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  1. Contracted to 2022. It's a loan we are looking at so will be interesting to see what happens there with the admin news.
  2. Aye it's a difficult one. I'm conflicted really... My general feeling is I dont want another player on loan from another team in this league for the reasons already mentioned. That said, i doubt he has a future at Rangers, and we do have some sort of sell on secured so we could in fact help ourselves here to an extent if they punt him after a good spell with us... Also if we arent blocking a youth player coming through (which seems to be the case I think?) then it makes it a bit easier to accept. I'd also quite like to see Hastie and Turnbull combinations: Part 2 if I'm honest.
  3. superward

    Season Tickets

    Alan Burrows on twitter - 15% up on same time last year. Need just under 1000 to break last years total.
  4. Robinson said in an interview a while back when this came up, perhaps partly tongue in cheek, that he didnt fancy the man who followed Michael O'Neill given his success. Whilst I'm sure Robinson would have taken the job if offered this could be better for him in the long run regards the national job.
  5. I'd be fine with either but only if it was a loan with a view to a perm move. Not interested in loans from league rivals to help player development. Be that the old firm or anyone.
  6. Said previously I am a big O'Hara fan. So I am all good with the signing in the main. Especially if the likelihood is we lose one or two of the central mid players sooner rather than later. However, we appear to be very light with wide players throughout the team. Specifically defence but also in midfield/attack (bar Hylton and Seedorf). Granted the likes of Gallagher, Lamie, Donnelly, O'Hara and McGinley can play wide but still feels we are light. Hopefully some of the academy players a lot are shouting for make a move on that front and push to be solid backups in those areas.
  7. superward


    I'm get what you mean but I think the statement and use of a couple of emotive words actually works well in this instance. Strikes the right tone for me anyway. We need to stand up for ourselves given Tait went public with his grievance and I think the full story is the only way to do that. The full story is more accurate than Tait's take on the matters. Had he not accused the club of taking advantage I doubt we would really have commented. We need to stand up for ourselves in that regard
  8. superward


    I'm comfortable with the club having to reduce terms previously offered/agreed before Covid hit. In fact I'd be more concerned if we weren't doing this where we legally still had the chance to do it. (i.e. where contracts weren't actually lodged yet like this scenario). I wouldnt at all be surprised if we end up doing it with contracted players too like Aberdeen and Hibs et. al. Only heard Tait's side of it but it does seem a bit off if we've just went radio silence at a certain point. I'm guessing someone (agent?) contacted Tait to discuss the reduced terms so perhaps a breakdown in comms between there and the club. I'd imagine if Burrows committed to calling someone he would follow it through.
  9. The bold Theo Robinson on the bench for Colchester too!
  10. Anyway...transfer chat? Has our championship boy signed yet? This league chat is over a couple of threads noo.
  11. Callum Lang from Wigan if we are looking for a real name.
  12. All very odd https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/sport/football/peterborough-united/peterborough-united-staggered-mark-ohara-decision-reject-motherwell-contract-offer-2883839%3famp
  13. In isolation, I'd certainly be happy for O'Hara to return. Did well stepping in to the Donnelly role when he was out. But it is an area of the park we do have good choices already. Just reading Barry Fry claiming O'Hara (or agent) knocking back a 3 year deal offered by us. 50k transfer fee. All that doesn't seem to add up with recent quotes from Mark himself in the paper.

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