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  1. Youth/promising players getting a game each weekend for a lower league team or sitting on the bench/not making the bench but us holding on to them for back up. It's a no brainer for me. Send them out for 6 months. I'm into the strategy.
  2. I must be in the minority because my stream is generally fine. Refresh/choose another player 2 or 3 times a game at most. Not missing a lot.
  3. Everton apparently sniffing around James Scott it's being reported online. Sell on clause in the deal from memory.
  4. Lang, White and Seedorf pick themselves at the moment. I think Long can offer us something but not playing out wide - that much was clear last season too. IMO it's Lang/Hylton/Seedorf/Hastie for the wide positions and White/Long/Watt for the middle.
  5. I watched the last game casting from my Android phone to a Chromecast device. There are 3 streams to choose from on the site and I couldn't get the first one to cast. But the other two worked a treat other than a couple of times where it froze and I just refreshed and re cast it.
  6. O'Donnell has his eyes on a move down south and I'm sure he will get one.
  7. Think that story is much a do about nothing for us. If we've done the tests and sent them away as we should have (which it seems we have) then it's a simple conversation. Quite fine with the SFA checking up on clubs to make sure all is as it should. Rangers playing a B team hours before our game was delayed due to delayed test results does however raise some questions...
  8. Jake Hastie nutmegging the rangers defender and creating our best chance was a positive. Probably the only one from an attacking perspective. Defensively look shaky. Agree on Polworth.
  9. Lang and George Edmunson (Rangers) are friends it would appear. Lang chatting about how he will be megging him soon...
  10. Carroll and Semple were longer term so I dont think there was any expectation they would be ready. Carroll is only just about to start running again. Hopefully Gallagher can shake off what was being called a knock after the Dundee U game.
  11. Without seeing the game it's impossible to know so I wouldnt suspect anything of the sort
  12. Would be interesting to see some actual formal analysis on it all rather than some (oddly) angry sounding message board posts from some on here. I'm in the camp that it wouldn't change my match going behaviour if all games were streamed. I'd still get my season ticket and go to the games and I'd still go to the away games I usually go to. I like going to the live games and that wont change. I tend to miss a couple of home games due to being away in holiday and stuff like that and have 'sourced' ways to watch the games live. I'd happily pay to do that legally. My away game attendance has declined a lot over the last 10 years or so for a number reasons. But if I could legally buy a pay per view away match for the ones I generally dont go to...I probably would too.
  13. Contracted to 2022. It's a loan we are looking at so will be interesting to see what happens there with the admin news.
  14. Aye it's a difficult one. I'm conflicted really... My general feeling is I dont want another player on loan from another team in this league for the reasons already mentioned. That said, i doubt he has a future at Rangers, and we do have some sort of sell on secured so we could in fact help ourselves here to an extent if they punt him after a good spell with us... Also if we arent blocking a youth player coming through (which seems to be the case I think?) then it makes it a bit easier to accept. I'd also quite like to see Hastie and Turnbull combinations: Part 2 if I'm honest.

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