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  1. Just been stated on Twitter, via the official Motherwell account, that we rejected an offer from an Australian club.
  2. This is the fundamentals of it. When you look at some of the Engish "towns" they've got massive populations. I know that's not an entirely scientific way of estimating fan bases, but it's a starting point. Northampton has around 220,000, I think that's similar to Aberdeen. Other places like Luton, Rochdale and Stockport are similar. Then there's our wee towns up here at 30,000 or so. Add the TV money to the mix and it becomes something else.
  3. Haha. Noticed that as well. He sounds like a teenager sitting on a cooncil wall with a football in his hands, and they've just stuck a microphone in his face.
  4. The club are trying to head in the right direction but for some reason it's not working. I think tying in the longer term plans of churning players out, selling players on etc is in complete opposition to what has to be done short term during seasons of struggle ie battling relegation last season and this season. So for two years we've got a situation which is impacting our ability to implement the long term plan. From being a layman looking in on it, that's what I see. But I could be wrong and it could be all fucked from top to bottom.
  5. I was up £120 until the penalty. Gutting on so many levels.
  6. I'm getting at nothing. Not everything needs to have some sort of secondary meaning, all I'm saying is most games were fifty-fifty but under Barraclough it went sour and under McGhee it feels like a fifty-fifty contest before its kicked Off.
  7. ...also, this is what it felt like before Barraclough. You'd go into a game not certain you'd win, but not certain you'd lose.
  8. Am I wrong in thinking that the last time we won there was when lappin scored under McGHee
  9. I'm not necessarily one for sticking the boot in. I love Saturdays where I'm out in the pub then off to the football. I think because I've been watching my daughter almost every Saturday since December 2013, I've seen the non-paying armchair fans view of the Scottish game. I don't know if that makes sense. Because I'm not there regularly (which I will be the minute I think she's old enough to be taken), I sort of see the games and the SPFL from the median view, that's the only keyhole I see through into the world of SPFL and Motherwell. And it's bleak. I'm a happy mothafucker by the way.
  10. I had to give my season ticket up for 2014/15 season because I have a young daughter I need to take care of. She's 2 just now and when she's old enough, I'll be getting the season ticket back. Having said that, me and some non-Motherwell supporting work colleagues try to get to a few games a season. But the main factors for me not being totally inspired to go to matches are: 1. The actual product is shite. 2. The opposition in general are also shite. 3. There hasn't been an exciting prospect ie talented young player or two on the pitch for a while. There's been some OK ones, but there's been few people to get excited about. Guys like Murphy and McCormack, although not world beaters, were worth paying to see a lot of the time. Few have excited me in the manner the last two seasons. 4. There hasn't been an opposition young prospect to get excited about since maybe Gauld. Entertainments a two way street. 5. Alcohol. Controversial, but I like a beer. Mix beer and football and you've won my heart. Football would be much more attractive to me if drinking was allowed again. 6. Scottish miserableness. As others have said, the media are actually fucking PISH at selling it. I watch big Jason Mohammed on the BBC red button on a Saturday. When those miserable bastarts from the Scottish Final Score show come on they fucking depress me. Their voices. Their faces. It's brutal. A guy was on it on Saturday and he was miserable as fuck, I don't even remember him smiling. It's not a game of poker. But that's about the extent of personality our presenting teams and pundits put into it. 7. Rangers. Like it or not. But not having Rangers makes the whole affair less interesting as a complete product. 8. Most young folk nowadays like the glamour and simplicity of having an English team. I was in Walkabout a few weeks back and it was rammed with folk watching English Premiership and La Liga stuff. Not a shit was given about the teams on the doorstep. 9. National team being shite has led to an interest in the sport in general. As someone else mentioned, fewer folk are into football. The more we fail, the less inspired folk are going to be and we've been failing since 2000. That's enough time for a 20 year old never to have watched us on TV in a major tournament. 10. League structure is PISH. 11. Lack of local pride. England is much vaster in terms of geographical distances between lots of teams. In the central belt were all about an hour away from one another. I don't know but if I was a Newcastle fan I'd be well into getting it up the soft southerners like Southampton, Arsenal, Chelsea etc. There's probably more but I've depressed myself now,

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