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  1. If the searches are done by concent what happens if you don't give it ? If the ticket says all persons who enter the ground might be subject to the police can you tell said steward to beat it cause he aint the police ? Why isn't it a unilateral thing encompasing all the turnstilles to all parts of the ground ? If its a health and safety issue why are we being herded onto the road which still has traffic moving on it albeit it very slowly ? if i bring my daughter with me, who has a season ticket but doesn't always go, will she be frisked ? Will she be frisked by a man or a woman ? Will they be CRB checked ?
  2. It's the inconsistancy here that drives you mental. Forbes gets booked for kicking the ball away but earlier on Well get a free kick and some Saints player walks away with the ball and then throws it off the pitch . Under the laws of the game is that not the same thing ?
  3. I thought the middle one in that link was the original motherwell tartan. Its the one i've got, bought it in a sale in one of the kilt hire shops in Glasgow. they had about 6 that had never been hired out so me and my brother got one each for about £40
  4. They are up to their eyeballs in debt and trying to fund a new stadium which for some reason they believe is imperative to their clubs survival. Milne believes Aberdeen will die if they remain at Pittodrie. McGhee has been told to forget about transfer funds for this season and next.
  5. Killie and Livvy both built Hotel/Leisure complex's and in both cases it these very investments which are dragging the clubs down. Livvy's financial problems stemmed fro mthe hotel lossing money and Killie are experiencing the same problems. They even had to sell off the hotel car park and are looking to jettison the hotel completely, if they havent already done it. Someone said sell off the land but nobody is buying right now. Someone else said rebuild the Main and East stand but this was rebuffed by the suggestions of old mine workings hampering the foundations. if that is true would it not make selling the land Fir Park is on for redevelpoment very difficult given said mine workings would hinder foundations for anything else built on the land ??? Given that the club is skint rebuilding and moving isnt an option so it looks like fixing her up is the only option.
  6. Hang on I thought morais was only on loan from Hibs ? Him and someother household name that escapes me at the moment.
  7. Fraser Wishart was my fav when I started going to games but I don't know if I could pick an all time fav

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