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  1. Behave yourself! Us actually getting a decent cup draw? We'll probably draw one of the Old Firm away.
  2. Correct. I only wish more of our fans thought along those lines instead of trying to excuse performances like yesterday's second half with "Rangers budget is bigger than ours". The difference in budget didn't cause our team and manager to approach the second half with the sole tactic of trying to hang on for a point. The difference in budget didn't cause us to drop deeper and deeper til we were defending on our own 18 yard line. And the difference in budget didn't cause us to concede a goal due to our goalkeeper making a howler and then concede another soft one from a cross later in the game. I'm fed up with the attitude from some of our fans that says we basically have no chance of beating them because of their budget. That as I said is a cop out and you're just basically lying to yourself in order to give yourself some consolation.
  3. We shit the bed because we made no attempt to try and win the game yesterday. Our sole tactic in the second half was to sit deep, waste time and hope for a point. We have done this for nearly twenty years against rangers and that's why we haven't beaten them in a league match in that time. If you don't want to use Aberdeen as an example given their historical success (which is irrelevant to this discussion btw) fine, remove from from the equation. In the same timescale I am referring to, Kilmarnock, Accies, St.Johnstone, Dundee Utd, Hibs, Hearts, Inverness have all went to Ibrox and picked up three points and some on more than one occasion. We haven't even mustered a home league win against them in that time FFS! Don't give me this nonsense about luck. You are not telling me it's just down to pure bad luck on our part that we fold every time we play Rangers when other clubs of a similar standing to us are able to beat them. I don't expect us to go to Ibrox and won every time, but you'd think we'd manage it now and again but we don't. We have not won at Ibrox in the league since the 1990s, that is a truly awful stat.
  4. That is just a cop out I'm afraid. As far as I am aware and happy to be corrected, we have not beaten Rangers since 2002 ish in the league? Yet other sides have no problem beating them. Kilmarnock beat them twice last season and didn't lose a league match to them, Aberdeen beat them three times, Hamilton Accies went to Ibrox and won a couple of years ago, as have Saint Johnstone. Granted over the course of a season these teams won't win the league but how come sides like these manage to beat Rangers/take points off them on occasion, but we NEVER do, with the exception of the odd draw here and there. We shit the bed against them just about every time, especially at Ibrox and then give ourselves pats on the back for a brave display against a team that's budget is bigger than ours whilst other sides are going there and taking points from them. Are you getting that?
  5. The word is spelt 'awful'. I've no idea who Punter is. Carson has been out for the best part of a year and is unlikely to be fit. You sound as though you haven't got a clue.
  6. Are you mjc who posts on P&B? You sound as miserable as him! I thought we played well yesterday.
  7. Do you actually get any pleasure from watching us? Jeezo.
  8. The first half of the home Steaua game we did play some decent football and also in the 0-0 game against 'Them' at Fir Park we looked like a good side but apart from that we were awful to watch and it got worse towards the end of his tenure when he had basically chucked it and was working his ticket out the club. Gannon's use of substitutes was crazy and contributed hugely to us dropping so many points from winning positions.
  9. I was right in line with that and could see clearly in real time that it wasn't offside. Absolute cheating at its very worst. We should have won both home games against Them that season, we drew the first one 0-0 and played some really good football before Jim O'Brien missed a late penalty.
  10. There was the same excitement at Forbes and Slane breaking through then as there was for Turnbull and Hastie last season. Both of them looked the part in that Europa run. Sadly, like Gannon, they were soon found out.
  11. I actually thought they were deliberately trying to lose goals as part of a betting scam at one point that night, it just didn't seem possible that a team of professional footballers could be so, so bad. It was enjoying from our perspective all the same and arguably Jamie Murphy's finest hour in a 'Well shirt, or one of them at least.
  12. He's a club legend at Stockport by all accounts, they absolutely love him down there. That seems to be the only club he has succeeded at. Initially when he joined us he looked like he was going to bring a complete revamp of our playing style and indeed he made some shrewd signings in Ruddy, Jennings, Jutkiewicz, Humphrey and Coke...but as the months rolled on it became more and more apparent that he just couldn't manage them.
  13. I noticed yesterday that it was ten years to the day that we played Llanelli at Airdrie and lost 1-0 in one of the most embarrassing results in our history. We did overturn it in Wales a week later mind you. That got me thinking back to Jim Gannon's time with us and it certainly was a strange six months. Early on there was a feeling of real optimism and excitement about this new 'out the box' boss and despite the Llanelli result we went on to have a decent wee Euro run which included an 8-1 win over Flamurtari at Airdrie before the Steua Bucharest tie. In the league we went unbeaten until late September but things went pear shaped after that disastrous 3-0 pumping at Love Street in the League Cup and then Gannon embarked on a ridiculous feud with the media, the referees and just about everyone else and we didn't win another match until after he'd left. In that time his team selections and tactics were mental and he used to sub performing players at half time every single week when we were winning, and as a result of his changes we went on to lose or draw. His final game against Saint Johnstone on Boxing Day 2009 was one of the worst performances I've ever seen from us and Peter MacDonald bagged a second half hat trick in the second half after we had led 1-0 at HT then Gannon made more unnecessary changes. He was bumped a few days later amid reports that he refused to sign a contract which according to some, he was never offered in the first place and there seemed to be much rejoicing from inside Fir Park when he got his jotters. Some of the stuff that emerged about him since he left us certainly suggests that we dodged a massive bullet by getting rid when we did and I personally was pleased to see him go as he appeared to be taking us only one way and that was down the way. The standouts from that strange short era were Yassin Moutouakil, his media fued and spat with Hugh Dallas, his obsessive substitutions, his dislike of Craigan and Lasley and his infamous juggling soot remark shortly before he left. A short period in our history, but one that lives long in the memory.
  14. I was raging when we signed a near 40 y/o Gordon Marshall in 2003 but he went on to have a couple of solid seasons with us and played a big part in our League Cup run in '05. It's just a pity that he saved his worst game for us and played like the haddie I feared he would be in the final!
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