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  1. Dear oh dear. Have a day off.
  2. I should never have doubted my own source. Great news.
  3. I'd rather keep him and just take the training comp unless someone comes in with a big offer in the summer. It's a pleasure to see the lad play fitba. All depends who wants him. If it's still Celtic v Norwich U23 then it will be Celtic he will go. However, if last seasons transfer debacle alerted more clubs to him you can be sure they will be keeping tabs on him. It then depends if they want him now (I.e. summer 2020) or happy to wait to drive the price
  4. Penalty for me. Goalie takes his leg and doesn’t touch the ball. Ref would have gave it had that been more central in the box.
  5. He was dropped when he didnt sign a new deal with Livi.
  6. That would be a shame for all the obvious reasons. It was at the first St Mirren cup game that I heard he would be back before the end of the month and that he was going to sign the new contract. First one came true so holding out for the second....! I want to see him at Fir Park for as long as possible. So if he doesn't sign a new one, and the offers are not great I'd be more than happy to watch him run the team for a season rather than cash in. Edit: I should add. I was very surprised to hear he was even considering signing it. It's only, understandably, in the clubs interest that he signs it.
  7. Terms of the 'development loans' means they can come back to train with us and play in non first team games too.
  8. Assuming O'Hara is fit....for me: Carson Grimmy Gallagher Hartley Tait O'Hara Campbell Polworth Long Watt Aarons Or Same players, back 3 with Grimmy and Aarons wing backs. That's a decent team, we need some confidence back.
  9. Dunne out with knee injury now. Murder for the big man.
  10. Cadden starts on the bench today for Colorado (he's got thr no. 2 shirt). Up against New York with MacKay-Steven also benched. Live on Freesports for this interested.
  11. Very possibly, but more confident they can make a contribution off the bench than say Mugabi and Maguire. So it's a positive for me. A half fit Turnbull still just needs that one chance for a pass/shot and it changes something. Dunne should be back sooner than that I hear. Also true!
  12. With the court case and recent run of games I'm quite happy we didnt move it. Dunne, O'Hara and Turnbull all have more time too to come back for a couple of reasons. Like a wee floodlights game as well so ah do.
  13. Few thoughts in my head as it stands: 1. I'm up for making the Gillespie/Carson change. Caveat being I dont see them in training clearly. But if Carson is still as decent as when he dropped out then I'd get him back in as we lose so much every game with the poor distribution of of Gillespie. Carson is also committed to being here next season etc. Not a big thing though, Gillespie is obviously a great goalie. 2. I also don't wish to see any of our forward players playing wing back. Leaves us far too open and puts these players in positions they cant play that well which isn't really fair on them (or us watching!) 3. I'd like to give Campbell a rest maybe too but dont think we can given injury and suspension. So that leaves me thinking the below need to start... Carson, Gallagher, Hartley, Tait, Grimshaw, Campbell, Polworth, Aarons, Watt, Long + 1 other. Fire that all in a tombola and off we go! Also, If Dunne and O'Hara are fit it gives us some more options.

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