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  1. Boys In Maroon

    Vs Hearts

    Yeah your spot on m8. I think that was the day Zaliukas handed Motherwell the win with a fantastic O.G lol. Aw naw he's back for the game on wednesday
  2. Boys In Maroon

    Vs Hearts

    No mate. im sure this was the cup game. I can't remember lol. Pretty sure this was the cup match that ended 2-2
  3. Boys In Maroon

    Vs Hearts

    lol the pitch was actually fine that day mate. I know it doesn't look it but it was so cold that the surface was frosting really quick. There was also a mad snow blizzard during the game It added to the atmoshere. BRILLIANT!!!.
  4. Boys In Maroon

    Vs Hearts

    Evening folks. Due to the size of the match this coming wednesday i have decided to post some pictures that i snapped before and during the match between Hearts and Motherwell, post-o'donnell death. That match was fantastic, and the atmosphere was electric due to the large travelling support. More of the same on wednesday please
  5. Thats the same with me. Im not coming on here to noise people up. Im genuinely on here to talk about wednesday evening.
  6. I don't post on Kickback. You claim not to be fascinated by us? why are you on kickback then ?
  7. im sure we'll see come wednesday.
  8. So we kicked and cheated our way to 3 points? did you hear this from a bitter United fan, or are you just making this up? My guess is your making it up, because i was at Tannadice yesterday and there was not kicking and cheating going on. ( except from the ref who awarded a pen to DU that was never a penalty in a million years)
  9. Hearts expected a bigger compensation package when they took webster to court. Hearts and Arbroath made an agreement that money would be paid if a correct compensation package was awarded to Hearts. That never happened so arbroath missed out but, i think Hearts will pay Arbroath cash even though we are not to blame in this whole nonsence.
  10. Arbroath were only entitled to money if webster was sold. Incase you don't know webster left in the 3rd year of a 4 year deal therfore Hearts never recieved a fee. It's all crazy behind the scene's stuff, if anybody is due money it shouldf be webster.
  11. ?? I don't want to be drawn into arguements. I signed up to this forum for some banter and debate. I have no bad feeling towards M'well or the fans and Fir Park is one of my favourite away grounds. I know M'well fans don't like Hearts(why i don't know?) but for the sake of forums rules, lets just get on
  12. I will agree with that assessment
  13. Ha Ha, we both know callum elliot is a waste of space mate
  14. Hearts are a bigger and better club than Motherwell. If Hearts were to make an acceptable bid he would be very interested in a move to Edinburgh.

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