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  1. Out of the race? It's not so long ago we were sitting at the bottom end of the table. A good run of results put us within touching distance of top 6 , but Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen are always tough ones away from home. We could have a good run again, others could have a bad run. Still a lot to play for.
  2. Rangera at the Broch - I imagine there will be very,very few tickets make it south the Central Scotland. The 1690 brigade is pretty strong between there and the Blue Toon.
  3. bomjac

    Roger Hynd Rip

    "Pre-season" training with the big man, first 6 weeks of PE at Garrion start of term. Boy did he punish us lol - however his plan was to show us the importance of warming up and getting our fitness up. My uncle does blame him for losing Rangers the European Cuo winners cup in 1967 though. I believe he missed an open goal as well as Rangers having a goal chopped off. Bayern won the match 1-0 in extra time.
  4. 25th - Damn. Booked in to a hotel in St Andrews that night. Don't quite think I can square going to the game with the Mrs. She will tell me to go sure, but we all know that is NOT really what she means !
  5. Going to give this a miss now, but for information if you are finding the flights from Scotland expensive you could use Megatrain to go Glasgow - Preston (3 -7 pounds when I looked) and then take a separate train to Manchester Airport (£9-£1). The downside is these deals are only available Mon-Thurs, Virgin release their cheapo tickets to Megabucks 45 days in advance. Birmingham could also be an option. Overnight ferry is possible from Newcastle to Rotterdam, but be sure your driver stays sober as the Dutch police can breathalyse you.
  6. Transport in Holland ? You can literally get to on city or town with a train station from 010 or 020 in 2-3 hours, and all at a fraction of the UK cost. Oh and at the weekend there are 2 "circle" trains which run in opposite directions between the major cities between midnight and 6am. I used to be able to combine a 10 minute walk to Rotterdam centraal, 45 km train journey and 5 minute cycle to get to work in Zwinder t in 40 minutes. My advice to anyone going would be to base yourself in Rotterdam rather than Amsterdam. If Arnhem is close to any games I would also recommend it - the former allies especially are very well received due to the fact that the Dutch there actually had such a tough time from the Germans prior to liberation in September 1945. Not to mention that Arnhem is party central at the weekend.
  7. Why dont they just give it to 'Flow ? If nothing else you will have someone who cares about the club 100% !
  8. Seriously ? Are you getting too old for this all these days mate ? I mean, how could you have possibly have enjoyed that hangover ridden day at the pool in Volkach if this was your attitude back in 1991 !
  9. bomjac

    Aberdeen Travel

    You should be able to get a drink in Aberdeen from 6am on the day of the match - just head down to the harbour area and you will find boozers open. Also used to drink in Aitchies on the way home from offshore regularly (~9:30 am), so I would guess he opens at 8am. Chances are there will be a few casuals wherever you go for a beer, such is life and it is their home town. Also train is still an option - although you may need to get into Glasgow to get up there in time for a beer or 2. Would thoroughly recommend the Moorings for an after match beer. Pretty much a Rock/alternative grunge pub, but it is probably the finest of Aberdeen's dive bars. Cracking selection of beers, a pinball table and the best Jukebox selection I have ever seen. Live music Friday / Saturday night also. Clientele from punks, rockers, grunge, students, bikers, passing seamen, the occasional office worker. ;If whisky is your tipple, drop into the Grill bar - some 600 whiskies available to sample. ;Belmont St is student central on the evening. Edit - tidied up text.
  10. bomjac

    Why So Few?

    Biggest culprit for the drop in attendances is live on TV. When you can take £25 and go spend the afternoon in the boozer watching the game in comfort, surrounded by your friends then it is an easy choice for the casual supporter. Sure I used to love the OF games, and never missed a game unless I was working or away at the time, but past performances against them and the fact that I no longer have a season ticket means that recently I have often decided to just watch the game in the pub. Prior to the OF games at Fir Park being televised the crowds generally were in the region of 11-13k against them. The old figures for TV which were £60k per televised match now make a mockery the fact that we are losing ticket sales of maybe 3000 @ £25 a pop.
  11. And that is what worries me most. Most times this season we have come up against a "must win" scenario, we have failed. Celtic we may get lucky again and meet them on a bad day (or even a day that the team actually believe they can beat them), and given our last performances against Aberdeen and Dundee Utd we will be lucky to get 2 or even 4 points from them.
  12. Worrying times. 5 games to go, every one of which is a "must win". Given our track record in these sort of games 3rd will be a bonus this time round.
  13. Not a snowball in hella chance of McCall winning it. To be in third place and challenging for second is a really good achievement, but as for the last few years we do not seem to habe the ability to turn it on when the chips are down. Woefully inadequate is the only way to describe the performances every time a result in a "big game" was required. Yesterday they again missed a chance to overtake Aberdeen to ease into second spot.
  14. Just a heads up folks, The Scottish Sun and Scotrail have a deal on which allows you to travel on any return single journey in Scotland for £9.50. Simply buy Saturdays Sun and take it from there. It allows you to buy up to 4 tickets, but the killer for us (Aberdeen next week) is that there is no travel on that Saturday - probably due to the Rugby. Will be useful to get to Dundee though. Edited to show correct single ticket status
  15. Hmm let me choose - would rather Motherwell had won the league with 7 points from 12 or won the cup in 1991? The league would have been my choice, but it never happened. Those who know me know exactly my opinions on Mr McLean which never changed throughout his entire tenure at Fir Park, but that is by the by. It is my opinion, which I am perfectly entitled to hold. It certainly does not give an anonymous forum poster the right to call me a "Fuckwit". Keyboard warriors of the world unite!
  16. Anyone but Tommy McLean would be my reply for his replacement. I hated the little tartan rug wearing, hampster chopped bastard - not to mention his bigot brother in arms Forsyth. Yet another big picture bottle merchant. 7 points from 12 would have won us the league, yet the bigot from Ashgill shit the nest. McCall has beeb shown to be tactically naive in every major one off game he ever managed a team in. Time for him to move on to "better" things and for the rest of us to applaud his fellow Rangers companion TB for his achievement at ICT on an eve tighter shoestring than we have at FP.
  17. Same old steelmenonline shite that has been spouted for years. Someone makes a post that the "forum elite" do not like and the worthy posters are queueing up to lambast anyone who does not share their view. Gonna be a bugger if we finish behind ICT in tje league with their manager who is not as good as SMC !
  18. Love this thread, and especially the way that it re-appears every 5-6 months or so is some guise, usually immediately after some "calamity" befalls Fir Park.
  19. When McCall finally proves himself capable of inspiring his team to rise to the same level of performance against Rangers / Celtic that we came to expect in the past from McLean and Butcher then perhaps he is. And that is not even taking into consideration the totally inept performance in Valencia (compare that to the team performance in Dortmund). Until then, the words "McCall" and "great" should not be uttered in the same sentence.
  20. Whilst i do have every sympathy with those involved and feel sorry for them, there were concerns raised about the legitimacy of this deal from the outset. The only way I would have considered a deal like this would have been if I were paying by credit card. That way if things go pete tong then at least you have some comeback, as the deal for the "goods purchased" is between the credit card company and the supplier.
  21. Would imagine Finnegans will have it on, being a paddy bar and all that.
  22. There was a bar priced at 0.7€ for a beer just a few mind walk towards the station. Would assume that is a 250ml beer for that price. Cost me 4€ for a beer in the cafe next door also. Irish bar = overpriced beer no matter which country in the world you are in
  23. No thanks matey, I will pass on the room share. Volkach was bad enough - Stuck in deepest Transylvania with a stonking sore head after squeezing about 8 of us in a merc taxi to go to a local wine festival. PM me your number and i'll buy you a beer when you get over.
  24. There were some options from Newcastle around the £360 mark last night, inc 3 nights accommodation in alicante. Book the deal, spend 1st and last night in Alicante, travel up to Valencia the day of the match and get some cheap digs in Valencia for the day of the matchwould be my choice were I not already booked up.
  25. Gutted - I have got a return ticket to Amsterdam with KLM 31st Aug-2nd Sept that I have had to bin. 9:15 am Easyjet, Glasgow - Alicante Monday 1:30 pm Alicante - Amsterdam Friday, then its off down to Rotterdam for a night at my mates place before heading off to Eurocade for some old school arcade fun for the day. Finally get home on Sunday night, 17:30 from Amsterdam on Easyjet. Booked into the Catalonia Excelsior for 4 nights, not bad at £200 for the hotel, £260 for the 3 flights.

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