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  1. Allan must be in his late-ish 20s and has played about 2 full seasons, one of which was in the championship. Is he injured a lot or just not as good as folk make him out to be?
  2. One of those games where Celtic were happy to play within themselves and do just enough to get the win. We never really threatened bar a few half chances, and there was always the threat of Celtic going up the gears if they needed to. Thought cole and Polworth were decent, and maguire filled in well. The og was a shame, Tait needed to get a touch cos there was a guy at the back post waiting for a tap in. Gallagher’s last ditch tackle in the first half was class, and I thought he and Mugabi were solid enough.
  3. Thinking of this from Robinson’s perspective, I don’t think there is a better time to leave than now. His stock couldn’t be higher, and he’ll know fine well how quickly that can change, especially at a club like ours. The fact that his dream job has come up adds to that. He’d be crazy not to take the NI job if he was offered it. As for our next manager, it’s Lasley and you know it.
  4. Replacing the main stand somehow would be my preferred option, but the reality is that in the market we work in we’re handicapping ourselves with the growing costs of keeping fir park going. The ravenscraig area seems like the only feasible option, which would be shite. Maybe we can do the training facilities bit first and talk about the stadium another time.
  5. Good to see forum handbags are still a thing in 2019.
  6. Thought we had a really good chance to nick it when Cole played long through just before they scored, should have done better. As expected we were under pressure and couldn’t get out for most of the game, but we defended pretty well. Bevis looked solid and Hartley is better in a three. I’m not sure why we argued about the penalty, but that seemed to be the only thing close to controversy in the game. Thought cole played really well, and linked well with long at times. It will be interesting to see if today’s setup was a one off, as I’d like to se how we’d do with a front two.
  7. fizoxy

    Casper Sloth ?

    Lasley gave an update on him on last weeks mfc podcast. Niggling injuries and the form of other players has kept him out.
  8. The Scott goal gets better every time i see it, he made that finish look easy. Overall I’ve been impressed since he moved out to the wing, he is very comfortable on the ball and he links up well. Seedorf’s final ball may not be perfect, but he’s scored some crackers this year and is no doubt being encouraged to shoot. There’s also the run he made to the byline in the first half where he breezed past two players, maybe he could have squared it to cole, but he scored a goal from there in the cup and it took a good save to stop him. I’d rather have him in the side creating those moments than keeping him out until he’s perfect. He’s going to improve with experience. Hylton isn’t much different, but I think it would be harsh to bench Seedorf for another unpredictable winger. I see cole getting some stick on Facebook (surprise) and I’m not sure why he’s being singled out. He’s doing a good job of holding the ball up, has good movement, and was denied by a good block from the keeper. There were also two or three occasions where he was free to be played in and the player chose to shoot instead. It’s disappointing that there’s always the need to pick the worst out of a good run/performance.
  9. I thought we had quite a few shots from distance, including Scott’s goal and 2 or 3 saved efforts from Polworth. We’ve scored some crackers this season already, and I’m sure there’s more to come.
  10. Scott went off injured did he not? Campbell and Polworth were excellent today, and Maguire took his chance to start well. St Mirren did squander some really good chances, and Gillespie had some good saves including stopping one with his face, so I wouldn’t put this down as a particularly great defensive performance, from open play at least. Robinson likes to talk about being brave on the ball and taking the extra touch and I think we saw that today. We very rarely punted the ball long, and we showed great patience in the first half, which comes with confidence. I don’t think we’re missing a whole lot going forward, we’re scoring plenty of goals, many of the highest quality, and distributing them across the team which is always a good sign. The front three are moving well and are pretty solid when receiving the ball, and we’re making chances. I could see Cole and Long switch, but I’m not sure that Robinson is going to change much when we’re playing well and winning. It will be interesting to see if we stick with the players in possession of the shirts, or if we tweak things in two weeks. I think carroll is back but Donnelly still has one game left in his suspension. Overall it is great to be on 16 points already, and we still haven’t fully gelled.
  11. If it’s going to be an annual thing I’d assume that the class each year will be tiered, i.e. it won’t necessarily be top five all time going in this year. Maybe it will be split into generations or the like. Also, since there’s a dinner attached to it there will be bias toward players who are still with us, as seeing them speak and accept the award will be a big selling point. I agree that pettigrew is a good choice and a popular one. I hope this is used as an opportunity to teach our support about the greats of the past (pre 1991) as we don’t tend to do a great job of that.
  12. 4-0 us. St Mirren are shite.
  13. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Donnelly signs until 2022 https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2019/10/02/liam-donnelly-signs-extended-contract/
  14. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    This. Every single top flight team could do with a prolific striker, and every team passed on him. The same goes for English teams. Plenty of players are prolific in the championship and never make the step up.
  15. Looks like a definite red from the spfl highlights. Further observations from these highlights are that Stevie May is shite and chose to dive rather than take a tap in, Murray Davidson just dives and nothing else and there’s a reason he’s never left St. Johnstone. The penalty was a joke. interesting that the highlights also show the high tackle on Seedorf. That could be a compliance officer thing, it was a terrible tackle and Seedorf should have made the most of it. .
  16. The pen wasn’t a pen for me. The red card is hard to make out, it looked pretty clumsy at best. I’ll need to see another angle. It didn’t look like the ref saw it either.
  17. It’s hard to look past the penalty save (and other good saves) that ensured we won the match . So Gillespie it is.
  18. Where has he been playing in the reserve games?
  19. Don’t you think O’Hara or Maguire could be in line to step in since they were on the bench and sloth wasn’t? I’d like to see Maguire simply because he’s one of ours, and I would like the mystery sloth storyline to continue.
  20. Listened/partially watched the game while running the St. Jude 5k. My “fuck sake” at cole’s miss wasn’t with the spirit of the occasion, but jeez that was a bad one. My connection went just before the goal, but we made some decent chances in the first half. The pen looked soft, and you just expect Gillespie to save those now. We ended up needing a bit of luck to hold on, but hold on we did and that was a great 3 points and an excellent response to last weeks disappointment. I didn’t see the red, was it legit? Also, how was ilic?
  21. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Regardless of everything else, I will lose my shit the day grimshaw scores.
  22. At the time I thought bringing on fresh legs and someone to shore up against a physical onslaught would be useful, and I wasn’t too fussed about the substitution, but it clearly backfired.
  23. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Illic was signed as a winger and is listed as such on our website. It was mentioned that he’d played left back before.
  24. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Tait missed a game due to illness, then we won 3 games in a row, and we (rightly) kept the same line up because of that. It will be interesting to see if we change anything after the loss. Grimshaw is pretty poor in the final third, whereas Tait puts in a decent cross. Neither are that good defensively. Carroll has been pretty solid, but is guaranteed at least a yellow every game, so that needs to be fixed. Can see Tait back in at left back (Robinson was raving about grimshaw on saturday) I’m not going to judge the players that haven’t got in the team yet, because I can’t pick anyone out of the last four games that I would have replaced beforehand. It’s hard to make an argument for anyone to drop out for either sloth or Manzinga, so they’re going to have to wait their turn, it’s a long season. Scott has adjusted well to playing wide, and as such is keeping hylton and ilic out.

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