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  1. Blakey

    2018'19 Game 23:Dundee (A) Saturday 26th January 2019

    In an otherwise pretty grim season, David Turnbull's emergence has been the highlight for us. I really hope we can hang on to him.
  2. Blakey

    What Has Gannon Done For Motherwell

    McGhee's far from being my messiah, he did plenty to piss me off during his stay here not least his whoring himself for another jobs in public. He was however a super manager and no matter what anyone says about him, he did a great job for us.
  3. Blakey

    Craig Brown And Archie Knox

    I'm very happy with the news that wee Craigie Broon will be taking the reigns at Fir Park. He is just what we need just now, an experienced head and a safe pair of hands. His style of play may not be all that great to watch, but he knows how to get his pound of flesh out of players and how to mould individuals into a team. The last man to lead Scotland to a World Cup Finals as Motherwell manager? I like it, I do. Really hope this works out and we keep him until at least the end of the season.
  4. Blakey

    What Has Gannon Done For Motherwell

    What did Gannon do for Motherwell? Apart from bringing embarrassment upon the club and the very worst out in our many deluded supporters who lauded him as a messiah whilst abusing Mark McGhee - who was, is and will always be a far superior manager than Gannon will ever be - very little actually. To give him credit for blooding the youngsters isn't merited as far as I'm concerned because he had very little choice but to bring in young players, such was the squad size when he arrived at the club. His signings with the exception of John Ruddy and to an extent, Jutkiewicz have been poor, very poor indeed. His tactics during matches are shocking and thus the team look directionless. So we had a good start to the season, but as I have already said that was on the whole down to luck more than anything else. As soon as team's cottoned on to how to play against us, ie. hold a high forward line, we were snookered and the 'tactical genius/messiah' had no answer. His 'spat' with the media and Hugh Dallas was pathetic and was a clear sign that he had no idea what he was doing. He was being sussed out for the dud he was and he didn't like it one little bit, so whipped up that whole storm to make it look like he was being victimised, while all the time the players looked more and more dis enchanted as the games passed by and that would explain some of the performances of late. 'Gannon a better manager than McGhee'? quote some people on this very forum at the beginning of the season. Don't make me larf! He's not fit to lick his shit.
  5. Blakey

    Gannon Sacked! Motherwell Part Company with Manager

    Great news, good riddance to bad rubbish I say! This man was trouble and was not liked by players and staff alike at Fir Park for his attitude and arrogance. You could see in the way the team played that all was not well in the dressing room. Players looked completely unsure of what to do and were being given no support from their manager and their confidence was at rock bottom....all of that was down to Gannon. Well done to John Boyle for sending this chancer on his way. As I said last week, all Gannon was interested in was trying to make a name for himself as some kind of as some kind of God like, no-nonsense figure and all his smokescreens that he created with his pointless feuds over nothing with both the press and Hugh Dallas just summed him up. It's no coincidence that he started that nonsense as soon as he was starting to get found out after the mauling against St.Mirren in the Cup and the Accies game at the beginning of November. I laughed when I read this board at the start of the season and saw people trying to convince themselves that Gannon was a much better manager than McGhee was and how he was some kind of messiah..bla bla bla... He did absolutely nothing when he was here. We lost to two sides in the Europa league qualifyiyers that wouldn't give Bellshill Athletic a game and our football and style of play was terrible right from the off. It was down to sheer luck and very little else that we remained unbeaten for as long as we did. So goodbye and good riddance Gannon, you will not be missed. Now for a Bobby Williamson, Jimmy Calderwood or Ian McCall please.
  6. Blakey

    Time To Go Gannon!

    Not so funny now is it?
  7. Blakey

    Time To Go Gannon!

    And so a week after my post, I've taken the pelters I thought I would get from the off. No surprises there....However I've noticed a slight turn in attitudes since our latest defeat yesterday, some people are starting to see what I have seen since very early on...that this man is not the man for us.... I don't expect us to be challenging for the title or even europe, of course not, I've followed Motherwell long enough to know what's what and to expect us to be at that level is just pure fantasy. I do however expect us to show a bit of mettle, a bit of ability and a will to win with a manager who knows how to get the best out of the players at his disposal. Hell, wee Tommy was far from perfect, in fact, his teams were awful to watch aswell, but under him we were a team and we had a competitive edge to us. This current team does not posses that and frankly, we look like a bunch of schoolboys who've never met each other before---Every Single Week! In years to come, when the name 'Jim Gannon' is mentioned, Motherwell fans will shudder. Ridicule me all you like, but you will not change my opinion on this one. This man is bad news. He is an ego-maniac and is most certainly not what we need just now.
  8. Blakey

    Time To Go Gannon!

    It's a difficult one, because good managers that we can afford are thin on the ground. I wouldn't object to Ian McCall being given the reigns as he has proved himself as someone who can get results with smaller clubs and smaller budgets. He was unlucky at Dundee Utd but their expectation thresh-hold is far higher than ours. What we need is a man who understands Scottish Football and knows how to handle the media. McCall is such a man, as is Jimmy Calderwood or Bobby Williamson. I know they might not be sexy names, but they are proven at this level and that's what we need just now.
  9. Blakey

    Time To Go Gannon!

    Probably going to get pelters for this, but this man Jim Gannon is only taking us one way and that is down the way. His team selections are terrible, his tactics are terrible and his handling and treatment of senior players, especially Craigan who has been a magnificent servant to MFC over the years is absolutely awful. Dont even get me started on his arrogant attitude towards the fans and the media. We are boring to watch as the football we are playing is terrible and it is one of the biggest myths of the season that we are actually a good side that can play good football. We are god awful and thats why we've only won once in three whole months and Gannon's constant tinkering for no reason whatsoever is infuriating. This is a man who is just trying to make a name for himself as some kind of no nonsense boss, but the truth is he is just an arrogant, stubborn man who has no control over the players and blames the media and referees when he fails. Not what we need at Fir Park I'm afraid. We've got nothing about us that suggests that we're going to pick up our form any time soon and if the teams at the bottom get their act together then we are in big trouble.
  10. Celtic's performance was a joy to behold today and typified everything about what makes that football club so special in the world of football. They play football, that's the Celtic way and do it in the way it should be done. The Brazil of Scottish Football and that's why I have always had a soft spot for them. It was absolutely no shame to lose to them today.
  11. Blakey

    Trouble After The Game?

    When we came out of the East Stand at the end of the game the cops were talking to two guys on the other side of the road and there were various shouts between both sets of fans. Did I miss something or was it just handbags?
  12. Blakey

    Celtic Game

    Im pleased with the result but disappointed with some of our 'fans' choice of songs today.
  13. Blakey

    Over Zealous Stewards

    How very apt that this thread is running, because this is a point I was going to make on here. The stewarding today at the south end of the east stand was an absolute disgrace. At half time, the aforementioned female steward accompanied by the female cop pulled three young boys out for basically jumping about and the cop then goes on to give one wee boy a stern telling off and threatening to nick him if he did it again. They were doing absolutely no harm, just jumping around and basically enjoying themselves yet these jobsworth took offence to this for some reason. My mate actually made the point to one of the polis that would they be so quick to react in the same manner when there's about 50-100 Rangers fans doing 'the bouncy', to which the cop just laughed and walked away. Then, for the remainder of the game, any of these kids, and that's all they were, kids, stood up the stewards and cops were on at them. No wonder the atmosphere inside football grounds is dying a death when you've got jobsworth stewards and lazy, cowardly polis (who don't bat an eyelid to the Old Firm fans and their disgusting antics when they come to FP) picking on anyone who tries to get a bit of atmosphere going. Utter joke
  14. Blakey

    The Well Support

    An interesting subject. Overall, I think our support is quite poor towards our team. There's the getting on players back and abuse that has already been touched on, but something else that really infuriates me about our support is the lack of singing and songs in support of the team. I know obviously since the terraces were abolished the atmosphere inside football grounds has been greatly subdued, but even back in the day, our support would only sing at the start, and again near the end of a game providing that we were winning. We also never seem able to come up with any original songs to sing either. Apart from "Motherwell Motherwell" and "Well Well, Super Well" all we get is "There's only one - enter player's name -", and songs copied from other teams like "We are the Motherwell FC" - obviously adding Motherwell instead of an other team's name. Can't we think up something of our own to sing???
  15. Blakey

    Why Do We Hate Hearts So Much?

    I'm just a bit too young to remember that infamous Texaco Cup semi final from 1970, as I would only have been three at the time, but I've heard all about it, especially from my auld man and many others. There's no doubt that there's been some tasy encounters between the clubs down the years. But I just don't buy into this 'rivalry' thing, because in my experience, Hearts fans don't give a shit about us, and I've enountered many of them through living and working in Edinburgh alongside them for the best part of my life. It's like the way our fans feel about Hamilton Accies - they hate us, but we don't care enough about them to hate them in the way they do us. And as for the comment about them being as bad as *banned word*? That's way off the mark I'm afraid, way off. Hearts, like Motherwell, have a small contingent in their support who let their club down with some songs and behaviour at certain games, but they are nowhere near as bad as Rangers fans. I wouldn't go shouting that around Gorgie way I can tell you. Believe me, they hate the *banned word* as much as anyone else does and are embarrassed - just as we are - to be labelled in the same sentence as them. When I started going to games with my dad when I was a wee boy, games against the Old Firm were terrifying affairs as we were completely outnumbered, even in our own ground by them, and they were alot worse then than they are now I can tell you. You spent the entire game dodging flying objects, flying fists and had to listen to their usual sectarian crap right through. Hearts were no angels, but they were never in the same league as Rangers, or Celtic fans for that matter and still aren't. The only time I've ever really disliked Hearts was when Jim Jeffries was there during the mid nineties. His greetin' face coupled with his team of John Robertson & John Colquohoun(two of the worst diving cheats in the history of Scottish football) and the likes of Steve Fulton, Neil Pointon and Neil Berry, Gary Locke and that big French keeper, Rousset. They were just a really detestable team at that time, and we couldn't for the life of us beat them either! Since then though, they've not really bothered me as much although I always enjoy beating them and winding up my Jambo mates.

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