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  1. Yeah, Tony Watt. You always wonder what's going to happen when he gets on the ball.
  2. Pretty underwhelming. Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  3. daver

    Stevie O'D

    It shows how opinions differ as I'd say the opposite. If anything, and from the little I've seen of him, Patterson looks better going forward and his inexperience is noticeable in his defensive duties which is why I think Clarke preferred O'Donnell. Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  4. Some of the goalkeeping is Chapman-esque. Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  5. daver


    Very sad news. He always came across as a really good guy both on here and the podcasts. Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  6. At aa slightly lower level, Ross McIvor scores against St. Mirren with his first touch after coming on as a sub in the League Cup. Not a former player I suppose, just out on loan.
  7. I thought Lang had a good game and is continually improving but I don't seem to be able to vote on the app I'm using!
  8. Stewart seemed to be either losing Gallagher or beating him fairly comfortably in the air from the set pieces which was unusual for Gallagher as he's normally dominant in the air.
  9. The stats on the BBC website for that game are something else. Hapoel only had 31% possession and had 4 shots to Slavia's 18. Maybe it was their game plan or they just were very lucky.
  10. Not sure how much difference it makes but I think we're a category 2 country. The larger, higher ranking countries are category 1.
  11. daver

    Big Dec

    Going back to the question about multiple Motherwell players in a Scotland team, Martin, McKinnon and Lambert played against Japan in the Kirin Cup in 1995.
  12. I obviously want us to win but am very much in the wait and see camp as there's no word on a stream and I doubt there will be radio coverage. We could well end up relying on Twitter updates and I struggle to get much enthusiasm for that. Knowing absolutely nothing about the opposition and not being able to attend the game if we do get through isn't helping get the excitement up either. Saying that, I'll no doubt be scrambling about tomorrow night looking for any coverage I can find.
  13. Oh great, they like to lump it into the box and feed off the knock downs. We looked really comfortable with that last week. Also, I'm sure I heard the commentator mention Janet Street Porter at one point. Not sure who she was playing for though.
  14. Their season started on August 30th and they played their second game on September 13th so hopefully they're not up to speed yet. Although you wouldn't have been able to tell until very late on in our last two ties.
  15. I can only remember seeing him once defending a set piece so couldn't tell you if he was left back, left wing or anywhere else. Any time the ball was played to left back position it was Lamie I saw.

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