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  1. The football is not a nice watch, but look where we were before his appointment and look how he has steadied the ship and the points return. Can't see anyone being unhappy with him at the moment. His next text though is the rebuild and what he can put on the pitch next season.
  2. yellow paint on the stairs...... loving it!
  3. Did we not have this a few years back with folk following Hatelys bird/wife and she went off on one?
  4. Cany get into the fitbaw for a year so spend your Saturdays becoming an epidemiologist and infectious disease expert. Top chat!
  5. Anyone remember the time a few wallopers had us picking up no more points for the rest of the season??
  6. Brilliant result, superb! What a difference a week makes. 7 days ago plenty panty wetters had us picking up no more points all season. Now we have 4 in 2 games. Mon the 'well!
  7. 1 point in 3 is pish. 10 points in 6 is more than decent particularly given how bad we have been. 6 matches is the rule of thumb for the form guide. We are no-where near the bottom.
  8. And if thats the case, fine. But we can take the armband off him, give it to someone who is actually up for fighting for the club.
  9. Not if we were getting pumped every week it wouldn't.....
  10. I really cant see how this Dec business can be true. If he is at the madam, surely the club just strip the guy of the captaincy. No need to sack him, if he chooses not to play again then its on him. Removing the arm band pretty much tells everyone what has happened. That hasnt be done. No-one at the club has spoken out against him which i find hard to believe would be the case if he was at it. There would always be at least a couple not happy at it. I have no idea what is going on but if he was coming the cunt and Motherwell are lieing down and letting him do it then the club are as much to blame. I just cant see it myself.
  11. Its February and we are only a handful of points away from the bottom. It really shouldnt matter what the players, Craigan, you, or whoever 'we' are think of the manager. These fannies need to roll their sleeves up and play for their own proffesional pride and careers. Im not ITK, no idea if GA is good or bad, but now isnt the time for fucking about. Craigan rightly or wrongly tried that before with Gannon but at least it was early in the season. We cant afford to have them spit the dummy and if they do, every single one of them should be shown the door at the end of the season regardless of what we do with the manager. Its time for them all to man up!
  12. If that is the case, and im not saying its not, then surely the solution is to move Watt back to what should be the tip of the diamond position. Let him play the turnbull role. He is the only one that can take a touch and create, to be honest the only one with vision. He doesnt score anyway so pulling him back a bit doesnt sacrafice anything
  13. Shut the fuck up. We have just taken 9 points in the last 17 days. Clown
  14. This is the first time that GA can legitimatly get torn right into them. I hope he took strips off them. Hes the gaffer now, time to let them know in no uncertain terms what is and isnt acceptable

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