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    Went for Long as he kept us in this but like most of the season its been difficult to pick a man of the match, although normally its just because they were all pish
  2. I still havent bought into the WS yet and initially it was down to a lack of believe and confidence in the idea but also a shortage of cash but things change and the cash situation has improved! I probably will be tempted over the next 12 months and I'm sure there are many others like me and I'd love to see an interesting benefits package launched that caters for fans that no longer live in Scotland.
  3. Nice to see Maloney praise McCall for creating the set-piece from the corner that led to the goal last night. I bet he tried similar plays with our own superstars but we just couldnt pull it off!!
  4. Yep my fault for reading too quickly on a small screen and I agree that all three (and the soon to be available Lambert) fit the criteria but then again all three are probably unrealistic due to salary expectations and have they really got the experience needed to work within our current financial constraints and get us out of the hole we are in! Then you have the others as mentioned by Well Well who are probably affordable but definitely don't have the experience or the gravitas to deal with a bunch of under performing professionals..
  5. I don't recall saying they had to be but who do you have in mind?
  6. This is why I think we need McGhee back or someone like him contracted until the end of the season! Then we can gamble on some leftfield appointment who has the whole summer to plan for next season....
  7. Are you sure it wasnt Solano and half a dozen Saudi's looking for somewhere they can buy into for less than £300 Million with a guaranteed route into Europe every season?
  8. Black also insists he could still apply for the vacant position and will decide after Friday's league encounter with Dundee United. (Express) This is never a good thing to do because if we get a lucky win (which we are surely due) he suddenly becomes a serious contender for the job and from a Club perspective he is the cheapest option and then they combine that with Las stepping up into an assistants role to soften the blow and sell it to the fans!
  9. Exactly and anyone who thinks otherwise is no better than the zombies that support one of the uglies as we are starting to sound just like them
  10. I accept he wouldn't be a popular choice but this is exactly why i think we need someone like McGhee til the end of the season and then bring in someone new to support a long term strategy!!
  11. What about Brian Laws? Good knowledge again of the English leagues, has an acceptable win ratio and some excellent experience with a good few highs and some recent lows and needs to put himself back in the shop window as currently out of work - so available quick and for free!! He was an experienced defender, very passionate and seems just the sort of candidate we should be hunting for!
  12. and SkyBet have a good range of names with Adams as favourite!!
  13. This is not the season to be relegated or end up in a play-off against either the buns or hertz and we are also without Leanne and the skill-set that she brought to the board when assessing possible candidates! Almost anyone from Scotland is a no-no and its going to be difficult to identify someone already out of work in the English lower leagues to repeat the type of kick-start we have seen with previous appointments! Previously we have also been riding a high as new managers have come in with either qualification for Europe already on the cards or sitting high in the league so this is a tougher and different challenge as we face relegation, with a demoralised squad, out of one cup and a tough tie in the other, lack of board experience, about to report another significant yearly loss and ownership issues on the horizon!! With all that in mind do we look to someone who could carry out some emergency surgery and get us to safety for this season and then look to appoint someone from the lower leagues either here or down south who could maybe bring some fresh blood and have the summer to get the squad ready. Might not be a popular option but I'd bring McGhee back for the rest of this season with the plan to achieve safety in the league and if we can negotiate a few rounds of the cup then that's a bonus but relegation this season may not see us immediately bounce back up and the financial implications associated with that could see the club implode! Just a thought........
  14. Agree with all that Steelboy but the point is, it doesn't matter what the product is - or how poor it is - every utterance in public from the man at the top should be a positive one! Doesn't matter if your selling cars, double-glazing or doughnuts, they are the best doughnuts in the world is what you will hear from the bloke selling them! As for lack of a sponsor, even the Welsh Football League has a sponsor and different ones right down the pyramid so you cant tell me that there wasn't/isn't someone out there that would be happy to put their brand on our game. Am sure we would all prefer a name like Motorola again on our shirts rather than Cash Converters but you cut your clothe according to what's on the table!

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