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  1. I can't see how league reconstruction can even be properly discussed when nobody knows when we'll be able to start playing again. Depending when we can restart, we might not be able to fit in a whole or even half a season.
  2. Flamurtari away ? There were only about 12 of them there. Not heard from Decorator in a while- he's normally got plenty to say about it.
  3. They might have been considering building the toilet blocks at that time, if you're lucky!
  4. They discussed it on the radio at the time with opinion split between some saying there was no contact and others thinking he was lucky he didn't get a red.
  5. Sportscene is on tonight so we'llfind out then.
  6. daver

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Really? My memory is the bulk of the fee was for McMillan as he was the more tried and tested and it came out that the fee for McCulloch in the papers was inaccurate and as usual, a bit sensationalist as they liked to label him as a £1m player.
  7. daver

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Just tell her "Naw" as I'm sure it will involve spending a load of money on nonsense. Obviously the football's not nonsense and I am just as brave with my wife.
  8. Happy Birthday to you (and Stevie). Hope you both had good days.
  9. But how high does he jump up when we score?
  10. Thanks for clarifying- I wasn't sure whether you meant you were at Rangers or whether it was at a game at Fir Park (forgetting we housed them in the main stand). Disappointed to hear this behaviour is so widespread in their support and not just the minority they claim. I sit in the Cooper so don't have to witness it up close and at least the club has decided not to put them in the main stand any more.
  11. daver

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Other teams with more money (Hearts for example) would be doing something wrong if they weren't looking at the likes of Gillespie never mind Carson. I reckon we'll be lucky to hold on to either.
  12. I'd be interested to read your views as relative newcomers. Your second last sentence doesn't read quite right - what's been your experience at Rangers games?
  13. Even without the goal Carroll had a great game at left back.
  14. daver

    The Longer Listen

    I used to just download the podcast but installed Podbean last year for something else and now find it quite handy for a few other things and have got used to it. Although there are a few adverts, you can press the 30 second skip button and that's generally about right.

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