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  1. This will naturally be one that will interest him and you wouldn't begrudge him the opportunity to manage his country. It'd be interesting to see if he would look to take Lasley with him as his no.2? It's safe to assume that Lasley will be his replacement in the managers office but I wouldn't be surprised if he doubled up and continued to work with Robinson should he land the NI job.
  2. No we didn't. According to soccerbass we beat them on penalties after a 1-1 draw. We eventually went out to Aberdeen in the Quarter Finals.
  3. Did we not beat Clydebank on pens around about 1995? The game that Stevie Woods came on as an outfield sub.
  4. Did I just imagine that we beat Hearts last week then?
  5. Blakey


    We might not be 'big news' as far as the media up here is concerned, but are you seriously suggesting that the manager of a top flight football club being arrested for whatever reason would have been completely passed by without mention had we been playing someone like Killie or St.Mirren this weekend???
  6. Blakey


    I've heard some crazy conspiracy theories in my time but this would take the fucking biscuit. So you are implying that either Robinson was 'arrested' as part of a conspiracy to help Rangers beat us tomorrow, or that the entire thing has been fabricated by the hacks in order to unsettle us?
  7. The Dundee cup tie has now been re-arranged for, get this, 7:20pm on the evening of Saturday 18th January live on BbC Scotland.
  8. "And it's an all Premiership tie between (Enter name) and Motherwell/Motherwell and (enter name)."
  9. Behave yourself! Us actually getting a decent cup draw? We'll probably draw one of the Old Firm away.
  10. Correct. I only wish more of our fans thought along those lines instead of trying to excuse performances like yesterday's second half with "Rangers budget is bigger than ours". The difference in budget didn't cause our team and manager to approach the second half with the sole tactic of trying to hang on for a point. The difference in budget didn't cause us to drop deeper and deeper til we were defending on our own 18 yard line. And the difference in budget didn't cause us to concede a goal due to our goalkeeper making a howler and then concede another soft one from a cross later in the game. I'm fed up with the attitude from some of our fans that says we basically have no chance of beating them because of their budget. That as I said is a cop out and you're just basically lying to yourself in order to give yourself some consolation.
  11. We shit the bed because we made no attempt to try and win the game yesterday. Our sole tactic in the second half was to sit deep, waste time and hope for a point. We have done this for nearly twenty years against rangers and that's why we haven't beaten them in a league match in that time. If you don't want to use Aberdeen as an example given their historical success (which is irrelevant to this discussion btw) fine, remove from from the equation. In the same timescale I am referring to, Kilmarnock, Accies, St.Johnstone, Dundee Utd, Hibs, Hearts, Inverness have all went to Ibrox and picked up three points and some on more than one occasion. We haven't even mustered a home league win against them in that time FFS! Don't give me this nonsense about luck. You are not telling me it's just down to pure bad luck on our part that we fold every time we play Rangers when other clubs of a similar standing to us are able to beat them. I don't expect us to go to Ibrox and won every time, but you'd think we'd manage it now and again but we don't. We have not won at Ibrox in the league since the 1990s, that is a truly awful stat.
  12. That is just a cop out I'm afraid. As far as I am aware and happy to be corrected, we have not beaten Rangers since 2002 ish in the league? Yet other sides have no problem beating them. Kilmarnock beat them twice last season and didn't lose a league match to them, Aberdeen beat them three times, Hamilton Accies went to Ibrox and won a couple of years ago, as have Saint Johnstone. Granted over the course of a season these teams won't win the league but how come sides like these manage to beat Rangers/take points off them on occasion, but we NEVER do, with the exception of the odd draw here and there. We shit the bed against them just about every time, especially at Ibrox and then give ourselves pats on the back for a brave display against a team that's budget is bigger than ours whilst other sides are going there and taking points from them. Are you getting that?
  13. The word is spelt 'awful'. I've no idea who Punter is. Carson has been out for the best part of a year and is unlikely to be fit. You sound as though you haven't got a clue.
  14. Are you mjc who posts on P&B? You sound as miserable as him! I thought we played well yesterday.
  15. Do you actually get any pleasure from watching us? Jeezo.

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