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  1. Fortunate enough to have watched Joe play many many times,superb player and superb man.When he retired from football he bought a shop in Coltness and liked nothing more than to chat about his time as a player,a very down to earth guy and indeed a club legend,RIP Joe .
  2. Kennedy for me,superb today
  3. Dexter Dawg

    Baraclough Out

    Well having watched Motherwell for over 45 years,I am quite happy to give Mr Barraclough and his players some time to gel together,we are building a new team for fucks sake,won't happen overnight !!!
  4. Welcome Theo,you will get my support whilst wearing Claret and Amber⚽️⚽️⚽️
  5. Well done to the guy who had a word with the old boy with the drum,there's a section further down for those who want to bang drums ,he could join in with the "Bois" ,no killjoy and love the atmosphere the Bois create,he was driving us all mental today until yir man had a word,thank you sir
  6. Just watched play off games again!!! Get in there Motherwell,Well up for this⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
  7. Andy,there was indeed a travel club bus arranged by the club when Alan Dick was secretary ,I was one of the stewards on the bus and it ran for a good few years,we had a regular clientele and ran sweeps etc on the bus,happy days
  8. He now has a petition on facebook asking SFA to help ex players ,definitely on a mission.
  9. Maybe some sort of ambassador role at the club for Faddy,like Stevie Kirk previously?
  10. Top 6 and a cup Semi final at least,that'll do nicely
  11. Marvin signed extension till 2018, great news
  12. Player/coach sounds good to me.
  13. Dexter Dawg

    Baraclough Out

    Many were far too quick to judge,very difficult coming in when he did,team have been better to watch since his arrival.
  14. Have him back on a player/coach basis,as previously said good guy to have around our emerging players.

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