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  1. McCall is quoted as saying Thistle offered him a 2 and a half year deal and none of the premiership teams did. Which, at 32, is ok with me.
  2. The Vyner and Leigh midfield that McInnes lucked out on that day due to injuries haven't really played in that format regularly since. Took everyone by surprise including Aberdeen how well that worked... Donnelly for O'Hara. Grimmy for Tait will do me. Win would be smashing, point will do nicely too.
  3. Yeah agreed, add in that he can pick out a pass and also has a great shot on him then he replaces O'Hara for me next game no question.
  4. CCTV element isn't reported anywhere I don't think? Either way if CCTV is involved it could be pretty cut and dry whatever way it goes.
  5. Illic and Donnelly fit. Only Turnbull and Dunne missing really and Dunne on the cusp I think?
  6. Not a huge fan of bringing in loan players who are young/yet to prove themselves as weve plenty of our own in the same bracket probably. I prefer loan players to be folk who can hit the ground running. However, right in our sweet spot. Young (21), been out on a couple of loans (Killie, Gillingham) , never really setting the heather on fire but has pace and some obvious talent.
  7. He's in talks with Sunderland apparently.
  8. Yer DT making an appearance in the last couple of Twitter videos from Tenerife.
  9. Try clearing your cache perhaps. After I did originsll that it's generally fine. The odd white page but refreshing usually gets rid. Using chrome on a Samsung S8.
  10. Amuses me no end how people get stuck in and vilify players here and elsewhere (not just talking Cadden here btw) without knowing the definite facts. Its rarely if ever so black and white as a lot think!
  11. If that deal goes through then I'm sure will get some increased scrutiny over and above what is already happening with the club/MLS/FIFA. Cadden going to MLS for a nil/minimal fee, then, on loan to Oxford straight away, which everybody thought would turn into a cheap way to get him permanently is one thing. If it turns out Oxford pay a million quid for the player then that's something else completely....
  12. The quicker he's back the better and we can stop talking about where he sits and what he is wearing.
  13. I think that's where we differ mainly, as I couldnt really care less where anyone sits or what they wear. Each to their own and all that though. Not to get into seat and row numbers but with your view, sounding similar to mine, you'll know that the number of squad and under 20s in that stand varies from game to game. Usually mainly behind the directors box area but often spreading out further towards the south end behind hospitality if they all sit in a big row. It's all in the middle area of saft seats. My main point being he's sitting in the same general area as everyone else. It's not like he's in a box by himself in a huff! Anyway, for me, it seems a small thing to get a bit annoyed about when there is nothing to it. But each to their own as I said - lets leave it there for 2020!
  14. The squad, and unders, sit spread across the full middle section behind hospitality and dierctors box. He's always in that area and in the players lounge after like most. No need to look for trouble or a story when there is nothing there to find...unless of course your just annoyed he chooses not to wear trackies.

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