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  1. Just to play devils advocate as you are making some definite statements there... How do you know hundreds of fans can't make it? What about the fans that couldn't make the Sunday kick off? Perhaps more fans can now actually go. Perhaps it's negligible. Two from my group can now attend who couldn't for example. No benefit to us? How do you know? Maybe the management team prefer to prepare for Saturday to Saturday games? Rather than Sunday to Saturday. Maybe Alexander would prefer a normal week ahead of an arguably bigger game v Dundee Utd, rather than moving rest days about and essentially losing prep time. Feels like a lot of people are hiding behind a lot of other reasons not liking this, but it's the fact we are agreeing to do this for one of the Glasgow two is the real issue here for most. Which is valid. But just say it.
  2. Thought I'd pop back in and see how things were over here after not actively posting for while. Good to see it's all still the fun of the fair...
  3. Dundee Utd have won 2 games in their last 10, Killie in the cup and a last minute goal to beat Ross County. We've won 3 in our last 10. Very similar teams and form. We are well capable of getting 3 points up there, even taking into account recent performances and results against some tricky teams in Hibs, Hearts, Celtic, an always troublesome Goodwin St Mirren and eh...Ross County.
  4. Anyone know what time the ticket office opens up today? Need to try and sort something with my season ticket before hand.
  5. Respectfully disagree with some of that. Maybe right for the majority but not all fans. In my case, and a similar to a few others by the looks of it: - I defintley don't have a soft spot for Thistle. Never have. Even with my mate being a fan. (See also: My feelings on Dundee United) - I don't think he's getting the extra media because of it either. I'd say it's mainly because he's an ex Rangers youth and scored some goals on his first perm move away from that club. He was well fancied as a youngster. If it had been a youth from us, who dropped down to the championship and scored goals for Thistle, I don't think we'd have heard about it as much. - I've been aware of him for a good while. I think mainly because I used to see his name in the Scotland youth squads and it kinda stands out. I also remember Ray McKinnon banging on about him when he went to Falkirk and started well. So for me, personally, he's not suddenly jumped on to my radar. Which is maybe why my expectations are slightly different.
  6. Can't see us replacing Watt with anyone of any if he does go....but ye never know.
  7. I'm not even sure he's being overhyped tbh. Don't think anything I've read is saying he's the next best thing. But he has got some airtime recently because quite a few clubs are having a look at him which for me that's not really hype to be linked with St. J and us! He was quite fancied at Rangers as a youth, has a bit of a fancy name, scored a good few goals since moving to Thistle and that's about it. Expectation/unrealistic expectation will be a big thing. Very much file under decent potential for me.
  8. Agreed. Young enough to improve in all elements of his game which is key to any signing, for me, from a level below (Scotland or elsewhere) if we are signing players with a view to the future (i.e. not as ready made starters).
  9. I've watched Rudden a good few times due to having a Thistle supporting pal. He's definitely got a lot of positive attributes that didn't really show last night against Killie and on a Firhill pitch that's getting worse by the week. Showed in flashes but I've seen him do a lot better. Only 21 and worth a pre contract I'd say. It's the likes of Rudden and Shields I personally think we should be taking a chance on from the championship as our backup forwards. Relatively low wages and should be able to improve them. Rather than a Jordan White type Championship striker in his late 20s
  10. He also can't play for another club this season due to the registration/transfer rules unless they are on a different calendar like Scandinavia or Ireland etc. Only allowed to turn out for 2 clubs which he has already (same situation for Jordan Roberts, due to 1 League cup appearance for Hearts) So if Shankland wants to come back to Scotland this window, Dundee Utd are his only option. So he's not coming to us right now. Thankfull in my opinion - not a fan. Looks more and more like Watt will stay which I'm fine with. I'm sure he will give it his all. (Edit: As si91 mentioned earlier in the thread)
  11. Doesn't generally bother me the social media output of any player tbh. They can support who they want clearly and that's fine for me But it is a bit unprofessional I think when it's a team in the same league. At the least it's just a shite look. Regardless, he's not quite good enough anymore at this level it seems. Loan to Killie appears to what is happening by end of this month
  12. Aye, it's defintley an option I'd explore. Said elsewhere Watt is ideal for that role. However, I'd stick with the 4-3-3 for Sunday. Same team but Ojala in and Lamie out. Lamie provides balance but I think Mugabi is the better defender tbh. Lamie makes so many poor decisions.
  13. I always have a wee laugh when folk get all misty eyed about Lasley. He very very often went very quiet when things weren't going well. The fact he was so bad at timing tackles kept him up there for a lot of fans. I should state - I'm a big Las fan. But I never thought he was the vocal presence he needed to be.
  14. Genuinely? I've been way way way more worried than this before. Last season I was a wee bit worried about the business we did even if it was early, and we didn't win a league game until the middle of September. Prior to that the other one that jumps to mind is when I saw us lining up with Conor Sammon and Aaron Taylor Sinclair in the starting line up on opening day v Hibs. I'm may be de-sensitised to overly worrying I think as we've not won an opening league game since 16/17!
  15. General sale isn't on sale yet. So you'll struggle until then I'd wager. Season ticket holders get seat confirmation tonight/tomorrow (anyone who applied will get a seat, it's a not a ballot,) General sale is going up tomorrow.

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