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    joint Player Sponsorship Raffle £5 entry 2018-19

    £5 sent Thanks as always for organising.
  2. linsey12

    Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    Thanks but I’ll be honest and say a cup win would go a long way to helping me right now, haha.
  3. linsey12

    Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    I had my ticket but I can’t go as I’m now in hospital! Absolutely gutted as I have missed a lot this season due to ill health so I have been building up to this one! I am taking the fact I am being forced to miss out as a sure fire sign we are winning this!! Everyone that’s going just get right behind the whole team for the full game - let’s bring this one home.
  4. linsey12

    Celtic V Motherwell Sun 15 May 12:30

    Exactly... My point was simply that they're already champions, money in the pot (just like us) and they're not treating it like it doesn't matter. Saying it doesn't matter is no excuse for a lack of effort and desire, especially when fans are paying quite a bit of money to support you. Just glad that's over! Hopefully Keith and Hammy sign again and we start looking to succession plan - we definitely miss their presence, even if they're not world beaters!
  5. linsey12

    Celtic V Motherwell Sun 15 May 12:30

    Me too but don't expect an apology! Haha
  6. linsey12

    Celtic V Motherwell Sun 15 May 12:30

    It means nothing in terms of our league position but it means something, particularly for those paying money to go and watch it! It obviously means something to Celtic, too...7 goals and still looking for more? Must mean something to someone...just wish our players realised that at kick off.
  7. linsey12

    Celtic V Motherwell Sun 15 May 12:30

    This is horrendous....
  8. linsey12

    Celtic V Motherwell Sun 15 May 12:30

    Disappointing stuff. Definitely on holiday already. Feel for those paying £25 or more to watch that...hope there's a boot up the backside at half time so we can perhaps try to string a couple of passes together.
  9. linsey12

    Motherwell V St Johnstone Sat 7 May 15:00

    Sounds like someone had his details and the fence will cover the first three rows...
  10. linsey12

    Player Sponsorship Raffle £5

    Great stuff. I've sent over another £10.
  11. linsey12

    Player Sponsorship Raffle £5

    Payment sent. Thanks for organising this again.
  12. linsey12

    Mandy Burns

    Exactly - I know a number of the current players and they've gelled because they already know each other well. This has brought immediate results but I'm actually quite disappointed that's the route the club have gone down. It detracts a bit from the community club approach to it. I would love to see the women's game flourish but it's not realistic to think that can happen at the moment and it's not (as I see it; perhaps I'm wrong) going to bring in much in the way of commercial gain. Nice to see silverware etc but a big part of me would actually have liked to see us continue to build on the original (unpaid) group of girls through coaching and development, drawing in the more talented players over time because of the set-up. Unfortunately, it's definitely a case of friends recruiting friends - talented players, yes, but not really what I'd hoped for. We digress but glad to have that off my chest!!
  13. linsey12

    2015/16 Ins & Outs

    There's been a big influx of players who played together in their younger days and that had ousted the girls who were originally recruited. I'm also hearing that they are being paid a weekly wage, too. Keen to know where that funding is coming from! Clearly aiming to climb into a better league quickly but there has to be some development going on to have a strong team when they get there.
  14. Sorry if this has been posted already! Just to lighten the mood and remind ourselves of the true joy of Sunday instead of all this fighting nonsense... 6-1? Haha https://video-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xft1/v/t42.1790-2/11385903_1001361799888347_1995058641_n.mp4?efg=eyJybHIiOjMwMCwicmxhIjo1MTJ9&rl=300&vabr=125&oh=6c272591f4430c60c344630dcc1ca1dc&oe=556FA8BD
  15. linsey12

    Player Sponsorship Raffle 14/15 £5

    £20 paid, Iain
  16. linsey12

    Player Sponsorship, Raffle 13/14

    Add me on for £10 too please. Will pay via PayPal
  17. linsey12

    Stevie Hammell Testimonial Season

    Looking forward to whatever is planned. Hammy deserves it - top guy and very committed to the Well.
  18. linsey12

    Motherwell Vs Dundee United Discussion Thread

    Not a direct response to you at all. Just a response to the constant criticism of the guy...it's tiring me out so can't begin to think how he feels listening to it week in week out. Just wish we would focus on getting behind the guys we've got - like it or not, they are pulling on the jersey and working hard for us...they're not perfect but they're ours!!
  19. linsey12

    Motherwell Vs Dundee United Discussion Thread

    The criticism Humphrey gets is way over the top. The guy isn't perfect and I know he made a few mistakes last night but he also worked his backside off and, in my opinion, created quite a number of very good chances for us - often despite having at least 2 men on him. It's no wonder his head goes down sometimes...let's be realistic about the players we have and those we can (or can't) afford!
  20. linsey12

    Panathinaikos (H)

    Some may have failed to notice that every time the ball went near Humphrey, Pana had two men on him - we didn't get the ball across to him quickly enough nor did we make good use of the space this created elsewhere. Although the lads worked hard, we just weren't as fluid as Pana. We took the pace off the ball going forward (with a few exceptions) and that will hinder our wide players effectiveness. Too many telegraphed passes unfortunately...the difference in experience at that level did show. Thought the lads acquitted themselves well throughout the game though and it will have been a great experience for all of them. No matter what happens in Athens - they can be very proud of themselves!
  21. linsey12

    [Steelmen Forever] Box 2 Box

    Great idea! I've bought a box for myself and one for my dad. Looking forward to seeing what else is to come. This whole fiasco might just pull a lot of folk together and I for one am looking forward to the new season - 'mon the Well!!
  22. linsey12

    Player Sponsorship Raffle 2012

    £10.00 sent
  23. linsey12

    Motherwell Challenge Higdon 1 Match Ban Offer

    The can of worms is well and truly open... Fans everywhere are going to make a mockery of this by flooding the SFA with complaints... Get in there! (oops...I mean, woohoo..darn it )
  24. linsey12

    Motherwell Challenge Higdon 1 Match Ban Offer

    The whole thing is beyond stupid. Totally over the top and inconsistent. Only way to avoid offence is to stop playing altogether..I am offended every time the opposition score against us! No more goal celebrations - just watch it go in, turn and go back to the centre...do not breathe - it may be offensive! Lol Seriously, the idea isn't necessarily wrong but the process and application of it is a mile out. How Broadfoot can keep saying "the clubs agreed and only moan when it suits" just makes it even more laughable. We all know why clubs, not just ours, are finding this ridiculous...

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