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  1. Brilliant. Humble pie warming in oven. Get it right up you yah sheep shagging barstewards.
  2. I agree but feel it may well be a bigger loss. Pity we did not beat Accies and had a bit of a buffer. However, you just never know with us at the moment and I hope I am eating humble pie on Thursday. (ps I hate everything about Aberdeen).
  3. Great news re Carson. I would have him in the team to face Dundee.
  4. My big surprise was the lack of spelling mistakes in the posts.
  5. There has always got to be a fall guy. I can't see the absolute dislike that some people on here have for the guy. If he was a poor as they say the management wouldn't play him (I know who to trust).
  6. so many bad performances it is hard to know where to start. Passing terrible, defending at corners atrocious. Without Gillespie we would have been humped. Depressing.
  7. Really disappointing poor defending and lack of punch has cost us today.
  8. aye not at the pace and poor marking.
  9. fucking absolute shocking defending.
  10. OK I'll bite. You are talking Shite. Both are show ponies. I'd rather have our midfield any day as would most Hits fans.
  11. Thought he looked composed and comfortable all afternoon. Not his fault for the goal good header out. A very promising start.

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