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  1. superward

    Big Dec

    I'd rather we have Gallagher in the team for the remaining games regardless of the contractual/injury chat. He's out best central defender so what's the point of shooting ourselves in the foot to send a message or whatever. Especially if it's to play a loanee from Blackburn, who isnt very good, in front of him.
  2. Gallagher was back running Sunday/Monday so I'm hoping we do see him.
  3. In regards the chat on the injury list on the website. I do like the fact that it's there and keeps us, as fans, up to date. However, I can also imagine the management team want to keep some things under wraps so the opposition can't work out from a quick look on a public website who is defintely out ahead of the match. I'm sure the opposition have other ways of finding the real info out (contacts, ex players etc) but why make it easy? In addition it has itself brought unwarranted criticism from fans when something changes in a players rehab. e.g. "How come he was meant to be back in December and now it says March? Something no right there..must be something going on" A big part of me thinks they should just ditch it to save the hassle of folk who get ragin at them on Twitter because there hasb't been an update for a couple of hours.
  4. Big Mugabi out for the foreseeable seems to be doing the rounds. 6 weeks+ or so. Unfortunate for him/us given he was just settling in to a groove... if that's accurate.
  5. Aye that's an odd one with Palermo right enough! Soccerbase usually quite reliable. Hitting double figures for Burnley and Rangers about a decade ago, Palermo while in Serie B ...still maintain its a bullet dodged imo when you take into account his reputation and age.
  6. A bullet dodged. 33 years old. A total fanny and his scoring is not that great when you see it either. He's only hit double figures for two clubs he has been at https://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=41614
  7. Same as before I think by the looks of it. Declan hoping to be back in about a week according to the man himself.
  8. Yeah I'd agree with that. I genuinely don't think Dec will chuck the toys out the pram either.
  9. If it's Gallagher out, scan being true or not, the rumours will swirl. Not ideal. Quite an easy one to stamp out mind you with a wee soundbite from club or player if indeed that is required. Hoping it's Lamie.
  10. Was always a threat when he played against us for Livi. I'm happy with this signing - definite improvement on the current players who float about put wide for us.
  11. That's something else that line up.
  12. Last competitive game was Aug 2019, 15 months ago. I'd be surprised to see him back.
  13. If I was going to put money on any out of contract player in the squad continuing to give their all regardless of signing a pre contract or not getting a January move etc it would be Allan Campbell. Not far behind him it would be Declan Gallagher.
  14. That's basically my view. I've not seen anything to show he's chucked it. He's been out best defender by a mile, if not quite up there with his own standards set last year. So, I can live with a story in the paper without getting hysterical about it and demanding captaincy stripped and all that. From memory Dec didn't have an agent previously (think on a podcast he said it was him and his dad who discussed the current contract) but I am sure some sort of chat has happened with a DR journo to print the story. The actual quotes and wording of them I'll take with a pinch of salt.
  15. Liam Kelly in shortly it would appear according to the local London press.

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