking up no more points all season. Now we have 4 in 2 games. Mon the 'well!

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