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  1. That Canterbury effort was fantastic.
  2. India isnt as lucrative as Malaysia
  3. Caulker could be a huge player for Dundee. Always impressed and is still only in his 20s. Will be a big test for Main and Ciftci. Hopeful of a result here though. We have confidence going forward and actually seem to be playing attractive football from time to time. 2-1 'Well. Ciftci and Tanner.
  4. Couldnt shoot but somehow only scored screamers!
  5. Bit harsh on Killie. Ayr United v Fraserburgh could be a good game for those local.
  6. You'd assume they will have staff working everyday of the transfer window.
  7. I think its well known that ball boys take flack from players. You dont have to look far to find footage of Joe Hart berating a ball boy, Hazards famous boot to the ribs of a ball boy is a personal favourite of mine. He looked like an U23s player anyway. Cant imagine Celtic even bringing it up to Gordon because its a non-event.
  8. Counting down every minute of every shift... its only Thursday folks.
  9. A cracker as well, Edge of the box, blasted into the bottom corner! Think naismith got the winner a few minutes before the end. Was gutted!
  10. Dom Thomas provided the cross for the firwt goal too, I believe.
  11. Your source has awful patter...
  12. Having watched it a few times, I think we could possibly win this. Its a 50/50 situation where two bodies come together- He is just chasing the ball down. There is no malice here. No deliberate attempted on the player. I think under the uodated rules is could potentially be deemed a yellow card offence

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