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  1. daver

    Dumbarton Man of the Match

    Gallagher for me. Absolutely strolled it.
  2. daver

    2019-20 League Cup

    Not long in from my first game of the season. What happened to the free flowing attacking football I was promised? Seriously, they plugged away against a determined Dumbarton team who defended deep and the pitch didn't help either. I've seen us make a mess of this type of game but we could have scored a good few more tonight. Really liked the look of Gallacher and McGuire did well in midfield. Some nice touches (and a few heavy ones too) from Long when he came on.
  3. daver

    Macron 2019-20 home and away kits

    I can't help but think our social media output has helped us land this deal with Paddy Power seeing it as being a bit unorthodox and tying in nicely with their brand. Hopefully it's a lucrative deal for us as linking up with a bookies won't sit well with some.
  4. daver

    2019-20 League Cup

    Thanks I did say it was a vague memory! Not surprised at all to be wrong.
  5. daver

    2019-20 League Cup

    My only memory of Boghead is the cup game when we struggled to salvage a 1-1 draw. I've got a vague memory of Shaun Teale having a poor game and being at fault for their goal. Not been to their new ground though or seen us play yet this season so looking forward to popping along.
  6. daver

    Mfc Podcast

    Cheers, I've signed up . I was well off the pace last time round although if I can't forgotten to enter predictions for so many games.
  7. daver

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    When we played Stjarnan and Mypa we were at a disadvantage because their season was well underway and they were match fit. Anyone know if the Welsh season is underway because that would have helped them?
  8. daver

    Robinson yer time is up

    Yes, the change in style of play was perhaps forced on him last season (he could have persevered with the same approach) and he was fortunate in the way the youngsters came to the fore but it's encouraging that he has identified the attacking style as the way forward. He has gone out deliberately to bring in pace and that perhaps has given the board the encouragement they needed to sign him up.
  9. daver

    Robinson yer time is up

    I'm happy enough that he extended his contract as it provides some stability. However I doubt he will see out the full duration, whether due to us sacking him or another club coming in for him, as there just isn't much stability or loyalty in football these days.
  10. daver

    Mfc Podcast

    Downloaded and look forward to listening to it. Are you planning to do the prediction league again this season?
  11. daver

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    I get that to an extent but I think they train at Strathclyde Park and only go to Dumfries for games. Still think it shows a lack of ambition unless he accepts his career isn't particularly going anywhere. I can understand O'Dea more as he's prolonging a career before retirement.
  12. daver

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    He was their first choice keeper was he not? That's a big drop down from Championship to non-league. Makes you wonder about his ambition (similar to those that dropped down to Rangers) and the money they're paying.
  13. daver

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Are you suggesting we made Frear an offer and Robinson saying there's no chance of a return because he knocked us back?
  14. daver

    Jim Gannon - ten years on

    What's the sky box story?
  15. daver

    Macron 2019-20 home and away kits

    I don't normally buy tops but quite impressed with both tops this year. I might have to resurrect my 5's career for an excuse to buy one.

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