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  1. Wellboys86Neale

    Co-op Draw

    Semis betweeen us hearts dundee and st johnstone Motherwell v Dundee Hearts v St johnstone Final Miotherwell v Hearts
  2. Wellboys86Neale

    Gannon And Mcghee

    Not saw this anywhere so thought id stick it up. Found it on bebo earlier and found it rather humourous Gannon mcghee conversation
  3. Wellboys86Neale

    Trip To Llanelli

    Allready said were going to kidnap mr C and take him to the game for one laast time if he decides to go
  4. Wellboys86Neale

    Trip To Llanelli

    8.55am flight from glasgow to bristol, then train from bristol to llanelli, getting us is lannelli for half 1/2ish
  5. Wellboys86Neale

    Llanelli Roll-call

    7 of us, so thats 146!
  6. Wellboys86Neale

    Llanelli Ticket Information

    Apparantly there ground holds just 3400 with only 1000 seated. However, tthey have been known to play thier european games at a closeby rugby ground which holds 10,800 tickets, so id imagine a ballot if the game is at thier home park, but it would hopefully be okay if it was at the rugby ground. neale
  7. Wellboys86Neale

    Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    This isnt about charlie, but another bit of stupidity after match, when andy driver claimed he was just happy to get the three points didnt know you could pick up points in the cup? Tosser Great draw for us Means i can be at the game then make my party after it .
  8. Wellboys86Neale

    Tickets For St Mirren

    Looking forward to this one now. hopefully a full stadium with a right cracking atmosphere! Lets get right behind the team, and sing them on to spoil the saints party!
  9. Wellboys86Neale

    Club Meeting With Wellboys

    Not sure if this has allready happened, but if you contact Quinn 91 off these boards then he will give you the info needed as he's arranging the meeting on our behalf. But your sugestion about meeting us before the meeting is reasonable. To arrange it, quinn 91's yer man Cheers Neale
  10. Wellboys86Neale

    Tickets For St Mirren

    Went ove rto the 'ark today for my ticket to be told theyve sold out! Woman said theyre getting a small amount in tomorow at noonish, so if you want a ticket youd better get down around then. Was fairly surprised to find out theyd sold theyr allocation. Neale
  11. Wellboys86Neale

    Uncle Phil

    R.I.P phil One year gone, never forgotten. Cant believe thats been a year. Still an empty space on the pitch without you. neale
  12. Wellboys86Neale

    Uncle Phil

    But maybe the club do have something special planned

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