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  1. I don't think it's just down to robinson tho. I think our problems run alot deeper than the manager.
  2. While I wouldn't agree about Robinson shafting us, the rest of the post is spot on.
  3. "We're disappointed, but it was a good effort, we got ourselves infront then a bit of slackness has cost us. We go again. "
  4. We're never going to compete with them over a season, but come on ffs, our individual performances against them are unacceptable. Other clubs are able to beat them regularly yet we see the same gutless performance against them that we've seen for the last twenty years. As I said, we are beat before a ball is kicked and we have the ready made excuse of they have a bigger budget ready made before hand.
  5. This attitude is everything that's wrong with our approach to games against this mob, we are beat before a ball is kicked.
  6. For me it's the opposite. That we are sitting on 2 points after 5 games and actually played fairly well, from the back to the middle, is conceg because that tells me that this is the best this team can serve up and yet we find ourselves winless because our attacking options, and we have several of them, just aren't good enough. I don't see how things will improve because we just don't have the quality to create and take goalscoring chances. I don't have much faith in Robinson and our scouting team to source a decent, goalscoring forward either, they seem incapable of it! And when, not if, Turnbull leaves in the new couple of months we are going to be in serious trouble, because he is our only attacking quality from the middle. And also a side point. You and others refer to 'the cup success of prior seasons. Firstly, we have had NO cup success. We lost two cup finals in 17/18 where we didn't lay a glove on Celtic. Sure the League Cup run was impressive, but the Scottish Cup run of that season was actually the flukiest I've ever seen. Own goals against Accies and Dundee, Hearts goalkeeper chucks us one, they play usnoff the park before McHugh pulls a stunner from nowhere, then Aberdeen turn in what must have been their worst defensive performance in decades in the semi. I enjoyed it at the time but don't kid yourself, it was a very, very lucky Cup run.
  7. Is it just me or do we seem to have a bit of a history for this type of thing? Signing players based on who they are pals with or related to. You know, Harry Robinson, SR's son, Josh Law, Nicky's brother, John Davies etc.
  8. This will naturally be one that will interest him and you wouldn't begrudge him the opportunity to manage his country. It'd be interesting to see if he would look to take Lasley with him as his no.2? It's safe to assume that Lasley will be his replacement in the managers office but I wouldn't be surprised if he doubled up and continued to work with Robinson should he land the NI job.
  9. No we didn't. According to soccerbass we beat them on penalties after a 1-1 draw. We eventually went out to Aberdeen in the Quarter Finals.
  10. Did we not beat Clydebank on pens around about 1995? The game that Stevie Woods came on as an outfield sub.
  11. Did I just imagine that we beat Hearts last week then?
  12. Blakey


    We might not be 'big news' as far as the media up here is concerned, but are you seriously suggesting that the manager of a top flight football club being arrested for whatever reason would have been completely passed by without mention had we been playing someone like Killie or St.Mirren this weekend???
  13. Blakey


    I've heard some crazy conspiracy theories in my time but this would take the fucking biscuit. So you are implying that either Robinson was 'arrested' as part of a conspiracy to help Rangers beat us tomorrow, or that the entire thing has been fabricated by the hacks in order to unsettle us?
  14. The Dundee cup tie has now been re-arranged for, get this, 7:20pm on the evening of Saturday 18th January live on BbC Scotland.
  15. "And it's an all Premiership tie between (Enter name) and Motherwell/Motherwell and (enter name)."

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