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  1. Tait's pace is affecting both his defensive and attacking skills unfortunately. I have been and am a huge fan but it is beginning to remind me of the season Corrigan started to go down hill after a few sterling seasons.
  2. Yep, spot on. Everyone just seemed off it today Disappointing but it's going to happen with a relatively young and new team. A song as it doesn't become a trend.
  3. Back to light training this week I've heard.
  4. Aberdeen have a few out injured and suspended. So, I'm hoping for a win here. For me, I'd go: Gillespie Grimshaw Gallagher Hartley Carrol Campbell Polworth MaGuire Scott Long Seedorf Carrol for Tait and Long for Cole the changes. Carrol has played well when not suspended and gives us good pace. Tait still a bit suspect but he played a lot better in the last game so it's close between them. Long I think could be excellent with a run in the team. To me looks a great striker. Cole offers a bit more physicality though. Again, close. 3-1 'Well
  5. Back to light training after his hols to Tenerife I heard?
  6. Dont think we will sell any 'assets' in January at all. Outside chance Turnbull. Evens a couple of the short term/1 year deal chaps who haven't worked out by that point.
  7. The amount of draws they had was incredible. My bet 365 account is proof!
  8. Dont think so necessarily, just because he's fit again himself.
  9. Cooper injured, Devlin will be ahead of Gallagher and Findlay though I thinks.
  10. Great player for us. A congested area in the national team though with so many to choose from. Turnbull will even probably struggle.
  11. Doubt he will get the nod. Berra wont be close. Clarke will have Cooper, Hanley, Mulgrew in for sure. Hes also talked up Devlin before too so I expect him there to make 4 centre backs. Bates perhaps an outside chance given hes been in squads before. Souttar, McKenna and Halkett all out injured would be the first 3 picks I'd think. So either way, whatever he picks this international break I doubt will be what we will see next year in the playoff. Personally I wouldnt let Hanley near a football and it dumbfounds me to this day he has made a living in the game.
  12. Not a penalty and not a red card for Donnelly for me. That was my view at the time but the highlights back that up imo. Ref deg didnt see the sending off - was the lino who called it. Thought the ref had a poor game throughout. I am usually up for letting the game flow and dont mind a tackle. But he should have had the yellow card out a lot more. Polworth was getting volleyed up and down the park and Davidson just seemed to be allowed to do what he wanted. Davidson shold have had a booking before he eventually got it for handbags with Polworth and then would have walked at that point... That aside, happy with the win up there. Onwards.

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