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  1. On the flip side if people are lead to believe that it will be over by 3rd April they are likely to be disappointed. They can incur non refundable costs. I think most of us know it is likely to be longer. We are being told peak of the virus will be mid end May.
  2. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2020/03/04/motherwell-claim-emphatic-win-over-ross-county/ See comment re Donnelly's suspension/
  3. Not your usual bed time reading but helpful at times, https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/6067/los34-27-february-2020.pdf
  4. No option to buy on the official site. Can you send link. See my link: https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/fixtures-and-results/first-team/
  5. So disappointed by the second half performance I can't vote for anyone. Sorry.
  6. It says a lot for our strength in depth when we have to bring on McIver and Seedorf both too lightweight for the SPL. Never looked like scoring from open play. My guess is we will finish bottom of the top 6. Very disappointing second half.Looked like we switched off in the second half and St Mirren were the stronger and more energetic team. We really miss a proper striker.
  7. Watched the highlights of the Hibs v Livi game and Lyndon Dykes had the most embarrassing dive to try to win a penalty. So much worse than Manzinga's against St Johnstone but no booking. Totally inconsistent. Also as others have pointed out Accies players wasted time and stole yards at free kicks and throw ins with no sanctions. The ref on Saturday was the worst one for inconsistency I have seen this season.
  8. and rightly so. petulant act in booting ball away and a silly tackle. he looked frustrated all the time he was on pitch.
  9. Weather in Strathaven terrible with snow. Anyone in Motherwell?
  10. We do seem to fall away in the second half of games. Maybe a fitness issue? Whatever it is it need to be sorted out sharpish or else we may not even get into top 6.
  11. Yes but will we beat St. Mirren. Need to up our game massively.
  12. Lazy fuckers. Mazinga is a complete twat.
  13. he would have been a good fit a few seasons ago. past his best now.

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