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  1. If Robbo does go to Hertz, could we afford Jack Ross. Thought he had something about him. Any views?
  2. Still doesn't make it any easier to take though. Hate the scum.
  3. Another first goal for a player, always against us. Need to be better at defending corners.
  4. Anyone of Campbell, Polworth or Hartley. Went for Campbell.
  5. Not that I know much about O'Hara but club describing him as attacking midfielder.
  6. Shotts Well Fan

    Vs Hibs

    There are some fucking twats on here. If you can't see that Seedorf played well today it is gob smacking. I suppose when you have an opinion you can't change otherwise you look a fool.
  7. They have Just signed a winger from Brentford
  8. It is an absolute joke, how they keep the bigot brothers apart.
  9. I feel the recruitment has been patchy at best. Think Gallacher, Carroll and Polworth are fine. However, I don't see what upgrade Seedorf and Long bring over Frear and Johnson apart from a probable saving in wages. Hopefully Sloth will bring a bit of structure and bite to the midfield.
  10. Really good post and sums up my view of the team. Only thing I would disagree with you is that Seedorf was even worse than Hylton last night and how he stayed on for the whole 90 mins is beyond belief. He was like a lost schoolboy player.
  11. Yes, that was the very reason i raised it. They were being aggressive toward a fan and his son, who complained about them being in the stand. Stewards did fuck all.

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